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Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943


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Tank Warfare: Chewy Gooey Pass DLC
« on: November 07, 2018, 12:59:27 AM »
Tank Warfare: Chewy Gooey Pass DLC

DLC for  Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943


Price: £1.69

15% off at launch = £1.43

About This Content


November 25, 1942, part of the battle group «Blade» consisting of the US 1st Tank Battalion, attacked the German positions in the Chouigui Pass area. Despite the stubborn resistance of the German forces and air support, the pass was captured by the forces of A/1 tbn company. Tanks of C/1 tbn company captured the bridge near Tebourba and attacked the German airfield near Djedeida, destroying more than 20 aircraft and about 36 vehicles. After this raid, the battalion's tanks took defense at the pass. The German command assembled a battle group led by Major Witzig, which was to counterattack the US positions in the Chouigui Pass.

•   Two operations of 4 turns for each of the parties (Chouigui, November 25, 1942).
•   Area of over 36 sq. km: ridges and semi-desert with harsh terrain and extensive gullies.
•   Historical organizational structure of units at the time of the offensive.

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