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D.O.W. Sunday Mission 16/11/14
« on: December 10, 2014, 10:31:37 PM »
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Dogs Of War V.U. comprising of 13 players carried out a co-op mission against the AI Insurgents....What follows is a true account...

D.O.W. Sunday Mission 16/11/14 20:00 GMT


DOW the battle of Fallujah

Mission summary:
On 31 March 2004, four American Blackwater contractors were killed and images of their bodies being burned and mutilated were broadcast on television around the world. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, CENTCOM Commander GEN Abizaid, and Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Ambassador Bremer decided a military response was needed immediately. Fallujah had become a symbol of resistance that dominated international headlines." Enemy insurgents have been building up in Fallujah preparing for a fight. They are ready to die as long as they take a NATO force service member with them."


2. City of Fallujah Map

Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for...Dogs of Wars Company


a) Enemy:

b) Own:
DOW Alpha company, 1 Battalion, 5 Marine Bravo company, Support

DOW's is to plan and conduct an assault into the northern province of Fallujah in order to restore the peace and take back control of Fallujah. Mission is early morning with poor visibility.

DOW's Company will assault north in northern Fallujah, 5 marines will be conducting an assault from the southern sectors of Fallujah.

Intent: Give a statement that defines the purpose of the operation

a) Concept of Operation:
Crew Training in Heavy Armor ( TC and Gunner), PC's will have single crew members (TC or Gunner with AI).

i) Maneuver:
Heavy Armor should set an exterior cordon while Light armor enter Fallujah. Take your time and Do It Right!!

ii) Fires:
All units will have to report arty request according to DOW's SOP, 36 Tubes: HE, Smoke, ICM, Air Strikes, HE + Smoke mix.

must be used from DOW's SOP

CO AAR Description
Battle plan was for 2 M2A2 platoons to screen to the West of the city, have the tank platoons conduct passage of lines and provide a security line for the city. IFV’s then will conduct passage of lines to the West edge of the city and clear West to East with IFV’s and infantry.  Once the southern city is clear, IFV’s will cross to the North and clear East to West in the Northern city.
Clearing in the city became too much for the IVF platoons, and tank support was brought into the city. With the bridge from South to North becoming a bottleneck, Tanks moved into the city in the North from the West.
Units took 3 hits resulting in damage and where recovered to support area, and destroyed units of one Bradley, and two tanks.
Not ideal clearing a town with tanks, but the unit did well, and cleared almost the entire insurgent force out of the town areas.

3. Overall BP Graphics

4. Zoomed in overall plan with units moving into position

5. Enemy force prior to units clearing the city!!! WOW that is a lot of infantry and units!!!

6. IFV platoons setup a screen in front of the armor force.

7. Bradley Screen

8. IFV Platoons set in a over watch on the West side of the city.

9. IFV’s in screen and armor units moving up.

10. Tanks setup a security line after making a passage of lines with the IFV’s.

11. IFVs with the Tanks in background.

12. IFV’s move up conducting passage of lines to prepare to enter the city.

13. IFV’s engaging

14 IFV’s passing the lines of the armor.

15 IFV’s and infantry setup at the edge of the city, and preparing to enter and clear.

16. Clearing and infantry advancement begins.

17. Armor in over watch weapons tight using coax only.

18. First friendly destroyed by RPG.

19. Tanks move in closer to continue support.

20. Bradley gets damaged and requires recovery.

21. Tanks move in to support IFV platoons after two units go down, and continue to move inline east.

22. Tanks move more to the North within the city, and the push continues.

23. Recovery vehicle moving into the city, by a tank clearing city streets.

24. Recovery vehicle in action pulling it out of the action.

25. Asids IFV unit still online, moving methodically block by block, with no vehicle casualties. 

26. Over half of the southern city cleared.

27. Tank units reposition to provide support down the river, and towards the northern city.

28. First tank destroyed by RPG in the city.

29. Southern city almost cleared and pushing North.

30. Second tank destroyed moving up to enter the northern town in the Northwest.

31. Units move to secure bridge crossing after clearing Southern city.

32. Bradley is damaged crossing the bridge into the Northern city.

33. Bridge Blocked! No way across!!!

34. Tanks move in preparing to clear Northern city.

35. Units at the bridge bogged down due to it being blocked by the Bradley.

36. Units converge. No way to cross.

37. Tanks in the North lineup and prepare to enter Northern city.

38. Tank destroyed while entering and clearing Northern city.

39. Recovery arrives to pull damaged vehicle off of bridge.

40. Recovery is busy pulling its second vehicle back to the support area.

41. Recovery in action.

42. Tanks and IFV’s clearing the Northern city.

43. No rest for recovery pulling the third vehicle back to the rear with the gear and even managed a kill on an enemy infantry unit.

DOW(Blue) Victory:


Duration 111 minutes
DOW (Blue):
Total kills (Vehicle): 22
Total Losses (Vehicle): 7
Tanks Lost: 4/35
PC's Lost: 3/24
Trucks Lost: 0/4
Personnel Lost: 75/132

Insurgents (Red):

Total kills (Vehicle): 7
Total Losses (Vehicle): 22
Tanks Lost: 0/0
PC's Lost: 0/0
Trucks Lost: 28/30
Personnel Lost: 352/366

44. End state. Showing reported infantry. This does not mean we eliminated all insurgents…. See below

45. End state showing all enemy. Fog of war removed. The insurgents are hiding in the buildings!!!!

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