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I have DCS installed on a separate HDD, etc etc, and its not recording.

no i cannot move it to my boot hdd.

does this even support it?

Theoretically you can install Tacview on any drive. It is even possible to run it from an USB key. Now, what matters is to have the data exporter installed in the proper DCS World folder.

If you have (re)installed DCS World AFTER Tacview, then you will need to reinstall Tacview (without changing any option of path), to reinstall the data exporter in the proper directory.

DCS World data exporter should be installed automatically somewhere in your “saved games/dcs.*/” folders.

If reinstalling Tacview does not work, please share me your C:\Users\*\Saved Games\DCS\Logs\dcs.log file. It will probably contain the reason of problem.

does it install for the open beta, if not

how can i manually install it?

Yes, Tacview installs the exporter for all editions of DCS World.

In other words, Tacview installs the exporter in all of your Saved Games/DCS.* folders

You can manually install the exporter by following the procedure detailed in the documentation:

Another possibility is that your export.lua file has been corrupted by multiple lua addons, which prevents Tacview exporter from running:


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