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Jason_Williams (iL-2 Dev)
Posted Tuesday at 10:27 PM


Just a reminder to NOT buy any of our products from unlicensed "grey" market websites. You are all aware which sites I am referring too. Today while doing some back end work related to our recent and improved Steam integration, we deactivated a batch of old keys that appeared to be unused so we could replace them with some fresh updated keys needed for a special program. These new keys were to be used to meet some other obligations we promised our customers related to Steam. Turns out a large percentage of those keys were obtained through fraud and abuse and then sold second-hand through grey market sites that do not have a license to sell our products. As we have stated before, such keys are subject to deactivation at any time once the fraud is either purposely or in the case, accidentally discovered. Combating fraudulent purchases is a never ending battle and we have taken steps to minimize this so we can avoid what happened today. But we can't beat this problem alone. If you like our products, protect yourself by buying only through our website direct or through Steam direct or from one of our few licensed re-sellers like Gamersgate etc. If you have a question about a retailer ask us and we will let you know if they are legit.

If a key or product you own was inadvertently deactivated that was bought direct from us or direct from Steam contact our support and we will investigate your case. You will need to show proof that you made the direct purchase for us to re-instate the product. If your key was deactivated and you bought it from a grey market site you need to contact them for a refund. We have ZERO control over their policies and have ABSOLUTELY NO relationship with them whatsoever, hence why we do not encourage anyone to buy from such websites.

We offer many aggressive discounts and promo codes throughout the year and there is really no need to buy from such sites. There are even several users who purchase many licenses and give them away to players with little money. This community is quite generous. Such fraud is the worst kind of greed and it is perpetrated by scum who don't care about your hobby or this small genre. Don't reward them by buying from grey market sites.


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Update and Resolution to Deactivated Steam Key Issue

Jason_Williams (iL-2 Dev)
Posted Thursday at 04:19 PM


 Since this issue occurred we have been researching what happened. First, the entire issue started by accident, none of these keys were purposely targeted by us. Claims that we are thieves or fraudsters ourselves are simply ludicrous. Other products have faced the same issue, and some have been way harsher and less understanding than us. And you must remember we are the victims of fraud and abuse resulting in these keys being in the wild in the first place. They have stolen from a team of hard working people whos only goal throughout the day is to make a product you enjoy. Its not fair to them and you would feel the same way if your hard work was given away for free behind your back. Gamers and simmers should have some respect for the developers work and shop with integrity. 


As I've explained in my previous post this issue was uncovered accidentally. And yes, we have little sympathy for those that know full well that many or even all these keys were gotten fraudulently and re-sold to you at our expense and you happily bought them anyways. You know who you are.

However, we realize some portion of those affected were not aware of the origin of these keys and have purchased additional content direct from us and are actual fans of the simulation. We appreciate that support. It is also impossible to know who is lying to us about how you acquired your affected key putting us in a difficult position.


Therefore, we have decided to send new keys for the deactivated content to everyone affected, so you can get flying again. But please note that this will be the LAST and ONLY time we ever restore deactivated keys from so called grey/black market websites. To ensure we have a proper direct relationship with our customers and can help if there are problems with your key or user account you must buy from Steam direct, the official IL-2 webstore or other officially licensed re-sellers of which there are very few. Check with us if you are unsure. None of these second-hand key re-sellers are licensed and DO NOT receive or buy keys from 1C Game Studios or her subsidiaries. Any key on these websites are likely stolen or obtained fraudulently and may at some future date, either purposely or inadvertently be disabled. This notice will remain posted on our website and on this forum indefinitely. Everyone has been warned. 


To those in this forum who have voiced support for us in this unfortunate episode, we appreciate it, but please let us just move forward and solve this even if some undeserving users get away with using a fraud tainted key. But also know that we have taken steps to prevent a situation like this from ever happening again and any possible Steam key-codes out in the wild will eventually dry up or are already deactivated denying the fraudsters their source of income.


To those in this forum and elsewhere who have been caught up in this and have been understanding and nice to us, we also appreciate it very much.


So, to have your deactivated keys replaced please visit the IL-2 website and log into the IL-2 website and send us a request through our support system.  All affected users should already have an IL-2 User Account as you made one when you activated your Steam key. By using our request form you will be placed it in our system and we can better help you. Please also attach proof of your deactivated key. Your deactivated key code must be visible for us to replace it. Once we investigate your claim we will email you new keys for your missing content.


Please be advised that this process will take some time and several days at a minimum to sort out. We request patience as we work through this and solve out the issue.


If after you receive and activate your new key you cannot access any content bought on our website, remember you must perform the LINKAGE once again to access that content.


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Thanks for the update Asid.
I have send in my information......fingers crossed


--- Quote from: wilso845 on July 21, 2018, 09:51:02 AM ---Thanks for the update Asid.
I have send in my information......fingers crossed

--- End quote ---

Let us know how you get on  :thumbsup

I sent in a request as well and my fingers are crossed too.

The link in the original post works, but the link in your post Asid doesn't. The "All" at the end is the problem I think.



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