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Update 93 - Improvements and Fixes
Wed, July 26, 2023

Hey Everyone,

And we are back with update 93 as we continue with our new weekly update schedule. Today`s update fixes a lot of issues across the board as well as greatly improves in-game GUI.

With over 30 bug fixes and improvements we focused on finishing work on GUI and control improvements. In addition TPS camera has gotten some much needed polish and the text presentation has been improved across the board.

We`ll continue next week with a major update 94 that fixes last 3 remaining major bugs (very rare bug game breaking) - animal corpses disappearing, flying into the planets, and sometimes falling into the planet. In addition - we are expecting to fix a dozen of other remaining bugs. With these fixes out of the way we`ll be able to focus on improving presentation and starting on additional content later in August.

As always - thanks so much for everyone`s support - we are truly blessed to have such an amazing community.

And now lets take a closer look at what update 93 has in store:

Total rework of the game’s cursor and mouse positioning and performance
Game cursor and player rotation speeds modified to be a lot smoother
Inverting controller and mouse now works in the options
Redesign Crafting window – a lot larger and fits all the information correctly
Fixed all the issues with text in English or other languages being cut off in GUI
Fixed TPS camera zooming
In TPS camera mode scroll mouse wheel to zoom camera in and out
In singleplayer offline mode player assets will no longer expire
Fixed all instances of player death loot disappearing
Player death loot will not stay for 24 hours in all game modes
Various fixed and improvements to Dedicated Server tool GUI
Dedicated Server tool now properly show list of players online form the chat
Reconfigured the missions info window to be easier to read with a bit of styling
Reduced overall font size just slightly
Info window labels are widened to fit in all the text
Misc UI fixes related to text
Improvements to Russian translation
Corrected a lot of strings in all languages
Polished localization updating some strings

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