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Re: Seeds of Resilience
« Reply #15 on: April 02, 2019, 12:20:17 PM »
"Traits" April update teasing
2 Apr @ 11:52am - Tavrox

Hello everyone,

The team gathered and decided what will be in the April update : Traits! Your villagers will get random traits that can help (or not) your village to survive!

Here is an example of a “character sheet”, in french (sorry, it’s our work language :p)

We also had great suggestions from @Botaxalim on Discord that we’ll be using, noticeably the “thumbnail showing energy on characters” from this picture :

and potentially more in May's update.

We will also improve and rework the “food / health / sleep” system. It needs to be reworked for the traits and want to simplify it a bit. Finally, we’ll add new musics to improve the game’s mood and finalize the audio part.

That should be all good for April’s update :) We’ll keep you up with the news!

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Re: Seeds of Resilience
« Reply #16 on: May 24, 2019, 12:11:09 AM »
LAUNCH 1.0 Release on June 13th!
23 May @ 3:57pm - Tavrox   

Hello fellow villagers!

We’re glad to announce that Seeds of Resilience is coming in 1.0 release on June 13th. SOR has been in development for more than 6 years now and we feel like it’s a good time to release it.


Antonin aka Gan has been the solo game programmer on this project, with the great arts by Alexandre & marketing by Goblinz. Being the only programmer on a project is a GREAT task. We know everyone would love more features, more work, more content. We would like to give SOR a good 1.0 release before looking at the post-release content.

We’re discussing with partners to bring it to Switch or mobile platforms. If we do this, we may bring a bit of new content along with those platforms.


We hired a QA team, will be pushing the “Missions Update” and bringing tons of new fixes for the game on June 13th. Our graphic artist is also working on a new trailer that showcases the latest features. You can already test the “missions update” in the beta test.

Thank you to everyone for all the feedback and joy shared making Seeds of Resilience. Join us on June 13th to celebrate the 1.0 release of SOR :)


Love from all Subtle Games & Goblinz Studio.

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Re: Seeds of Resilience
« Reply #17 on: May 27, 2019, 03:56:06 PM »
May update - Missions!
27 May @ 3:52pm - Goblinz Studio

May update - Missions!
There is now a mission mode which offers new challenges, sometimes in special environments. Compose your team and start playing! Completing missions will unlock new characters, some of them having really helpful traits in certain situations.

There are currently 7 missions, the first 3 being the new tutorial. We plan to have 10 more missions for the release on June 13th!

Ship building
Survival mode now has an objective: To build a ship so your characters can leave the island!

Bugfix and general improvement
As we near the release, we’re putting great effort into fixing all the bugs and adding small improvements to enhance the user experience. For example, you can reorder you characters, assign them to houses more easily, and there’s permanent information about your food stocks and how much is needed to feed everyone.

What’s next?
Seeds of Resilience will leave Early Access on June 13th. Until then, we’ll continue to do some polishing, and prepare new missions with various environments. We’re also going to rework the Steam achievements!

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Re: Seeds of Resilience
« Reply #18 on: May 31, 2019, 01:24:57 PM »
Patch 0.16.14 is live
31 May @ 7:58am - Tavrox

Hello everyone!

The patch 0.16.14 is live and we're planning to bring even more before the release.

•   Fixed Spanish translation problems
•   Fixed a bug that was making items in warehouse disappear
•   UIScale is now applied on title screen
•   Fixed visual problem with tornado
•   Removed unwanted "notifaction" sound on new game
•   Fixed "poor appetite" food need reduction appearing as "glutton" on the food needs per day info bubble
•   Changed text showing "health has changed during last night" when health actually didn't change
•   Rafts are no longer overlapped by water (though there still are some minor glitches)
•   Fixed graphics of additional crates on Stardew Island mission
•   Fixed 2 storeys stone house which was lacking a plank floor
•   Fixed partially disappearing UI components on game lost

•   New sounds when game won or lost
•   Indication of how many villagers are assigned to a house
•   "Restore default controls" button in settings
•   Removed Awena's Natural-born woodcutter trait
•   UIScale minimum is now 0.6 so it can fit on 800x600 screen resolutions
•   UIScale is now automatically clamped according to the selected screen resolution (e.g. with 1024x768, the maximum scale is 0.7)
•   Added a text showing current and max health over the health bar in the character window

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Re: Seeds of Resilience
« Reply #19 on: June 03, 2019, 02:21:58 PM »
Trailer for 1.0 Release on June 13th!
3 Jun @ 2:03pm - Tavrox   

We're releasing a new trailer to showcase the 1.0 release of Seeds of Resilience. The whole team of Goblinz worked on it, shoutout to Mathieu & Jérôme for the editing & sound design.

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Re: Seeds of Resilience
« Reply #20 on: June 10, 2019, 08:11:19 PM »
1.0 Release is in Beta + Sum-up of all Early Access
10 Jun @ 10:46am - Tavrox

Antonin is working hard on the new bugs right now! He's sending out new bugfixes every day or two days, so please be patient with us :) We're still working out on the 1.0 release.

Patchnote 0.16.17
•   #Bugfix
•   Fixed bug preventing to place soil
•   Fixed blocking bug with quarry
•   Fixed modifiers like Insomnia sometimes appearing twice
•   Fixed volume control settings not affecting music (some FX were not affected as well)
•   Allow both types of fishing hook to be used in both fishing buildings

Patchnote 1.0.0 (only in beta for now)

•   #Main content
•   5 new missions
•   20 achievements
•   #Bugfix
•   Unblocked "cooked fish" recipe in 3rd mission.
•   Fixed stone house strength and insulation values.
•   Fixed a bug with wind storms

------------- EARLY ACCESS SUM-UP -----------

Also, I've seen people say the game is still not ready for a 1.0. It may be true, it may not be! Our opinion is that the game is good enough to be released now and we need to reach that step. Antonin has been working on it for 7 years and myself for 1.5 years, we think it's time.

It's fair to say it may not be ready, but here's all the updates we've made to consider it ready:

June - Upcoming 1.0
•   Loads of bugfixes
•   Fine tuning
•   5 new missions

May- Missions Update - 27 May
•   Players can now play 8 missions with specific objectives which unlock characters
•   Survival mode provide the unlocked characters and give new ways to play the game
•   Loooaddsss of big fixes thanks to an hired QA Team!
•   New trailer!

April - Traits update - 30 April
•   Random traits for villagers
•   Character sheet showing more stats
•   Energy Bar around
•   Bugfixes

March - Agriculture & sound design update - 28 march
•   Agriculture gets reworked and you can now see crops status!
•   Late game buildings added
•   Full sound design & music rework
•   Big optimization, FPS x3
•   Bugfixes

January - New Interface Update - 23 Jan
•   Complete rework of the interface!
•   Shells, crabs & frogs now respawn
•   Announcement of publishing by Goblinz Studio
•   Bugfixes

November - Early Island Update - 14 Nov
•   Procedural generation for islands
•   Modifiers that allow
•   Tutorial with 3 islands
•   Random villagers
•   Bugfixes

October - Seasons Update - 11 Oct
•   Game now has 4 seasons with different challenges and conditions
•   Lot of graphic work for winter stuff!
•   You can harvest and place layers, sand, dirt to terraform terrain
•   “Easy map”
•   Bugfixes

September Update - PROCEDURAL - 11 Sept
•   Island is now procedurally generated
•   Seeds to customize generation
•   Zoom in & out
•   Achievements
•   Storm Warning
•   ITA localization
•   Ingame Shortcuts

August - Better life update -- 2 Aug
•   Improved UI & UX for game sessions
•   Separate storage window showing you what you currently have
•   Objectives that teach you throughout the game
•   Localization in Portuguese, Russian, German
•   Bugfixes

July - Launch Update! - 19 Jul
•   Small bugfixes

Thank you for helping us on testing, keep the bugs coming in :)

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Re: Seeds of Resilience
« Reply #21 on: June 14, 2019, 01:02:15 AM »
Seeds of Resilience 1.0 Release is OUT and a backstory!
13 JUN @ 5:07PM   - TAVROX

After almost 1 year of Early Access and 7 years of development, Seeds of Resilience is out now. It’s a 2D turn based survival management game where you have to make a new village from scratch.

A Story Made In Brittany

The game has a special story, it was born in a time where the environment was still a forgotten issue, 6 years ago. It was the kind of time where growth was the only thing people were interested in.

The team is made of Antonin Deudon & Alexandre. During the development of the game, they were also involved in environmental activities. They made survivalist trips together, where they learned to live in harmony with nature.

The graphic artist, Alexandre, has a main business which is making durable, wooden insulative material for the construction industry. He invented and built a whole machine by himself to make those materials.

Something in French you probably can't read but I found it funny enough to add it here!

Antonin, on his side, has started to make an eco-village. It’s a village made of around 20 people who is fully built on having a resilient, plastic-free, auto-sufficient way of living. His family of 4 will be moving here in the upcoming months, it even has an internet connection!

Nowadays, many game developers are concerned with the environment and wondering : are video games worth it for the planet? I hope we can see that like Antonin and Alexandre, it doesn’t have to be exclusive with other pro-nature activities people are making on the side.

Have fun with the 1.0 Release, happy game to everyone!

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Re: Seeds of Resilience
« Reply #22 on: June 21, 2019, 02:48:32 PM »
Patchnote 1.0.8
21 JUN @ 11:16AM - TAVROX


•   Terrain is now properly updated when placing quarry and other buildings
•   Fixed incorrect pinecone name in Russian
•   Fixed resolution and fullscreen settings problems


•   Locked crafts and buildings are displayed along unlocked ones, with requirements displayed
•   Added keys to zoom in and out
•   Added information text when placing or removing soil (water depth after action, impossibility to dig next to a river...)
•   Added objective "Build a quarry" in mission "Mining in the forest"
•   Achievements translated in Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Italian

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