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Aerobatics in an 8KCAB


Hey guys. I am brand new to TACview. I haven't used it with DCS yet. My main interest is to debrief flights in an actual aerobatic plane. I have a .GPX file that I created while flying an ACA 8KCAB. The flight consisted of some landings, some steep turns and a loop. The loop did not display as a loop. It displayed more like the SU-27 cobra maneuver.  Also I want to replace the flying brick with something else until I can create a little Decathlon icon. My guess is that I will need more telemetry sensors. I recorded the flight with a Garmin Virb. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Flyboy!

The problem with GPX files, is that they do not contain any roll/pitch/yaw information. In that case, Tacview must guess, and tries to display something which make sense for a normal flight. Obviously, this does not work so well for something more complex like aerobatics :)

I know that some high-end Garmin GPS can output additional formats like csv files. They contain much more information, including full aircraft orientation. Does the Virb can output other formats than GPX files? Can you share some of your data? This may help me to improve the actual support of real-life telemetry.

Now, for the plane shape, I have just added the 8KCAB to Tacview 1.7.4 database.

Until this version is available, the simplest thing to do on your side, is to use the edition tool ("Edit Selected Object") and change the aircraft name to C-152 (this is the closed type I can think about). This should display a C-152 3D model in place of the default model. You may also want to switch the object type to “fixedwing”.


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