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« on: August 02, 2018, 02:30:12 PM »

Ylands is a unique sandbox adventure game which allows you to explore your creativity. It is also a platform for making custom games, ranging from simple scenarios to sophisticated game modes.

Homepage: Here
Steam: Here
Official forum: Here
YouTube: Here

Single-player ,Multi-player ,Online Multi-Player ,Co-op ,Online Co-op

Ylands Trailer 2017


Ylands is a unique sandbox adventure game which allows you to explore your creativity. It is also a platform for making custom games, ranging from simple scenarios to sophisticated game modes.

Explore the open-polyworld of Ylands, by yourself or along with your friends. You can gather resources, build ships and sail to other ylands, climb mountains or descend to dark depths to find, use, or craft hundreds of items and objects.

You can seamlessly switch between single and multiplayer modes while exploring uncharted ylands. Laying siege to castles, engaging in naval battles, taking part in car and horse races, building elaborate energy devices or coming across quirky things like crab armors, mutated penguins and much more - Ylands lets you live your childhood fantasies and create your own new adventures.

By using the Ylands in-game editor you can tweak an existing game or create your own from scratch and then share it with others.
If this isn’t enough, in the Ylands Workshop there are a bunch of different game scenarios waiting for you to play with!


•   Fully interactable world with thousands of objects and items to be used, found or crafted.
•   Modifiable terrain with fauna, flora and resources fully reflecting its climate zone.
•   Wide range of things you can do - from mining, taming and riding horses, building elaborate energy devices or making potions to constructing ships of a custom design.
•   All this while seamlessly switching between single and multiplayer modes (with dedicated servers support) and from first or third person perspective.
•   Built-in game editor that lets you design and share your own levels and adventures.
•   In-game Store where you can buy objects of cosmetic nature. During Early Access, new players receive 4600 coyns (ca 20 USD) to spend.

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Re: Ylands
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2019, 11:38:59 PM »
Dev Diary #73
12 APR @ 5:04PM   - MAILUKI

Hey there fellow ylanders,

The 0.12 update, aka. "Smooth Sailing" is right around the corner (as promised, you'll be running 0.12 by the time you are reading the next Dev Diary;) ) and we thought it would be a good time to look back on all the teasers we've released. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure you are all up to date and aware of what is changing and how. It's been a long ride, but it's closer than ever - we promise.

So without further ado, the complete list of teasers you (could) have seen for the 0.12 update:

Dev Diaries
the one where Ales teased 0.12 features even before 0.11 was released - Dev Diary #54[]
the one where 0.12 is just a whisper from the future, with unformed ideas - Dev Diary #63[]
the one where we talk about improvements to the Editor and Visual Scripting - Dev Diary #64[]
the one where we show you some of the changes coming with the new UI - Dev Diary #67[]
the one where we talk about fixes and improvements coming to ships - Dev Diary #68[]
the one where we introduce costumes - Dev Diary #69[]
the one where we talk about improvements coming to the third person camera - Dev Diary #70[]
the one where we talk about the changes coming to combat - Dev Diary #71[]
the one where we talk about the quality of life changes coming with 0.12 - Dev Diary #72[]

Weekly sneaky WiPs
the one where you got a behind the scenes look from a combat update meeting - Weekly sneaky WiP #5[]
the one where we've shown the first screenshot of an upcoming costume - Weekly sneaky WiP #7 []
the one where new combat animations are being tested - Weekly sneaky WiP #8[]
the one where the artists brainstorm upcoming costume ideas while hungry - Weekly sneaky WiP #9[]
the one where the cast of the upcoming video Dev Diary had a pirate boat party and invited too many horses and sharks - Weekly sneaky WiP #10[]

A tweet featuring a costume
A tweet with a behind the scenes look at the Dev Diary
Ane tweeting about cats that has nothing to do with the update 😸

As you can see, we have written quite a bit about the update - and these do not even come close to the amount of work, energy and dedication that the rest of the team has poured into the code. We are super excited to get this update into your hands and we sincerely hope you'll like what you see.

Until then... stay tuned and stay classy!

Have a great weekend everyone.



With the implementation for "explorer like maps". Will we be able to import logic, compositions and objects with scripts inside it?

Yes. You just start to create your game on a land created similar to explore. Consisting 9-12/13? ylands of different biomes with caves but without random encounters.

What are these "random encounters"?

Random encounters are interesting places that you can run into when playing Explore. They can be anything from previous settlements to puzzles or weird objects.

With all this postponing, is it still imaginable to hit version 1.0 this year?

Yes, that is definitely still planned.

How's the update coming along?

Very nicely, the data has been locked, most of the testing is finished. 
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Re: Ylands
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2019, 03:19:32 PM »
0.12 Smooth Sailing for Ylands!
15 Apr @ 8:34pm - Mailuki

Dear ylanders,

We are happy to unveil the latest update to Ylands, "Smooth Sailing"!

The flagship features of this update are a complete in-game user interface (UI) overhaul, improved ships physics, an improved combat engine, collider baking for improved performance, and costumes.


We went back to the drawing board and redesigned most in-game interfaces. This means you’ll see a new and improved main menu, inventory screen, crafting screen, and a lot more. Our goal was to create a unified UI scheme which is more logical, easier to understand, and gets the job of interacting with the game done better and faster.

This update is all about making sure your experience with the ships is as enjoyable as possible. We have improved ship physics across the board as well as the physics of players moving onboard of (moving) ships. That’s a lot of physics.

By allowing creators to bake colliders within the editor, this update paves the way for truly huge creations, with negligible effect on the performance. We are also using the same mechanic on player-built ships (and cars), ensuring a few longstanding issues are fixed and everything is smooth sailing from now on.

if you ever wanted to run around your yland dressed as a yeti, now you can. Costumes are now available within the in-game store.

We’ve made some further improvements to our combat engine, making it snappier and more fast-paced.

And, of course, the update comes with lots of bug fixes, improvements, and optimizations. You can read the full release notes on the Ylands website.

We recommend those who would like to keep track of all the latest news follow Ylands on Facebook[], Twitter, and YouTube. The development team also posts behind-the-scenes dev diaries and sneak peek dev blogs on the Ylands forum to talk about new game features in greater detail.

Until next time, stay classy!

The Ylands team
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Re: Ylands
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2019, 10:06:32 PM »
Update: 18/04/2019
18 APR @ 5:02PM - MAILUKI


•   [YLD-16189] [Dedicated Server] Players see other players crawling on DS if those joined and died while they were on another island
•   [YLD-16188] [Dedicated Server] Players are unable to trade if they die far away from each other
•   [YLD-16247] [Editor] No navigation birds in Explore like maps
•   [YLD-16231] [Editor] Scene freezes after you close object properties
•   [YLD-16172] [Editor] Optimize: Error in CZ language
•   [YLD-16219] [Forum] Missing translations when opening map
•   [YLD-16203] [Forum] Cannot destroy items from inventory
•   [YLD-16225] [UI] Fixed: the Hints / Send anonymous analytics values toggles were switched. Please check to see if the current setting fits your needs.
•   [YLD-16208] [UI] Pet preview is influenced by light in game
•   [YLD-16207] [UI] Main Menu Role selection always defaults to Team 1 every time you try to change something
•   [YLD-16163] [UI] Craft All option is available for items that can't be in inventory
•   [YLD-16162] [UI] When you search in the creator cube for the second time after you dragged item to hotbar, search bar will respond to key bindings
•   [YLD-15752] [UI] Pressing "Craft all" button when crafting over 100 items freezes the game for a while
•   [YLD-15746] [Visual Scripting] Camera fade in / out script tile does not work
•   [YLD-16212] In the backpack, search for existing items, enter the item name, and the result is blank
•   [YLD-16209] Two identical scene maps showing different particle effects at runtime
•   [YLD-16204] The ship in North Pole is missing a helm, and is in construction mode
•   [YLD-16196] Boats on Buccaneer Bay scenario don't move
•   [YLD-16191] Ylandium lantern doesn't work in game
•   [YLD-16150] Trading with player in combat mode lockes him in it

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Re: Ylands
« Reply #4 on: April 20, 2019, 11:38:08 PM »
Dev Diary #74
19 APR @ 4:41PM   - MAILUKI

Hey there fellow ylanders,

If you're reading this, you must be aware by now that on Monday we released the 0.12 Smooth Sailing update. It took longer than we originally planned to, but we hope it was worth the wait :) It did introduce a few issues, especially with the crafting panel, that we addressed yesterday in a hotfix (along with other fixes). If you missed that, make sure to check the changelog here. We're also aware of the issues some of you are having when connecting to the servers - we'll update you on that next week, when we know more.

Overall it seems that you guys like the new User Interface. In any case, in the following weeks we'll talk in detail about what we plan to change about the Game User Interface, because there are a lot of things that we didn't manage to get in time for this update. So if you have any comments/thoughts on this, this is the time (sonrisa)

Special mention to HAL, who made it into the video Dev Diary!

According to the University of Massachusetts, I mean... a Twitter poll, the changes made to the ships have been highly welcomed. Seems like it indeed was a smooth sailing in that regard!

The new in-game sounds have also received quite a bit of praise, we'll make sure to pass that info to the audio departm... guy :D

There are some mixed feelings when it comes to the camera - some of you appreciate the smoothness when the character is in tight spaces, others have pointed out that the camera being centered to the vehicles instead of the character doesn't feel right. We'll take that info into account!

We swear we haven't paid Charley to change his mind about the game! :D

Although not strictly connected to this update, we did receive some negative feedback regarding the placement of dirt - a few players are having issues filling holes or removing dirt from the air. Any thoughts on this?

There were also a couple of mentions to the fact that the cursor dot is gone in the 3rd person view. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

That hurt, Chris!

And, of course, I think I'm not mistaken when I say the new additions and changes that our Editor wizard Houp brought to the table have been very appreciated :)

I'm missing the Xbox one for a combo!

Anyway, we'd like to thank everyone who took the time to comment and provide their feedback, you make our day! :)

But since there's never enough feedback, we encourage you to share your thoughts in this thread there. Or even suggestions for future updates. Or anything, really.

That’s it for today. Have a great Easter weekend, ylanders, and as always - stay classy!


Now for this week's questions!

Which update will include the Editor items in game? 1.0? Or before then.

If what you mean are items that can't be crafted and are available only in the Editor - we are not planning to put them in the game in the foreseeable future. If there are any you feel should be craftable in the game, please let us know in the comments below and let's discuss it (sonrisa). Thanks!

No longer able to transfer directly from a container in inventory to a chest. This stops the infinite resource bug (I will miss it but it had to go) but could cause other smaller issues. It now requires the item to go through the main inventory, but what if my main inventory is full? Can't move the item in or out of the container in that case.

I see. We'll look into it.

I have tested the welding and it seems quite efficient, I have noticed that it does not work with vegetation or containers. Will it be possible to unite them in the future?

The welding is just the first iteration and we will definitely improve it further. I believe we will let you know in one of future DD about what plans we have for this feature.
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Re: Ylands
« Reply #5 on: April 26, 2019, 05:12:46 PM »
Dev Diary #75
26 APR @ 3:50PM - MAILUKI

Hey there fellow ylanders,

This week, let's talk about friends with benefits.

In the next update (before you ask: we don't have a fancy name yet, and yes, it's coming soon(tm)) we will be focusing on the social aspects of Ylands, trying to make sure your adventures are a bit less lonely and it's easier to find like minded individuals to explore with.

One of the coolest and most useful tools in your arsenal for this will be the fancy new "friends list" feature, so let's get to know this piece of code a bit better. Disclaimer: Mr. Friends List is still young - and will probably grow / change / surprise us before he is ready to go public - so please take everything here as "work in progress".

First of all, let's see WHY we are adding this feature to the game:

•   We always wanted Ylands to be a highly social game, where you explore, build and play together with others. And while those things are certainly possible even now, we feel there is room for improvement - and that is the main reason for the friends list, to make it easier and faster to find people to play with
•   Amongst other things, the feature will revolutionize the way you communicate with others within the game - gone are the days when you have to use an external solution for this, the friends list will let you chat with whoever and whenever
•   An extension of this will be the more streamlined way of meeting others within the game.Since you'll be able to communicate with any of your friends, regardless of their current activity - you will be able to easily set up a game or jump into an exiting one, even from the main menu - with your friends
•   At the end of the day, this is just a step (an important one) towards making sure you have tospend less time trying to get into a game and more time playing with your friends

Now let's dig into the crunchy details! Within and with the friends list, you'll be able to:

•   search for friends and add them to your friendslist,
•   see if any of your friends are online and what games they are currently playing,
•   (if possible) directly jump into their game,
•   invite them to a game you are currently playing,
•   block people you don't want to receive any messages from
•   create a “clan”, which is a group of players that play with each other often and can have a special group chat window,

Some extra juicy bits for last
•   all invites and requests will be handled through our new notification system
•   within the notification you'll be able to accept or reject any invitation / request
•   the clan feature will be expanded in the future, to make it more robust

So there you have it - a first look at the new friends list feature coming to Ylands. Hopefully you like the direction we are going with this, if yes - let us know how you'll be using it (maybe it will trigger some new ideas), if not - let us know how and what you'd change / add / remove!

That's all folks - for now - stay classy and have a great weekend!

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Re: Ylands
« Reply #6 on: May 03, 2019, 12:08:34 AM »
Update: 02/05/2019
2 MAY @ 4:20PM - MAILUKI


•   [YLD-16397] Camera is inverted while controlling ships, cars, boats and horses
•   [YLD-16295] Crash to desktop when mining drill is selected in inventory
•   [YLD-16371] If you escape in a password protected game in the MP lobby, you cannot join any game
•   [YLD-16284] [Forum] Cannot deconstruct things in Barrier
•   [YLD-16321] [Multiplayer] Clients are stuck on "Recalling buildings 100%" if they reconnect after wearing a skin of an item
•   [YLD-16198] [Steam Forum] Invert mouse not working
•   [YLD-16418] [Visual Scripting] Editing parameter name problem
•   [YLD-16294] [Visual Scripting] Rotation of impassable barrier stops other scripts

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Re: Ylands
« Reply #7 on: May 04, 2019, 12:23:24 AM »
Dev Diary #76
3 May @ 2:54pm - Mailuki

Hey there, fellow ylanders!

In this Dev Diary we're going to discuss one issue that has been with us for a long time - and which we're finally getting rid of. I'm talking about pathfinding.

We are all more than familiar with moments where animals can't get to the player, get stuck in the scene, and more.

While implementing a nicely working pathfinding in games that have static terrain (in other words, one that can't be modified) or that are made out of uniform blocks is quite easy, with worlds that can dynamically change, this is a non-trivial problem. It took us quite long to get it right, but I'm very excited to let you know that the new pathfinding system will be present in the update 0.13.

We will also do some adjustments to how caves and terrains are generated so that everything works as it should, and in return we will get encounters with animals both on the surface and underground.

Now you may be thinking - "well, so animals will be moving around in a better way... and that's it?", but wait, there's MUCH MORE to this.

The calm before the storm, by bb cakes_P1.

For a loooooong time we had plans to improve the gameplay to be more exciting, engaging, rewarding. Our hands were tied because there's not really much you can do when hostile entities can't get where you need them. Having a nicely working pathfinding opens the door to... proper AI. Yes, the pathfinding in 0.13 will be followed by an improved AI, which we believe will be a true game-changer.

With a reliable pathfinding system in place, we have already started working on a new AI system that will benefit not only Explore, but also many games that creators will make. With the ability to make units patrol, guard places, set up how aggressive they are and so on, a whole new gaming experience opens. All this (hopefully released as a part of update 0.14) will be based on the new pathfinding introduced in 0.13, so as you see, it's actually a very big and important step forward.

And speaking of updates - we've learnt our lesson on telling release dates, but I can assure you that for 0.13 you will have to wait much, much less than with 0.12.

And that's it for now. Have a great weekend, ylanders, and stay classy!


Now it's time to catch up on your questions!

I love the logic template that we have available. However to improve performance issues, can we have the ability to despawn/remove logics generated from templates?

That is some good feedback - I'll pass it to our programmers!

Additionally, when will we get the option to have manual cinematic cameras? It would he helpful for a game that is fixed to a region and I want to provide a specific perspective.

Yes! Actually we're already working on something that is a prerequisite for this.

Are there any plans for more feminine clothing options like dresses and high heels?

High heels are not currently planned. We are currently doing some tests with more feminine clothing, but the main problem are skirts. Since there is no cloth simulation present, especially skirts are a problem with a lot of character animations.

Could glass blocks be a thing? In all the shapes and sizes we have in other blocks?

We would like to have them as well, but right now there are some performance issues related to them, so they are not supported.

Regarding the friend list, will we also have the option to not appear online?

That is a good point. Probably not when it comes out, but definitely in a later update.

Will we be able to use our (perfectly adequate) Steam friends list?

No. This friend list is not connected with the Steam friends list in any way (we need it to work on much more than just the PC platform).

Will we be able to view other peoples' friendlists?

No, this is not currently planned.

Is the "friendship" going to be approved from both sides (like Facebook) or one sided (follow on a non-secured Instagram account)?

You will be able to offer a friendship to anyone. They may decide to accept or deny. If you get harrassed by anyone this way, you can always block them.

Is there any plan/possibility for the chat to include voice?

Not at this point.

How about global and local/yland chat channel?

There will be several chat channels to use - I think you will find them to your liking (smile)

With all this social stuff gearing up, is there plans for Official Explore servers coming back to use said friends with? With separate PVP and PVE servers? Will we be able to have many clans or sub clans?

Yes. While we still don't have any ETA, we would definitely like to run some official Explore servers.

Do you have plans for 16, 24, 48 player servers?

We do have plans to support more players than the current maximum, but the exact number will depend on the type of game, it won't be a single number available everywhere.

Do you guys plan on making sea voyages more dangerous? Maybe pirates or sea monsters?

Yes, we would really like to do that.

Any news on new costumes? (I still want a demon costume)

We will be bringing many more costumes in the future (demon could definitely be one of them - we would even like players to vote on those (smile)).

Does Ylands plan to ever implement 3D model imports?

Once Ylands 1.0 is released, we would like to address the topic of modding in general - we will have more info at that point.

How about lightning being dangerous if caught outside on a high area?

We really love how the lighting works in Zelda and would like to have something like this, but it is not planned at this moment.

Is there an estimated time for when the water terrain tool will come back?

We want to add better water simulation after version 1.0 is released, but are also discussing releasing some basic Editor tool that would allow simple addition/removal of water in specified areas before that.

I have the idea that I've read somewhere about this friend list coming along with the possibility to share our protection barrier with friends? Anything about it?

Yes, that is still planned. First we'll release the friends list and then we'll keep adding more cool features on top of it.

Will there be an easier way to collaborate with other people on the Editor - maybe even being able to do real time building in the Editor?

This is something we are discussing quite often. It is not something we plan before 1.0 but we would at least like to discuss with you what the possibilities and priorities are in this regard before that.
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Re: Ylands
« Reply #8 on: May 11, 2019, 12:14:41 AM »
Dev Diary #77
10 May @ 5:19pm - Mailuki

Hey there fellow ylanders,

You probably remember that a couple of weeks back we presented one of the new fancy features coming in 0.13 - the friends list. And what's the use of having friends if you can't actually communicate with them? That's why in this update we're also expanding the in-game chat.

Marci already nicely summarized why we're focusing on the social aspects of Ylands and why we're adding these features to the game. So today let's talk specifically about what the new in-game chat will bring!

Did someone say... work in progress?

The chat will actually be present not only in-game, but also in the main menu and in the Editor. There will be 3 different channels: Whisper (for private communication), Game (for the current game session) and Clan (connected with the friends list), plus All, that will work as a filter, showing messages from all channels. There will be a list of commands for you to use - /s (say, for people who are close to the player, /w (whisper, for private communication), /c (clan), /all etc., and each channel messages will have their own specific color, so that you don't mix them up. Also, bear in mind that no matter how hard you try, you won't actually be able to send messages to offline players!

And don't worry about missing any message, as there will be a visible chat icon for you to easily see your unread messages (from Whisper and Clan channels), and a notification button that will let you know you have new messages (in the main menu and Editor)!

This should cover the basics of the new chat! What do you think? (sonrisa)

Have a great weekend, ylanders, and stay classy!


Now let's take a look at the questions you had last week!

Do you guys still use Photon Unity Networking or did you switch to something custom in 0.12?
We started with Bolt (which got later acquired by Photon), now we're using code that our programmers wrote.

Can barriers be made to show who they belong to?
Yes, there is a plan to show whose barrier you've just entered.

Another game I play has an ingame mailbox. Inside there are game functions, but you can also "email" other users and also attach items. So you can give gifts, building supplies, etc. Could something like this be implemented?
This would definitely be a nice feature to have. It is not currently planned, but we will discuss that.

With AI path finding, will this mean we can finally give "teams" or "labels" to entities so they can either be hostile or friendly to other entities?
That is our goal. The ability to set up entities this way will come at a later update than 0.13, though.

I had a question regarding compositions and protective barriers. Will the random structures, such as ruined (brick wall) wall with cannons the lighthouse and others be added to default compositions in the editor? The same question also applies to player protective barriers. I see no way to currently add protective barriers via the editor nor methods to craft them, will this change?
The random structures won't be available this way because doing so would take away the element of surprise (smile). Letting players use the protective barrier in the Editor is something we've been discussing quite often in the past weeks, and it will definitely happen.

Will it ever be possible to place (and use) a barrier on a ship (and still be able to sail)?
Not at this point. This is yet another thing that we're discussing.

Why is it impossible to properly repair default structures? Nothing ever seems to line up correctly.
We are aware of this. In 0.13 we are making some changes to how terrains are generated. Once this is done, we'll look into this - it's related. 
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Re: Ylands
« Reply #9 on: May 25, 2019, 12:28:13 AM »
Dev Diary #79
24 May @ 4:13pm - Mailuki

Hey there, fellow ylanders!

Today we’ll take a look at two things that Creators will love in the upcoming update 0.13. Even though they have quite sophisticated names, they are actually very easy to describe, and you’ll see that they are very handy.

So, without further ado, I give you the Advanced object grouping and Dynamic objects!

Advanced object grouping is a fancy name that describes, well… advanced grouping :) So far you could group objects into simple groups. This was a nice way of putting together objects and then moving them around as one – however, it was obvious that more control was needed.

Therefore, we’re coming up with groups that support hierarchies. You can now group objects in a way that they reflect their world relations. Door handle can be child of a door. If you move or rotate the door, the handle will follow. At the same time, you can still easily adjust the handle position relative to the parent door. Here we’re talking about two entities, but you can even make one whole group a child of another group.
This very common and useful feature will help you work better even with very complex scenes.

Dynamic objects are our way of coming up with a solution to another problem - moving and rotating objects over time. What used to be very time consuming to achieve and had quite a large impact on performance, can now be done easily. You can specify where should an object move with what speed / in what time or do the same for the rotation. You just need to make sure that all objects that are moving are marked as dynamic, and you’re good to go.

The best thing about this is that it can be combined with the grouping feature, so you no longer need to move all the object parts - you just move their top-most parent.

Also, the new dynamic objects will work correctly when interacting with players, so by marking Groups/entities as "Platform", you will have the option to create moving platforms that will transport players somewhere in a smooth manner.

This is just the beginning, though. In the future we will be providing tools that will give you much more control over objects’ position and rotation.

And that’s all for now. Have a great weekend and as always - stay classy!
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Re: Ylands
« Reply #10 on: June 01, 2019, 12:42:33 AM »
Dev Diary #80
31 May @ 3:13pm - Mailuki

Hey there, fellow ylanders!

Let’s talk about another exciting feature coming in 0.13! The new and improved terrain generation. We have changed the way the terrain is generated in both the surface and the underground caves – this paves the groundwork for future updates that will allow us to quickly and painlessly generate more unique terrain variations. Let’s take a look at the changes!

In the old system, we were able to create nice terrains, but there wasn’t a big diversity after all – all ylands were basically a cone, where the top of the cone was the highest mountain peak and on the surface of the cone random changes were applied, so that it always looked a little bit different. This ultimately resulted in the ylands being a bit repetitive – the mountains were always in the middle, there was never a large flat area, and it was impossible to add some unique terrain features.

Another big issue with the old system was that, by breaking the surface of the cone (so that the ylands didn’t look completely the same), the terrain got too fragmented, and animal pathfinding was not able to navigate through there.

Some smaller modifications could be made to the old system, but in the end we weren’t able to keep the same visual quality and at the same time add much more variety and make the pathfinding work there, so we decided to make a completely new system.

Ylands meets Astroneer? By @Spyler.X!

With the new system, each yland is split into several sections and each of those is handled separately, so we can decide in which section there will be mountains, where lowlands, and so on. This way, we can have mountains on the edge of the yland and flat areas in the middle, which was not possible before.

Those sections are then connected and blended together, and each section can be completely unique, therefore creating ylands that don’t look so similar to each other.

Another big plus is that surfaces are not so fragmented as before and animals will have much less trouble navigating on them. And with changes made to the terrains, vegetation needed to be adjusted as well, so we optimized its spawning in all of the biome areas.

This all results in a much better control over the process of how each yland is created.

Since 0.13 just lays down the foundation of the new system, we will add much more polish to it and make sure there’s much more variety in the future, but we consider it already a great improvement!

And that’s all for now. Have a great weekend and as always - stay classy! And remember that in this post here you can leave your questions for next week :)
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Re: Ylands
« Reply #11 on: June 08, 2019, 12:30:39 AM »
Dev Diary #81
7 Jun @ 3:45pm - Mailuki

Hey there fellow ylanders - it's that time of the week again!

The time when you settle in with a steaming cup of coffee, lay back and enjoy the latest Dev Diary, especially knowing that this one might be* the last before a new update comes out.

So let's prepare for this beautiful eventuality, by collecting all the sneak peeks and teasers we have released about the upcoming 0.13 update.
•   The amazing new friends list - dev diary #75[]
•   The new in-game chat system - dev diary #77[]
•   Advanced object grouping and dynamic objects - dev diary #79[]
•   New and improved terrain generation - dev diary #80[]

The new terrain generation in effect

As you can see, 0.13 is going to be concentrating on the social aspects of the game, laying down the essential foundations for some very cool upcoming systems (like clans). It is a very significant update for us and for the game - paving the way for the rest of Yland's future.

The new terrain generation is also a necessary (and'll see) step towards improved AI pathfinding, something we've discussed in:
•   Improved pathfinding - dev diary #76[]
While this feature will not be present in 0.13 (it will follow in a later update), it's a huge step towards a more interesting and challenging AI that will improve every aspect of the game and will be a true game changer.

Of course no update could be complete without a host of fixes and improvements (and maybe a new costume...) that are too numerous and small to mention here, but you can read about all of it in the changelog as soon as it goes online.

We'll also be releasing a video dev diary (as per the gentlemanly tradition of Ylands) to walk you through the biggest features of the update - keep your eyes peeled for that as well!

Say "update 0.13 is coming soon and you'll love it"

And until then...have a great weekend and stay classy everyone!

* fingers crossed

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Re: Ylands
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Dev Diary #82
14 Jun @ 5:29pm - Mailuki

Hey there ylanders,

Unfortunately, update 0.13 still needs some time (new ETA: early next week) - but in the meantime, we wanted to share the changelog with you. And we are also throwing in the promotional screenshots!

So without further ado:
Fine Friendships - update 0.13

•   Friends list - add players to your friend list. See what they’re currently playing and join them or invite them to your game.
•   Chat system - now you can talk to people close to you in the game world, send messages to everyone in that game (Game channel); to specific players whether they are in the same game, Main Menu or even the Editor (Whisper channel); or to all members of your clan (Clan channel)
•   Clans - create your clan today! Let your friends join and chat together. Clan functionality will be gradually expanded.
•   New terrain generator - we’ve added the first iteration of our new terrain generator. We are still tweaking the system, so there can be places where the generated terrain looks less than ideal, but that will be fixed. This new generator will allow us to create interesting and unique terrain features, which will make maps much more interesting.
•   Advanced object grouping - organize your objects into neat groups. Take advantage of performing operations with parenting objects, saving a lot of time and effort.
•   Dynamic objects - set objects (or whole groups) as dynamic and then animate their movement and rotation via new animator game logic objects. Use platforms to smoothly transport characters. Preview your animations via Test animator option (default: F7).
•   New costume - what could it be...

•   [YLD-13963] [Audio] Tweaked engine sound volumes
•   [YLD-14915] [Audio] Added new bandaging sound
•   [Audio] Added sound for building fire from remains of campfire
•   [Audio] Added sound for lighting torch using other torch
•   [Audio] Added summon horse character sound
•   [Audio] Added missing sound for ignite when you ignite item on ground
•   [Audio] Added SFX to 2HM jump attack, more exaggerated windup position for 2HM jump attack
•   [Audio] Added missing sound in jump attacks, exaggerated animation in 1HM and 2HM jump attacks
•   [Audio] Tweaked hooves small footsteps sound
•   [Audio] Tweaked big + small mammal footsteps sound
•   [Audio] Tweaked doorsteps volume
•   [Audio] Added new item drop sounds
•   [Audio] Added artkits for normal landing sound
•   [Audio] Tweaked landing sounds
•   [Audio] Tweaked player hurt sound volume
•   [Audio] Added water sounds for digging with Pickaxe + Spade
•   [Audio] Tweaked crossbow reload sound volume
•   [Audio] Tweaked volume for collect sounds
•   [Audio] Tweaked volume curves for animal footsteps. Panther and crab footsteps volume.
•   [Audio] Added new drop sounds for different items
•   [YLD-14929] [Editor] Double click will now open Object properties of all currently selected objects
•   [Editor] 'Esc' is now alternative key to close current mode (Group editing, Weld editing, Animators preview)
•   [Editor] Updated game logic icon colors
•   [YLD-16920] [Visual Scripting] Added tan and atan instruction tiles
•   [YLD-16580] [Visual Scripting] New event "On defend end" added to an Event listener
•   [YLD-16743] [Visual Scripting] On pick event split to 2: "On pick start" and "On pick end". Target entity can be different for stackable items. "On pick start" returns stack which was on the ground. "On pick end" returns stack in the inventory (which could be merged with another stack)
•   [YLD-16533] [Visual Scripting] Added "Dodge distance" option to Speed bonus
•   [YLD-16632] [Visual Scripting] Equip used on items which are not part of armor will be assigned to the 0 slot and that slot becomes activated
•   [YLD-16578] [Visual Scripting] Added set hotbar slot script tile
•   [Visual Scripting] Spawn entity to container will return merged item if spawned item was merged to one stack (it used to return nothing)
•   [YLD-6357] Added recipe for Energy "NOT" gate
•   [YLD-12749] Armor can be equipped from vicinity slots
•   [YLD-15700] Added armor stats to: Inventory Item detail, Inventory Vicinity item detail, Cube, Inventory Item detail, Trading "My Inventory" Item detail, Trading NPC inventory Item detail, Trading NPC, Bundle Item Detail, Item detail Popup window
•   [YLD-12616] When creating a new game a random seed is always selected. Players can use the command /showseed to display the seed of a map they are currently playing
•   /collidercount command is now public. Reports number of currently active colliders.
•   Players can now cancel crafting using RMB on crafting in progress
•   Players can now take items from workstations using RMB on crafted items
•   Energy linker now triggers combat camera for better targeting
•   Players can now sort items inside containers
•   New set of useful symbols and numbers
•   Vicinity items are now ordered by custom or entity name
•   Extended catapult's Y axis rotation angle
•   Added new male and female heads
•   Potion of speed is back in the game

•   Traditional Chinese shirt (5)
•   Traditional Chinese skirt (5)
•   Traditional Chinese shoes (5)
•   Traditional Chinese hat (2)
•   Large oak tree (3)

•   [YLD-15860] [Audio] Ticking sound of ylandium engine can be heard from great distance
•   [YLD-16615] [Audio] SFX settings do not affect GUI sounds
•   [YLD-14728] [Audio] When riding a horse, footsteps output changes from animal footsteps to player footsteps
•   [YLD-12082] [Audio] Battle music does not loop anymore after respawn in edge when player was killed before the music actually started playing
•   [YLD-14909] [Audio] Opening dialogue window with NPC does not have any sound
•   [YLD-16326] [Audio] Too loud and repeating sound of water splashing when sailing backwards
•   [YLD-16615] [Audio] GUI sounds volume is now respecting the SFX volume settings
•   [YLD-14715] [Audio] Some animals are missing a sound for eating and sound of lowering and raising sails is way too loud
•   [YLD-14919] [Audio] Lighting a torch with another torch sounds like lighter
•   [YLD-14897] [Audio] Missing sound for build fire interaction
•   [YLD-14910] [Audio] Aesop's fables book has different sound of drop to inventory than other books
•   [YLD-12081] [Audio] Music can't be heard randomly anymore for a few extra seconds while muted due to weather conditions
•   [Audio] Sound of bomb explosion has a short delay
•   [Audio] Fixed various sound issues related to energy
•   [Audio] One of the mummy footsteps had missing sound sometimes
•   [Audio] Fixed Inventory add sound for Aesop fable book
•   [YLD-16718] [Dedicated Server] Player teleports after dismounting car to the place where they last mounted
•   [YLD-16642] [Dedicated Server] Player is stuck in return to main menu if server is manually restarted
•   [YLD-13326] [Editor] Container - some entity previews were not complete (eggs)
•   [YLD-12163] [Editor] "Aim To" allowed you to pick non-cannon entities with entity picker
•   [YLD-16104] [Editor] V key is invalid when NPC is placed in the Editor
•   [YLD-16498] [Editor] Some vases couldn't be set as tradeable
•   [YLD-8015] [Editor] Generate New Terrain seed is always the same, unless you manually change it
•   [YLD-11745] [Editor] There is no way how to use context menu in character mode
•   [YLD-16098] [Editor] Black shirt in Object properties window after "Randomise" was clicked
•   [YLD-16379] [Editor] Adding new objects to edited entity weld in the group did not work correctly
•   [YLD-16264] [Editor] It was possible to save as scenario with empty name
•   [YLD-16527] [Editor] Cutting item (Ctrl+X) from weld will break the weld
•   [YLD-16451] [Editor] No pivot was selected after breaking some entity welds
•   [Editor] Play test after deleting Player role/team could cause a small error (notification message)
•   [Editor] Fixed waypoint icon
•   [Editor] Fixed Logic Storage description text
•   [YLD-11765] [Feedback tracker] You can duplicate items in the inventory
•   [YLD-15521] [GUI] Workstation recipes do not show how many of them were created
•   [YLD-15534] [GUI] Pending tab is not selected and recipe tab is not dimmed in particular situation
•   [YLD-16025] [GUI] Autobalance is creating golden pebble slots with no count
•   [YLD-16896] [GUI] There is a placing crosshair displayed for a second when aiming a weapon
•   [YLD-16879] [GUI] New crosshair is hindering view
•   [YLD-15717] [GUI] Trading with full inventory drops the item on the ground, without any warning/notification and "Trade Successful" message
•   [YLD-16885] [GUI] Crosshair appears when character enters ragdoll
•   [YLD-16060] [Items] 3x3x3 brick block did not have second color channel
•   [YLD-10553] [Items] "Any vegetable" "Any mortar" and "Any writing tool" had no icon
•   [YLD-16119] [Items] Items were not stacked automatically if you were trying to pick more items than can be stacked with the ones you already had
•   [YLD-16222] [Items] Egyptian dagger and Pharaoh scepter had incorrect textures
•   [YLD-3558] [MP] Ragdoll after falling is not synchronized between host and a client
•   [YLD-7601] [MP] Ragdoll of dead bodies is in different positions for different players
•   [YLD-14622] [Ragdoll] If you fall from a greater height while in ragdoll, you fall through the terrain
•   [YLD-15719] [Ragdoll] Camera does not follow ragdolled character after death properly
•   [YLD-16831] [Sleeping] White screen instead of transparent GUI background
•   [YLD-15801] [Sleeping] When client moves mouse around the center of the sleeping UI sun will move just once
•   [YLD-16613] [Terrain] Client doesn't see any terrain changes
•   [YLD-16871] [Terrain] Terrain is blinking in distance if you move cursor too fast
•   [YLD-16751] [UI] Text bubbles are glitching as players move around
•   [YLD-16842] [UI] Misplaced buttons when no item is selected in inventory, creator cube, workstations, cannons and catapult
•   [YLD-7330] [UI] Mutated penguin model is too large in inventory
•   [YLD-16091] [Visual Scripting] Camera "look at" does not work when console is opened
•   [YLD-16421] [Visual Scripting] Logic storage: Adding instruction parameter problem
•   [YLD-16884] [Visual Scripting] Snapping problems
•   [YLD-16710] [Visual Scripting] Logic puzzle pieces are overlapping
•   [YLD-16444] [Visual Scripting] Second particle effect played on the same spot overrode the first one
•   [YLD-16418] [Visual Scripting] Adding/removing arguments from Game logic storage's instruction definition did not work correctly
•   [YLD-16209] [Visual Scripting] Spawning a lot of particles in short time could mix them (spawn the earlier one later than the later ones)
•   [YLD-16211] [Visual Scripting] Error stack trace could be broken if you had multilines text tiles in your script
•   [YLD-16210] [Visual Scripting] Setting description of stackable items did not work for the first time
•   [YLD-16475] [Visual Scripting] Loop/Break tile will be colored red if outside of any loop
•   [YLD-16490] [Visual Scripting] When moving puzzles with a return puzzle at the end between other puzzles, visual scripting broke
•   [YLD-13333] [Visual Scripting] Fixed issue with literal puzzles being hidden by parts of puzzle they are inside of
•   [Visual Scripting] Teleporting player to land when they were swimming did not work
•   [Visual Scripting] If player placed literal puzzle to a slot, the slot would expand too much
•   [YLD-16188] [YLD-16189] Players who died too far from each other in multiplayer can no longer trade and/or they see each other crawling instead of normally walking
•   [YLD-16664] Player can terraform water, and after unloading and reloading terrain, they can see the changes
•   [YLD-15022] Create basic options should be visible in advanced options too
•   [YLD-15453] Equipped items cannot be thrown to vicinity
•   [YLD-16673] Snow doesn't remain on the terrain during a snowstorm
•   [YLD-15752] Fixed issue which would cause the game to freeze upon crafting multiple items
•   [YLD-16284] Game is stuck after trying to deconstruct things inside your barrier
•   [YLD-12972] All padlocks are now placed consistently to the hotbar from the Creator Cube
•   [YLD-14395] Plants sometimes grow from water
•   [YLD-16196] Not controllable boats/rafts in old saves and scenarios
•   [YLD-16310] Ship/Boat/Raft in Placing mode is not positioned properly when player is standing in shallow water
•   [YLD-16162] When you search in the creator cube for the second time after you dragged an item to the hotbar, the search bar will respond to key bindings
•   [YLD-16212] In the backpack, search for existing items, enter the item name, and the result is blank
•   [YLD-16208] Fixed pet preview influenced by ingame light
•   [YLD-14213] Cannot delete saves of non-owned sharegames
•   [YLD-16219] Fixed missing translations on map buttons
•   [YLD-6767] Red brick block in the Fort wall random encounter has no translation (Czech)
•   [YLD-16182] The game now correctly respects the Dynamic Foliage option set in the Main Menu
•   [YLD-16150] Getting a trade offer locks player in combat mode
•   [YLD-15762] You can spawn cars into terrain
•   [YLD-16320] Picking up items in MP will close inspection window for clients
•   [YLD-8081] When blocks were taken from a vehicle (ship or car) before hardening, one of those blocks couldn't be placed into grid before the 2 minutes timer runs out
•   [YLD-15548] Grenades and projectiles can be thrown/shot through terrain in some cases
•   [YLD-16406] Fixed clipping though the walls when exiting from the vehicle
•   [YLD-16457] Crafting now displays correct amount of items that will be crafted
•   [YLD-16513] Duck boat transforms into upper deck boat wreck when it is destroyed
•   [YLD-16319] Rubber trees already have cut decal on their trunks
•   [YLD-16388] Large welded structures with confined spaces are not transparent anymore when camera gets close
•   [YLD-15404] Deer stand RE 117 has too short ladder
•   [YLD-12675] Small target is not visible in hands
•   [YLD-16603] Objects and terrain near the edge of the screen are rendered during rapid movement again
•   [YLD-16788] Fixed rare error when placing duplicate Entity Welds into the world
•   [YLD-15907] Character no longer performs light attack when releasing primary mouse button after an unrelated action
•   [YLD-14696] Depositing items in a container with high network latency should no longer delete and/or duplicate items
•   Fixed: ranged combat camera stays disabled after toggling placing mode

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Re: Ylands
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Update 0.13 - Fine Friendships
20 Jun @ 4:50pm - marton.magyar

Time to get social with new and updated features!

The "Fine Friendships" update concentrates on the social features of the game, making it easier than ever to find friends and play games with them.

Let us walk you through the biggest and best features with our developer diary:

The biggest changes and additions of update 0.13 – Fine Friendships:
•   Friends list - this new feature will let you maintain a list of friends, see what games they are playing, and join them or invite them to your own
•   Clans system - the first iteration of this new system will let players form clans for easier communication and organisation
•   New chat system - with the new and updated chat system (including color-coded channels) players will now be able to chat not just within the game but in the main menu or even in the Editor
•   New terrain generation - we have significantly improved terrain generation, for more exciting landscapes with more unique terrain variations – for both surface biomes and the underground cave systems
•   Advanced object grouping - creators will now be able to organize objects into a parent-child hierarchy, enabling a new layer of control over objects, ultimately allowing the creation and easy-management of complex creations and contraptions
•   Dynamic object groups - a new solution making it simple to move and rotate objects over time and with a specific speed – invaluable for creators

And, of course, the update comes with lots of bug fixes, improvements, and optimizations. You can read the full release notes on the Ylands website.

The development team also posts behind-the-scenes dev diaries and sneak peek dev blogs on the Ylands forum to talk about new game features in greater detail.

Until next time, stay classy!

The Ylands team

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Re: Ylands
« Reply #14 on: September 06, 2019, 01:54:10 PM »
0.14: Playful Platform - Changelog
Playful Platform - 05/09/2019


•   Playlands - Enjoy our new communal area with fun(ny) mini-games and bling yourself out in our spiffy Fashion Room. By playing mini-games you’ll increase your personal level and thus be able to obtain even more exclusive attire!
•   Support for mobile devices – By saving your scenario as 'universal', it can be played both on PC and mobile versions of Ylands. While the latter is not yet available, it's good to be ready for when it comes!
•   Persistent user data - Creators can now keep data (such as game progress) on game servers and keep them relevant across game sessions, servers, and platforms! Imagine the possibilities!
•   UI Editor – Even more customization options for Creators! Now you’ll be able to create custom UI’s with panels, buttons, input fields and images.
•   Monetization – Creators will be able to monetize pretty much any element in their game for the in-game currency: Coyns.
•   Character Visual overhaul – All animals and characters are receiving a face-lift to keep them fresh and beautiful.
•   AI overhaul – Animals and character also got a brain-lift and will react much more naturally in the future. So no more overly aggressive penguins thinking they’re predators!
•   Custom controls input – As with the UI, Creators will also be able to customize player controls in script to really make every game unique.
•   Path Editor - Ever wanted to see a building block move in a tangent line? You can do it yourself now in the powerful & fun Path Editor!
•   Horse controls overhaul – Horses will be much more controllable and won’t walk in circles or head down in the ground…hopefully. Who’s ready for the rodeo?!
•   Various gameplay improvements - We touched up on some of the existing systems, making sure they play nicely with the new ones and kept working on enhancing the overall feel of the game.
•   Chat improvements - It is now easier than ever to tell the world about your newly dyed ship.
•   Avatars screen overhaul - It's like looking in a mirror.
•   Codex – Your trusty companion in Ylands is much more informed lately and you’ll find useful explanations and links to our ever-expanding wiki.

•   [YLD-17684] [Editor] Added: Impassable barrier toggle if barrier should also block camera or should not
•   [Editor] Added: Each entity has "interactable" property in object properties now
•   [Chat] Added: /clearchat console command, which removes all messages from chat
•   [Visual Scripting] Added: Is colorable color 1/2/3
•   [YLD-15972] [Visual Scripting] Added: VS: Entity "Is type" tile
•   [Visual Scripting] Added: "New line" constant tile
•   [Visual Scripting] Added: New End game tile added
•   [YLD-17614] [Visual Scripting] Added: Support to show and hide codex categories for certain players in visual scripting
•   [Visual Scripting] Added: Tiles for hiding hotbar/hearts/several character ui tabs
•   [YLD-17977] Added: There should be upper limit for what character can eat at once
•   [YLD-17978] Added: possibility to mine boulders with pickaxe
•   [YLD-17629] Added: Build mode needs to be always in 1st person camera view
•   [YLD-17267] Added: Blocked players aren't allowed to trade with a player that blocked them
•   Added: New Random encounter
•   [YLD-17645] Added: Game cursor should indicate if current tool can be used on a distant object
•   [Editor] Tweaked: In non PVP games you do not focus other players in combat now
•   [YLD-17633] [Editor] Tweaked: History button is disabled when there is no undo/redo history available
•   [YLD-18128] [Editor] Tweaked: Export to workshop will always optimize game for export. (it will weld entities)
•   [YLD-17934] [Editor] Tweaked: On control start/stop events are called for both helm/ship now
•   [YLD-17513] [Editor] Tweaked: You can now pick entities/game logic outside of the edited group
•   [Editor] Tweaked: All new maps are playable on all platforms by default
•   [YLD-17291] [Editor] Tweaked: zones shows preview of their color when they are marked as visible
•   [Editor] Tweaked: "Scale grid" button removed from the footer. Water/Ground alignment and coordinate system buttons added
•   [Friends] Tweaked: Reduced network load when kicking a player from clan
•   [Visual Scripting] Tweaked: Better indication of "missing entity/game logic storage" error
•   Tweaked: Added and reorganized cube item groups
•   Tweaked: Sound of doors opening and closing
•   [YLD-18260] Tweaked: Increase the distance players can interact with objects
•   Tweaked: Made softer transition from static jump to idle
•   Tweaked: Fixed hands and spine in Spear and Unarmed melee animations for new body model
•   [YLD-18048] Tweaked: Burning torch can no longer be crafted instead there is an "ignite" button when inspecting a torch (and "extinguish" button for burning torch)
•   [YLD-17151] Tweaked: Player won't be able to see online / offline statuses of others who are not his friends
•   [YLD-18039] Tweaked: When pvp is turned off, player melee attacks pass through other players
•   [YLD-18038] Tweaked: Bullets, arrows and bolts no longer show notifications when they are loaded into a weapon
•   [YLD-18002] Tweaked: Sleeping pad is unpacking automatically after it is placed down
•   [YLD-18001] Tweaked: Torches no longer get extinguished in rain or inside of the players inventory
•   [YLD-13383] Tweaked: Focusing objects is really hard and inaccurate
•   [YLD-11973] Tweaked: Digging indicator was changed to a cube which highlights the modified voxels
•   [YLD-17644] Tweaked: Digging done by repeated clicking
•   Tweaked: Reduced the cooldown after eating/drinking action to 0.5s from 1.5s
•   Tweaked: Changed digging with pick loop animation
•   Tweaked: Melee to default animation transitions for a new character
•   Tweaked: New default 1H run animation
•   Tweaked: New 1H default idle, idle jump and pickup animations
•   [YLD-17391] Tweaked: Dragonling inspect cage sound volume
•   Tweaked: Drastically reduced the amount of network communication when refreshing your friend/clan list
•   Tweaked: Big + small mammal footsteps sound
•   [YLD-18214] Set stick as a weapon that deals some very low damage
•   [YLD-18234] Matchmaking panel with red exclamation mark looks like something went wrong
•   [YLD-18552] Tweaked: Horses will now receive fall damage only if they fall from real heights (five times larger threshold than with player characters)
•   Tweaked: Camera distance in 3rd person view
•   [Animals] Removed: Shark was temporarily removed to receive an overhaul to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Arctic Wolf was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Black Bear was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Boar was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Brown Bear was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Goat was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Horse was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Leopard was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Panther was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Polar Bear was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Puma was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Rabbit was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Wolf was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Ostrich was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Bear was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Bear Alpha was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Leopard was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Leopard Alpha was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Wolf was remodelled to work with the new AI system
•   [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Wolf Alpha was remodelled to work with the new AI system

•   [Animals] Added: Tiger
•   [Animals] Added: Deer
•   [Animals] Added: Honey badger
•   [Animals] Added: Camel
•   [Animals] Added: Sheep

•   [YLD-17866] [Blueprints] Fixed: Blueprints of door objects now have proper visual bounds, resulting in more proper thumbnails and correctly positioned overlapping red block when they cannot be placed
•   [YLD-18195] [Blueprints] Fixed: Entities with multiple colliders would spawn multiple times in a blueprint. (Fix will apply only for newly captured blueprints.)
•   [YLD-17511] [Blueprints] Fixed: Blueprint can be placed inside of car
•   [YLD-17378] [Blueprints] Fixed: Blueprint can be placed on and inside ships and cars
•   [YLD-17417] [Camera] Fixed: Switching from building material to ranged weapon in the hotbar activates combat camera
•   [YLD-18429] [Editor] Fixed: Undo/redo of edited weld did not correctly updated selection box
•   [YLD-18540] [Editor] Fixed: Deleted NPC did not reappear on Undo/Redo (you had to save and load game again)
•   [YLD-18155] [Editor] Fixed: Transform gizmo could have been deleted when doing batched undro/redo
•   [YLD-17621] [Editor] Fixed: Bulk undo/redo of creating/deleting entities and energy links among them did not work correctly
•   [YLD-18074] [Editor] Fixed: in editor the "SYSTEM: Saving..." message appears with a significant delay after clicking the save button
•   [YLD-18003] [Editor] Fixed: Spawning and despawning of the same type of game logic object was slower and slower
•   [YLD-17957] [Editor] Fixed: Deleting of empty template could cause missing objects after save
•   [YLD-16300] [Editor] Fixed: Event listener listening to reading specific entity did not trigger
•   [YLD-17899] [Editor] Fixed: Ask player prompt stops working after pressing "NO" on answer confirmation
•   [YLD-17910] [Editor] Fixed: Save scenario pop-up does not appear when opening another scenario
•   [YLD-17699] [Editor] Fixed: When copying Storage game logic objects referencing each other then they should reference their copies not to original object
•   [YLD-17613] [Editor] Fixed: Undo of entity deletation did not recover correctly its relations to other objects
•   [YLD-16569] [Editor] Fixed: Cancel of editing empty weld froze the game
•   [YLD-17563] [Editor] Fixed: Child animated objects did not trigger in trigger zones (child non animated objects will not trigger - no change there)
•   [YLD-16418] [Editor] Fixed: Editing parameter is loosing focus
•   [YLD-16543] [Editor] Fixed: Copy/paste/cut did not work while editing group/weld
•   [YLD-17507] [Editor] Fixed: If you destroy the trigger entity in animated trigger zone it could stop to trigger again
•   [YLD-14039] [Editor] Fixed: Custom interaction hints were mixed if target entities were to close to each other
•   [YLD-17215] [Editor] Fixed: Objects animators are not stored properly in compositions (or when copy-pasted)
•   [Editor] Fixed: Objects in preview of composition being placed could be wrongly rotated
•   [Editor] Fixed: When making more than 50 changes while editing weld then it was not possible to exit weld edit mode properly
•   [Editor] Fixed: Loading your game with active redo steps in new version of Ylands could cause problems
•   [YLD-18327] [Editor] Terrain keeps disappearing on the first scenario in editor
•   [YLD-12910] [Editor] You can not write decimal numbers into Vector3 literal while using Spanish
•   [YLD-17640] [Editor] Quit to main menu button does not ask you whether you want to save changes
•   [YLD-17559] [Editor] Restarting the game via script does not rejoin the clients
•   [YLD-17197][Editor] You can delete all the entities while editing weld, which leads to stuck
•   [YLD-18052][YLD-18051] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Providing wrong type to Set property tiles will now show proper error message
•   [YLD-16835] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Spawn entity instruction error messages were not helpful
•   [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Adding new parameter to existing storage instruction could cause a problem in calling the instruction from different scripts
•   [YLD-17491] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: There is no error message when using Entity storage without adding it to an entity
•   [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Animated entities were not detected by static trigger zone (entities part of group/vehicle will still be ignored by static trigger zones)
•   [YLD-17247] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: transform position/rotation instruction tiles did not work on dynamic objects correctly
•   [Visual Scripting] Fixed: On movement/rotation instruction end is called even if target position/orientation is same as the initial position/orientation
•   [YLD-17349] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Player events were not called in the same order for the first player and for the others. Now is order same. (On start, On create, On awake, On team spawn, On role spawn, On spawn point spawn, On team connected, On role connected)
•   [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Get Loaded ammo did not work correctly
•   [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Subtracting wrong types now shows proper error in the log
•   [YLD-17250] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Calling "Move to" on an object which ended its movement in the same frame could cause that second move to was not executed
•   [YLD-17285][YLD-17276] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Picking buttons in visual scripting can be clicked when puzzles are in the left bar
•   [YLD-16444] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Second particle effect played on the same spot overriden the first one
•   [YLD-17483] [Visual Scripting] Tile window size is changing incorrectly
•   [YLD-17478] [Visual Scripting] Variables created after using object, entity, logic or color picker are invisible
•   [YLD-17466] [Visual Scripting] stuck when pick group from search bar
•   [YLD-17272] [Visual Scripting] Deleting delay tile deletes only tile contents, not the tile itself
•   [YLD-17270] [Visual Scripting] Deleting of script tiles in custom instruction can cause game stuck
•   [YLD-18323] [Items] Bark armor boots model has no back-faces around the toe and ball parts
•   [YLD-18317] [Items] Armor_Bark_skin01_body has emitted/shone the flare-like fx when being hold in hands
•   [YLD-18295] [Items] Armor_Leather_skin02_legs is distorted when equipped
•   [YLD-17224] [Items] Fixed: Iron axe skin no particles on heavy attack charge
•   [YLD-18069] [Items] Painting Wrong Carpet
•   [YLD-18031] [Items] Pirate boots have strange shadows
•   [YLD-17442] [Items] Visual glitch on engine indicators
•   [YLD-18286] [Items] Armor_Stone_skin01_feet is not visible when worn
•   [YLD-17048] [Friends] Players are not able to send another friend request after the first one is declined
•   [YLD-16985] [Friends] You get asked for password if you accept Invite to Game with password
•   [YLD-17505] [Friends] Fixed: You would get a message sound whenever a player went online or offline
•   [Friends] Fixed: Fixed a problem where if a user accepted a clan invitation while the clan leader had their detail open, the detail would not immediately update
•   [Friends] Fixed: Fixed "current game players" and "previous game players" lists not counting your own character in (your character won't display in the grid, but the player count will count you in now)
•   [YLD-17179] [Friends] Fixed: Blocking player that you sent friend request to breaks friends behaviour
•   [YLD-17221] [Friends] Writing message in friend list will focus out from chat after moment
•   [YLD-16127] [UI] Fixed: Server managment: No indication of promoted player
•   [YLD-17263] [UI] Fixed: Creator cube: all flora groups have seedling or sapling icons
•   [YLD-18185] [UI] Inventory and crafting windows can be open at the same time
•   [YLD-18508] [Hints] Fixed: Hints for entering combat mode are not present
•   [YLD-13454] [Combat] Fixed: Possible to toggle combat mode
•   [YLD-17544] [Camera] Fixed: After switching to and from freeplacing mode with high tech tools camera does not return to aiming mode
•   [YLD-17655] [Random Encounters] Fixed: RE buildings spawned in the same place clipping
•   [YLD-17076] [Random Encounters] Fixed: Some RE buildings are generated misplaced
•   [YLD-14274] [Random Encounters] Fixed: Blocks levitating in the air around Random encounter
•   [YLD-17578] [Environment] Fixed: Islands generate with very steep transition to water
•   [YLD-14550][YLD-14736] [Environment] Fixed: Underwater spawned items are levitating in the air
•   [Environment] Fixed: Sea Urchins are spawning underground on the shallowest level of water, and still damage the player
•   [YLD-17634] [Vehicles] Fixed: You can place blocks and ship / car parts outside construction mode via freeplacing
•   [Audio] Fixed: Timed explosives now use the correct audio definition
•   [YLD-17465] [Audio] Fixed: Padlock sound source position
•   [YLD-15669] [Audio] Fixed: Missing placing sound of boats and rafts
•   [YLD-16266] [Building] Fixed: Deconstruct of blocks doesn't work on Dedicated server
•   [YLD-16745] [Building] Fixed: Building on vehicles can falsely report "Location is inside other player's protective barrier."
•   [YLD-17251] [Building] Fixed: Broken construction mode (wrong dissolved entity positions)
•   [Chat] Fixed: A problem where after reconnecting to the chat service, the game would not properly show other player games info
•   [YLD-18246] [Chat] System Warning message about ALL chat is not shown in main menu
•   [YLD-18133] [Chat] Change formatting of /cmdlist
•   [YLD-18073] [Chat] Can't close the chat after testing game in the Editor
•   [YLD-17468] [Chat] Hints you get from /help command won't disappear once you send a message
•   [YLD-17356] [Chat] There is a wrong System message when writing to All/Game chat in Editor
•   [YLD-17308] [Chat] Chat stops working after saving the game in editor
•   [YLD-17246] [Chat] Chat without cursor after someone offers you trade with chat open and you ignore or accept and cancel the offer
•   [DS] Fixed: Fixed an issue where rented/dedicated servers wouldn't properly start up in some cases
•   [YLD-17454] [Multiplayer] Fixed: Client can get kicked from server, when ship exits from lagged construction mode
•   [YLD-18405] [Multiplayer] Problem with sleep in Multiplayer
•   [YLD-18330] [Painting] Third channel is not working on Bear hide skirt
•   [YLD-18127] [Painting] Belt of southern uniform pants color does not match in inventory and inspect view when wearing
•   [YLD-18037] [Painting] Shirt has one channel that does nothing
•   [YLD-18029] [Painting] Third channel is not working on Pirate shirt
•   [YLD-18257] [Costumes] Alien costume is too bright
•   [YLD-18256] [Costumes] Polygons attached to incorrect bone and deformed hands
•   [YLD-18072] [Notifications] When dropping a first stack of items into a chest, no Item Removed notification is shown
•   [YLD-17681] [Radial Menu] "E" shall also close the radial menu
•   [YLD-18018] [Controls] Inventory (Cube) doesn't open when using Tab key
•   [YLD-17949] [Welding] All the stair blocks and some irregular blocks have no collision once welded
•   [YLD-17232] [Forums] Fatal login error
•   [YLD-17213] [Animations] Character is holding cold resistance potion in wrong direction
•   [YLD-17296] [Trading] Two players trade when their package are full. The item they choose is inconsistent with that added into the trade bar.
•   [YLD-18428] Fixed: An issue where players would be shown twice in the social tab if you added someone and immediately blocked them
•   Fixed: Hit detection did not worked correctly on items placed on vehicles
•   [YLD-16405] Fixed: there is no support for "custom" video settings
•   Removed: glass sphere item was removed from the game
•   [YLD-16607] Fixed: Sound volume change of objects when going into a cave
•   Fixed: Impact sounds for cactus and umbrella
•   Fixed: An issue where a corrupted rented server game could freeze the game while removing the game from the server
•   [YLD-17530] Fixed: when trade is initiated, client will not see the UI
•   Fixed: Fixed shoulders for new character on Emote_Shrug animation
•   [YLD-17570] Fixed: Set missing mask on two-handed melee animations
•   Fixed: Seed planting would always emit sounds as if you were planting the seed on grass
•   Fixed: When a player accepted your friend request, their game info would not be sent
•   [YLD-17300] Fixed: issues with "recent game players"
•   [YLD-17173] Fixed: Terrain Generation: cliffs are too smooth
•   Fixed: Game names in social tab are not translated
•   [YLD-17241] Fixed: Rented server game type not translated
•   Fixed: VS: string literals with '' inside a text did not work correctly
•   [YLD-16449] Fixed: When scrolling trading can break
•   [YLD-17068] Fixed: Tripple key tap should not be count as 2 double taps (Start flying and going up immediately did not work correctly)
•   [YLD-17039] Fixed: When offering items one by one trade fails
•   Fixed: Clients don't receive "inventory full" warning
•   Fixed: Egyptian sickle sword is now held correctly in hand
•   [YLD-18476] Terrain grid was generated on the same height as treetops when there was a tree nearby
•   [YLD-18452] The newly created game name can be too long
•   [YLD-18418] Player data was out of sync in multiplayer rooms, and players who joined the room could not see the homeowner player's character
•   [YLD-18392] In the creation mode, the character riding a horse will have an abnormal Angle of view
•   [YLD-18294] Show small loading popup with cancel button on cancelable connection events
•   [YLD-18220] Extract resin makes the player perform an attack after an action is finished
•   [YLD-17929] Specific scenario can not be exported for workshop
•   [YLD-17673] Ladders are not working
•   [YLD-17542] Blueprint allocates an unreasonable amount of memory
•   [YLD-17469] Game stuck in return to main menu
•   [YLD-17360] Trade breaks if you offer 7 items and scroll
•   [YLD-17359] Remove Codex alerts reset option
•   [YLD-17301] When using a cannon, the up-and-down direction is reversed
•   [YLD-17299] On AMD graphics card, the screen blinks black when looking at specific structures or models
•   [YLD-17143] Underwater wall creates a small pond
•   [YLD-16243] Hair is visible through pirate captain hat

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