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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #30 on: September 19, 2018, 04:54:43 PM »
BUILD UPDATE #004: Hotfix

This is a small hotfix update to address the main issues present in Build Update #003.

•   Fixed control remapping issues (e.g. broken 'Strafe Right').
•   Cleaned up reload issues (shotguns, Mk 14 and AKs).
•   Testing new tree meshes and foliage rendering (SpeedTree 8) in Small Town—let us know how it performs for you!
•   Fixed reticle misalignment on red dot / holo sights.

Build version: 1024
Steam Build ID: 3134746

* FIXED MoveRight rebinding not working (was binding an Action not an Axis)
* FIXED small misalignment in red dot and holo sight reticles
* FIXED missing textures on a few Tanker Ship engine room meshes
* FIXED infinite shotgun reload
* fixed AK reloads not putting magazine away
* fixed M14 EBR reload notifiers not being fired

* Small changes to default scalability settings to keep shadow quality a little higher on lower settings
* Updated SMG Mag pouch
* Trees redone on Small Town
    * New Speedtree 8 based tree types replacing most exisitng trees
    * Small adjustments to post process settings to help unify look
* Some work done on Depot brick wall material

* Tanker Ship
    * Tweaked lighting visuals for night map
    * Small optimizations to EngineRoom and exterior lighting

* updated GBGameplayAbility_ReloadXXX
    * updated CanActivateAbility() to return false if it detects montage already playing or timer already running, preventing reactivating already active reload
    * removed need for show menu timer
    * reduced input delay by starting timer on activation instead of release and skipping it if double-tapped
    * changed old magazine attachment point from HAND_Left sock to b_LeftHand bone to stop it floating after new mag is inserted.
* removed stubbs from GBTuberMagComponent
* moved new PPSharpen materials to /Core/Engine and ensured they follow naming convention
* removed PP_Sharpen references from Aircraft TakenDown lighting scenarios
* added PPSharpenPercentage player setting
* updated WBP_Settings_Video
    * moved most of the Event Graph off into separate user widgets, modularising where possible.
    * cleaned out old code
    * ensured Anti-Aliasing Method sets console cvar when applied (should see AA update immediately)
    * added PPSharpenPercentage setting
* changed sharpen amount in PP_Sharpen from 0.5 to 0.3.
* updated PPI_Sharpen to use default sharpen amount value.
* updated game module binaries

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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #31 on: October 06, 2018, 06:22:56 PM »
BUILD UPDATE #005: Checkpoint

It's been a little over two weeks since out last update, and we now feel we have just enough content for a new build. Build Update #005 is a relatively small, intermediate update to keep things fresh while we work on bigger thing (more info on that soon!).

NOTE: All servers must be updated to work with the newest build.


New map for Terrorist Hunt: Storage Facility
A familiar map to our pre-Early Access backers, Storage Facility has returned to GB a lot closer to completion, with many of its issues fixed and optimization improvements. Though the map is currently only setup for Terrorist Hunt, more game modes will follow. Check out some samples below (courtesy of our resident community wizard Rangda):

A.I. suppression
We've finally worked the first pass of the A.I. suppression and cover system into the game. Enemies will now seek cover under fire and, depending on how suppressed they are, return fire from cover. As mentioned, this is a first pass—A.I. is still overall rough, but will continue to improve as we add and refine systems.


Build version: 1024
Steam ID: 3183851

* FIXED OKP-7 reticule misalignment
* FIXED collision issue in Power Station stairwell that allowed player to jump into non playable area

* Added more values for perception configuration, see DefaultAISettings.ini comments
* Updated cover point generator to generate cover points within a subfolder in outliner so things are easier to view etc.
* Added some more aim debug code
* Started moving different distinct state into sub-BT's to make overall BT clearer and to aid reuse and reworking of individual behaviors
* Added suppressed BT to handle state where AI is suppressed by an unseen enemy, still work to do to flesh this one out
* Added slightly clearer handling of focus, as movement was resetting focus on completion needs to be split into focus component

* Changed out some trees for new versions on Storage Facility
* Reduced wind settings on Small Town
* Added PhysMat settings to some marketplace materials
* Optimized foliage meshes for less overdraw
    * Main grass mesh (should help all maps that use it)
    * Distant tree billboards in Storage Facility
* Storage Facility
    * Finished art pass
    * Cleaned up PostProcess volume placements
    * Thinned tree placement a bit to help rendering

* Added TH-StorageFacility to package list
* Removed DV-StorageFacility as its no longer needed
* Added IsLocalPlayer to light optimization stuff in map BP
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #32 on: October 31, 2018, 01:24:44 PM »

Intel Update #003 is here with a little SITREP to keep you busy while the next Build Update is in the oven. Here are some of the main highlights to look forward to—whether in the next update or in the ones to follow:

Work on lag compensation and hit registration systems
Kris has been working on fixing one of the biggest issues with online play: the perceived "inaccuracy" when playing with higher pings. In reality, it's a networking issue due to the lack of a proper system to compensate for lag and ensure hit registration. Here's Kris' explanation for his current approach:

Client-side hit registration works by creating a client-side bullet for the local player. If the client-side bullet hits another player, information about the impact is sent to the server for verification. For the server to be able to verify the impact, it keeps a short history of previous player positions and other relevant data.

Once the impact info makes it to the server, it is checked against this history based on the delay between server and client. If the info received is found to match up, damage from the impact is applied. If not, the impact is ignored. In the case of co-op vs. AI, we have chosen to skip this test and simply "believe" the client. In the case of PvP [adversarial], it will always verify.

So there you have it! You can expect a first implementation of this system in the next Build Update.

Sound design is on its way
One of our newest team members—Mikołaj Ławiński, a.k.a. Mikson—got in the talks about taking care of the sound design in GROUND BRANCH a few months ago, not long before Early Access launched. Now on board, he's doing exactly that. Mik is a young sound engineering student (and self-professed tacticool maniac) from Poland who, like many of us, fell in love with Rainbow Six—one of his first games—way back in the day and is now thrilled to be working on what some have called a spiritual successor to the influential tactical shooter.

He's reworking sound effects and will also be taking care of the soundtrack. One of our goals for the sound design is getting as close as possible to the excellent atmosphere and punch present in Insurgency: Sandstorm. Mik will do his best to provide a "powerful, satisfying and realistic feel of the weapons, an immersive soundscape and tension coming from silence that suddenly turns to momentary chaos." He also says:

The sound design rework will be pushed to the game in phases. Right now, my main priority is weapon sound effects. I'm focusing on making them aggressive, loud and punchy while keeping them as realistic as possible at the same time.

Sounds good to us, Mik. Welcome aboard!

We're still unsure whether any sound updates will be available in the next patch, but rest assured that the importance of sound design is not being underestimated in the development of GROUND BRANCH.

New content
Zee has been busy reworking a few models and adding sweet new assets to the armory. While there isn't much to show yet in terms of a modernized AK platform (currently in early production) and the T-1 red dot sight (next in line), here are a couple gems currently being implemented and tested:

G33 Magnifier: a tacticool favorite, it offers toggleable 3x magnification when placed behind a holographic or red dot sight.

In addition to the existing MP7A2, the MP7A1 (earlier variant with a standard folding vertical foregrip) will soon be available. Both versions can receive the dedicated Rotex-II suppressor and 4 skins—black and tan (both pictured), as well as green and AOR-1.

We'll also be adding a new mount for the Mk 14 EBR that goes over the ejection port and should provide better sight attachment and usability—particularly for scopes.

General fixes and updates
As usual, expect lots of other smaller/under-the-hood fixes and updates that will be listed and detailed when the time comes.
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #33 on: November 20, 2018, 12:13:46 AM »
BUILD UPDATE #006: Quaternions

We’re done cleaning up the major bugs that popped up since our last patch, so Build Update #006 is here with some of the juicy fixes and content we announced in our last Intel Update.

NOTE: All servers must be updated to work with the newest build.

Before we go over the highlights, let us swiftly inform that GROUND BRANCH is 20% OFF on Green Man Gaming's Black Friday sale [], so if you or a friend have been thinking about getting GB, well, that's a pretty damn sweet incentive right there. Head over to Green Man Gaming and grab your keys for 20% OFF! []

With that out of the way, let's move on to the highlights and, as always, the full patch notes await at the end of the post.


Lag compensation
As mentioned in Intel Update #003, Kris has implemented a lag compensation/hit registration system that massively improves online play—even at higher pings. Rounds hitting way off your point of aim or appearing to not affect targets should now be a thing of the past. Hooray!

A.I. tweaks
We've done more small tweaks to reaction settings, improved patrolling and general pathing throughout maps, and made cover point usage better. Enemies should now be generally more difficult, aggressive and mobile. There should also be less—if any—instances of them spinning in place and backwards-walking.

A note about future A.I. developments
In an effort to update the A.I. in a more timely manner, we will be developing the Terrorist Hunt portion separately from the squad-based parts. We want to provide a fun and robust mission-based A.I. with a solid squad control system, and that process has slowed down the development of the general-purpose A.I. functionality used in the Terrorist Hunt game mode. Since the A.I. is a plugin to GROUND BRANCH, it makes sense to develop those systems in parallel, so players can get a continually upgraded experience. The two systems will eventually converge with the mission-based squad system getting layered on top of the base general-purpose A.I. behaviors and environment processing used in Terrorist Hunt.

New content

G33 Magnifier

The G33 Magnifier is a switch-to-side 3x magnifier used to provide contextual magnification for red dot and holographic sights. To equip it, simply grab it from the Sights section in weapon customization and mount it behind your preferred holo/red dot sight. Then, when in-game, flip it on by highlighting it in the Attachments Menu (default Middle Mouse Button) to add 3x magnification to your standard sight picture at the expense of field of view. Highlight it again via the Attachments Menu to flip it back to the side. The G33 doesn't have a hand animation yet, but that will be sure to come later.

Open-design reflex sights like the OKP-7, Reflex Large and Reflex Small require a riser (or two, in the case of the RMR) for the magnifier and sight to line up correctly.

Known issues

•   When paired with either of the holo sights, placing the G33 Magnifier as close as it fits will cause the reticle to either not appear or appear partially when looking through it—so try placing it a further "notch" apart for a correct visualization.
•   The G33 seems to only attach to the front half (roughly) of the MP7's top rail, despite appearing to fit much farther back.
•   When playing online, the pivoting mount animation may stutter.

LT608 Mount

A new mount has been added to the Risers section of the attachments menu. The LT608 is designed to mount over the ejection port of the Mk 14 EBR, allowing sights to be placed farther back and closer to the player camera, making scopes more useful.

MP7A1 and MP7A2

The MP7A1 is now available for that classic MP7 look. In addition to this earlier design of the famed PDW, we've added a dedicated suppressor—the Rotex-II—and 4 skins to choose from: black, green, tan and the SEAL digital camo AOR-1 (pictured above). They're also available for the MP7A2.

That's all for the highlights! Plenty of more subtle fixes, of course, so check out the full patch notes below if you're a curious cat.

Thank you for sticking with us, and we hope you enjoy this update as much as we do. See you in the field!


Build version: 1024

Steam ID: 3317525
Size: 325 MB

Dedicated server
Steam ID: 3317526
Size: 35 MB

* FIXED BGMilitant_GunnerGalil kit trying to use wrong mag
* FIXED AGBFirearm::SlectSightComponent() failing if there were no active sights in a sight group
    * fixes crash caused by using magnifier/G33 with sights that do not share its sight line properly (too low/high)
* FIXED AI trying to using firearm to dictate rotation when firearm is obstructed.
* FIXED Binocular overlay not covering screen
* FIXED leaning spectating crashing client
* FIXED smoothing groups on pistol flashlight
* FIXED missing collision outside Tanker Ship bridge area
* FIXED floating collision outside Tanker Ship bridge area
* FIXED misaligned geometry on Tanker Ship
* FIXED handguns not using firing sounds due to new gameplay ability change
* FIXED chest slung weapon sticking out front of character at 45 degree angle
* FIXED M1911 slide not being back for first shot (it's single-action)
* FIXED MP7 weapons not properly setup to use all skins available
* FIXED MP7 UI name to reflect the different versions
* FIXED missing fire mode for MP7A1
* FIXED Galil rail adapter not fully attached to reciever
* FIXED grenade throw montage not being loaded in time for throw ability to play it
* FIXED NVG overlay being shown before NVG actually used causing black screen to appear
* FIXED zoom for firearms in item editor
* FIXED for attached components on pose mastered skeletal mesh not updating (Pouches not updating during some movements)
* FIXED always run setting being reset on pressing run/walk (doh!)
* FIXED rear iron sight finding and using front sight posts that are BEHIND it
* FIXED rear iron sight causing sight offset to be zero if front sight post is missing
* FIXED crash after throwing grenade if grenade prev swith option was set to 'Empty Hands'.
* FIXED BP_IRStrobe particle emitter becoming inactive
* FIXED GBCharacter::GetGenericTeamId() failing on clients
* FIXED BP_Magnifier replicating animation alpha to owning player
* FIXED instances of GetPlayerName that referred to the PlayerNamer variable instead of the GetPlayerName() Blueprint callable function (Change in 4.20)
    * Should now see player names when players join/leave, on duty roster etc
* FIXED GA_Firemode_Master spamming log
* FIXED engine whinging about GBItem binding to Character's OnDestroyed delegate when already bound to it.
* FIXED AGBCharAppearanceInfo::MatchesCharAppearance() failing when it shouldn't (oops!)
* FIXED AGBCharLoadoutInfo::MatchesCharLoadout() failing when it shouldn't
    * UGH - this was a shitfight due to the JSon formatted loadouts changing their order even if the contents remained the same :|
* FIXED GBCharacter CharAppearanceInfo reference replication.
    * should fix issues where a player changes their appearance in RR, but the changes are not pushed to any clients until they respawn.
* FIXED GBCharacter CharLoadoutInfo reference replication.
    * should fix issues where a player changes their appearance in RR, but the changes are not fully pushed to other client until they respawn.
* FIXED team kill check not being enabled in non-round based team games
* FIXED OnBeingEquipped() and OnBeingUnequipped() not being called correctly causing incorrect offhand positions
* FIXED being able to place breaching charge on door that has already been blown up (oops)
* FIXED RR shooting range blocking vollumes
    * destroys all bullets that enter it
    * makes all grenades into duds that fizzle out then destroy themselves after 5 seconds.
    * removed overlapping volumes causing bullets to spawn massive amounts of impacts and kill frame rate
* FIXED not being able to select primary firearm on inital spawn unless you select another item first.
* FIXED unnessarcy freeze when leaving RR in non-round based game modes.
* FIXED AI not facing toward movement goals
* FIXED AI attempting to use barrel direction to determine yaw/pitch when it was off target
* FIXED AI log spam
* FIXED RR triggers ignoring grenades again
* FIXED BGMilitant_Sniper.kit using kashtan instead of PSO for SVD
* FIXED recoil causing firearm to rotate around character as the weapon fires (WTF?!)

* Updated MP7
    * Cleaned up models
    * Added A1 and A2 versions
    * New textures
    * Added in MP7 specific supporessor
        * Colors: Black, Green and Tan
* Changed NVG overlay effect to use same system as binocular so it works better in more resolutions
* Changed default PPSharpenPercentage to 30% from 100%
* Added in G33 Magnifier optic
* Adjusted some default settings
    * Texture Streaming Pool sized for all graphics settings
    * Set first time startup scalability settings to High
* Added KillZ value to Tanker Ship map so player dies if falling into water
    * Had to make this farther down than wanted to due to how the Ready Room works
* Adjusted weapon chest drop position a bit to be more natural
* Added in some subtle movement to chest dropped weapon when moving
    * Still a work in progress
* Added in UI icons for G33 magnifier and Rotex suppressor

* Cleaned up weapon rail proportions to be accurate, standardized and consistent
    * AK74 rail adapter, 1P78 scope, PSO_1M2 scope and Galil railmount
    * M4, M4 Block II, SVD, M1014, Mk18MOD1 and M16, MP5, MP5SD5, MP5SD6, MPX, MP7A1, MP7A2 and UMP

* Added in LT608 rail riser
    * Used to extend rail system over M14 ejection port
* Added new coffeemachine meshes to RR
* Removed Anim_Dynamics node in main character BP used to give slung weapon a bit of motion
    * Was causing issues. Will revisit later

* Added #ifdef guard to prevent some log spam for cover point reservations
* Added #ifdef guard to BTTask_MoveToCover to prevent log spam
* Added some logging of values for sense envelopes and default AI perception values so we can figure out what is causing server issues with perception.
* Small tweak to AI pitch/yaw settings to be a bit more quick in reactions
* Slightly improved AI patrolling
* Generated coverpoints on Power Station map for better AI behavior
* Re-Set navmesh to auto generate on load and be dynamic on all TH maps
    * Should help cleanup AI getting stuck in odd places behavior

* created GBGameplayAbility_Fire
    * handles client/server firing and syncing
    * replaces need for GBTriggerComponent
    * allows for more complex handling of firearm firing if required
    * fixes bug that came up trying to creat client and server side bullets.
* created basic lag comp logic
    * array of saved poses/body positions on server
    * client side bullet impacts are sent to server.
    * server verification is currently DISABLED, so all client side hits are ok'd regardless of lag/sync issues
* updated all firearm blueprints due to removable of GBTriggerComponent
* updated firearm animation blueprints to read animation alphas from owner rather then the owner having to set them
     * makes for simpler (/faster?) firearm Blueprints
* updated GBAIController to updated Start/StopShooting()
* updated BTTask_ShootFirearm to work with firearm changes
* added IsNetRelevant() to GBBulletProjectile to prevent 'double impacts' for predicated clients
* updated firearm Blueprints
    * split bolt animation into two separate timelines to ensure IsEmpty() is checked regardless of framerate.
    * created UpdateBoltAnimationPlayRate() Blueprint function to set the BoltAnimationTimeline play rates based on the firearms fastest rate of fire.
    * added missing LockOnEmpty() Blueprint function we're required.

* switched grenades over to using a gameplay ability for throwing
* added gameplay ability version of grenade pin replace
* made sure live grenades are dropped on character death if they were about to be thrown
* created GA_Binoculars_Use

* removed NumPad0 ToggleInGameMenu binding from DefaultInput.ini

* updated GBFirearm
    * improved detection of sight components with similar sight lines
    * created sight groups to sight components with similar sight lines
    * updated sight component choice to lowest 'active' sight in a sight group
    * added function to update the current active sight in a sight group
* updated BP_Magnifier
    * added CanBeUsedWhileAttached Blueprint function
    * updated associated animation Blueprint to show animation
    * moved scene capture 2d component to from root bone to animated bone

* replaced usage of BasedJson strings with simple condensed versions (no longer required)
* changed BP_Magnifier horizontal FOV to info based on real life version.
    * still not 100% correct
* switched breaching charges and detonator over to gameplay ability
* removed ItemUsageIgnored functionality from GBPlayerController
* updated BP_Trigger_ShootingRangeSafeDirection
    * takes over player input as they enter the ready room or leave the trigger
    * lets go of input input as they leave the ready room or enter the trigger
    * will make you stop firing or replace the pin of your grenade as you leave the trigger.
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #34 on: December 13, 2018, 10:43:38 PM »
BUILD UPDATE #007: Muster

A new GROUND BRANCH Build Update is available!

With a first pass on listen server capability, some A.I. tweaks and a new optic—among other additions and fixes—#007 should be a pretty exciting one.

NOTE: All dedicated servers must be updated to work with the newest build!

Before we move on, we'd like to remind those who use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to follow us on our social media channels[]. The more our online presence grows, the more people will know about our game, the bigger our community will get, and the faster development will progress. So if you do social media, make sure to give us a follow, share our content when possible and help us reach more players!

Full patch notes await at the end of the post, but you know the drill: highlights first.


Listen servers [EXPERIMENTAL]
A first pass of the long-requested listen server capability has been implemented. This means you can now host your own GB server from your PC without having to setup a dedicated server.

It's prone to issues at this point and not yet a streamlined process, but here's what you need to do if you'd like to host a listen server:

1.   Make sure your router and Windows Firewall are configured[] to have the following ports open:
  o   7777 UDP
  o   27015 UDP
2.   Select Host Game from the Main Menu.
3.   Set up your server preferences:
  o   Type — Selects whether you're hosting over the Internet or a local area network (LAN). Note: LAN is currently not supported.
  o   Players — Sets the maximum number of players for your server. Note: Although the drop-down menu does not reflect it, the max capacity for PvP game modes is 16 players; this can be changed manually via the console command MaxPlayers=X (where X is the player capacity). For a comprehensive list of all server console commands, refer to this guide.
  o   Game Mode — Selects the game mode. Note: PvP game modes in particular may be missing rules or have confusing parameters. Our next major update aims to address these issues and make game modes more clear-cut, organized and varied. Stay with us!
  o   Time Limit — Defines how long (minutes) until the game ends and the map changes.
  o   Round Time — Defines how long (minutes) each round should last.
4.   Click Host.
With your server created, your friends can now join it by bringing up the console (default Tilde [~] or Multiply [* or ×] keys on your numpad), typing open <your IP> (find out your IP address here ) and pressing Enter.

» As noted, this is only a first pass on this functionality; you will be able to join listen servers via the Server Browser in the future, of course!

Known issues
•   If the server isn't available/properly setup once the client attempts to join, the game will crash after a few seconds.
•   Once joined, Fire may not respond. The issue should resolve itself after a short time and/or by switching weapons a few times (we couldn't determine, so please inform us if you do).
•   Various replication issues may occur.

Enemy A.I.

Further tweaks
As always, the A.I. is a constant and ongoing process. In this update, a few more key changes have been made, and Kris goes over them in this little video:

To sum it up:

•   Though still missing animations, bad guys now visibly transition via ladders and should generally navigate more fluidly.
•   They are now more selective in their firing and cease fire when direct line of sight is lost—so no more full-auto mag dumps.
•   Enemies can now see through chain link fences.
•   When line of sight is broken, they will move to the player's last known location.
•   They should attempt to find cover to reload.

New editable A.I. values
As mentioned earlier in Kris' video, two values (RecoilCompensationSkill and AimErrorPeriod) have been tweaked and are now also editable via the AISettings.ini file (located at …\Steam\steamapps\common\Ground Branch\GroundBranch\Config). Feel free to experiment with these values and let us know how it went!

» For a guide on the other values in AISettings.ini, check out this link.

NEW OPTIC: Micro T-1
A new red dot sight has been added to the attachments selection: the Micro T-1.

Made popular by its reliability, small size and light weight, the T-1 is available in two versions: one regular and one with a tall spacer, both on a lever-release mount.

Micro T-1 (regular): For most uses, including canted (offset) mounts. (We forgot to add the ability to piggyback-mount the T-1 on railed scopes, but that will be in the next update. Whoops!)

Micro T-1 (tall): Normally used on ARs (M16, M4, Mk 18 etc.), the tall spacer mount is required for proper sight alignment with the G33 Magnifier.

Sight picture. (We'll be working on those red dot reticles for more accurate dimensions soon.)

G33 Magnifier alignment issues
The alignment issues with the G33 have been ironed out: it should now line up correctly with sights as appropriate.

» We haven't been able to look into the issue of disappearing reticles (with the G33 + holo sight combos), but as before, the workaround is to simply move the magnifier a notch or two away from the sight (or vice-versa).

We hope this update will improve your GROUND BRANCH experience and keep you operatin' out there. Expect another Build Update before Christmas, and don't forget to stay tuned for more news via our social media channels[]. See you next update and, as always, thanks for the support!


Build version: 1025

Steam ID: 3381094
Size: 546 MB

Dedicated server
Steam ID: 3381096
Size: 34.7 MB

* fixed firearm WBP_FirearmCustomisation not allowing sights if there is no sight-only rail present
* fixed various navlinks used to allow movement through doors on SmallTown, Depot and StorageFacility
* FIXED incorrect placement of suppressor on 416 and 416 Shorty
* fixed GA_AK74_Reload looping
* fixed AIThreatSelectionComponent setting AI's focal point to IncomingFireOrigin when it was 0,0,0
* fixed looping firing sound again again (I hope again again)
* fixed BTTask_ShootFirearm / BTTask_StopFiring not stopping the AI from firing when aborted
* FIXED Sights now line up properly with G33Magnifier
* FIXED setup weapon recoil to previous values before Abilities system change
* fixed being able to shoot in RR if you spawn into RR before the shooting range triggers (I hope)
* fixed movement speed bug which would use engaged/ready position speeds even when you didn't have a firearm equipped
* fixed handgun close ready collision moving the handgun behind the characters back
* fixed replcated dropped static mesh based items appearing at 0,0,0 before first collision.

* updated AI behaviour tree and related Blackboard to support climbing up/down ladders
* reverted old fix/hack in AISense_Sight that would check for multiple channels against visibility instead of just the "DefaultSightCollisionChannel"

* created EQS_FindLocationBehind to allow AI to move back a bit to clear an obstructed firearm.
* created EQS_FindLocationParralell to allow AI to move sideways a bit to move to somewhere where a team mate isn't in the way
* created BTTask_ClearFocus to allow BT to reset focus after threat is lost etc.
* updated BT_GBAI
    * switched to using BTDecorator_IsVectorSet when checking if various vectors were valid or not to stop them moving to or aiming to 0,0,0
    * can now reload with or without a threat.
    * will attempt to find cover before reloading
    * when losing sight of a threat, AI will stop firing
    * when losing sight of a threat, AI will now move to a random location near the where they last saw them.
    * disabled usage of suppression branch - was causing AI to spaz out.
* added variables to GBAIController to control recoil compensation and aim error (see DefaultAISettings.ini)
* recompiled BT_GBAI_Suppressed to stop log spam

* Adjusted collision on a few trees to better conform to mesh
* Added in first pass of "spooked bird" BP
    * User contribution.... Thanks Fatmarrow!!
* Adjusted G33 magnifier to flip on/off 2x faster

* New Micro T1 optic
    * Both regular and tall version for use with G33 magnifier
* Adjusted g33 magnifier mesh to better fit rail
* Adjusted new recoil reset values
* Made some small adjustments to the character shadow physics asset
* Set all firearms to use their PhysAssets for simple shadow casting

* updated BP_SpatialSound and added it to P4 depot
    * was originally just for Mikson, but since I needed to work on it...
* created Test_SpatialSoundBP
    * shows how to add the Wwise sound volumes to make them work with BP_SpatialSound
* disable sight positoin check in GBRailAttachment
    * need to revist it later, but for now it should allow you to place sights on the MP7
* updated GBAIController
    * renamed GetPathPoints() to GetPathCorridorPoints() to better match the info it actually gets
    * created GetCurrentPathCorridorIndex() - useful to tell what navmesh poly you're on
    * created GetNextPathCorridorPoint() - useful to quickly visual the next navmesh poly you're going to
    * created GetNavLinkPoints() - useful to get the current navlink your using, if any, and its start and end points.
* updated RBEventmanager to fix potential memcpy issue
* updated BP_ImpromtuLadder_BFS to add AI navlink check before assigning ladder to AI

* added ladder navlinks to all maps that have ladders

* created GBGameplayAbility_ReloadExtMag::GetCurrentMontageSection()
* updated GBCharacter
    * implemented IGameplayTagAssetInterface
    * added GetOwnedGameplayTags()

* updated BP_FenceMaster to allow certain collision channels to be set to "Ignore" on sections
    * updated all affected _Geo maps.

* added RecoilImpulseTime and RecoilRecoveryTime variables to GBFirearm
    * updated affected C++
* added basic friends list to ingame menu

* first pass fixing listen server support
* updated GBGameplayAbility_Fire to fix potential issue with FiringTag not being cleared.

* added client checks to functions that give abilities.
* AbilitySystemComponent now has it timers cleared, Deactivate() called and is finally destroyed on character death or on a client side character being spawned.
    * hopefully this is the fix for massive sudden frame spikes found last dev test :|
* added bUseAttachParentBound option to GBCharAppearanceData.
* added bUseSimpleShadowsForCharacters option to use capsule shadows and disable static mesh shadows on character related mesh components
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #35 on: December 25, 2018, 12:23:38 AM »
BUILD UPDATE #008: Holiday Hotfix
24 December - Scopey

We told you to expect a new Build Update before Christmas, didn't we?

We totally did.

Well, here it is. Build Update #008 is meant as a smaller hotfix patch, but it doesn't fall too short of previous updates. It includes updated red dot/holo reticles, a long-awaited weapon platform, and a bunch of miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

NOTE: All dedicated servers must be updated to work with the newest build.

Onto the highlights, shall we?


Updated red dot and holo reticles
We're testing new reticles for all non-magnified optics: Reflex Small, Reflex Large, CompM2, Red Dot Pro and Micro T-1 red dot sights, as well as the holographic Holo Sight and V3 Holo Sight.

New red dot (top) and holo (bottom) reticles. Seen here with Temporal AA on.

The new red dot reticles should display rounder, more authentic (smaller) aiming dots and have increased brightness to compensate for the decreased visibility that the more accurate scales bring. The holo reticles should be crisper and thinner, with much smaller dots.

As with everything else, these reticles are a work in progress and their appearance may vary drastically depending on background, lighting conditions, anti-aliasing method, resolution and other video settings. We'll be watching how well they work in different situations—with your feedback—and make adjustments as we go.

› Keep in mind that we'll be adding adjustable reticle brightness in the future, so you'll be able to pick the best brightness setting for each situation.

Known issues
These issues are not new to the updated reticles, but due to the more realistic scales, they may become more pronounced:

•   Temporal AA (an anti-aliasing method you can select in Settings > Video > Anti-Aliasing Method) is known to cause illuminated reticles to flicker/thin down with movement, albeit providing a better picture when stationary, particularly with holo sights.
•   FXAA, on the other hand, provides a more consistent (but less smooth) reticle image. The holo reticles, for instance, may have the dots become difficult to see under certain conditions and/or be too thin to render on screen at certain angles/resolutions.
We're looking into how to provide a more consistent output with either method, and will be adjusting effects and textures for visibility as we go.

Hold Aim
You can now aim down the sights by holding Aim (default Right Mouse Button) instead of pressing once to aim and again to return to the previous posture. To switch Aim from a Toggle to a Hold action, go to Settings > Gameplay > Aim Style (on the right-hand column) and select "Hold" from the drop-down menu. Let us know how it feels for you!

The most requested piece of gear in GB's history so far is finally here: the modernized tactical AK, dubbed AK-74 MWI.

Screenshot by Jeza aka JezaGooner. Cheers, Jez!

With Midwestern Industries furniture, it has plenty of rail space for your favorite attachments.

› As an AK, it shares a faulty reload animation with the existing AK platforms where the top of the magazine clips through it. We're still on the lookout for the right animator to get all of this stuff sorted out.

Beanie + ComTac combo
The more observant may have noticed that in the AK-74 MWI image above, our intrepid operator was wearing a beanie with the ComTac headset. To rock that totally operator look, do as you would with other headset-enabled headgear—simply enter headgear customization by clicking the + button next to the item in the menu, select the headset from the Attachments menu and drag-and-drop it on the item. Bam—you no longer have to choose between weather-appropriate and tactical.

Other gear fixes

SDASS Martial pump-action reload
The bug where the SDASS ignores the racking animation and fires in semi-auto has been fixed. It now works like the pump-action shotgun that it is.

Micro T-1, piggyback-style

As promised in the last update, the Micro T-1 can now "piggyback" on railed scopes like the ACOG 6x48 and PM-II. Note that only the regular T-1 (non-"Tall" version) can be mounted piggyback-style.

G33 Magnifier flipped-to-side angle
The G33 now sits at 90 degrees when switched to the side, as the real-life mount does.

Aiming defaults to the secondary sight (piggyback, offset or co-witnessed) instead of the primary sight.

That concludes the highlights for this year's (likely) last update. Don't forget you can always discuss this and every update with the community on the comments below as well as Facebook, Twitter, Discord[] and our forums[].

Whether you have been following us from the first time GB was mentioned online or whether you bought it sometime after it finally launched on Steam Early Access: Thank you so much for your continued support throughout this long road.

From the BlackFoot Studios team, partners and friends… Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and we hope to see you next year!

Build version: 1025

Steam ID: 3426428
Size: 108 MB

Dedicated server
Steam ID: 3426432
Size: 28 MB

* FIXED Holo Sight reticle being to low
* FIXED slight zoom in when using optical sight
* was old code designed to prevent optics clipping through camera and maximise view of said optic
* side benefit - side mounted optics now works
* FIXED firing while reloading overriding LocalMontageInfo in ability system
* recoil and related fx now handled old school - replicated byte on the character
* FIXED MP5 Navy and MP5SD6 iron sights
* FIXED MP7A2 content redirects
* FIXED SVD's slow firing rate
* FIXED being able to cycle SDASS Martial one handed.
* FIXED collision on S_MERGED_LogGroundLong_17 used in ShootingRange_Geo
* FIXED issue with Micro T1 that had reticle on lens part of mesh an dnot its own plane
* FIXED AK74MWI now properly collides with environment
* FIXED magnifier being treated as a working sight when rotated to "off" position
* FIXED AK74MWI bottom rail not accepting attachments

* Adjusted Reddot reticles to be smaller and brighter
* Added ability to select headset while wearing Watchcap (Beanie)
* removed training game mode from blocked game modes in WBP_HostGame
* Can now more easily run training maps in MP mode
* New weapon - AK74_MWI
* Added in AK74 MWI ui icon
* New glass material for optics
* Adjusted G33 magnifier to only rotate 90degrees as it does in real life
* Added tool tips and UI message about arm patches being currently disabled and not working in game
* changed voice falloff distance from 5000 to 3000 units

* exposed bMomentaryAim to UI under Settings -> Gameplay :: Firearm Section
* created WBP_SaveFailed fullscreen overlay
* displays file in question
* prompts for user to add binaries to the exception list of any anti-virus/anti-malware software they are running.
* added to character and item editors for when a kit fails to save
* added to WBP_FrontEndMenuManager to check write access when the game loads.
* cleaned out old variables from firearm Blueprints
* updated GBGameplayAbility_ReloadTubeMag and related Blueprints
* changed checking for tube contents to using a simple pre-cached 'target' based on tube contents at the start of the reload
* added check for bolt locked open or spent shell inside that will then release the bolt or chamber another shelll
* improved the animations / animation montages where possible
* stopped predictive client cancelling montages or ability early
* updated GBGameplayAbility_ReloadExtMag
* stopped predictive client cancelling ability early
* improved SetNextSection()
* created AGBRailAttachment::GetParentFirearm()
* added PostSightSetup assignable delegate to GBSightComponent
* updated GBFirearm
* removed unused SightComponents array
* added PostSightSetup delegate broadcast at end of SetupSightComponents() for every sight assigned to a sight group.
* added check to SelectSightComponent() to prevent it selecting an offset optical sight as the default sight
* updated ZeroSightComponents() so that it actually zeros each sight.
* It was still set to old SightComponents array - did anyone actually notice? :P
* added UseRound() blueprint implementable function to allow manually cycled firearms to handle ammunition feed count adjustments
* removed blocking volumes from ShootingRange_Geo
* updated AM_Reload_MP5
* adjusted bollt/cocking handling curves and notifiers to try to better match the animation
* adjusted remove mag notifier to improve position of removed magazine
* updated GBRoundManager
* updated PreRoundFreezeStartedDefaults() to generate a list of players waiting to spawn
* created SpawnWaitingPlayersTimer() to cycle through list of players waiting to spawn until each player is spawned
* if it fails to spawn a character 20 times, will return to ready up.
* should fix issue where player is left behind in RR or forced to spectator mode instead.
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #36 on: January 26, 2019, 12:12:28 AM »
BUILD UPDATE #009: Line of Sight
25 Jan - Scopey

It's been just over a month since our last update, and we're now nearly a month into 2019, at the end of lovely January. While most of you freeze your asses off and the rest of you—in the southern hemisphere—melt your asses off, this dev team—about 67% frozen asses and 33% melted asses—has been working hard on Build Update #009.
NOTE: All dedicated servers must be updated to work with the newest build.

This build's highlights include listen server improvements, some very welcome A.I. adjustments, new controls options and improved default bindings, and fixes galore. Let's take a closer look at the highlights and, as always, the full change log awaits at the end of the post. Whoop!


Listen servers streamlined
Listen servers have been cleaned up and are a lot more functional with this update. Among the improvements, you can forget about port forwarding and invite your Steam friends directly into your game.

To invite Steam friends into your server, start a listen server (via Host Game in the Main Menu), hit Esc once loaded in and then click Friends in the top menu bar. From there, simply select the friends you'd like to invite and click the Invite button (bottom-right). Once accepted, your friends will be brought straight into your server.

› Listen servers do not appear in the Server Browser. This is intended.

A.I.: Aimbot Interrupted
It took us a while, but we've finally managed to tone down the A.I.'s reaction time and accuracy. The days of getting 360-no-scope'd and John Wick'd by seemingly unsuspecting enemies are over, as bots are "much more likely to miss initially and take a moment to correct even after they have turned", according to Kris. We've done quite a bit of testing and those situations where you feel you've been unfairly killed were definitely reduced massively.

Vegetation is your friend
Another thing that should make solo and co-op play a lot more satisfying is the fact that foliage will now effectively block the A.I.'s line of sight. It's a binary system at this point (they either see you or not) with some rough edges to be rounded out, but generally speaking, We can't see them—they can't see us™ is now activated. We'll be upgrading this system with visibility thresholds in the future.

Improved enemy patrol routes
Enemy bots in Power Station, Tanker, Depot and Small Town have received both placement and navmesh updates. Tangos should have more varied spawn points and patrol routes, as well as better overall navigation.

› Storage Facility has not yet been updated with this system.

New enemy skins
We have updated the Depot and Small Town tangos to use new skins and loadouts.

New enemy skins in Depot

New control options and default bindings

Hold Crouch
You can now opt to hold the Crouch key (default C) to remain crouched instead of pressing it to crouch and again to stand up. To select that option, go to Controls > Movement > Crouch Type and select Press (Momentary) from the drop-down menu.

Select your preferred reload type
Are you more of a speed reloader than a tactical reloader? You can now invert the control scheme for reloads and make a single press of the Reload key (default R) do a speed reload (where you drop the current magazine) and a double-tap do a tactical reload (where you put the current magazine back into the pouch). To do that, go to Gameplay > Firearm > Reload and select No Retention from the drop-down menu.

New default bindings
We have changed/added the following default bindings:
•   Drop Item (previously Z) is now bound to J to prevent accidental drops.
•   Commo Rose/Radio Menu (previously unbound) is now bound to G.
•   The Console can now also be accessed with Shift + 6 (^).
› You may need to reset your controls and/or delete the files located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\GroundBranch\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor for the new default bindings to apply.

The current default control scheme is as follows:

We'll be adding this key map to the game menus at some point too.

Cleaned up display names for items
We have updated the display names of most in-game equipment for consistency, accuracy and, in some cases, to stay on the safer side of legal matters. We'll keep updating them as needed.

John has been working on a new urban map called City, accessible in offline play under the "Development" category.

We're leveraging Epic's UE4 Marketplace to get more maps in (and playable) faster, though these assets still require a lot of custom work to become GROUND BRANCH maps. Initial focus for "City" will be PvP—as will be the focus of our next major Build Update.

Miscellaneous fixes
•   Aiming down sights no longer defaults to secondary (offset or piggyback) sight.
•   AK-74 MWI iron sights now work properly.
•   The AK Rail Adapter is no longer compatible with the AK-74 MWI.
•   Exorcized Christmas spirit from operators' facial hair.
•   Purged the insanity-inducing sound loop caused by ejected casings colliding with the environment. [silent fireworks]
•   Radio chat can no longer be heard by the other team while in the Ready Room.
•   Fixed abrupt turning breaking character model spine.
•   Player's dead body will no longer remain in the map when retrying a solo (offline) Terrorist Hunt.
•   Headset earpieces no longer clip through MICH helmet.

We slipped and a couple of fixes were not checked in before build packaging: Those are the OKP-7 reticle fix and the scope magnification adjustments. We'll likely release them in a hotfix patch soon. Sorry!

Build version: 1025
Steam Build ID: 3490483
Size: 2.1 GB
Dedicated server
Steam Build ID: 3490501
Size: 45 MB

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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #37 on: February 03, 2019, 01:14:06 PM »
BUILD UPDATE #010: Hotfix
3 Feb - Scopey

Build Update #010 is a small hotfix patch to correct some missing fixes (meant for our last update) and adjust/add a few other things.
NOTE: All dedicated servers must be updated to work with the newest build.

Highlights and full change log below:


New effect for the AN/PVS-15 night vision goggles
After some UE4 wrestling, John has managed to update the night vision post-process effect with a smoother and more realistic look. The near blur no longer has a "boxy" look, and neither does it cause illuminated reticles to generate that odd geometric pattern when pointing them at nearby objects. It also has a smoother transition between the focused and out-of-focus areas.

New PP effect for NVG, seen here without the circular overlay mask

You may notice a visible "border" around the blur when parts of the weapon are at the foreground of focused objects. That is a limitation of the engine; we might look into better solutions in the future.

› Why the blur? Real-life night vision devices have fixed focal ranges, meaning they can't focus on both near and far objects at the same time. Because of this, operators normally adjust the focus to a medium to far range, leaving very close objects out of focus—which includes sights. That is part of the reason why the AN/PEQ-15 and other IR laser devices play such an important role in nighttime operations, as they produce a beam only visible through night vision and allow the weapon to be aimed without the use of sights, as they become either blurred out beyond utility or simply are difficult to line up with the NVG tubes, among other factors. We'll be looking into the viability of simulating more of these aspects as we go.

Known issues

•   Materials that use transparency (e.g. sunglasses and facial hair) will appear in focus even within the effect's range.
•   The intensity (perceived amount of blur) of the effect may vary between maps.

Default sight zero for SMG/PDWs has been changed from 100 m to 50 m.

In addition, you can now see the zero for your current primary weapon setup in the Loadout Summary (right-hand box in the Operator Customization screen):

› We will be adding the ability to set your preferred zero for specific weapons and sights in the future.

A.I. reaction tweak
Immediate aim error for the bots has been increased, hopefully making them even less likely to score insta-kills.

Miscellaneous fixes and changes

•   OKP-7 reticle adjusted to no longer flick in and out of sight.
•   Fixed map list not starting correctly and then cycling to same map over and over again.
•   Fixed usage of the UMP45's front sight post.
•   Further optimized under-development map City.
•   Also in City: added manhole ladder access between street and underground levels.

BONUS INTEL: What's going on with the sound design overhaul?
Audio-man Mikson is still working hard on GROUND BRANCH's sound, and trust me: we're looking forward to it as much as you are.

The weapon sound system is being developed alongside Kris and is close to completion. In parallel, Mik has been tweaking sound assets and getting them ready them for the new system. He's halfway through the SFX for the current weapons. When both the sound system and SFXs are ready, implementation "shouldn't be a problem", in Mik's own words. Here's hoping, and go Mikson!


Build version: 1025
Steam Build ID: —
Size: —
Dedicated server
Steam Build ID: —
Size: —

* fixed admin map list creation UI not clearing list of maps before repopulating resulting in massive list of potential maps
* fixed admin map list creation UI not displaying game mode in the list of entries
* fixed map list not starting correctly and then cycling to same map over and over again.
* fixed round not starting again if you manually go to spectator or RR when round is paused due to death while offline.
* fixed misc skin display names not matching skin short names.
* fixed UMP45 front sight post usage
* fixed bad WorldContextObject in RBEventManagerCallEvent() causing crash
* fixed loadout not being applied to corpse if you become a spectator when dead.

* tweaked AI to use worse aim error instantly and interpolate to improved.

* City Map
* more optimization work in outside area
* added manhole ladder access from street level down to tunnel
* changed some settings in DefaultScalability.ini to make sure the essential PP (post process) settings stay on all settings
* mainly NV blur effect
* OKP-7 reticle updated to make it flicker less
* reworked NVG blur effect to be smoother and more realistic

* added sight zeros to summary area on character editor.
* changed DefaultIronSIght desired zeros from 100 to 50 on all SMG's.
* added time limit to GBGameState
* added remaining time limit on server info board
* added round length to GBRoundState
* added round duration to TH ops board
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #38 on: March 15, 2019, 09:57:13 AM »
15 Mar - Scopey   

It's been a little longer than usual, but Build Update #011 has finally rolled out!

› NOTE: All dedicated servers must be updated to work with the current build. ‹

While the original plan was for this update to be the first in a series of PvP-oriented patches, over the last weeks our intrepid code wizard Kris went through good ol' Internet hell in his homeland down under and could barely stay connected. Needless to say, implementing online features without a working connection is tremendously difficult. And by "tremendously difficult", we of course mean "impossible"—kinda like throwing a frag all the way across Depot or hitting the 300 m target on the Shooting Range in low-ready.

On the flip side of the whole connectivity hardship, Kris took the time to work extensively on a much needed area: A.I. And so he did, causing the single player and co-op experience to drastically improve in the process. But we'll go over that in a bit.

Alright, here we go:


Initial A.I. overhaul

"I'm starting to think there might be a reason why so few shooters
bother with single player and co-op focus these days…"
—Kris Rigby, probably

A.I. has certainly had its ups and downs over development. But as mentioned, Kris has taken something awful—internetlessness—and turned it into something beautiful: the initial A.I. overhaul. You can get an idea of how much their behavior has changed in the video below:

They may look kinda silly at times, but wait until one of these bastards pops up behind you and smokes your ass.

To sum up the various changes, A.I. enemies now have variable perception (sight and hearing), react to being shot and flashed (as in "banged"; God, could "flashbang" sound any more ambiguous?), use cover and lean, notice dead bodies and can no longer hit at first contact. Oh, they also do basic call-outs now—placeholder voices for "Contact!" and so on. Here's the long version:
•   Patrolling enemies now use the "casual" walking animation.
•   A.I. sight threshold depends on state, making it easier to approach an idle A.I. than an alert one.
•   Their sight strength is also modified by float curves for distance and angle to target, making them less likely to notice you from a distance or from the sides. If you manage to sneak up on one, they will no longer be non-reactive to bumping onto.
•   Hearing strength is modified by float curves for different types of sounds, meaning they're more likely to hear and react to gunshots over footsteps and so on.
•   One of the most obvious changes: call-outs! "Contact!", "Under fire!" and "Cover me!" are some of the lines you'll hear bots shouting out contextually. The voices are of course placeholder, but they still contribute considerably to the overall combat, giving a sense of communication and often making consequences (such as being hilariously wiped out fifteen seconds into the round) clearer, as well as sometimes giving away their positions.
•   Enemies now react to being shot at and, depending on their state, will duck or momentarily hesitate before fleeing.
•   A.I. will use cover while attacking or searching, leaning around obstacles just enough to get a clear shot.
•   They now notice dead bodies, friendly or otherwise.
•   Some visible reaction to flashbangs has been added: enemies will now turn around randomly and move shorts distances until the effect wears off.
•   Finally, they deliberately miss their first shots at a new target for a while. This was done to prevent the impression of getting one-shot out of nowhere, but it's only a first iteration. The deliberate missing will be adjustable in the future based on difficulty level, and able to be fine-tuned via .ini files.
•   More details in the full patch notes at the end of the post!
› The new A.I. is implemented on all Terrorist Hunt-compatible maps!

As with everything else, this is all work-in-progress, and many of these A.I. improvements are merely a first pass. We'll continue to iterate on A.I. as we move forward—hopefully with your valuable feedback.


The MICH helmet has received a brand new model and texturing, courtesy of our 3D artist Zee. It looks many orders of magnitude more operator than the previous model, with velcro patches, goggle loops and all that tactical jazz. As with the old model, the new MICH accepts the AN/PVS-15 NVG, Headset and Strobe Marker attachments.

Helmet (MICH) comes in black, tan (pictured), green and transitional color schemes.

The fit is a little loose on some of the character heads, but we'll tackle that at a later time.

FAL (Vintage)
A vintage FAL has been added as an OPFOR weapon. It's currently unlocked for those who wanna mess around with it, but it doesn't have unique animations or sounds.

Other updates and fixes
•   Character/weapon rotation no longer gets stuck in the customization screens. WOO!
•   The radio squelch sounds have been replaced with new effects, which are a work in progress. This is Mikson's first sound update to make it into a playable build—the underlying system for most other sounds he's been working on will take a little longer to implement. For now, PRAISE THE NEW SQUELCH!
•   Tactical Light (Compact) can now be mounted on top (12 o'clock) forearm rails. The 12 o'clock position will minimize intrusive muzzle/suppressor shadows, but may interfere with your sight or AN/PEQ-15 placement and usage. Choices, choices…
•   WIP map City remains in active development, with some new areas and props. Check out the progress under Play Offline › Development.

•   Character/weapon rotation in the customization screen may not work on first load. Try re-entering customization or reloading/re-joining the server if that happens.


Weapon sounds overhaul: a sneak peek
Put your headphones on and listen to this very short, but very juicy preview for the upcoming sound overhaul:

Damn, that sounds good.


That's all for this Build Update. You can check out the full change log below, and as always, thank you so much for your continued support! Keep the feedback coming, and see you on the next one.


Build version: 1026
Steam Build ID: 3645609
Size: 1.7 GB
Dedicated server
Steam Build ID: 3645614
Size: 51 MB


* fixed Compact Tac Light to be used on top rail
* fixed missing #if WITH_EDITOR refs in GBBTTask_MoveToCover causing build failure
* fixed incorrect usage of #if WITH_EDITOR in GBNavLinkProxy_Ladder causing build failure
* fixed for build in CoverGenerator
* fixed curves for AI senses being GC'd.
* fixed move and rotate in character and item editor getting stuck on when mousing over menus
* fixed adapter spelling for the BP_GalilRailAdapter display name.
* fixed night vision getting stuck on when changing kits if you did so with night vision enabled.
* fixed exec binds repeating - radio menu etc should now toggle only.
* fixed missing value in BP_Explosion_MK13_Stun causing divide by zero warning
* fixed warning in WBP_ChatOverlay if an engine message beats the HUD init.
* fix for the radio when new sound effects were hearable only for the one who pressed push-to-talk - should work as intended now
* fixed AI sight curves going bye-bye due to UE4 Blueprint shenanigans
* fixed character voices being replicated long after usage
* fixed AGBCharacter::CanBeSeenFrom() resetting sight strength to 1.0f.


* changed radio start, end and loop sound effects

* Added in new SWAT truck vehicle for use in City map
* Cleaned up the base emissive master material and added ability to designate separate emissive mask texture along with what color channel to use
* Reorganized the Vehicles folder and fixed up redirects

* Added weapon: FNFAL (intended for bad guys)
* City map
  * Detailed out new ladder area
  * Started to add some 'narrative' to the outside space (failed terrorist event)

* Updated MICH helmet to new model/materials

* Blocking out new Main Menu map
  * Testing out ideas for now

* Cleaned up a lot of marketplace asset collision and LODs
* Changed display name of FAL weapon
* Storage Facility
  * Did optimization pass
  * Built lighting


Initial AI overhaul
* removed usage of TacticalAI Plugin for now.
* updated all affected C++ and Blueprints
* added CoverGenerator by Deams (
  * modified the ever loving shit out of it for our needs
* updated GBAIController
* created new behaviour trees using a combination of old and new code.

* removed references to old AI stuff to prevent log spam
* removed unused test voice (me saying "Contact!")
* added .modules file to P4 typemap then reconciled to add any that were missing.

AI overhaul #2 submit
* fixed missing body in /BadGuys/AppMilitant01.kit
* fixed CoverGenerator creating stack up points in mid air.
* created GBAISense_Hearing - a custom versions of AISense_Hearing
  * allows sound events to be compared against float curves based on the tag they have.
  * strength is then multiplied at the source.
* created GBAISense_Sight - a custom versions of AISense_Sight
  * allows sight events to be compared against float curves for distance and peripheral vision.
  * strength is then multiplied at the source.
* created GBAISquad
  * allows information to be shared more easily between AI that are working together.
  * tracks members
  * auto-assigns leader
  * determines member patrol locations
  * determines member guard locations
  * remembers previously searched locations
* created GBAIGuardPoint
  * allows mappers to control where AI should move to when in the "Guard" state (new!).
* updated GBAIController
  * updated to use new GBAISense_Hearing & GBAISense_Sight.
  * added support for GBAISquad.
  * added DesiredViewRotatioOffset to control AI view rotation.
  * added DesiredAimRotationOveride to control AI aim rotation.
  * added CenterOfMassBone to AISettings.
  * added basic climb ladder logic to Tick().
  * added DeliberateMissTime
    * while > 0, AI will deliberately aim to the right or left of their target
in such a way that will just miss each shot.
    * additional aim error is added *on top of this*.
    * velocity aim error is taken into considered to prevent it canceling out the deliberate miss adjustment.
    * on target threshold is reduced to 1 degree to ensure the AI misses accurately.
    * lasts 2 seconds in total, though it begins to fading out after 1.
    * time is not reduced until AI is on target and firing.
  * moved UpdateSenseData() logic to ActorsPerceptionUpdated() and removed it.
  * added basic AI Barks.
  * created Guard state
* renamed GBAIPath to GBAIPatrolRoute to reflect its actual use.
* updated GBAIPatrolRoute
  * added ability to control the width at which AI can spread out while patrolling.
  * scaling the spline along the Y axis will affect the available width at that point along the spline.
  * patrol route width shown when selected, with any scaling.
  * improved ValidatePatrolRoute() function
    * projects each point to navigation mesh and zeros out roll first.
    * verifies location and width at each point & user specified distances in between each point.
    * highlights any issues found.
* updated GBSpawnPoint & GBSpawnManager classes to work with GBAISquad
* added NoTarget cheat for debugging AI
* created GBNavLinkProxy to allow for custom C++ nav link base classes.
* created GBNavLinkProxy_Ladder to control AI usage of ladders.
  * updated all affected Blueprints.
* created GBNavLinkProxy_Door to control AI usage of doors.
  * updated all affected Blueprints.
* updated DefaultEngine.ini
  Made sure RuntimeGeneration=DynamicModifiersOnly under [/Script/NavigationSystem.RecastNavMesh]
  NOTE: This will be reset when ever 'static' is selected!
  * changed bShouldDiscardSubLevelNavData to False under [/Script/NavigationSystem.NavigationSystemV1]
  NOTE: This allows us to move nav mesh to sub map if we wish.
* updated all TH- game mode maps
  * all navigation modifiers and links moved to _Geo.
  * deleted existing recast actors to ensure they were updated to use DynamicModifiersOnly.
  * added new ladder and door nav links.
  * added new guard points.
  * added patrol routes.
  * renamed AI spawns to make it easier to determine their locations.
* updated BP_Door_Swinging
  * removed old AI logic
  * added box collision around door core to ensure door core is picked up as a 'dynamic modifier'
by the navigation mesh regardless of the the static mesh used.
  NOTE: Fuck me, the UE4 navigation mesh can be a picky bastard!
* updated BP_WindowCover to disable any GBAIGuardPoint behind it when it's enabled.
* added missing JAFO patch.
* updated all behaviours trees to incorporate basic barks
* created BT_Guard
  * moves from guard point to guard point
  * scans area based on guard point values set by mapper.
  * avoids going to a guard point another AI is at or visited recently.
* updated BT_Patrol
  * squad leader determines patrol route and direction.
  * other squad members spread out behind leader
* updated BT_Attack
  * split up logic into sub BT's.
  * improved usage of cover by separating leaning & stepping out
  * includes barrel line check to prevent shooting cover.
* updated BT_Search
  * improved usage of cover by separating leaning & stepping out
  * improved selection of next search location based on search direction
  * search direction specified before running the BT.

* removed references to assets under local "_OLD_AI" folder that is not on P4 depot.
* added GroundBranch/AI to DirectoriesToAlwaysCook in DefaultGame.ini to make sure AI barks are cooked.

* added damage sense to AI
* rigged up AI to react to being bumped into or having a firearm collide with them.


* changed version number from 1025 to 1026
* update ZooKeeper plugin
  * disabled ElevatePlayer option for now - was being abused.
  * added MinPlayers to ZKVote to define minimum number of players required to vote.
  * added check to make sure VoteDuration is at least 10 seconds.
* created UGBCharAppearanceFunctionLibrary::ApplyCharAppearanceFromFile()
  * will take filename of appearance, open the file and apply it directly to character
* created UGBCharLoadoutFunctionLibrary::ApplyCharLoadoutFromFile()
  * will take filename of loadout, open the file and apply it directly to character

* added assertion check to UGBGameInstance::OnLoadingScreenFinished() to prevent log when game loads without a front end map
* created GBAIFunctionLibrary::ForgetrAll() to access the AIPerceptionComponent::ForgetrAll()
* created BT_Stunned for the AI
  * handles the timer related to how long AI is stunned for
  * disables/enables sight and hearing AI is stunned/unstunned
  * makes AI take short steps and turn randomly
  * once finished, sets AI to search mode
* updated BP_Explosion_MK13_Stun
  * unified code used to stun AI or local player
* updated BP_StunAffect
  * ensured that multiple stuns stack up
  * switched from timeline to float curve to control stun PP alpha

* cleaned up radio sound cues for Mikson (my bad)
* made firing volume a variable on UGBBarrelComponent
  * default set 165.
  * updated BP_MP5SD5/6 to 70
* added Idle/AlertAffiliationSightThreshold values to AGBAIController.
  * compares sight strength vs. these values to determine if they should automatically know if they've seen something hostile.
  * makes it easier to sneak up on AI from sides.
* changed BP_Suppressor_Master volume multiplier to 0.8
  * rifles should now be slightly harder to pin point than they used to be.

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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #39 on: March 28, 2019, 12:44:16 PM »
BUILD UPDATE #012: Creep
26 Mar - Scopey

Another intended hotfix feature-creeped into a proper update, Build Update #012 is here with difficulty level selection (including custom settings) for Terrorist Hunt, a shorty version of that sweet Midwest Industries tactical AK, and the usual assortment of quality-of-life fixes and additions.

Read on as we highlight the cooler stuff, and don't forget to leave your feedback, whether it's in the comments below, forums (BFS[] · Steam), Discord[] or any of our social media channels[].
› NOTE: All dedicated servers must be updated to work with the current build.
› NOTE: Some Controls/Gameplay settings have been reset with this build. You will also need to set your Player Name again.



Difficulty settings and customizable parameters
Terrorist Hunt now has four A.I. difficulty presets: Untrained, Trained, Experienced and Ludicrous. You can also create a custom A.I. difficulty setting by individually modifying each parameter. How you set up the A.I. difficulty depends on the mode you're in. Let's go over them:

Play Offline / Host Game
For single player and listen server multiplayer, simply use the "AI Skill Level" drop-down menu when setting up the Terrorist Hunt game. By selecting "Custom", you can modify each parameter individually. For information on what each parameter does, simply hover the mouse over the line and it'll display a tooltip.
› The Center of Mass Bone parameter (which defines what part of the character model the A.I. bots aim for) has 3 "b_Spine" options: b_Spine is closer to the hip, b_Spine2 is near the neck, and b_Spine1 is in between those two points.

The Ops Board (a.k.a. the insertion selection LED Panel) in the Operations Room has also received some configurable settings:

The map's time of day—as well as the enemy's expected resistance and difficulty level—can now be set directly from the Ops Board. Please note that these options are only accessible to server admins or offline (single player)!

The difficulty level can be set to any of the four presets, as well as "???", which uses the custom A.I. preset drawn from whatever values you set in AISettings.ini (located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\GroundBranch\Saved\Windows).

Dedicated servers
For dedicated servers, the server admin can simply use the Ops Board (explained above) or modify the AISettings.ini file manually (%LOCALAPPDATA%\GroundBranch\Saved\Windows).

Distance threshold for aim error
The aim error code has been updated so that the deliberate missing now happens beyond a set distance, controlled by the DeliberateMissDistanceThreshold parameter. Within the set distance, A.I. are not likely to miss. Beyond that distance, the usual deliberate missing (determined by DeliberateMissTime and DeliberateMissBlendOutTime) kicks in.
› Want to disable the deliberate miss property entirely? Simply set DeliberateMissTime to 0 (zero).

It's worth reminding that the default A.I. presets are, as everything else, subject to change. So make sure to share your experience with the presets and custom A.I. values, as it might be useful for further tweaks.

Little sister to the AK-74 MI (formerly MWI), the AK-74 MI CQB has been added to the armory. For now, it's essentially a better option for close quarters with no drawbacks. Don't worry: proper stats (range, accuracy, weight etc.) will be worked out in the future for all weapons.

"I like how it's like the AK but smol" —Jeza (also the author of the above screenshot, shockingly)

Controls guide and loading screen tips
In order to help new players get the grasp of GROUND BRANCH's less conventional controls schemes, we've added a guide for the default controls to the main loading screen. All loading screens now also carry valuable gameplay tips. We'll be adding more tips as we go—feel free to suggest some of yours!

› The default controls graphic might appear distorted on non-standard (16:9) aspect ratios, despite us specifically telling the engine to account for those. Ugh.

Miscellaneous fixes
•   Foliage no longer blocks firearms, nor prevents leaning.
•   The Offset Rail can again be mounted anywhere along the top rails (rather than only the forearm top rail).
•   Mouse sensitivity settings will now be preserved upon change and no longer reset to different values.
•   You can (once again) select the default zero for individual weapons and optics. Go to Settings › Gameplay and look under Default Zeros (right-hand column). Add an optic/weapon with the
  • button underneath the list, then set the desired custom zero for it.

•   Fixed broken character and weapon movement/rotation in the Customize Operator screen when it was accessed from the Main Menu. Nope, it's done broke again. [REDACTED] [home office being trashed in the background]

That's it for Build Update #012. Until the next time!

P.S. We'd like to thank Rangda for the badass screenshots he's always providing for the vast majority of announcements and social posts we make. Tier 1 screenies, dude!


Build version: 1026
Steam Build ID: 3679830
Size: 662 MB
Dedicated server
Steam Build ID: 3679833
Size: 33 MB


* FIXED radio volume issue on SmallTown
* FIXED bush in Power Station missing proper bullet collision settings
* FIXED Bush in Power Station with bad visibility collision
* FIXED firearms being obstructed by foliage
* FIXED foliage blocking ability to lean
* FIXED various collision bugs in Storage Facility
* FIXED see through boulder in Storage Facility
* FIXED rendering issue with blinking light in Storage Facility tunnel
* FIXED offset rail being restricted to top rails instead of sight & top rails.
* FIXED mouse sensitivity appearing to reset to some other value when changed in UI while engaging a sight.
    * for such a seemingly small change, it required a lot more work then expected :P
* FIXED not being able to add or edit a default zero entry in the settings menu.
* FIXED Always Run not toggling on/off when set and already in game until you hit Run again
    * will still need to release run key if it is set while run key is held down (get over it)
* FIXED not being able to move/rotate in the character editor from the main menu.
* FIXED crash due to destroying ability system component while an ability had it locked.
* FIXED breaching charges being able to kill targets through a wall.


* small tweaks in radio-related assets
* experimenting with new water material in Depot
* slight update to splash screen


* updated GBAIController
    * replaced AimErrorPeriod with simpler AimErrorUpdateInterval
        * controls how often we the aim error alphas are changed (random between -1.0 to 1.0).
    * changed target distance aim error from blend to new to instant switch
    * added aim error based on AI movement speed
    * changed target velocity aim error from blend to new to instant switch
    * added distance threshold to deliberate miss code
        * below this distance the deliberate miss is blended away due to being too close.
    * added SkillLevel support
        * added 4 skill level presets to DefaultAISettings.ini (1-4)
        * added defaults for custom skill level to DefaultAISettings.ini (actual custom saved in AISettings.ini in save directory)
* added Difficulty to GBGameMode
    * currently only controls the AI skill level
        1-4 corresponds to the skill level presets.
        < 1 makes it use what ever custom skill level is defined in by default or under save directory.
    * value is replicated on GBGameState for use with UI elements etc.
* updated WBP_TerroristHunt_Settings to exposed all AI settings
    * required some updates to WBP_Config_XXX widgets to allow settings to be instantly saved.

* updated GBAIController
    * exposed ReactionTimeBase and ReactTimeRandom to settings
    * added bBeSuspicious BB boolean that is set when a non-hostile/non-friendly actor is sensed
        * this is a simple quick solution to getting AI to react to explosions, doors etc for now
        * updated to Blackboard and affect behavior trees.


* modified DamageMeleeWeapon
    * added option to use mutl instead of single trace
    * added list of surfaces to ignore during trace.
* removed unused animation notifier
* updated WBP_InGameMenuManager to use a single C++ function instead of looping through all child widgets :|

* updated GBPlayerSettings
    * changed all settings to config values and class to a config class
    * forced LoadSettings() to reload the config from disk.
    * created ApplySettings() to ensure config values were applied without the need to called LoadSettings() first.
    * changed default zero struct to use PrimaryAssetDataId instead of a string to hold the info about what item to zero for.
    * removed unneeded default zero functions.
    * changed CrouchType & GrenadeSwitchType from enums to int values so they work with UI widgets more easily.
    * updated all WBP_Settings_XXX to reflect changes
* updated GBAIController::InitSkillLevel() to use a full path to the AISettings.ini
* changed "Ridiculous" to "Ludicrous" to describe skill level 4 for AI
* updated UGBGameplayStatics
    * created new functions CanDamageStaticMesh(), CanDamageSkeletalMesh() & SphereOverlapDamageableComponentsSorted() based of functions prototyped in grenade explosion Blueprint.
    * created ConeOverlapDamageableComponentsSorted() based on SphereOverlapDamageableComponentsSorted() that checks that the component origin OR bounds are within a cone.
* created GBCharacter::CanDamageRadial() as a shortcut to call UGBGameplayStatics::SphereOverlapDamageableComponentsSorted() with require skeletal mesh & appropriate bones
    NOTE: reduce bones checked?
* updated GBGameInstance
    * added bShowDefaultControls bool with function to clear it.
    * added OnRemoveLoadingScreen delegate for loading screens to use.
    If not bound, will remove any loading screen present.
* rigged up WBP_StartupScreen to show up on initial load
* created WBP_RandomHint
    * used by start up and loading screens to display hints
    * randomly picks a hint that isn't used until it has gone through all over them, then reset
* fixed initial loading screens defaulting to 1280x720
* re-imported default key map texture at proper resolution
* quick grammar/spelling pass on random hints
* added pulse animation to "Continue" button on WBP_StartupScreen to draw the eye slightly more
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #40 on: May 17, 2019, 01:51:12 AM »
INTEL UPDATE #004: Track
17 May @ 12:54am - Scopey   

Yes, it may have been a while, but fear not—we're still here, and we're not going anywhere.

This is an Intel Update to fill you in on what we've been up to, what to expect for GB's near future and why the next update is taking longer than usual.

Let's start with the latter. As most of you are aware, BlackFoot Studios are what is considered indie AF (that's short for as f***, in case you're not as down with the kids as we are). That, of course, means limited personnel and, often, limited time as well. In addition to all the regular development obstacles, availability wasn't great for most of us for the past month or so, resulting in an even bigger delay than expected. On the flip side, the next update should be more substantial both in terms of content and fixes, so there's that to look forward to.

Before we continue, let us just say that we're very grateful for all the patience and support coming from everyone despite the sometimes drawn-out progress. Thank you!

New update when?
The original plan for upcoming Build Update #013 was for a big PvP-oriented update featuring a couple new game modes and overall better PvP functionality and gameplay. Due to the aforementioned setbacks, however, we're likely to break it down into smaller updates—both because it's been a while already and because a big update would mean an even longer time without any updates.

Another thing we're considering is incrementally adding in the new weapon-related sounds that Mikson has been diligently developing, which were originally planned for only after the PvP update.

We're still figuring out exactly how we're gonna roll, but read on for an overview of what to expect of future updates…

Unreal Engine 4.22(.1)
Engine updates always take some time, but this one was relatively painless—there's always some tedious cleanup to do, but compared to the last time we did it, it went mostly swiftly. The jump to version 4.22 means a lot of editor-side bug and crash fixes, as well as some rendering improvements you may or may not notice depending on PC specs, video settings etc. Nothing major, but the quality-of-life bonus alone for us should mean less frustration going forward, and that's always a good thing™. Version 4.22.1, which is what we're on now, was a hotfix patch.

Sound design development
Almost all firearm sound assets are done, as Mikson and Kris work out the integration of said assets into the game via Wwise —the middleware also used in Insurgency: Sandstorm's excellent sound design. In case you've missed it, we posted a new little sound demo on YouTube a couple weeks ago:

YouTube™ Video: GROUND BRANCH — M4A1 Sounds Sneak Peek (Apr 2019)

Mikson has since tweaked these slightly based on valuable feedback, as he'll continue to do with all effects as we get a better idea of how they sound within actual gameplay

We're over the hump when it comes to implementation of the new weapon sounds, but it's important to note that they might still be a couple updates away. Other sounds (like environmental) will be incrementally worked in as we go and added in subsequent updates.

New character assets and swatch system in the works
All of our character assets are being redone from scratch, with several new pieces of apparel planned for inclusion as well. Currently on the job is the very talented freelance contractor Pau Peñalver , who has so far put together the beauties showcased below:

Tactical-slash-cargo pants, anyone?

Yes, we know you're so gonna mod a Hawaiian pattern onto this one

"What about them skins, though?", you ask, but with even less regard for grammar. Well, check this out:

These skins aren't final (don't worry, we'll have most of these and more); point is, we're going be able to make the colors/patterns whatever we want (and so will you, in the future)

For the majority out there unfamiliar with UE4, the lovely schematic above lays out a UE4 Blueprint for a swatch system. A swatch system will not only purge skin inconsistency for assets, but also allow us to easily make any color or pattern we want into a selectable skin. Once modding is out, you'll be able to create your own as well. Hooray!

Some basic color variations on that sweet dad plaid

These are only the first couple new assets, but we already have new assault gloves and an ACU-style jacket in the oven. You can look forward to redone (and brand-new) shirts and pants, as well as a fleece jacket, tactical gloves and a variety of footwear, with more apparel to be added as we go.

Map updates
City and 747 have both received extensive updates. 747 now supports Terrorist Hunt, and City will hopefully support it as well by the time the next update rolls out. Here are some previews of what's new:

The central square of City is now home to a multi-story building that is being modeled after a bar/pub

Underground, the metro station now features a cozy, family-friendly restroom (credits: Jeza)

On 747, the aircraft received an exclusive Ram Airways paint job …

… and some buildings were added as backdrop, among other updates (credits: Rangda)

PvP game modes
A couple new objective-based adversarial game modes are being developed and tested out by the team and a small test group. We'd like to have at least one solid new game mode in the next update, with iterations and new modes to follow. More news as it happens!
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #41 on: June 26, 2019, 12:27:57 AM »
BUILD UPDATE #013: Jumbo + SALE (-25%)
25 Jun @ 10:45pm - Scopey

It's been 48 days since our last blog entry, and almost 3 months since our last game update, and while we're sorry we kept you all waiting that long, we hope Build Update #013 makes up for it.

As predicted in the last Intel Update (see above post), #013 has taken a lot longer than usual due to an engine update and a bunch of new things we've been putting into GROUND BRANCH that simply required the extra time to get implemented, tested, fixed, re-tested and so on. To summarize, this version includes the long-awaited first sound update, a new PvP game mode, new modes for new maps, some obligatory new gear and a sizeable list of fixes we'll go over in a bit.

We cannot stress enough how grateful we are for all you guys sticking around and patiently supporting us while we do our best to put this thing together. As always, thank you so much!

Before we go over the highlights, we figure we should let you know that…

GROUND BRANCH is 25% OFF on the Steam® Summer Sale!

We're right on time with this update for the Steam® Summer Sale 2019. If you haven't already, this is your chance to grab GROUND BRANCH with a magnificent 25% discount—our biggest discount yet—or maybe convince a few stubborn friends to join you in the tacticool bonanza. You're now armed with compelling case of a juicy update and a sale launching at the same time, so let's fill up them servers!

Read on
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #42 on: July 04, 2019, 11:34:07 PM »
BUILD UPDATE #014: Hotfix
3 Jul @ 7:44pm - Scopey

Hotfix in the house!

We're fixing the networking issues and broken volume sliders brought in by the previous update, and throwing in a little extra content because why the hell not? "Well, maybe because extra content tends to increase file sizes and you're calling this a hotfix?", you might ask rather sarcastically. And to that hypothetical question, we reply: SHUT UP. SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR CONTENT.

Anyway, the rundown is right after this reminder:

The Steam® Summer Sale goes on: GB is 25% OFF!

The Steam® Summer Sale 2019 has another week to burn and our 25% discount is still on.

You know the drill—grab it, gift it, recommend it, share the news.

Every bit helps us get GROUND BRANCH to where we all want it to be.

We strongly recommend players coming from an older version of the game (pre-v1027) to delete all files located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\GroundBranch\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor. For those who can afford it, a complete reinstall isn't a bad idea either. If you have control, loadout and other such issues, be sure to try these options.

NOTE: All dedicated servers must be updated to work with the current build.


Networking fixes
Lots of server fixes to address crashes, log spam and various connectivity issues introduced in v1027. Thanks for all the reports!

Fixed audio sliders
Mikson's new weapon sounds are impressive, but they're also pretty loud. If you're not among those of us who gladly risk hearing loss for some extra immersion, you'll be happy to know the audio sliders are fixed. To make gunshots and related sounds quieter, turn down the SFX slider under Settings › Audio.

Adjustable grenade throw
The grenade arc HUD for estimating throw trajectory can now be adjusted in steps for longer or shorter throws by scrolling up/down with the Mouse Wheel. Let us know how it works for you!

NEW MAP: 747 (Night)
WIP map 747 now has a first implementation of its Night version.

Terrorist Hunt A.I. placement has been improved for both day and night versions.

Read on

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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #43 on: July 09, 2019, 11:42:32 PM »
BUILD UPDATE #015: Hotfix
9 Jul @ 8:45pm - Scopey   

This is Build Update #015 bringing you the full patch notes for the second—and last—v1027 hotfix before we move on to v1028. (You can check out the previous v1027 patch notes above.)

We'd like to take a few lines to thank everyone who got on board the GROUND BRANCH train in the last couple weeks during Steam® Summer Sale 2019 and all the fantastic feedback. Seeing players enjoy the game we've been putting so much hard work into is immensely encouraging, so thanks everyone for keeping the community (and the dream) alive! Rest assured we'll keep doing our part.

Read on
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #44 on: August 13, 2019, 11:13:18 PM »
BUILD UPDATE #016: Double Tap
12 Aug @ 11:39pm - Scopey   

Mondays, huh?

Well, at least we got Build Update #016 with everything you need to know about v1028 of GROUND BRANCH. This is a big one, so sit back and read on for all the highlights and deets. The raw change log didn't fit here on Steam, so head over to our Dev Blog[] if you wanna check it out.

Read on

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