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Ground Branch
« on: May 25, 2018, 06:53:57 PM »

based on the real life subsection of the Special Activities Division of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Homepage: Here
Official forum: Here
Steam: Here
YouTube: Here

Single-player, Co-Op, Multi-Player

Ground Branch Kickstarter Teaser Published on Apr 16, 2012


BlackFoot Studios’ premiere title; Ground Branch is based on the real life subsection of the Special Activities Division of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Special Activities Division typically carries out deniable covert operations on foreign soil and often goes into a situation before anyone else, before Special Forces, before the SEALs, before DevGru; SAD Ground Branch is the true tip of the spear. SAD Ground Branch operatives are mainly recruited from Army Special Forces or CAG units and are experts in field craft, surveillance, small arms, hostage rescue and Close Quarters Battle.

Being a CIA unit Ground Branch has a free hand to get the job done and as such will take measures which military units cannot. There are laws in war and Ground Branch tears those pages out of the book when necessary. They are the gunslingers of modern day warfare and are not a direct combat unit but instead rely on stealth and hit and run tactics. This means their operational manners may be deemed questionable by some at times. Ground Branch isn’t sent in to be an ambassador of good will, they are sent in to get very specific results.

As players, gameplay will be deliberate, calculated, gritty and heavy. Without the consequence of death and loss there is no depth to the game. Loss will be personal and unavoidable. We are not taking the moral high ground but players will sense the impact of their actions. Your gear choices, route choices, team plan and actions against the enemy will all play into your success or failure. Multiplayer games will be methodical with pockets of quick but intense firefights all the way to long drawn out engagements against an equally matched team. There is no artificial balancing, but the individual’s skill and decision making will be what allows them to succeed.


Please note that this (planned) feature list is not complete, and features will come online as they are developed.

•   Squad based team play
•   NO unlocks or kill streaks!
•   Using latest version of industry leading Unreal Engine

Player view
•   True First Person System 2.0 that gives no disconnect between what you see of yourself and what others see of you
•   Correct and realistic first person weapon view
•   Freelook style first person system. Players can look around independently of weapon

•   Tactical reload system with both loaded and “dry” reloads
•   Each weapon has it’s own reload sequence
•   Reload animations can be interrupted
•   Realistic magazine system. Each mag tracks how many rounds it contains at any given time
•   Empty mags fall to the ground and mags still containing rounds go back into pouch for later use
•   Weapons collide with the world. Your weapon is truly in the world and will collide with objects in it. This means that weapon choice will actually matter as longer weapons might not be the best option to equip yourself with if operating in a CQB environment.
•   Accurate and realistic weapon transitions. Main weapon falls to chest on sling while drawing secondary or special item
•   Fully customizable weapons. Setup your weapons how you choose with various attachments that operate as they would in the real world
•   No limit on number of saved customizations.
•   Ability to edit and recall saved customization while in server lobby
•   Items used in game requires time to equip… no magical NVG turning on or instant grenade throws. Equipping items takes time
•   Realistic representation of optics usage on weapons including choices in placement location
•   Various melee abilities including accurate portrayal of knife usage as well as muzzle jabs

Inventory and ammo
•   Inventory system that has each magazine track its own rounds
•   Pickup and drop weapons on the battlefield
•   Supported shooting with bipods
•   Customizable character gear. What you take into battle is all you have and physically shows on your character
•   Ability to share gear with others (carry more ammo for a buddy)
•   Save and recall any number of individual weapon/character customized loadouts. Not limited to a small number of presets

Movements and injuries
•   Ability to accurately and realistically jump in the game
•   Ability to clamber onto and over objects
•   Prone, crouch and stand postures
•   Lean and peak system that includes a ‘step out’ ability to quickly step out from cover then back in
•   Ability to move while leaning
•   Encumbrance system that takes weight and bulk of items into account for movement. Variations will not be drastic but noticeable. We are portraying highly skilled operators here
•   Choose between numerous uniform types and a variety of body armor and vests/harnesses, all with in game tradeoffs
•   No regenerating health, but ability to administer first aid to non-lethal injuries for reduced combat effectiveness
•   Players will have visible injuries including limps and non/reduced functional limbs
•   Ability to stay in fight if non mobile from non-lethal wound. This means that you may be able to shoot even though you are no longer able to physically move.
•   Ability to drag team mates to safety to administer first-aide or to safely recover their unused ammo and gear if they are no longer alive

Game world and maps
•   Material/surface specific penetration
•   Accurate but not overly complicated ballistics model including bullets originating from muzzle of weapon and lethal/accurate locational damage
•   Fully functioning doors that can be opened/closed at variable speed, kicked open (might take more than one kick) as well as breached with weapons or explosives
•   Unique environments from all over the world
•   Areas in maps have multiple entry points
•   Full featured Training ranges, including Killhouses with completely random target placement
•   All enemies spawned and patrolling at start. No “monster closets” or magic enemy spawns based on where you are located

Single Player and Co-Op (More info to come)
•   Unique mission design that delivers smaller more localized sets of mission groups based around world hotspots
•   Centralized intelligence portal to monitor world hotspots and receive mission orders
•   Ability to complete missions individually or with friends
•   System designed to continually add and evolve missions over time

•   Full and free Dedicated Server support. Host a server wherever you want
•   Full support for MP ladders
•   User made arm patches
•   In game 3d VOIP with ability to set comm channels within team as well as mute options
•   Full MP lobby system with pre/post game chat
•   Private password protected lobbies/rooms
•   After Action Review after each round
•   Clan/Unit friendly
•   Various adversarial and Co-op style MP game types available at launch
•   Controller support on PC


Ground Branch will provide a strong set of weapons that would be used by real world units today. We are not aiming to have the “uber” arsenal with walls of weapons, but will provide a solid assortment with various attachments that allow the player to make unique and effective load outs. We are going for a gritty realistic approach and are concentrating on a focused team that uses tried and true weapons that would be used in the real world today in these types of situations.

Armory images and details: Here

Ground branch early access roadmap

You can see it: Here

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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2018, 06:58:12 PM »
Ground Branch AI work-in-progress update #15

Published on Apr 12, 2017

Video showing some work on the cover probe actor for Ground Branch.
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2018, 12:27:11 PM »
1020 Testing Build Update - 2827723

Lots of bug fixes, quality of life updates and a few new things in this build. Some main points:
1.   Stacked inventory drop downs
2.   Testing grenade throw arc
3.   Some updates to spectator view
4.   NVG enhancements
5.   AI enhancements
6.   First pass at TH on Storage Facility (Its hard!)
7.   Tons of fixes and small changes that just make things better

Build Id: 2827723
Approx. Size: 1.4gb
Dedicated Server
Build Id: 2827811
Approx. Size: 35mb


* Ready Rooms
    * Added roster board back in
    * Cleaned up some misalogned geomtery
    * Rebuilt lighting in case that was the cause of slowdown (Don't think it was)
* Added icons for MP5SD Adapter and rail
* Turned down brightness on holosight reticles to get rid of blurryness in some lighting conditions
* Added roster board to Operations Rooms so players can tell who is still out in the common area

* Optimized wood hit effect

* Added icons for MP5SD Adapter and rail
* Turned down brightness on holosight reticles to help get rid of blurryness in some lighting conditions
* Added roster board to Operations Rooms so players can tell who is still out in the common area

* Changed wood hit effect to old one for now
    * Looks better
    * Sounds better
    * More efficient
* Set holosight reticle brightness up a few notches to make it more visible in different lighting conditions

* Opened entry to RR Shooting Range to be larger

* Updated NVG overlay mask
    * New look as well as corners/edges not masked for some minor peripheral vision
* 747
    * Now available in map list for TE game type testing
    * set some meshes to build distancefields and upped lightmap sizes
    * More work on terrain areas
    * Added blocking wall to edges of play space
    * Beginnings of work on main building

* New reticle for V3 sight
* Adjusted laser to be more visiible in more lighting conditions

* Added LODs for AKS-74u and M4_Block II

* Added AIThreatSelectionComponent and broken out threat functions from GBAIController into that. Later will modify to allow better threat         scoring functions.
* Added AITest map for later use as regression testing for AI
* Modified BP_Badguy a little to not always fire full auto
* Added a few mission actor types for use in near future AI work
* Added some data assets for use with AI (navlink and ladder stuff)
* Modified a few BT nodes for use with ThreatSelectionComponent

* updated BP_TerroristHunt to spawn AI controlled operators and instantly start the round
     * makes for easier AI debugging etc.
* updated BT_GBAI
     * replaced old shoot - wait - stop shooting with a dedicated BTTask_ShootFirearm
     * added reloading check based on gameplay tags
     * AI can now shoot and move at the same time.
     * AI will now run to cover, to get LOS of sight etc.
     * AI will now move and look around randomly when set to Guard/Idle
     * added basic 'follow' command and relates tasks etc to use with the AI controlled operators when debugging terrorist hunt

* udpated GBCharacter to repliate ItemAnimationType from server (hopefully fixes getting stuck in wrong base pose after throwing grenade etc)
* hooked up to Steam's screenshot system so that screenshots captured in Steam no longer show UI elements.
    * FIXME - need to update it so it still includes "Work In Progress" watermark.
* removed deprecated Enaged FOV slider from video settings
* updated RBEvenetManager macros to remove unneeded extra parameter
    * updated all affected C++ classes.

* updated inventory slot system to stack similar items
    * 3 = grenades
    * 4 = equipment
    * selecting an item or slot again will put corresponding item away.
* updated grenades
    * attempt to improve how they are thrown
    * added basic arc to show trajectory - don't really like the idea of an arc, but we can try it.
* made attempt to fix dropped firearms stuck in full auto
* changed location of throw to take lean into account

* put missing pre-compile step back in uproject file
* moved AI assets from /Content/AI to /Content/GroundBranch/Core/AI or into Phil's dev folder.
* added IsAlive() to ITacticalInterface
* updated AIThreatSelectorComponent
    * switched back to Kris' method of threat checking to fix AI rushing for now
    * switched from using KeyNames to KeyIds.
* updated CoverPointActor
    * commented out PrimaryActorTick.bCanNeverTick = false to allow tick to be enabled for debug purposes.
    * added default scene root component in case coverpoint is used without a Blueprint to prevent it reverting to world origin.
* added IsSimulatingInEditor() to GBFunctionLibrary
* updated GBAIController
    * switched from using KeyNames to KeyIds.
    * added pitchj limit to UpdateRotation() when not aiming at an actor.
    * made sure BlackBoard value SelfCharacter was set to current character when ever Possess() is called.
* updated GBBotManager
    * made contstructor set BotControllerClass to /Game/GroundBranch/Core/AI/BP_AIController
    * renamed Add/RemoveBot to SpawnNewBot() and RemoveExistingBot().
    * fixed AddToSquad() creating multiple squad actors for bots in a coop game.
* created GBTriggerComponent::IsFiring()
    * returns true if TimerHandle_NextShot is valid and active.
    i.e. firearm is actually firing.
* updated AGBRoundManager::PreRoundFreezeStartedDefaults()
    * checks bots can enter play
    * if not, ensures they are prepped and have an insertion point selected.
* made sure all usages of WayPoint Blueprint were replaced with GBAIWayPoint
* updated BP_CoverPoint
    * replaced usage of static mesh and material interface with simple red or green sprites.
    * now shows debug line to the AI that has the point reserved.
* updated BP_Door_Swinging
    * removed ChildActorComponent that was used to spawn nav links.
    * added editor callable function to spawn nav links based on door collision extents.

* updated BP_GrenadeArc to use a spline to show the arc, with a simple sphere at the end to show if impact point (if any)
* updated WBP_FrontEndMenuManager, WBP_NetworkFailureOverlay & WBP_TravelFailureOverlay to include more information about the network/travel failure.

* created BTDecorator_IsVectorSet
    * wasn't sure if internal BB check would consider 0,0,0 as valid or not, so I so created this one - returns true if BB vector is not 0,0,0.
* updated BT_GBAI to fix follow branch that suddenly broke (UE4 baby!).
* moved all non-nav mesh bounds volume navigation related actors to _Geo maps.
    * made sure all doors spawned correct nav links.
    * made sure all gameplay maps had nav mesh volumes.
* modified nav mesh volume on TH-Depot to include train bridge insertion points
* created TH-StorageFacility
* updated TH-TankerShip
    * added nav links to empty door frames
    * added nav links to think walk stairs in engine room
    * updated living quarter AI spawns
        * removed spawn points
        * added spawn volumes that encompasse each entire level, include mid level (which originally had no spawn points)
        * added way points for each level.
        * setup the spawn volumes to random assign AI to patrol or guard.
    * add bridge to engine room patrol
* updated BP_Door_Swinging
    * improved check used by AI to dermine if door should open.
    * added trigger to close door on AI leaving it, if that AI was the last to use it, doesn't have a threat and the trigger has no other AI in it.

* added default character appearance & loadouts
    * loaded and stored in GBGameState.
    * used by GBGameMode if it ApplyCharAppearanceAndLoadout() doesn't find an appearance or loadout.
    * defaults are stored under /CharAppearances & /CharLoadouts, by profile name.
    i.e. NoTeam.kit, GoodGuys.kit
    FIXME - make default team kits.

* updated night vision goggles
    * overlay now appears on usage
    * post process is now cleared on death/no longer viewing someone with night vision enabled
    * whether or not a player has night vision enabled is now replicated
* updated BP_AN_PEQ_Master
    * listens for night vision event and will show/hide designator as required.
    * visible to anyone with night vision enabled.
    * Laser & Designator no longer turn off if unequipped.
* updated tac lights to not turn off if unequipped.
* updated rifle laser to not turn off if unequipped.
* updated BP_IRStrobe
    * listens for night vision event and will show/hide IR stobe effect as required.
    * removed ability to enable/disable - is just on by default.
    * only visible to team mates.
* disabled collision between characters while in the ready room.
    * quality of life change to reduce possibility of griefing and make it easier to move around in general
* updated GBCharacter
    * added IsNetRelevantFor() to include NetworkChannel check.
    * updated PossessedBy() to set NetworkChanell to 1 if in RR.

* updated UWorks from 18-08 to 18-11
* updated C++ & Blueprints affected by UWorks update.

* added report option to WBP_TeamKillOptions overlay
* created GBPlayerController::Report() for a player that does not forgive a team kill.
* updated ServerManager
    * added MaxTeamKillsBeforeKick config variable (defaults to 10)
    * added ReportTeamKill() that will kick of a 30 second timer if a report is placed against someone with MaxTeamKillsBeforeKick or more team kills.
    * added TeamKillCheck() timer that will kick anyone who still has MaxTeamKillsBeforeKick or more team kills once fired.

* updated GBCharacter
    * changed InventoryList to replicate to its owner.
    * updated DestoryInventory() to use InventoryList on server & look for attached client side autority items on client.
    * created DropItems() to send a gameplay event to the character ability system and kick off a predicted drop ability.
    * replaced OnItemRemovedFromInventory() and OnItemAddedToInventory() with InventoryItemRemovedEvent & InventoryItemAddedEvent.
* created default appearances & loadouts for Alpha & Bravo teams
* moved team profiles from /Content/TeamProfiles to /TeamProfiles
* udpated GBSkinDataAsset Swatch variable to get it to be part of "UI" asset bundle.
    * resaved all affected SKIN_ data assets.
* updated GBCharLoadoutInfo to clear existing inventory in case default had been applied first.
* updated GBItem
     * removed deprecated Drop() implementable event.
     * added OldGBInstigator as variable to OnSettingGBInstigatorEvent().
* updated GBPouch
    * added ModularPouchClass variable to track the modular pouch that originally represent a pouch (if any)
    * updated Encode/Decode functions to save/load the ModularPouchClass as ModularPouchId.
    * added timer to automatically replace a pouch with its ModularPouchClass if its valid and the instigator is a UICharacter.
    * updated WBP_CharacterEditor to get all modular pouches to replace themselves before saving the result.
* updated RBEventManager
    * removed UnboundEvents variable.
    * changed references to UnabountEvents with ObjectEventMap.Find(this).
    * renamed BoundEvents array to ObjectEventMap.
    * updated AddUnboundListener() & RemoveUnaboundListener() to use the Manager itself as the bound object insted of nullptr.
    * updated AddBoundListerner() & RemoveBoundListener() to add validity checks on both the InBoundObject and the InLister parameters.
* changed CharLoadoutVersion from 5 to 6 to force everyone to prevent any issues caused by missing or incorrect json entries in existing/old appearances/loadouts.

* moved default character teamprofiles, appearances & loadouts from root directory to /Content/GroundBranch/Core to make sure they are left alone.
    * updated C++ to reflect this change.
* fixed bug in GBPouch that prevent pouches attached to character from being decoded.
* added TeamProfiles, CharAppearances & CharLoadouts directories in the DirectoriesToAlwaysStageAsNonUFS array of DefaultGame.ini

* updated AGBSession::RegisterServer() to add a gentle warning instead of a hard crash if the net driver is missing or incorrect.

* added NetworkChannel variable to Actor class to use as a quick way to filter relevancy.
* updated AActor::IsNetRelevantFor() to include NetworkChannel check.
* updated SetOwner() to copy owner's NetworkChannel to owned Actor.

* FIXED bad rock hit effect that didn't have proper transparency setup
* FIXED falling through ground on Small Town near basement door
* FIXED missing illuminesent stripe on top of ACOG 4x32
* FIXED time limit crash caused if no maplist is defined (oops)
* fixed crash (I hope) due to bad component being accessed by particle collisoins on client/in stand alone game.
* fixed name of player missing when following in spectator mode
* fixed death overlay appearing during map change
* fixed not being able to use items after map change
* fixed spawning in RR when entering spectator mode for the first time
* fixed freecam spectator mode controls not working
    * adjusting speed with mouse wheel now works
    * moving up/down with space/c now works.
* FIXED incorrect scale on PMII_5-25x scope LODs
* fixed issue with selecting/using breaching charges
* FIXED missing illuminesent stripe on top of ACOG 4x32
* fixed insertion point to auto-selection in GBServerManagement::HandleToPlayArea()
* fixed chat overlay preventing player from clicking on spectator/rr buttons
* fixed inconsistent insertion point selection in RR caused by selecting an insertion point while game is already in progress (I hope).
* fixed possible nones in next BTXXX_XXX classses.
* FIXED mispelling of Flecktarn in customization screens
* FIXED grenades hitting invisible wall in RR shooting range
* FIXED missing collision on drywall walls in PowerStation map
* FIXED M4 block II muzzle devise(suppressor) location not correct
* FIXED M4 Block II magazine placement
* fixed slight horizontal offset on AK side mount for on the SKEL_AK74
* fixed AK side mount for on the SKEL_AKS-74u being way too far back to the rear of the mesh.
* fixed references to 'none' BP_AN_PEQ_Master & BP_IRStrobe when in character editor.
* fixed possible usage of missing GBInstigator or GBInstigator->Controller in BP_Grenade_Master
* fixed dropped binoculars not removing binocular overlay or making hands visible again.
* fxied inventory switching issue caused by non-replicated inventory list.
    * inventory list now replicated to owner only
    * requiring fixing several C++ classes and Blueprints that were hoping to access the non-owned inventory list on the client
* fixed slight offset on BP_1P78_Kastan_Scope.
* fixed scale being set on BP_PSO_1M2Scope.
* fixed BP_optical_PMII_5_25x not rendering due to odd scale on scene capture component.
* fixed bad default setup for BP_BodyArmour, BP_LBT_6094 & BP_TacticalVest.
* fixed rail attachments "walking" up the rail as they were if loaded and saved multiple times due to rounding errors.
* fixed BP_ModularAmmoPouch_Master based pouches spawned wrong replacement pouch if replicated when character is missing appropriate firearm.
* fixed skin swatch display for appearances and items in character editor.
* fixed character restrictions not limiting access to appearances/items that had no skins
* fixed magazines encoding non-external magzine components as there 'well'
* fixed platforms not applying skin to child pouches immediately

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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2018, 06:36:58 PM »
Nice a new  Tactical Shooter (hope it will be realistic)
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #4 on: June 10, 2018, 09:10:11 PM »
1020 Testing Build Update - 2848626

 Small update with the focus on no more unlimited magazines and weapon/mag pickup. What you take magazine wise into the game is what you get now. Plus you can pickup and use dropped weapons/ammo.


Build Id: 2848626

Approx. Size: 536mb

Dedicated Server

Build Id: 2848582

Approx. Size: 34mb


* Changed some texture LOD bias settings so they aren't loading at 4k res
* Played with lazer beam material added world position sample into noise + moving directional offset and made some parameters (still needs some tweaking)

* removed deprecated Pending & TargetPickup arrays from GBCharacter
* updated GBDroppedItem class
    * updated SetupPhysics() so that bUseCCD = true is set BEFORE SetSimulatedPhysics(true).
    * disabled anti-rattle hackfix in OnPhysicsCollision() to test if updated SetupPhysics() fixes it instead.
    * removed MakeInteractive() and instead rely on MakeInteractiveEvent() blueprintable event to handle making a dropped item interactive.
* updated GBItemDropFrom() to ensure child items owner relevancy is up to date.
* updated GBPlayerController class
    * added InteractionTraceBlocked state variable to allow multiple abilities/actions to disable the interaction trace as required.
    * updated interaction trace to only work if IsAlive() is true
        * If is alive fails, InteractionTraceBlocked state variable and the CurrentInteractivePrimitive are reset.
    * interaction trace will swap to head location & rotation if not in first person.
* updated BP_DroppedFirearm
    * fixed interactive component being misaligned in multiplayer by using the replicated root component primitive origin instead of the        associated actor origin - why that was offset, I don't know!
    * added large interactive box collision to make it easier to high light
       * set widge & height that should encompasse most firearms, with the length adjusted based on each weapon.
    * widget updated to match world space of dropped item instead of center lower part of screen.
* created BP_DroppedMagazine based off BP_DroppedFirearm
* created new pickup animations from marketplace assets
* updated ABP_GBCharacter
    * moved shared IK prep to base rifle & hangun pose, making everything follow the poses much easier to work with and removing ht need for DisableHandOffPoseAlpha animation curves etc.
    * added KeepRightArmAlpha animation curve for use when playing a montage to allow the b_RightClav onwards to match the base pose while the montage plays on everything else.
    * fixed IK NoAim bone names and usage.
* udpated GA_PickupItems
    * fixed missing montages using newly created pickup animations

* updated GA_Reload_Master::GetNewMag()
    * removed unlimited magazine spawning
    * auto-magically finds fullest mag based on last magazine or default magazines class
    * adds simple on screen message with rough estimate of mag ammo count or indication that no magazine was found
* removed stubbs from GBAssetManager

* FIXED Sunglasses clipping head mesh
* FIXED bad b_Item_Right location in A_Unarmed_X animations.
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2018, 12:23:56 PM »
1020 Testing Build Update - 2852726

Mainly bug fixes for crashes and broken admin login for dedicated server. Also a few changes, additions and updates.


Build Id: 2852726

Approx. Size: 555mb

Dedicated Server

Build Id: 2852808

Approx. Size: 28mb


* New glove option added
* More art passing on 747 map

* PowerStation
    * Added a couple AI spawn points in lower level
    * Rebuilt lighting
* Changed look of grenade arc to be a lot less viaually intrusive
    * Just trying out a subtle look that is less garrish but still useful

* New binocular overlay
* New weapon Mk18 Mod1
* New gloves added to customization
* Set LOD bias on some marketplace assets to reduce from 4k to 2k
* Cleaned up LM settings and collision on some Marketplace assets
* Storage Facility
    * Added more cover in outside lower area
    * Started art pass on lower outside area
    * Reworked East forest insertion area to provide more cover frompatrolling AI in TH mode

* PowerStation
    * Added a couple AI spawn points in lower level
    * Rebuilt lighting
* Changed look of grenade arc to be a lot less viaually intrusive
    * Just trying out a subtle look that is less garrish but still useful

* updated UWorks from 18-11 to 18-12.

* added GBInstigator check to BP_ModularAmmoPouch_Master ReplaceWithActualPouch() event.
* updated BP_Trigger_CustomiseOperator to ensure owning player was set to player controller 0 for newly created WBP_CharacterEditor.
* updated WBP_CharacterEditor Close event to remove set view target with blend call (unneeded and possibly casuing issues/crash)
* removed unused FrontendImage_Blur
* slight change to GBCharacter::PossesedBy() to make it set network channel to 1 or 0 depending on ready room status.
* updated GBFunctionLibrary::CreateGamePreviewWorld()
    * creates world in transient package using custom name without telling the engine about it.
    * does not set simluated physics to true.
    * no longers calls InitWorld(), InializeActorsForPlay() or BeginPlay().
    * manually sets bStartup & bActorsInitialised to true.
* removed hackfix for losing focus on multiple monitors from GBGameViewportClient.
* fixed possible nullptr in AGBPlayerController::SpectatingInputKey() if the function is called BEFORE spawning a spectator pawn.
* udpated AGBPlayerController::BulletWarnEndOverlap()
    * fixed possible nullptr in if the called with by a bullet with a null instigator.
    * improved same team check to reduce false screen flashes
    * added check to prevent bullet warn if instigator is inside the radious of the bullet warn trigger.

* fixed admin login

* FIXED incorrect scaling on 416 AR
    * FIXED 416 iron sights scaling to match new 416 scale
* FIXED incorrect scaling on STANAG and Poly 556 mags
 *fixed editor complaining about references in WBP_PickupFirearm
* FIXED improperly scaled M16

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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #6 on: June 14, 2018, 10:48:43 PM »
1020 Testing Build Update - 2861985

Small update with some good fixes and quality of life stuff. Trying out a 2 stage inventory selection UI. So instead of cycling through inventory you can now quick select and automatically equip. If you want to cycle inventory choices then hold the number key to get the UI.


Build Id: 2861985

Approx. Size: 628mb

Dedicated Server

Build Id: 2861992

Approx. Size: 28mb


* Removed some old pointlights left in areas whereinside playable space was removed in Tanker Ship
* Storage Facility
    * More art passing
    * Added blocking volumes around perimeter of map
* Changed magazine on screen info
    * Full mags no longer display a message
    * Moved message lower on screen
* Cleaned up M16 LODs

* Adjusted Flashbang detonation time from 4 seconds to 1.25 seconds
* Removed weapons (May come back in some form or another at some point)
    * 516
    * Tavor X95
* New AR Dbl Mag pouch mesh and textures
* Adjusted metal impact particle effect to be less pronounced

* Added new MP443 handgun
    * Temp materials for now
* More 747 art passing
* Reduced NVG eyepiece glow
* Reduced bllom effect a bit in Ready Rooms
    * Less glow around emissive stuff

* Reduced brightness of laser attachment by 25%

* Adjusted 416 sight material to have better color
* Sharpened M16 color textures a bit

* removed debug colliison visibility on dropped firearms & magazines
* added foot sync markers, foot step notifications and movement speed curves to latest iteration of unarmed animations

* updated BadGuysXXX kit files
* created BP_Pouch_Ammo_12Gauge
* updated BP_ModularAmmoPouch_Master to support magazines & loose ammunition (i.e. 12 gauge shells)
* updated shotgun reloads abilities to remove unlimited shells.
* adjusted camera movement in charactereditor
* enabled instant switching via item bar
    * tap and release for instant.
    * press and hold for scrolling/cycling
* removed "Grab" option from magazines for now
* added HUD toggle command when spectating on the "H" key.
* updated loading and transition screens
    * simpler/faster
    * walking dude should be more accurate/animate longer
    * should never get stuck at loading screen
* reworked the way way character editor is removed when hitting apply/revert
    * hopefully fixes the crash many people have been having :|

* fixed charging handle and bolt not being animated during MP5 reload.
* fixed hand not moving with pump duing pump action reload (temp fix - needs work)
* fixed incorrect collision box on dropped magazines.
* fixed GBFirearm PreEncode() check calling DefaultSetup() instead of just adding a magazine.
* fixed BP_MPX_SBR, BP_MP7A2, BP_M24 & BP_SDASS_Martial being used without a valid sight of some kind.
* fixed AI getting stuck in infinite reload cycle when out of ammo.
* fixed crash in RBAnimationModified_FootPrep is trying to use without FootMarkerChannel name set.
* FIXED Tanker Ship AI getting into non playable area inside above Galley area
* FIXED incorrect front sight alignment on M16
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #7 on: June 18, 2018, 06:38:47 PM »
1020 Testing Build Update - 2871274

Mainly bug fixes and changes to make things work better.


Build Id: 2871274

Approx. Size: 102mb

Dedicated Server

Build Id: 2871323

Approx. Size: 27mb


* Added proper reticle for 1P78 Kashtan scope
* Updated TacShirt textures with color corrected variations
* Reduced look of blood hit effect
* Adjusted placement of various sights and weapon attachments to sit on rails better
* Added ability to place attachments an dnot just sights on MP7 top rail

* Setup 'Development' gametype for maps that are starting the development process, but are for enough along for players to run around in
    * Basically maps in the blockout stage the were proviously available only through the console
* Created Development (DV) OilRig map
* Cleaned up temp loading screen to be more readable (Still WIP)

* added Multiply as a default console key in DefaultInput.ini
* created RemoveLoadingScreenEvent as universal way to get the loading screen to fuck off.
* updated GBGameState to call RemoveLoadingScreenEvent if it not using a ready room or the ready room is part of the map and the lighting scenario is loaded & visible.
* added GBLocalPlayer::Exec() override to fix crash caused when calling Exec commands when the character editor world is visible.
* updated GBPlayerController
    * removed PostSeamlessTravel() override and event.
    * updated SetCharAppearance() & SetCharLoadout() to create info actors even if there is no character controlled.
* updated GBReadyRoomStreamer to call RemoveLoadingScreenEvent if lighting scenario is loaded & visible.
* cleaned up various stubbs/logs
* updated WBP_LoadingScreen
    * added listeners for RemoveLoadingScreenEvent to get it to fuck off.
    * rearranged layout to make it easy to read the game mode, map name and author.
* updated BP_GameInstance to remove need to call WBP_LoadingScreen::FinishedLoading.
* updated BP_PlayerController to remove OnPostSeamlessTravelEvent incorrectly trying to remove unused WBP_SeamlessTravelScreen
* removed deprecated WBP_SeamlessTravelScreen
* disabled Host Game entry in WBP_PlayDropDown_Content

* replaced RemoveLoadoutScreenEvent with LevelStreamingStatusEvent
* added ClientUpdateLevelStreamingStatus_Implementation override to GBPlayerController.
    * used this to call new LevelStreamingStatusEvent.
* removed calls to RemoveLoadoutScreenEvent in GBGameState & GBReadyRoomStreamer.
* updated GBReadyRoomStreamer to show RR lighting as soon as its replicated.
* updated WBP_LoadingScreen to use LevelStreamingStatusEvent instead of RemoveLoadoutScreenEvent.
    * checks if level is loaded and visible, else binds to OnLevelShown delegate.
    * failsafe timer if it can't tell or can't be arsed waiting.
    * this method works if level is streamed or loaded directly!
* updated quick-play/test batch files to make them more in line with DedicatedServer.bat
* updated WBP_WorldPrompt_X to automatically remove itself if its associated actor is invalid.
* updated BP_Trigger_ReadyRoom_Master to remove its world prompt if destroyed.
     * updated all child Blueprints to call parents EndPlay.
* updated BP_BriefingRoomDisplay to associate itself with WBP_WorldPromp_SelectInsertionPoint.
* added associated actor checks to WBP_WorldPrompt_X to remove themselves in case assocaited actors fails to.

* FIXED Arms going through sleeves of Undershirt
* FIXED LBT-6094 going through some torso meshes around chest area
* FIXED bad material assigned to Tan goggles
* FIXED optic positioning on rail
    * HoloSight
    * Reflex Large
    * V3_HoloGraphic
    * RedDot Pro
      ACOG 4x32 and 6x48
* FIXED scale on STANAG and PolyMag magazines
* FIXED bad alpha channel causing "squares" in one of the metal hit effects
* FIXED IRStrobe not working (Hopefully)
* FIXED Some bad collision on Storage Facility cave walls
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #8 on: June 22, 2018, 11:22:46 PM »
Steam page is live: Here

"Its been a long time coming, but we have finally reached that elusive milestone. We feel the game is close to being ready for our Early Access launch so its time to let everyone know about Ground Branch. Tell everyone you know about the game and direct them to the store page for information and to join in by following the game and adding it to their wishlist to get all the latest information. We still have about 80 Pre-Order keys left before they are all gone, so lets sell them out! Things are going to start moving a lot faster from here on out.

To all of our supporters, thank you for all you have done to help get us to this point. And those just learning about Ground Branch, welcome and enjoy the ride!"

BlackFoot Studios Team
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #9 on: July 09, 2018, 01:30:25 PM »
1021 TESTING build available

A new build has been released on the Testing Branch. We hope to iterate and fix issues quickly so that we can push it to the Main branch in a few days.

The Testing Branch is available to all users simply by right clicking on the Ground Branch listing in your library and select Properties. Then select Beta and in the dropdown titles 'Select the beta you would like to opt into' select 'testing - GroundBranch testing build'.

You will then get an update and will now see Ground Branch(testing) in your library. You can fo back and forth between builds simply by changing that Opt-In option.

•   First pass at nametags
•   Server admin overhaul
•   Pre-recorded voice/response menu system (temp voice work of course)
o   Default key is N
o   Menu system to allow players to use pre-made voice commands/responses
o   Menu setup and controlled by config files and can be either radial or "step out" style (default)
•   Removed shotguns from AI use for now
•   Config file issues fixed!
•   Win7/8/10 debug file placement sorted
•   Keybindings should properly save and load


Build Id: 2929190

Approx. update Size: 3.5GB

Dedicated Server

Build Id: 2929193

Approx. update Size: 65mb


* Cleaned up cuff area on TacShirt texture update
* SmallTown map
* Cleaned up area along back of building with basement to get rid of bad collision
* Added ladder to 2nd story entry door on back of building with basement
* New vertical grip attachment - Grippon
* Updated baseball hat mesh and materials
* Updated STANAG magazine
* Updated DumpPouch
* Storage Facility
* Art pass on right side tunnel system
* Cleaned up LM size, LOD and collison on various Marketplace assets used in maps
* Updated Boonie Hat
* Sharpened color swatch textures
*Testing new mesh paint plugin for nametags
* Player names will appear on back of platform
* This will be iterated on a bunch
* Added in new A Frame helmets (influenced by Crye Air Frame)
* Added in new Asian Male head
* Added in OKP-7 AK platform reflex sight
* Updated PMag model
* New ICON for Stanag Mag
* Updated pistol Mag pouch mesh/materials
* Updated splash screen (Thanks Scopey!)
* Changed texture LODbias setting for Low texture quality game setting

* attemped to get Steam authentication to properly report player information
* split GBServerManagement class into modular plugin called ZooKeeper
* stores server info under /ServerConfig/<separate ini files>
* automatically creates default ini files if any are missing.
* uses admin groups instead of defining commnads per-admin
* updated all affected C++ and Blueprints
* tested admin, voting, bans and team killing.
* added ban reason to WBP_NetworkFailureOverlay
* removed overridden UGBGameInstance::StartGameInstance()
* added multicast functions to GBGameState to display and update voting on client
* created BP_GameState to implement voting screen & updates.
* removed voting functions and events from GBPlayerController & BP_PlayerController.
* removed stubbs from WBP_LoadingScreen
* fixed players resurrected or send to play area by admin not being counted as &#39;alive&#39; by end round check.
* changed when character appearance/loadout info actors are created for the player controller.
* replaced CharLoadoutString usage with CharLoadout struct to bring it inline with usage of CharAppearance.
* updated all affected C++ and Blueprints.
* added additional stubbs/logging to GBGameState, GBGameMode & GBPlayerController to log when char appearance/loadout infos are not found or created.
* updated BP_InsertionPoint to change auto-validation to manual validation to allow for more precise setup
* removed WBP_Vote redirector
* tweaked sensiivity/response in WBP_RadialMenu
* replaced GBCharacterVoice with a primary asset based GBCharVoiceData.
* created test default VOICE_Default using voice messages from fatmarrow.
* added CharVoiceDataId setting to GBPlayerSettings.
* created simple WBP_NumMenu based off RavenShield PreRecoredMessage menu.
* created basic UserMenu system
* supports built in and user created versions using same name.
* currently supports basic liner num menu - radial to come.
* Title is based off file name.
* setup is based off first line.
* each line defines the text and command for each menu entry, separated by a single comma.
* created GBCharEmoteData based off primary asset.
* created GBInputOverrideInterface for usage with UserWidgets
* allows a user widget to override any input key or input axis, regardless of whether or not it has focus.
* updated GBPlayerController
* added InputOverrideWidget variable
* updated InputKey() to check against InputOverrideWidget via the GBInputOverrideInterface.
* added InputAxis() override to check against InputOverrideWidget via the GBInputOverrideInterface.
* updated WBP_RadialMenu
* removed OnMouseMove
* added GBInputOverrideInterface
* added OverrideInputAxis() Blueprint event for MouseX & MouseY
* changed CancelDistance value.
* changed CursorDeltaTotal clamp.
* updated WBP_NumMenu
* removed need for BP_NumMenuInputHelper (good riddance!)
* added GBInputOverrideInterface
* added OverrideInputKey() Blueprint event for number keys.
* updated WBP_RadialMenu_Entry to use a Index value by default.
* updated WBP_UserMenuManager
* added radial menu support
* temporarily changed BadGuysShotgunner primary from Martial to AK74SU.
* updated UserMenus
* type of menu is now decided by the command used to open the initial menu, rather then a setting in the menu.
* OpenLinearUserMenu - simple old-school numbered menu
* OpenRadialUserMenu - radial style menu
* OpenUserMenu - open menu based on previously used style.
* added named tag support back into GBPlatform using DoN Mesh Painting plugin
* added some additional commenting to GBItem.h for various Blueprint function tootlips.
* updated ZooKeeper plugin
* removed need for individial Init() checks
* replaced TWeakObjectPtr to current World with a GameInstance UPROPERTY() variable instead.
* created ZKSettings to hold list of all commands and so on for the plugin.
* added support to remotely setup the server via a randomly generated password
* greately simplified the maplist to remove reliance on JSon API
* created FZKReplicatedContent struct for use with Server/Client RPC&#39;s
* created UZKAdmin::FillRequest() to return a filled FZKReplicatedContent struct based on a request type.
* removed ShowServerManagerment exec from GBGameViewportClient
* now handlde by remote server setup provided by ZooKeeper plugin
* replaced admin group and commands in AGBPlayerState with simple &#39;bOnDuty&#39; bool
* updated GBPlayerController
* created Get/Set RPC&#39;s for use with remote server setup
* took control of InGameMenu BP_PlayerController
* took control of DeathOverlay from WBP_HUD
* took control of ChatManager from WBP_HUD
* added system to handle full screen widgets focus
* includes priority system so that one full screen widget will maintain focus over another
i.e. chat box will keep focus even when death overlay appears
* handles changing input and focus between UI/Game and flushing pressed keys.
* removed need for Show/HideChatEvent&#39;s
* created WBP_WidgetInter
* created WBP_Admin_Manager
* handles remote admin commands, server settiners and map list for now.
* will add add/remove admin, admin groups next.
* required modifying the WBP_ServerAccess_Manager
* created WBP_Vote
* required due to changes made to WBP_ServerAcess_Manager
* hooked it into the vote drop down menu.
* removed first person spring arm for camera when dead
* old school snappy/jerky death cam here we come.
* updated AGBGameMode::Logout() to forcibly destroy the pawn of a player logging out while in the ready room
* misc fixes/tweaks to ZooKeeper for shipping builds
* updated spawn manager C++ & Blueprint so enable AI spawned in TH to be freeze until after players have unfrozen
* added version checking to GBPlayerInput
* this will automaticall DELETE existing Input.ini file if it is deemed to be out of date.
This should prevent the current issues we&#39;ve been having where people have older Input.ini files
with keys bound to commands that no longer exist.
* created server info board to display server name and motd in-game (deja-vu anyone?)
* removed MOTD from loading screen
* added support for command line ini file overriding for any ZooKeeper
i.e. ServerINI=ServerTwo will read server settings from /ServerConfigs/ServerTwo.ini instead of default /ServerConfigs/Server.ini
* added FZKOnServerSettingsUpdated delegate to ZKServer class
* hooked up GBGameSession to FZKOnServerSettingsUpdated to it servername, MOTD etc will update with out needed to restart the map/server.
* created UGBPlayerInput::SetDefaults()
* ensured it sets the version to the latest version BEFORE saving.
* updated UGBPlayerInput::ValidateInputSettings() to use UGBPlayerInput::SetDefaults() instead of manually clearing and reloading ini.
* updated UGBUIFunctionLibrary::ResetBindsToDefault() to use UGBPlayerInput::SetDefaults() instead of manually clearing and reloading ini.
* made UGBUIFunctionLibrary::SaveBinds() & UGBUIFunctionLibrary::ForcePlayerInputUpdate() two distinct functions.
* updated WBP_Settings_Controls due to C++ changes.
* added proper location for AI loadouts to DirectoriesToAlwaysStageAsNonUFS in DefaultGame.ini
* slighting tweaked unanamed server name created by ZKServer
* created GBGameState Set functions for Server Name & MOTD
* updated GBGameSessions
* moved RegisterServer() call to InitGame() from OnPostMapLoad()
* unbound and removed redundant OnPostMapLoad() function.
* update SetBasicServerDetails() to also update the gamestate if present.
* added elevateplayer to DefaultZooKeeper.ini
* fixed pre recordered voice not playing for local player
* moved ChatMessageManagerWidget creaton from ShowChat() to ClientSetHUD_Implementation().
* changed version number from 1020 to 1021

* FIXED replicated loadouts being applied to locally controlled client causing duplicate head items that would not obey head visibility changes.
* FIXED chat not wokring in non-coop games
* FIXED bad insertion point spawns in TE-SmallTown
* FIXED missing collision on Power Station outide wall
* FIXED crash caused by possible nullptr in GBGameState Teams array if UGameStateInitEvent() is called BEFORE all TeamInfo&#39;s have replicated properly
* FIXED crash caused by possible nullptr duing seamless travel if player is created before the game mode can spawn its PlayerStartManager.
* FIXED misc issued in DonMeshPainting plugin caused by not adhering to Server is Painter model
(our fault, not the plugins)
* FIXED 15x100mm riser not attaching
* FIXED binds not being saved while in main menu
* FIXED missing DEFAULT BINDS button in controls menu.
* FIXED EyeBias not working - point shooting should now be easier.
* FIXED misc left over redirectors
* FIXED bPlayBackgroundSounds config variable ending up in an ini file that is just the &#39;.ini&#39; extension (no actual name)
* FIXED GBPlayerController constructor crash for shipping server build.
* FIXED SmallTown slowdown inside building stairwell

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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #10 on: July 21, 2018, 12:19:04 AM »
1021 Testing Build Update - 2963514

Lots of optimizations and quality of life improvements.

Major known issues
•   Due to aggressive optimizations on Tanker Ship there are some odd visual bugs with large shadows in the distance
•   New signage in Ready Room is temporary. Trying out different ideas other than floating tool tips
•   Storage Facility is in the middle of some structural changes to how the level is built and may exhibit framerate and visual issues with the main tunnel

•   Reworked Ready Room system to address APPLY button crash (should be gone)
•   VOIP is back! 'V' for proximity voice and 'B' for radio usage. still more work to do but its working again.
•   Created TE and DM version of Depot_Compound for games in smaller area
•   Dead bodies and dropped items should now properly disappear over time in TE and DM games that do not have a specified end state
•   Numerous optimizations to rendering and animation that provide performance boosts in all maps and gametypes, but especially in Terrorist Hunt and Tanker Ship day and night maps


Build Id: 2963514

Approx. Size: 1.3GB

Dedicated Server

Build Id: 2963522

Approx. Size: 39mb


* FIXED OKP-7 reticle wrapping around during extreme viewing angles
* FIXED incorrect cyclic rate on MP7, MPX, MP5SD5 and MP5SD6
* fixed toggle hud not resetting.
* fixed prev user menu not being cleaered if opened again
* fixed missing sound classes and attentuations on various sound cues
* fixed end of round screen not having focus in solo TerroristHunt
* fixed dropped items and dead bodies not automatically removing themselves in non-round based game modes
* fixed pickup prompts not being removed if associated dropped item is destoryed while prompt is visible
* fixed incorrect ready room usaged in TE-Maps
* fixed BP_ServerInfOBoard not updating properly (I hope)
* fixed BP_TeamRoom_FillerWall still being visible but non-solid on clients

* Added in ComTac optoin for A-Frame helmet
    * Currently not working... Kris, help!!!!!!!

* Kris helped John get ComTac workign on A-Frame
    * Yay Kris!!!!!!
* Added in new Asian head assets that were missed

* created BP_TeamRoom_FillerWall that will remove itself in team games. Allows us to use 1 RR for all gametypes
* RR setup
    * Created single RR for all gametypes
    * Added customization area
    * Deleted old RR map

* Adjusted lightmap UVs and collision on various meshes for more efficient use
* Adjusted DistanceField values on some SmallTown assets
* Created and/or adjusted LOs for various TankerShip and SmallTown assets
* Optimized particle effects used in TankerShip

* TankerShip
    * Optimizations in lighting, collision and mesh LODs that get significant rendering boost
    * Still need to optimize AI and character usage of space as the majority of the current slowdown comes from that at this point
    * Some light LOD adjustments for interior lights
    * Moved Daytime light optimizations over to night lighting scenario (still more to do)
* Depot map
    * Rebuilt lighting on Production
* Training maps
    * Added Customization area

* updated GBGameState to clear all associated timers when destroyed in the hopes it fixes crash related to timed delayed event call.
* updated GBGameMode to clear all associated timers when destroyed in the hopes it fixes crash related to timed delayed event call.
* updated RBEventSubsystem
    * moved RBEventManager initlisation to its on function - Init()
    * added call to RBEventManager::Init() during module load.
    * split most of the work done by OnWorldCleanup() into dedicated CleanUp() function.
    * bound RBEventManager to PreLoadMap() global delegate that would call new CleanUp() function.
        * Should mean RBEventManager ckeans up on hard map change and streaming map change, for server and clients.
    * removed old editor code created for initial version that was superceded when event were made into objects instead of structs.
* simplified initilisation of RBSurfaceLinkManager
* simplified initilisation of RBZooKeeper

* corrected AGBGameState::EndPlay() calling ADDLISTENER instead of REMOVELISTENER
* corrected AGBReadyRoomStreamer::EndPlay() calling ADDLISTENER instead of REMOVELISTENER
* added RR streamer back to TH-PowerStation
* first pass on GBVOIPManager
    * records local mic
    * sends data using Steam P2P API to other players
    * receives data using Steam P2P from other players
    * creates audio component for each player sending if missing one.
    * adds received data to audio component streamable sound wave que.
    * destroys audio component when audio is no longer being played, player state is invalid or its been X seconds since they last talked.

* added missing include to RBSurfaceLinkModule for shipping builds

* added game mode options MaxDroppedItems & MaxDeadBodies as additional way to limit related actors with larger player counts
    * by default, dropped items and bodies will automatically remove themselves as their previous owner dropps similar items or dies.
    Using the MaxXXX options will force this issue regardless.
* replaced hard coded spectator controls with bindable versions.
* tweaked various attentuations
* updated BP_DestructibleWindowPane_Master
    * fixed destructible component not being reset
    * fixed decals not showing up by replacing them with static mesh components
    * fixed last bullet being blocked when window first shattered
* updated WBP_BoudKey
    * allows you to specify action name or key
    * now has icons specified for nearly every key
* removed redundant VOIP related code from various C++ classes and Blueprints
    * pretty much all handled by VOIPManager object in GBPlayerController now
* updated GBVOIPManager
    * created separate P2P channels for radio & voice
    * made it Blueprintable
    * added attenuation and audio class variables
    * added radio squelch and radio background loop support.
    * added cache for voice buffer to prevent trying to send too much info in one go.
    * added checks to SendVOIPBBuffer() based on radio status, team relationship etc
* updated AGBPlayerController::ClientSendPreRecRadioMessage()
    * uses playerstate instead of character FName
    * routes sound cue through VOIP manager removing need for duplicate code for radio squelches etc.

* updated character and item editor to use in-game location
    * requires placing BP_CharacterEditor_ReferencePoint where you would the character/item to spawn.
* removed all C++ and Blueprint privew world usage
* updated GBCharAppearanceData to ensure skeletam mesh that is created does not update animation or bones unless rendered.
* updated GBPlatform to ensure platform mesh does not update animation or bones unless rendered.
* updated GBClothing to ensure clothing mesh does not update animation or bones unless rendered.
* updated GBCharacter to not update animation or bones of mesh in standalone games unless rendered.
* updated GBItem to ensure all skeletal mesh component saved do not update animation or bones rendered.
    * resaved skeletal mesh based items to ensure they benefit from this change
* updated many static mesh based items to add aggressive max render distance.

* made AGBGameState::SetLightScenarioVisibility() BlueprintCallable
* updated BP_Trigger_CustomiseOperator
    * uses SetLightScenarioVisibility() to toggle lighting scenario if not in the RR
    * calls DisableInput on entering the character editor, leaving the ready room AND leaving the customisation trigger.
* updated WBP_CharacterEditor
    * made sure spawned actors are destroyed on widget destuction
* added character editing area to to Example_Map and rebuilt lighting

* disabled various stubbs related to VOIPManager to log spam

* disabled some warnings related to default loadouts
    * server really doesn't need to no that anyway.
* added ready room check to dropped items to make them disappear quickly if dropped while in ready room
* created BP_LockerNamePlate
    * displays player names based on team/coop/deathmatch
    * attempts to keep the same locker assigned if possible.
    * names will scroll if too long.
* created BP_PrepAreaSign & related widget
    * adapts to coop, team or non-team games.
    * scrolls text
* created BP_OperationsSign & related widget
* created BP_ShootingRangeSign & related widget
* removed world prompts from RR triggers.
* removed old RR drone assets
* removed deprecated BP_ReadyRoom_Team
* removed deprecated BP_PlayArea_Door
* created TE-Depot_Compound based on old Depot_Compound
* created DM-Depot_Compound based on old Depot_Compound

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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #11 on: July 22, 2018, 12:15:06 AM »
Update to yesterday's Testing branch build
21 July - JohnJ

This is mainly a bug fix update to yesterday's Testing branch build that also brings with it many VOIP improvements.

Major Known Issues
•   Still some crashes when using VOIP. Mainly during and after a map change

•   Continued rework of VOIP for better use

Steam Build ID: 2965352
Approx. Size: 589mb

Dedicated Server
Steam Build ID: 2965356
Approx. Size: 93mb


* FIXED Male 04 head protruding through balaclava
* FIXED missing icon for Male 04
* fixed zoom in character & item editors
* FIXED some bad UVs in TacticalVest platform
* FIXED Nameplates on vests now light properly while in shadows

* Removed AN_PVS27 from build (Not ready for use yet)
* Ready Room
    * Performance increases due to ongoing optimizations


* updated GBVOIPManager
    * instead of stopping/starting existing voice audio component, will now remove it if switching between voice/radio
    * adds/removes voice audio component to/from root to absolutely ensure there is no garbage collection while in use.
    * rearranged various pieces of code to work better together.

* split VOIP sound class into VOIP_Radio & VOIP_Voice classes
* updated BP_VOIPManager
    * set voice & radio sound classes
    * setup attentuaion settings
* updated GBPlayerSettings
    * added bToggleVoice variable to give player choice of push to talk or toggle on/off.
    * added bShowVoiceIcon, bShowVoiceMutedIcon & bShowRadioIcon variables to control which VOIP icons are visible.
* updated GBVOIPManager
    * separated radio & voice functions.
    * added support for toggle and push to talk voice.
* updated WBP_Settings_Audio
    * added widgets to set voice toggle & VOIP icons
    * added volume slider to control radio
    * updated test sounds for voice & radio to distinguish between them
* updated WBP_HUD to adjust positoin of VOIP icons
* updated WBP_VOIP_Indicator
    * added voice mute icons
    * added support for voip icon player settings.
* created SoundOcclusion collision trace type
    * defaults to ignore
    * added it to block all, block all dynamic profiles and similar.
    * updated attenuations that had occlusion enabled to use this channel
* updated BP_ChainlinkFence to ignore SoundOcclusion tracetype
* updated BP_Character & BP_VOIPManager to set voice attentuaion tracetype to SoundOcclusion
* updated ReadyRoom
    * set blocking volume naerest to shooting area to block player
    * set exit volume to block sound occlusion to muffle sounds of firing etc.
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #12 on: July 23, 2018, 07:58:57 PM »
Another small Testing branch update

This is a small update with a few fixes and some changes to VOIP as well as a small physics change to help with the character/weapon jitter once dropped or dead. Because its all now client side you may notice some dropped weapons and/or dead bodies are not visually in sync between all clients. This will be fixed once we figure out the best way to do so and still be server side so things are sync'd between clients.

Build Id: 2969461

Approx. Size: 665mb

Dedicated Server
Build Id: 2969466

Approx. Size: 27mb


* FIXED Manufacturer copyright issues with MPX texture and started to add custom labeling
* FIXED missing section of Storage Facility

* Tanker Ship
    * Cleaned up soem more navmesh in non playable areas
    * Added missing collision on main structure wall
    * Production lighting build

* Storage Facility
    * Made some design adjustments to main tunnel to help rendering
    * Setup cull distances for objects in main tunnel area
    * Adjusted distance field settings for a few objects
* Upped lightmap resolution for a few tree types


* enabled debug messages for default kits to see WTF is going on for online servers and Team Elimination

* change voice data from using cues to waves
    * updated affected C++, Blueprints and other assets.
    * removed voice sound cues from P4.
* created GBSoundNodeMasterSlave - "Master Duration" sound node.
    * allows playing two or more sounds together, but ending them all when the master sound ends.
    * using this to replace the need for multiple audio components to support radio squelches & transmission noise
* created A_RadioWrap_Cue & A_VoiceWrap_Cue for use with GBVoipManager
* updated GBVoipManager
    * swapped to using wrap cues, replacing need for multiple audio components for radio based comms.
    * removed voice/radio classes - now part of wrap cues
    * removed BackgroundRadioComponent variables since it is no longer needed.
    * removed attentuaions - now part of wrap cues
    * updated Tick() to only bother attempted to list, send or receive if there is a valid world, game state, playerstate & pawn.
    * replaced VOIPDataMap with VOIPDataList (TMap to TArray) to avoid TMap issues
    * created separate PreRecList for the pre-recorded radio sounds
* added check to GBDroppedItem to tell it to settle the fuck down after 5 seconds if its jittering still
* made dead bodies entirely client side until we sort out a server to client physics issues that make em' wiggle
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #13 on: July 24, 2018, 11:25:43 AM »
Small update to take care of oversight.
GROUND BRANCH - KrisRedbeard

Small update to take care of oversight with client side only dead bodies and more VOIP tweaks.


Build Id: 2970283

Approx. Size: 210mb

Dedicated Server

Build Id: 2970287

Approx. Size: 23mb


* Small Town
    * Adjusted window coverings to fit correctly (Were off a small amount)
    * Added a few fill lights back in to some interiors

* adjusted volumes/attentuations of VOIP wrap cues
    * radio squelches and transmit should be much quieter
    * voice is twice as loud
    * radio is three times as loud.
    * attenuation distance went from 25m to 50m

* changed bodies to handle ragdoll physics on client, but destruction/pooling on server.

* updated GBVOIPManager
    * changed voice audio attachment to setworld location so that changes in character etc are handled correctly.
    * changed MaxVoiceDistanceSquared from 25m squared to 50m squared.
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Re: Ground Branch
« Reply #14 on: July 27, 2018, 01:53:25 PM »
1021 main is live

v1021 is now out of the testing branch and the default branch for Ground Branch. Please see the changelists from the past 1021 Testing builds to see what is new if you haven't been on the Testing branch.

We have also started putting together users guides in the Guides section. First up is how to setup a Dedicated Server.


Build Id: 2970283

Approx. Size: 4gb

Dedicated Server

Build Id: 2970287

Approx. Size: 107mb
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