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Re: Settlements
« Reply #45 on: July 15, 2020, 12:45:53 AM »
Latest update moves to the test branch.
Tue, 14 July 2020

Hi all of you wonderful people and welcome to another update to Evolution of Ages: Settlements

This update is more of an overhaul of minor issues that have been outstanding or posted on the forums of late.

List of Fixes
   Changed the name of Militia training on the world skills page from Military Training, which was incorrect.
   I have overhauled the storage values. Not only do they now work as intended but also you have a tooltip on your storage to explain where all of the storage has come from.
   I have added the option to change between static monsters and dynamic monsters, onto the combat screen itself. You can now switch views between the new way monsters move based upon agro and the old way the combat used to run, which I understand is better for quick spamming of attacks.
   I have changed the icons on the combat screen for the 3 display options so that they are in keeping with the other icons on the screen.
   Smelting was incorrectly listed as an advanced skill on the pop-up info page. It is correctly displayed as a basic skill on the character sheet.
   Nuclear power has been overhauled and a tooltip has also been added to the building. I will explain power below.


Power can often be confusing once you unlock Electricity. I am adding extra information to the game to try and make this easier to understand, however I am also going to give an overview below.

Wind Power
Some machines use wind power, you do not need to do anything else with these beyond making sure they are placed above ground.

Solar Power
As with wind, these will look after themselves as long as they are used above ground.

Coal (Steam) Power
You need to have access to coal for these machines to be used. Coal is produced from a coal mine and each mine can power a maximum of 4 machines.

Oil Power
Things start to get confusing here. The oil rig cannot produce Oil without machines to power it.
You cannot use an oil powered engine if you are not producing oil. So you need to start off using another type of power to get things going.

Electric Power
This is where we need to take a moment to understand the power chain else it will suddenly all stop.
An Electric Power Station needs machines to make electricity but those machines cannot run on electricity themselves.
So you can end up with a situation where you have electric machines in the oil rig and oil machines in the power station, which are both reliant on each other.
One machine change and it can all shut down.
At least 1 coal machine in the chain can help solve this.

Electricity Grid Upgrade
This is an upgrade available in the town centre.
Once built it will provide 1 extra electricity for free. (Thus solving a lot of the power chain issues).

Nuclear Power
The Nuclear power station provides 2 power +1 extra per Electricity Grid Upgrade you have in the game.
The good news here is that the Nuclear power station does not need machines to produce its energy.
This makes the power supply chain almost obsolete.

Nuclear & Fusion Machines
These advanced machine types do not need any supply of power and are the most powerful machines in the game.
They are ideal for getting maximum production from late game factories.

End game power
It is still useful to have some electricity being produced in the end game as powerful production robots are available that still require power.

I hope this helps.

Where is the DLC?

It is still moving along.

I had to make the call between faster updates but a risk to my health and thus less updates in the long term or slightly slower updates but a healthy developer who will make more updates in the long term !

Yes I can see you at the back shouting, "Forget health, I want my DLC!" lol. It will get here when it is ready :)

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Re: Settlements
« Reply #46 on: August 01, 2020, 11:33:09 PM »
State of the game update!
Fri, 31 July 2020

State of the game update!

Hi everyone and welcome to a State of the Game Update.

So first up, I have posted a few times on the forums but not everyone reads every post I make, so it is likely that many of our player base are wondering where is Update 1.4 and DLC 1.

So lets address that first before we go into when it they are due out.

1) Sadly I have not been very well of late and worse yet, I did not rest last time I was unwell and this led to a series of back to back illness that ended up in me being very sick.
2) I was also burn't out as far as development goes. Instead of wanting to get more cool stuff added, I needed to take a break from looking at 100k lines of code each day.

So where are we now?
Well the good news is that I have taken some sound advice and just done something else for a while.
For those who take a look at my profile, I have a youtube channel and I have been playing games and enjoying myself a bit. (Although I am not very good at it - lol)
I have taken up regular walks and am feeling much better. Although don't get too excited, I am still only about 80% of the way back to full health.
I have also built up a bit of a fire in my passion for development again and want to get back to adding some great content for the game.

So, what is the state of Update 1.4 and DLC 1?
Update 1.4
The good news here is that all of the hard work has been done.
I need to add an interface for the 2 world buildings, the Hall of Heroes and The Graveyard.
Linking up the legendary skills for the halls will take some playtesting and balancing but that is not taxing work.
The moonstone glade is also in a very good place.
The only thing holding me back on this is a new way to add extra journal updates so I can link all the story together.
Not a lot of work but still enough to need planning before I go ahead and code it.

So how long before it is all out?
I would say I only have around 100 hours of work left to get these launched.
In the past I would happily do a 70 hour working week and so I would say things like : 10 days and it will be out.
But I still need a break, I am not well enough yet to go crazy and when I get back to work it will be more like 20 hours a week instead of 70.
So, all is ok. Both updates are almost complete but they will be out when they are ready.

I am still reading and replying on the forums and for those who want to see how much I suck at other games you are welcome to watch my youtube channel and call me a noob in the comments also (lol), I may reply to you their if you are nice :)

Until then, do not worry, more content is on the way.
I am well and looking forward to getting back to work.
Keep safe and enjoy life.


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