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Author Topic: LIF:MMO (Dev News #107) Red, Green, and Something in Between  (Read 450 times)

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(Dev News #107) Red, Green, and Something in Between
8 June - Saxxon

Hey, feudalists!

This week we continued working on the patch, and we’re getting closer and closer to polishing and finishing it. Meanwhile, as many of you have noticed, we released a landing page Here about all the key features that will come with the First Major Update, so that you have some idea what’s it going to be about. Thanks a lot for your interest and feedback!

After the release of this info page about the First Major Update of LiF:MMO, we have received a lot of questions from our players, so we would like to answer the most frequently asked in today’s blog.

First of all, we want to provide a list of how each world will be colored:

•   Avalon - Red
•   Epleland - Green
•   Skjultland - Green
•   Iriy - Green
•   Buyan - Red
•   Telmun - Green

Secondly, there were a lot of concerns about how hardcore the red worlds will be from the PvP standpoint, so we would like to provide you with a list of things that will be features of Red worlds:

•  Slaves
•  Baromsag
•  There will be no private claims.

*We want to warn all players on the Avalon and Buyan to feed their claims now before the patch and consider preparing to move to any green world in their region.

DURING Judgment Hour:

On T2,T3,T4 Town Claims raiders are allowed to:
•  Take horses, loot graves and bags
•  Pick up movable objects with timers, open Trade Cart inventories, Open Movable Objects inventories
•  Raise/lower terrain, сut down trees, build traps and other combat constructions and some other minor actions.

On T1 Town Claims and Realm Claims raiders are allowed to do everything that is listed above plus:
•  Damage and destroy unmovable objects (including the T1 guild monument itself!), hijack Trade Carts, lift up and destroy movable objects, open and manage coops, barns and stables.
•  OUTSIDE of Judgment Hour, nothing listed above is allowed. The only thing that is allowed is all types of boosting over walls: siege barkboxes, horse jumps, siege trade cart etc.

Green Worlds will have the same set of JH and non-JH rules that are in the current version of the game, just with some additional protection:

•  God’s Protection that will work outside of JHs and bump every player outside of the Town claim borders if this player does not have “Can enter” allowance
•  No Guild monument can be destroyed unless the guild that owns the monument become a Derelict guild through the mechanics of Ostracism

And the last, but still not even the least:

We plan to move the Iriy world into the EU region. Server hardware will be located in the same geographic region (Moscow) and primetime settings and all other settings will stay the same. Such a move will allow us to easily connect Iriy with the other worlds in the EU region, enabling the transfer of characters right away! Once the First Major Patch is released, Iriy players will be part of the newly combined conglomerate of worlds meaning that they will be able to transfer their characters, trade and chat with other players in the other worlds of the EU region. Iriy players can expect about 4 hours downtime on Wednesday, June 13th, when we will be doing this transfer.

Thank you for your feedback, support and faith in us!

And the very last, but not certainly the least: there are NO WIPES planned at this time.

Have a great weekend, feudalists — and don’t forget, we have a couple of events on Skjutland here and Epleland here to keep you busy.

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