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Veil of Crows
« on: October 21, 2018, 04:10:31 PM »

Veil of crows is a sandbox style real-time strategy game set in a chaotic medieval world. From violent, and overtly bloody battles, to completely destructible castles, RPG style hero development, and meaningful interactions with other factions. Trade, extort, and conquer!

Homepage: Here
Official forum: Here
Steam: Here
YouTube: Here

Single Player



Veil of crows is a sandbox style real-time strategy game set in a chaotic medieval world. From violent, and overtly bloody battles, to completely destructible castles, RPG style hero development, and meaningful interactions with other factions.

Trade, bribe, extort, and destroy your way to world domination! The world of Veil of Crows remains persistent after you die, so your impact will have a lasting effect on the world even after you fail, or start over. Can you conquer the world and take the throne?

Key features:

Epic battles:
* Command large armies in gratuitous bloody conflict.
* Besiege mighty castles with siege engines.
* Take advantage of destructible buildings and walls.
* Every type of unit has strengths and weaknesses.
* Take heed of the current weather, geography and battle conditions

* A massive sandbox style campaign map that includes more than 75 towns and villages ready to be conquered.
* Complete quests for other lords and village leaders for bounty and improving relations.
* Take your time to explore the world, or take your chances with random encounters.
* Hunt down the bandits who raided your village for resources and prisoners, or destroy their camps to prevent further intrusion.
* Just because you might die, doesn't mean your world dies too. Start again and your former kingdom still remains, however you are just another peasant in a land of corpses.

Four game modes:
* Prologue: Tutorial game... you will have some help along the way.
* Veil of Crows: The main game. You start with a hero and a small group of units. Keep your hero alive and put them on the throne, or die trying. Game-over will result after your hero dies, however, the world will remain as you left it, but you must start as a new character with a new faction.
* Sandbox mode: A casual game mode where you can select your starting conditions.
* Custom Battle: You set the scene! Units, Battle type, Location, Time of day, Current weather, your choice! Battle away!

Manage your faction:
* Six different resource types can be acquired in your villages. You can trade these resources, or use them to upgrade your castles and train stronger units.
* Forge alliances, or threaten and backstab your way to power. Every action you take will change other factions opinions of you.
* Extort and bribe enemy armies in the hope they will leave you alone, desert, or join your forces.

Mighty Heroes:
* Train up mighty heroes and generals to lead your armies and grant bonuses to your towns when granting vassals.
* Visit the armoury and customise your heroes equipment, and watch them carve through your enemies.
* Put your leader on the throne and conquer the world! In the main game, you start by customising the main character. You must keep them alive, and put them on the throne to truly conquer the world. If they die, game over!
Mature Content Description
Veil of crows contains violent medieval warfare.

Units in Veil of crows will show blood on their clothing when they sustain damage. Sometimes the player may see blood squirting or the occasional soldier will lose their head when killed.

The player partakes from a commanding view, and does not swing the sword directly.

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Re: Veil of Crows
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2018, 04:13:33 PM »
Veil of Crows has left early access! Welcome to Version 1.0 18/10/2018
18 October - MrBungle   

We did it!!

We made it! We did what so many other games never get to do. We smashed our way out of the early access prison!

This could not have happened without your massive support.

Thank you for believing in me!

How far have we come?

Well, see for yourself...

YouTube™ Video: Early access comparison video

Patch notes!

But really, this is what you are here for...

Campaign map

- Attacking a quest party over water no-longer loads a battle in the battle map and treats it as an auto-battle situation.

- Quest tracker arrow now updates correctly when a quest step is completed using an auto-resolve battle.

- Fix for party panel closing when other panels close.

- Prisoner transfer All & None buttons now work.

- An issue where ship sails wouldn't generate their material resolved.

- Newly taken towns will now show when showing village destination.

- Newly taken towns properly have hero units removed.

- Gerr reference no longer being saved as Tegn (Viking units).

- Fixed issue where sometimes a selected party would become unselected (Even though the party is showing as selected).

- Armies now show other hero units in the army.

- Horde invasion no longer triggered as soon as the player has conquered the world. Invasions are set as active and will happen at the appropriate season, or after the world has been played for 150 days.

- Hero agility cap added.

- Small UI glitches fixed.

- At the start of every new campaign, all factions are completely randomized, including unit equipment, names & coat of arms.

Battle scene

- When selecting starting units, peasants are automatically prioritized last.

- Female unarmoured hair/helmet position fixed.

- Holding shift while selecting unit cards won't deselect previously selected units.

- Floating tree removed from the Wolfshall map.

- Heavy axe weakness correctly set to bludgeon instead of arrows.

- Town reinforcement positions updated in lumber town scene.

- Minimum units amount set to 1 (To prevent no units spawning)

Main menu

- Starting condition starting horses updated with new horse types.

- Two new worlds to choose from!


- Topless male unit skin now showing correctly.

- Heavy leather legging material replaced.

- Horse price increased.

- Every unit default agility is now the same. Armory items including horses will add or reduce this stat.

- 70 Horse types added. WHAAT!!??

- The ability to upgrade the weapons and equipment of all of your units has been unlocked!

Once again, I am humbled by your support over the last year and a half. You made this happen.

I hope you enjoy the release features as much as I enjoyed making them.

- Kerry Fawdray

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Re: Veil of Crows
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2018, 12:05:09 AM »
Week one updates us to version 1.0.2 - Optimization included!
Hello all!!

Its been a wild week, but that doesn't mean we stop improving Veil of Crows! Your feedback has been more than valuable, so we will keep pushing and polishing to make this game even better!

Today's update not only fixes a few bugs, but it also brings quite a nice optimization. Details inside!

Campaign map

- Barracks final upgrade now properly recognized.

- Bribing an army to join forces will now update the quest tracker arrow.

- Prevention in place to prevent an extremely rare bug with merging parties duplicating.

- Siege force factions are now displayed above the siege camp.

- Building upgrades red & green crosses now update based on available resources without the need to click away first.

- Peasant attrition rates now scale depending on population up to 25% for large peasant populations. The scale can depend on how much food is needed to feed the remaining peasants.

- A bribed king will lose their king title if they desert or join forces.

- Peasants in armies now incur a daily payment per 5 peasants in the army. This is to balance out massive peasant army exploits.

- Player income is now updated when an army is created.

- Fixed issue where villages would replenish hired units after saving the game.

- An issue with hero vassal being disconnected from towns resolved.

- Issues with final upgrades unable to be completed have been fixed. All final upgrades now work properly, and the upgrade button is disabled.

- Town extortion max gold value lowered.

- Player hero's diplomacy now increases the max gold value of the extortion, instead of decreasing it.

- You can now train multiple peasants at once using a slider, or manually inserting the amount into the text fields.

- Texture Material optimization

Battle scene

- Controls menu scroll sensitivity increased.

- Pressing 'F' will focus on selected units.

- Zoom movement is now reset when exiting the menu, preventing the camera flying away when the panel closes.

- All used resources are now cleared before quitting to the menu or quitting the game from a battle.

- Should no longer get the loss of general message every time a hero is killed. Only the general.

- Texture Material Optimization.

- Improved load times after the battle.

Main menu

- Change to main menu text - W A S D added to key bindings.

- Fixed issue where some key bindings weren't finding the correct binding to save.

- Added the ability to map the W A S D keys to other keys for non-QWERTY keyboards.

- Unit stats added to the game index.

- Max battle size text now turns red if set over 350 units as previous warning doesn't seem enough.


- Recurve Bowman now showing bow in the armory.

- Downgrading or selling items no longer costs the player but should increase player gold.

Thank you all for your support and feedback!


- Kerry Fawdray

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Re: Veil of Crows
« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2018, 03:11:49 PM »
Version 1.0.3 Now live. Further optimization inside!

Hello all! It has now been just over a month since release and I am here with the next update.

I have been spending a lot of time digging deep and finding where I can improve performance before setting my sights on further updates in the future.

Version 1.0.3 continues my quest to root out issues with memory management and bringing more stability to the game.


Campaign map

- Quests will auto-complete if hometown is owned by the player.

- Quick save added to campaign map F5.

- Quick load added to campaign map F9.

- More code optimization and cleanup.

- Hero army cost reduction now correctly working in armies involved in castle sieges.

- Amount of scouts sent from AI towns reduced.

- Mouse screen edge scroll now working as intended.

- Further material memory optimization.

- Towns no longer generate faction flags. Town faction is displayed on the sprite and is no longer needed.

- Helper text adjusted for Attack and defense.

- Closing events panel now resets game speed to the previous setting.

- You can now close all full-screen panels with the Esc key.

- Stability increase, inputs disabled during saving/loading/scene transition.

Battle scene

- Right ALT now toggles first person view.

- Scripting optimization.

- Further material memory optimization.

- Stability increase, inputs disabled during the scene transition.


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