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« on: May 06, 2018, 04:09:08 PM »

SWAT 4 is a tactical shooter. The player leads a SWAT tactical element in resolving various situations, such as hostage standoffs or apprehensions of dangerous subjects.

Buy on GOG: Here

Single-player, Multiplayer, COOP



SWAT 4: Gold Edition includes both the base game and its expansion, SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate.
It’s not just about the badge, it’s about the rush.

The adrenaline is always high as you carry on the legendary SWATฎ tradition--leading an elite squad of tactical experts into hard-hitting action that delves deeply into every detail of the experience. In a city rife with armed felons and explosive situations, only the unique skills of your men will do--because when SWAT gets the call, there is no other option.

Enter the tense, gritty, explosive world that is business as usual for SWATฎ. SWAT 4 gives you easy control over advanced strategic and tactical tools. Plan missions. Deploy your team. Take down dangerous criminals. And in the SWAT 4 Expansion Pack, you get additional weaponry, equipment and even greater challenges. It all adds up to a rush so intense, it could only be SWAT.

•   Exploding with action: 21 intense missions in fully-detailed environments.
•   Vast Arsenal: From deadly assault rifles and powerful shotguns to less-than-lethal stun guns.
•   Advantageous Equipment: Variety of tools available to observe, access, and control situations.
•   Play with Others: Numerous CO-OP and competitive multiplayer modes extend replayability.
•   Quick Mission Maker: Create detailed custom missions for yourself and your friends.

To simulate realistic police procedures, SWAT 4 encourages the use of non-lethal force to subdue and arrest subjects rather than incapacitating or killing them. In addition, players must follow strict protocol to ensure proper use of force. Penalties are given for unauthorized use of force, injuries to hostages, officer incapacitation, and personal injury. If a hostage is killed, the mission is automatically deemed a failure. On the higher difficulty levels, more points are required to pass the mission, with 100 being perfect. On the most difficult level, Elite, players need a 95/100 to pass, and will fail for killing even a single suspect, losing more than two team members without committing an infraction, or committing any infraction in addition to being injured.

The player character leads a five-man SWAT element made up of the leader and four other men that are divided into two teams, Red and Blue. The player does not assume direct control over the other officers. However, orders can be issued from an order selection menu, ranging from clearing a room to covering an area and handcuffing a compliant person. Additionally, a video camera is mounted on each police officer's helmet. This allows the leader to see what other members of the element see, and to issue appropriate orders to a team that is in another location.

All missions start with a pre-mission briefing which describes the situation and gives whatever details are available on the suspects or hostages. For some missions, a 911 call is heard, which can give a clue on what to expect, and what equipment should be chosen for that situation. The briefing identifies mission goals, which consists of bringing order to chaos by arresting or neutralizing all suspects, and rescue all hostages or other civilians. Sniper support may also be provided, but the snipers' views are limited to static parts of the map, often covering a single window. Different objectives may include the capture of a specific suspect, finding out the fate of an undercover officer, or defusing explosives. After the briefing, the player can choose equipment for themselves and the other four officers. Some mission maps also provide for multiple entry points.

A perfect score may be gained in a campaign by arresting all suspects and rescuing all civilians, securing all weapons, reporting all status updates, not suffering any losses to the team, and not receiving injury. The missions progress from poorly armed suspects to well-equipped terrorists with weapons such as AKM rifles. Suspects may also obtain gas masks, helmets, and body armor, sometimes given to them by the police during negotiations. Suspects who cannot be arrested or who will not cooperate when verbally challenged must be neutralized according to SWAT protocol.

SWAT 4 uses the concept of authorized and unauthorized use of weapons. Most situations require the officers to give the suspect a warning to give them the chance to surrender. Shooting a suspect that is not posing an immediate threat is considered unauthorized use of force or deadly force, depending on whether the player kills the suspect. A non-compliant suspect that does not point his weapon at another person may not be lawfully shot. A single unauthorized use of force deducts 5 points, while deadly force deducts 10 points—this is in addition to the missed points for not taking suspects alive. Shooting is allowed if the suspect is pointing their weapon at a hostage or a SWAT team member or if they open fire. Suspect reactions to warnings differ—some may attempt to hide and set up an ambush, some immediately surrender, others will flee and some will open fire. Some suspects may also pretend to surrender and open fire or run. Suspects cannot be immobilized; shots to the legs or feet only causes them to limp.

The characters in SWAT 4 are easily injured. Even though all members of the element are equipped with armor, they can be incapacitated quickly. If the player is incapacitated, then the mission ends in failure. Lightly wounded players suffer gameplay penalties depending on injury locations. Leg injuries result in a limp, and arm injuries result in loss of accuracy.


A major factor in SWAT 4 is selecting appropriate equipment to use for the mission. Several firearms are available for use. For most guns, it is possible to choose between standard hollow point ammunition (which is better suited for those enemies in light armor or with no armor as it has good stopping power and can cause the most damage to unarmored targets), and full metal jacket ammunition, which provides better penetration and is advised for use against heavily armored targets. In addition, the player can choose a loadout of less-than-lethal weapons, which do not have the capacity to incapacitate or kill but instead force compliance, and other pieces of tactical equipment. There are two primary weapons that are non-lethal and one secondary. The primary ones are the non-lethal shotgun, which fires beanbags at a high muzzle velocity, which causes disorientation and intense pain, and the "pepperball" gun, which is essentially a heavy duty paintball gun that fires paintballs filled with a chemical irritant. The only available secondary weapon that is not lethal is the Taser. The other piece of non-lethal tactical equipment is pepper spray, which can be carried alongside other tactical equipment: stingers, flashbangs, CS gas, door wedges and the Opti-wand. In the Stetchkov Syndicate, two additional nonlethal weapons are introduced: the less-lethal grenade launcher, which can fire batons, flashbangs, CS gas, and stingers; and the Cobra stun gun, which fires either one or two Taser shots at once or can be used as a contact stun gun.

When playing online, the player has an added protections tab in the equipment selection. The player has to choose between a gas mask or helmet, and thus even the SWAT team can be affected by CS gas if the helmet is selected. When choosing the gas mask, the player's vision is partly blocked and the player's head is more vulnerable. The player must also choose between heavy or light armor.


SWAT 4 also features several multiplayer game modes, all of which are team-based: SWAT versus suspects. The multiplayer modes are:
•   Barricaded Suspects. Teams gain points by arresting or killing members of the other team. The team which hits the score limit first or has the highest score when the round time ends wins.
•   VIP Escort. A random member of the SWAT team is selected to be the VIP. The suspects must arrest the VIP, hold him for two minutes and then execute him. The SWAT team must escort the VIP to an extraction point on the map. If the suspects kill the VIP without holding him for two minutes, SWAT wins. If a SWAT team member kills the VIP, suspects win.
•   Rapid Deployment. Three to five bombs are placed throughout the map. The SWAT team must locate and disable them all within a time limit, if they fail to do so, suspects win.
•   Co-op. This allows the player to play through the single-player missions with up to four other people taking the place of computer-controlled SWAT officers. In the expansion, Co-op can run on custom missions and with up to ten players per game, which can further be split into two completely separate teams (red and blue) with a leader each. This is not similar to single player teams where an element leader controls both teams.
•   Smash & Grab. (Only available on The Stetchkov Syndicate expansion) The suspects must collect the briefcase and take it to the exit before the timer runs out. The officers must stop the suspects from reaching the exit with the briefcase. If a suspect is arrested, 30 seconds are deduced from the game clock, If a suspect is killed or arrested carrying the briefcase, the case stays where it is dropped. Officers cannot pick up the briefcase.

SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate
SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate is an expansion pack for SWAT 4 released on February 28, 2006 in North America and on March 10, 2006 in Europe. The expansion includes seven new missions featuring the fictional Stetchkov crime family.

VoIP capability has been added to multiplayer games, there are seven new missions, two new multiplayer modes, seven new weapons, players may strike suspects or hostages to prompt compliance, which has the same effect as a non-lethal weapon, suspects will now pick up their weapons if they are not swiftly arrested, 10 player co-op with up to two teams of five, stat tracking, ladders and rankings for multiplayer, orders can be held in single player until the leader gives the go command and an option to have only one person issue commands and lead the team.

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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2018, 04:09:41 PM »

SWAT: Elite Force: here
Server Browser Plugin patch: here
Setting up a local server: Open ports 10480 - 10483 TCP/UDP on your router,

SWAT: Elite Force

SWAT: Elite Force is a user-created addon for SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate that adds a large number of new features and custom content to the game.

Eezstreet started work on SEF in 2015, but most of this early work bore little in the way of early features as he learned to develop on SWAT 4's Vengeance Engine. Coming from a Quake 3 background, much of the work seemed easy, but documentation about SWAT 4 modding was spare and hard to find. On top of this, native classes made it difficult to implement much of the features that were wanted.

SEF started to expand rapidly in early 2016, with new team members such as Jose21Crisis, and Rangar, other members of the team, Engi and Sandman332 joined the ranks later on, helping with mapping and other inner-workings.

One of the earliest features to be added was cardiac arrest  , a feature which made tasers much more dangerous. From there, the AI was examined, and cut content was beginning to become restored.

Originally, the mod was designed to be a police training tool, similar to the likes of Canadian Forces: Direct Action. Other mods were influential; Speech Recognition Improvement was borrowed, and the graphic command interface layout was inspired by 11-99 Enhancement's configuration.

Instead of overhauling all of the graphics, the decision was made to keep the original game's aesthetic, and focus on being a simple improvement mod that would be used everywhere.

Main Features
The mod is an overhaul of all aspects of the game, except for the graphics. New pieces of equipment, improved AI, restored cut content, quality of life features, and modern amenities such as widescreen support were added to the game.
•   SWAT 4 and The Stetchkov Syndicate campaigns merged into one "SWAT 4 + TSS" campaign. Like in The Stetchkov Syndicate, missions have equipment that need to be unlocked.
•   Extra Missions campaign, including one new level.
•   All Missions campaign, which allows the player to play any map on their hard drive in singleplayer.
•   Permadeath  options, for extra challenge.
•   Vastly improved officer and suspect AI. Suspects can take on different personalities  , such as "Insane".
•   Traps. Originally a cut feature, traps may appear in several missions (such as Fairfax Residence and Stetchkov Warehouse) and force the player to go around them.
•   Changes to equipment. All equipment now has Weight and Bulk, which affects your movement and use speed. The player can now choose how many magazines they would like to bring on the mission. (The Ammo Bandolier  has been removed)
•   Less Lethal equipment has been changed significantly. Tasers can cause cardiac arrest  if used on the elderly or those in poor health; the Less Lethal Shotgun can kill if used at point blank range. The Pepperball Gun is not nearly as effective, and flashbangs are now potentially lethal pieces of equipment.
•   More equipment. The player now has access to the Riot Helmet  and ProArmor Helmet  , two cut helmets. The SAS Mod has also given permission to add their weapons into the mod, some of these include the MP5K Submachine Gun  and the Browning Hi-Power pistol  .

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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2018, 04:12:28 PM »
I have had some great fun with Beef and Wilso. It is easy to get into.

It is very tactical. No run and gun here  :shooting-two-guns

It can be purchased from GOG at big discounts as it goes on sale  :thumbsup

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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2018, 05:58:46 PM »
Very good idea revive one of these old good  cqb simulators. im going to download the mods and im interested to join some party when you play it.


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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2018, 12:12:17 PM »
It is a great tactical game. It works well in single and multiplayer.

I have had a few games with Beef and Wilso. They were very good  :thumbsup . Planning, stealth, tactics and communication are very important.

We already have a TeamSpeak room dedicated to SWAT4.

Just keep an eye on the forum for announcements. Also let us know if you are playing  :thumbsup

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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #5 on: May 08, 2018, 01:26:07 PM »
We are using V6.4 of the SEF mod because 7.0 is alpha.

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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #6 on: May 13, 2018, 01:06:42 PM »
Great game last night with Beef and Cougar. Tense, immersive and fun  :thumbsup

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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #7 on: June 03, 2018, 07:11:58 PM »
Great fun last night with Beef and Cougar.

Cougar and I did a perfect mission...It was nearly over...Until Cougar shot a civilian  :Wag finger

Beef joined us later. He let off a device to breach a door to close to me.....Ouch,,,


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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #8 on: June 04, 2018, 06:27:23 PM »
Nice, thx for the info, had bought the SWAT 4 on GoG an patched like above mentioned.

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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #9 on: July 23, 2018, 02:41:09 PM »
SWAT 4: Gold Edition

$11.29  $5.64  50%off

Great game in sp & mp

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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #10 on: August 21, 2018, 01:08:31 PM »
SWAT 4: Gold Edition

$11.29  $5.64  50%off

Great game in sp & mp

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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #11 on: March 13, 2019, 11:04:03 AM »
SEF mod updated to V7.3 alpha

Download (86.9MB): here


•   New and altered equipment!
o   Added new weapons: SCAR-H (+3 variants), AKs-74u, MP5K PDW (+1 variant), Glock 18 and Glock 19.
o   Added the ability to take no weapon!
o   Weapons have received visual tweaks: G36K, MP5 (silenced), UMP (silenced), Desert Eagle
o   Gas and pepperballs are now less effective.
•   New commands: Sharing is caring!
o   You can now order your AI-controlled officers to share a piece of equipment with you. These are located in a new submenu, called SHARE >>
o   You can now give your teammate a piece of tactical equipment (lightstick/grenade/wedge/optiwand/pepper spray) by pressing melee at your teammate while you have that item equipped.
o   The INVESTIGATE menu has been spruced up. You can now order your team to either MIRROR FOR TRAPS (replaces CHECK FOR TRAPS), MIRROR FOR CONTACTS, or MIRROR FOR ALL, which combines the two commands, but is slower.
•   New AI behavior!
o   SWAT AI can now be affected by less lethals! There's now a very clear reason why you want to grab a gas mask over helmets for your AI.
o   SWAT AI can now use grenade launcher! When issuing any order which uses grenades, they will use the grenade launcher instead, if it has ammo.
o   SWAT AI, when deploying a wedge, will no longer move out of the way when bumped by a door.
o   Suspects will now try to escape when they are compliant, and the player is not watching. Now it's not only weapons that you need to worry about...
o   Suspects now have a random chance to either investigate or barricade, instead of it being based solely on where the suspect spawns.
•   Upgraded Quick Mission Maker!
o   Have you ever wanted to create your own campaign path? Perhaps with custom levels? Now you can!
o   You can now use custom maps and write your own briefings for the Quick Mission Maker.
o   Additionally, you can create a progression and unlock system for your custom campaign.
o   Refer to the section titled QUICK MISSION MAKER CHANGES for more details.

•   Added new weapons: SCAR-H (+3 variants), AKs-74u, MP5K PDW (+1 variant), Glock 18, Glock 19, No Weapon
•   Implemented new Desert Eagle model
•   Added 2 new armor pieces: Heavy Kevlar Armor (Level IIIA) and Heavy Ceramic Armor (Level IV).
•   You can now order your officers to give you a grenade, lightstick, C2, optiwand, pepper spray or wedge.
•   SWAT AI now uses grenade launchers correctly.
•   SWAT AI can no longer do direct impact damage with grenade launchers.
•   SWAT AI no longer moves out of the way when bumped by a door, if they are deploying a wedge. Note, if they are moving into position to deploy the wedge, they will still move out of the way.
•   You can now issue a DEPLOY WEDGE command on an open door. When used, officers will close the door and then deploy the wedge, instead of having to issue two separate commands. (note, it was possible to have officers wedge doors open when using the Speech Command Interface. This has been fixed.)
•   CHECK FOR TRAPS has been renamed to MIRROR FOR TRAPS and requires an optiwand to be equipped on an officer to use.
•   Both MIRROR FOR TRAPS and MIRROR FOR CONTACTS have had their speed increased by about 20%.
•   Added a new command: MIRROR FOR ALL. This command combines MIRROR FOR TRAPS and MIRROR FOR CONTACTS, but takes about twice as long.
•   Suspects will attempt to escape when compliant and not being watched.
•   Suspect archetypes now dictate the investigate/barricade chance instead of it being dictated by spawn point.
•   Suspects will remain in a barricaded state, even after firing upon a door.
•   Suspects will close doors after firing upon them while in a barricaded state. The time it takes to do this is random.
•   Removed the weapon pickups at the beginning of the Training mission
•   Added two new Weapon Cabinet objects to the beginning of the Training mission. When you use them, you can exchange your weapon for something else. Good for testing all of the weapons easily!
•   Lightsticks will now correct their position when they fall through the geometry. 99% of the time, they won't fall through the floor.
•   After checking a lock, the default command context option will be "Open and Clear"
•   When aiming at an uncompliant civilian or suspect, the default command will change to a DEPLOY command which suits the situation.
•   Added a first person viewmodel FOV slider to Video Settings
•   When opening/clearing or moving/clearing, officers drop lightsticks at their feet instead of at the doorway.
•   Maps have the ability to randomly open or lock doors which were ordinarily closed.
•   In multiplayer, you can modify the amount of suspects and hostages that spawn (check the Advanced tab on Host Game)
•   Added new admin permission, "View IPs". When a role has this permission, it can see player IPs in the WebAdmin interface.
•   Added new admin permission, "Toggle Voting". When this is used, voting can be temporarily disabled.
•   Added new admin permission, "Toggle Player Voting". When this is used, a player's voting rights can be temporarily taken away.
•   When a person logs in as a guest on WebAdmin, their name shows up as "Name (WebGuest)" instead of "Name (WebAdmin)" to better differentiate between admins and guests.
•   Player names show up according to the color of their team in WebAdmin
•   WebAdmin now shows player status (Ready/Not Ready/Not Available/Injured/Healthy/Incapacitated) and shows who is the leader.
•   WebAdmin now shows the current map and server name on the main interface.
•   WebAdmin now displays voting messages, as well as commands that are issued (e.g, "FALL IN") in order to minimize abuse.
•   You can now pull JSON data from WebAdmin. For more information, see the section titled Admin System in the
•   The MP5 now has beefer sound effects when firing in semi-automatic mode.
•   Added the option to disable Ironsights zooming
•   Added a new Controls category, "Multiplayer"
•   Renamed "Zoom" in Controls to "Aim Down Sights/Zoom"
•   Renamed "Melee" in Controls to "Melee/Check Lock/Give Item".
•   Added an entrance selection box to the debriefing menu, so you don't have to sit through an extra loading screen to change the entrance.
•   Added ability for actors to be hidden based on system time/date. Currently only used in one place (there is a Jack-o-Lantern in the Training mission that shows up on Halloween)
•   Added console command: "swapweapon" which opens the weapon cabinet screen
•   All reserved keys are now editable. The "RESERVED" category has been renamed to "NUMBER ROW"
•   Added new keybind, "Melee" (only does melee, won't check locks or give items)
•   Added new keybind, "Check Lock"
•   Added new keybind, "Give Item"
•   Added new keybind, "Drop Lightstick". Added by popular request, it lets you drop lightsticks like the original game did (instead of throwing)
•   Renamed keybind "Use" to "Shout For Compliance/Interact"
•   Added new keybind, "Shout For Compliance" (only shouts, doesn't interact with things)
•   Added new keybind, "Interact" (only interacts, doesn't shout)
•   Added 21:9 resolution options to the menus (2560x1080, 3440x1440, 3840x1600)
•   Removed "Instant Action" from the main menu.
•   Removed "Play Quick Mission" from the main menu.
•   Added option to make a Quick Mission Maker career in the Career menu.
•   Removed gametype selector on Host Game menu. Replaced it with a selector for Quick Mission Maker missions or Missions.
•   Removed CO-OP QMM gamemode (you can still play Quick Missions in CO-OP but the interface makes much more sense and doesn't use a separate gamemode)
•   The chatlog now uses a minimum of 2 digits when showing the day, month, hour, minute, and second.
•   The effects of each grenade are now based on the distance to the affected individual.
•   The suspects loadouts and equipment for each mission has been revised and updated to be more in line with the descriptions of the briefing, as well as featuring some of the new weapons.
•   CS Gas now has a somewhat random effect. Sometimes it might fail to gas someone immediately if they are right next to the grenade. Generally, it works better as the grenade is closer to the person.
•   Pepperball gas cloud radius reduced by 50%. You need to aim closer to the face to get an effect.
•   Pepperball gas cloud update rate changed from 0.6s to 1.0s, so there is sometimes some random lag in the effect occurring.
•   Pepperball effect is random. Sometimes it will take multiple shots to affect someone.
•   Pepperspray cone reduced by 50%, you need to aim closer to people's faces now.
•   Recoil is now affected by arm injuries.
•   Fixed SEF bug: SHOTGUN AND CLEAR and associated actions would not work very well, and sometimes lead to bumping and fighting at entrances.
•   Fixed SEF bug: Melee was not punching people, instead it was checking locks when near a door (you now must always aim at a door in order to trigger the check lock dialogue)
•   Fixed SEF bug: G36K, Suppressed G36K, Silenced MP5, and Silenced UMP were using the wrong texture set
•   Fixed SEF bug: Some voting types (ie voting for map) used the team count instead of the total client count
•   Fixed SEF bug: In WebAdmin, all admins had the same name (it now shows the correct alias)
•   Fixed SEF bug: In WebAdmin, when room names are turned on, the chat color turned white
•   Fixed SEF bug: Flashbang grenade launcher rounds did less direct damage than other round types
•   Fixed SEF bug: Officers would look away from the door when ordered to Mirror Under Door.
•   Fixed SEF bug: Typo in AP ammo description
•   Fixed SEF bug: Wrong tooltip on entry selection on All Missions campaign
•   Fixed SEF bug: Frequent crashes when using the mod in conjunction with the Frosty's Playhouse Snitch mod
•   Fixed SEF bug: Tasing officers with the Cobra Stun Gun melee did not trigger "Tased a fellow officer" penalty.
•   Fixed SEF bug: The Server Setup panel, when used to restart the game, would set the game to be Barricaded Suspects.
•   Fixed SEF bug: Lowready was triggering when the flashlight was on (the vanilla game disables this)
•   Fixed SEF/TSS bug: If the Graphic Command Interface is used, and the EXIT MENU button is disabled, and aiming at a door, nothing would be highlighted (the menu would be broken). This is triggered by bad logic in TSS code but only visible if SEF or another mod is used.
•   Fixed TSS bug: Some buttons and other things have missing text in 1600x900 resolution
•   Fixed TSS bug: The gunshots that play on Northside Vending and Amusements from the laundromat wouldn't play. (They worked in the vanilla game, broken in the expansion)
•   Fixed TSS bug: The gunshots that play on the A-Bomb Nightclub near the entrance wouldn't play. (They worked in the vanilla game, broken in the expansion)
•   Fixed TSS bug: Grenade launchers would do maximum damage at all times, even when fired across long distances, as long as it didn't bounce. It uses new mechanics now to determine the damage.
•   Fixed TSS bug: You can now swap between sniper viewports after a sniper has reported a contact (If "Press Page Up to view sniper viewport" appears), instead of there being a cooldown.
•   Fixed TSS bug: The map list, map name, and map author on the Host Game and Server Setup menus did not display HTML color codes properly.
•   Fixed TSS bug: Highground volumes now work correctly on Victory Imports Auto Center and Meat Barn Restaurant. (config bug not map bug)
•   Fixed TSS bug: Pepperspray cone was reduced when standing still, which made you less likely to hit your target. It's now a constant amount.
•   Fixed TSS bug: Various typos in Food Wall briefing docs refer to Jimenez as "Columbian" and not "Colombian" (thanks to JalapenoPepsi for pointing this out)

Map-Specific Changes
•   Fairfax Residence
•   The front door/garage door may be randomly locked or unlocked.
•   Various doors around the house can be randomly locked/unlocked/open.
•   Food Wall Restaurant
•   Fixed the suspect spawn point in the closet (it was not configured correctly)
•   The back door may be randomly locked or open.
•   The bathrooms and kitchen area door may be randomly locked or open.
•   Victory Imports Auto Garage
•   Fixed highground not working on the roof
•   Red Library Offices
•   Fixed TSS visual glitch where sometimes enemies would wear sunglasses and a gas mask at the same time
•   Suspects can wear hats like the loading screen suggests they're able to
•   Our Sisters of Mercy Hostel
•   Restored objective: Rescue Lionel McArthur
•   Northside Vending and Amusements
•   More enemies spawn on Hard and Elite difficulties.
•   Some doors may be randomly locked or opened.
•   Sellers St. Auditorium
•   Restored a cut 911 call that present, but could not be played due to a designer error
•   Fixed bag of drugs that was spawning through the couch.
•   Restored objective: Neutralize Andrew Norman
•   Department of Agriculture
•   Restored objective: Rescue Rita Winston
•   DuPlessis Diamonds
•   Fixed double doors that were able to be locked
•   Children of Taronne Tenement
•   Now unlocks Glock 18
•   Fresnal St. Station
•   Restored objective: Neutralize Anton Georgiev
•   Old Granite Hotel
•   More suspects and civilians spawn on the first floor.
•   Spawning areas are split up.
•   Meat Barn Restaurant
•   Fixed high ground not working on the entrances
•   Brewer County Courthouse
•   More enemy spawn points (so as to be less predictable)
•   More enemies spawn on Hard and Elite difficulties.
•   Suspects are more likely to wear heavy armor on Hard and Elite difficulties.

Quick Mission Maker Changes
•   IMPORTANT NOTICE: Quick Mission Maker missions are no longer played through the special menu. Instead, you need to make a career for them, through the Career menu.
•   This means that you can use the Permadeath, Career CO-OP, and stat tracking features present for regular campaigns!
•   Quick Missions are now saved in SEF/Content/Scenarios. You can share them with your friends!
•   You can now rearrange the order of the missions within a Quick Mission Maker pack.
•   You can now choose to have missions unlocked one-at-a-time for a Quick Mission Maker pack, or have them all unlocked at the start. (Enable Progression)
•   You can now assign an unlocks system within a Quick Mission Maker pack. (If unlocks are not available for the pack, the New Equipment tab will be disabled)
•   You can now use custom maps in a Quick Mission Maker pack. Custom maps force you to use a custom briefing, and all "Use Campaign Settings" options are disabled, as well as the briefing audio.
•   You can now disable equipment in a pack. For instance, you can have a pack of missions which only has non-lethal weapons.
•   You can now disable the mission briefing audio in a Quick Mission.
•   You can now write custom briefing text for Quick Missions.
•   You can now force level scripts to function like they would in a campaign (note, this may cause instability)
•   You can now allow dispatch audio to work in a Quick Mission.
•   Removed the per-map limits on suspect/civilian counts. (You can now have up to 999 suspects and/or civilians on a map)
•   Added a new objective type: "Rescue as many civilians as possible." This is similar to Rescue All Civilians, but if a suspect downs a hostage, it does not fail the mission.
•   In the Host Game menu, you can now choose to create a Quick Mission Maker rotation as opposed to a regular Mission rotation.
•   NOTE: Any pack-specific properties (progression, unlocks, disabled equipment) do not function unless used in a Career CO-OP game.
•   Notes entry field size increased from 500 to 4000.
•   NOTES tab renamed to TEXT.
•   You can now choose to disable the Timeline, Suspects, and Hostages tabs on the briefing.
•   The level loading screenshot and text will display if you have "Use Campaign Objectives" marked.
•   The INVALID stamp over the briefing will no longer display if you have "Use Campaign Objectives" marked.
•   The INVALID stamp over the timeline will no longer display if you have "Use Campaign Objectives" marked.
•   The INVALID stamp over the Civilians and Suspects portion will no longer display if you have "Use Campaign Settings" for Hostages or Suspects, respectively, checked.

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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #12 on: March 24, 2019, 10:35:50 PM »
SEF mod updated to V7beta 2

Download (93.5MB): here


- Fixed wrong version listed on the mod.
- Fixed invisible Desert Eagle model.
- Fixed Suppressed SCAR-H having the Aimpoint in ironsights.
- Fixed weapons having no recoil while in ironsights.
- Fixed the FAL and AKs-74u's iron sights positioning.
- Tweaked the FAL's stats.
- Fixed Snitch and Survival mod being incompatible with SEF.
- Fixed issue with officers aiming wrong after giving you an item.
- Possibly fixed giving items to other players not working (THIS NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED!!)
- Cleaned up patrol paths on Drug Lab so Stetchkov dudes don't pop out at the start
- AI officers now use pathfinding distance instead of Euclidean distance for CLOSE DOOR, DEPLOY PEPPER SPRAY, DEPLOY TASER, MARK WITH LIGHTSTICK and SHARE commands to determine the closest officer

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Re: SWAT 4
« Reply #13 on: March 24, 2019, 10:36:40 PM »
SWAT 4: Gold Edition

$11.29  $5.64  50%off

Great game in sp & mp

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