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Milviz Prepar3d V4.4 Compatibility
11 December 2018

News released by the dev:

All our aircraft that were compatible with P3D v4.3, are now compatible with P3D v4.4 with the exceptions of the F-4E and F-4J/S base models.

The F-4 E and F-4 J/S base models will not be updated for v4.4. However, discounted TP+ADV packages will be made available over the next few days that will allow your F-4 to work under v4.4 and subsequent iterations of P3D v4.

Please note that plugins that do not yet support V4.4 will cause our aircraft to crash to the desktop.
REX WX: For some craft you may disable the wx via the MVAMS, in others you may have to disable the wx via the P3D dll.xml (more information via the support forum).
For Tacpack, please set TP to 'ask' before launching rather than letting it automatically run.

"The F-4 E and F-4 J/S base models will not be updated for v4.4."

This is why I sort of regret investing my money in P3D v4 and the expensive 3rd Party addons; there seemingly is no coordination or cooperation between LM and 3rd Party devs.

P3D is not, has not ever been, and doubtfully ever will be focused on the general consumer (i.e., me). I knew that going into my transition from FSX to P3D. What frustrates me is the 3rd Party developers that either don't update their add-on or charge you more money to update their mod to the latest version of P3D.

I’m glad I never moved to V4 I hear where your coming from Beef it’s a kick in the teeth and they are happy to take our money every time. I’ve been stung so many time with sims in the past P3D, SB, DCS to name a few, they promise use the earth show us fancy videos and slides and we get shit.

Milviz Updgrade:
If you already have the advanced versions of the F4 E/J/S they already work in V4.4. No paid update needed. The F4 E/J/S base versions are older code so require the extra work which will continue with the advanced packages. I will post more info when I have it.

I hear ya guys. Some devs just seem to see updates as a cash grab  :thumbdown. Sometimes work is required and I can swallow a reasonable update/upgrade cost, if a reasonable amount of work has been done, especially by smaller devs.....

The questionable ones that come to mind, which I avoid, are:

•   A2A
•   PMDG
•   Flight Sim Labs
•   Aerosoft Professional Airports

Devs listed below usually  give you an installer which covers FSX & P3D and usually free updates/upgrades:

•   Milviz
•   TFDI
•   Just Flight
•   Sim Works Studios

Why is it that they can do this this? Makes you think.  :confused

Some devs claim they pay an extra licensing fee.


From Milviz:

F-4 Phantoms in P3D v4.4 - Upgrade offer

If you are a Prepar3D user, you will be aware of their recent update, taking their platform to version 4.4. This means the current base model F-4 will not run in this new version.

The bad news:
There will not be a free upgrade to Prepar3D v4.4 for the Phantoms. It is just not feasible for us to keep updating this very complex sim.

The good news:
Adding the ADVANCED addon module, renders the F-4 'version-proof', meaning your F-4 will operate under v4.4, and also v4.5 when it rolls around.

We would therefore like to offer you the ADVANCED module (plus the TacPack module) for your aircraft at a special discounted price of $10.

Installation is in the following order:
1. Base model
2. TacPack module
3. ADVANCED module (always last)

Milviz will send you a link if you are registered with them to purchase. Also check store you purchased if not direct.


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