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It Lurks Below
« on: April 30, 2018, 12:59:33 PM »

From the maker of Diablo, Diablo II.
It Lurks Below is an action-oriented, survival RPG in a randomly generated world. Fight through the massive underground dungeon, customize your character with random items and find out what evil lurks below.

Homepage: Here
Steam: Here
Official forum: Here
YouTube: Here
Twitch: Here




It Lurks Below is a retro-styled, 2D, action-oriented, survival RPG by David Brevik. Create a custom character and choose from several different classes to delve deep into the mysteries of what evil lurks below. Dig down and explore the randomly generated levels, find random items, and combat deadly monsters to get the answers.

Though this game looks similar to other games in the genre, it plays very differently. It is a true RPG, with many stats and character classes. It is very reminiscent of other games made by David Brevik such as Diablo, Diablo II, Hellgate: London and Marvel Heroes. With six character classes to choose from, randomly generated levels, random stats on items, secret areas, bosses, a survival talent tree and three different play modes, it delivers on a very different and unique gaming experience.

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2018, 01:17:23 PM »
Patch notes for EAv0.4.29a

- The first two Unique item drops are in the game; Mad Berzerker and Blurred Swiftness. They can only drop from bosses and named monsters.
- I added a new monster called the Demon Rider. They are located in the deepest zone of the world.
- When Wisps explode on you, they create mini-wisps. The explosion damage wasn't working. If you kill them before they reach you, they don't.
- Greatly increased the amount of hit points the necro skulls have and gave them a regen. Pathing improvements coming soon.
- Changed carrot seed icons. They looked too similar to cabbage.
- Holy Vial now has a different cooldown on use vs toggle

- Fixed a bug where the unique monsters were not using their unique textures and looked normal, or were riding doggos.
- I think I fixed a crash on exit. I was mishandling the release of the new font texture.
- Removed the word 'plus' from ancient ranking message in tooltip. It used to cost another resource but now it doesn't and I left the word in.
- There were rare instances when Holy Vial was not working. It should work all the time now.
- Ice/Fire percent damage items were not being shown correctly in the UI. They still had their damage applied correct, but not shown.

Previous patch notes: Here

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2018, 01:20:33 PM »
Patch notes for EAv0.4.30a
1 May - Graybeard Games   

- Pressing down ('s') while having the gliding ability will let you fall faster. You will not take damage from falling.
- Some people were accidentally clicking on bank-tabs at the vendor after buying them and selling them back and not expanding their bank. You can no longer sell bank tabs back.
- Changed the message after boss 3 in normal difficulty to give more information about what to do next.
- Changed the portal scroll to reveal all the portal entrances, instead of the first one in your map if you have more than one

- The Wizard's Book of Magic Shield was broken. If you took elemental damage (poison, fire, etc) it would refresh the shield to full. This has been fixed. Wizards no longer invincible. Watch out!
- The Jade Skull of the Third Eye could stun bosses. This has been fixed. I wanted to keep it for enchanters, but it is causing exploits and bugs, including crashes.
- If you used the Great Leveler and slept at the same time, you would take massive damage because you were asleep and falling. This has been fixed.
- Homestones, boss bags and a few other things were trash-able. It could block progress in the game. This has been fixed.
- Removing a crystal from the armor kept the rarity color of the crystal. It should now change back to the right rarity.
- Adding a crystal to a unique armor changed the rarity color. This should not happen anymore.
- Properly named King Berzerker as Mad Berzerker. It was right in the patch notes and wrong in the game.
- Demon Riders in portal areas were being spawned at level 0. They are now correctly leveled.
- Fixed players loading the game with survival points to spend and the green plus not showing up.
- Digging blocks under ghost and wisps (and other flying monsters) made many of them disappear. This has been fixed.
- I think I fixed yet another bug with the unique monsters merging together. This time I mean it. Really. I swear.

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2018, 12:57:39 PM »
Patch notes for EAv0.5.01a
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games

- Changed the way I detect display modes and how many display modes I can handle. Should detect more resolutions than before.
- AI now handles losing a target in a much better way. Should see less erratic behavior post-charming. Please pay attention to AI. This is a big change. Note odd behavior.

- When a doggo had a target, and that target was deleted, there was a chance that the doggo would crash the game. Bad doggo. Bad.
- The new end of demo text message is for the quest dialog, not the screen. It was too big. It has been removed.
- Fixed a bug where Cosmic set items were not displaying the right text. They were displaying Aspire text instead.

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2018, 11:19:41 AM »
Patch notes for EAv0.5.06a
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games

After being away for a few days, there was a lot of debugging of broken games/saves that needed to be done right away.

Key remapping remains my 2nd biggest priority behind crash/save/load bugs.

In theory, I'm going to breathe for a minute in the next few days and make a roadmap.

- I further reduced the number of monsters in the portal entrance.
- Cleaned up the exit from the game if you fail to create a window or can't initialize DirectX to give better debug info.
- The Piercing Piccolo will now break stealth and wake you up from sleep
- You can only continue to rest at 100% in beds
- Doubled the number of entities you can have in the game. Some people had 6000+ torches/platforms (or dirt blocks) and were running out of space.
- Doubled the number of objects that can be drawn on the screen for those giant farms. Don't know how performant it will be, but you can do it.
- Decreased the number of fire particles from torches if the framerate starts to drop too far
- While pressing ALT, item names will now display in their rarity color on the ground
- Okay, step #2 of many to get rebinding keys into the game. I changed the font stuff again. This time, I:
1) Made an outlined font texture instead of doing it with code.
2) Changed the player status to be outlined in the upper right for read-ability
3) Changed the concept of the texture to help with it being more pixel-perfect. It isn't perfect yet, but it should be better.
4) Made a tiny version of the font for the main-bar remapping and added unsual keys to the font (page-up, arrows, etc)
Note: Let me know if I broke the font somewhere with a screenshot. Thanks!

- Fixed an infinite loop bug caused when you used the Violet Eye on one of your own Necro skulls
- There was a typo in the ancient item description about placing it on the main bar
- Fixed a scaling bug at level 50. Your stats should be fixed now.

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #5 on: May 09, 2018, 04:06:39 PM »
Patch notes for EAv0.5.08a
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games

- Key remapping phase 1 is in! You can now remap your keys, but you have to do it through a config file. Check Discord for more info. UI coming in the next few days.
- Tripled the amount of wheat spawned when the world is created
- Moved the hoe recipe unlock from the farm quest to the sleep/eat/seeds quest to prevent people from getting stuck by deleting their hoe before the farm quest
- Spawned mushrooms after the dungeon is recreated.
- Doggos, Squids and other block-destroying monsters will not create block items when they destroy blocks unless it is ore. This should stop filling up your inventory.
- I changed a few of the late block automap colors. Should help with read-ability. Icons coming soon.

- Removed debug code I left in on accident which caused portals to only spawn in the bottom zone. They will now appear in other zones besides the bottom zone.
- Found a bug which prevented unique monsters from spawning in the lower zones. They should be everywhere now

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #6 on: May 24, 2018, 10:37:25 PM »
Patch notes for EAv0.5.24a
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games

BIG update today! Tons of new stuff.

TLDR Overview:



Many classes have had several changes to their ancient items, including brand new ones.
The font has new tech which should render it better
There were changes to the second and third bosses and they should play better now
Many new unique items, including unique crystals
Improved Stats window in your inventory
Some improvements to Nightmare, more to come
Two new item slots (ambient pet, class items)

Overall the game has been tuned much harder in the later levels. Be VERY careful.

Tons of bug fixes, including the infamous double-item bug.

Completed Features:
Remapped hotkeys now display on the hotbar
You can donate items to the vendor that sell for 0 gold
Increased the level difference range that monsters give experience from 5 to 10
Tree saplings can appear in seed bags
Changed the Speed cap to 30 (from 20) and displayed it
Bard song no longer wakes you up from sleeping, but does no damage instead
The bottom zone has new improved wall tiles
Health and recharge bars above the character's head now go above background blocks
Placed shrines on indestructible blocks
Ambient pets now have a slot on the character. Place in the slot to summon, remove to unsummon.
Changed the way magic bonuses are calculated so you should find better random items based on ilevel
Added several new affixes
You now get an ancient item early in the game (right after instant items tutorial quest) as well as level 5, 10, etc
I rescaled hunger in the beginning of the game. You lose hunger at 1/4 the rate until level 4, then 1/2 the rate until level 8
When you pick up gold, it now displays a message saying how much you picked up
New wheat seed graphics
There is a new version of FMOD (sound playing library)
There is a new wand damage type
There is a new wand delivery type

New ilb_config.txt lines:
You can set the hit point bar to always be on (hp_bar 0 [off] or 1 [on])
You can set the mini map to toggle between 3 or toggle between 1 mode (map_mode 0 [all], 1 [overlay], 2 [window], or 3 [corner])

Bug fixes:
The can't pick up double-item bug has been fixed!
The Eye boss had several room layouts for some reason
You could do some swapping and end up with a stack of items in the altar, which was bad
When you died, the mouse cursor and menu location selections were out of sync
Devour tooltip had a typo
Fixed a flicker at the top of the screen, which would create red flashing lines at the top
Pets now fall if you dig the ground beneath them
Coffee berries now have rot and seed tooltips
Two resistance rings do stack, but reports were they didn't
Stacking elemental buff from exceptional items didn't have a tooltip on the buff icon
Wands lost their recharge time and charge counts in the tooltip when they became staves, but they have been found
When digging the rare ore in an area first, it wouldn't unlock the recipe. This meant they never became bars. They were sad.
When converting Aspire armor to Cosmic armor, it would keep the Aspire set bonuses. No longer I say!
Sculpted Dark Cube now looks like it should instead of wood when placed in the world.


Amplified Scream – New ancient item amplifies a damaging scream when you get critically hit

Golden Goblet – Add a regen over time when you drink a potion

Cloak of Shadows - Will now work better. Monsters instantly lose you as a target.
Poisonous Phial – An active skill, shooting many bolts that always poison your enemies

The Violet Eye has changed to The Dazzling Eye
The Dazzling Eye – create a non-attacking pet that wipes your enemy’s minds and they can target it
Mind of Clarity – now gives you a chance to skip using a charge when you shoot instead of an intelligence boost
The Corroding Prism – an activated attack that lowers the resistance of all enemies around you

Ice Skulls -- I've worked on the AI a bit and they should be much better at getting out of the way, moving around, and targeting/attacking things.
Grim Scythe – Instantly do damage all around you and leach life from each target
First One’s Bone – Become a Lich for a few seconds and gain more and more powerful abilities
Soul Collector – Every time you kill, collect a soul. Once you reach 5, a burst of dark magic explodes from you
Undead Heart – Gain amazing abilities as you rank it up, from slow digestion to ???

Magic Shield has been revamped. It will now display on the UI and recharge over time
The Icy Essay – shoot a pair piercing bolts that freeze your enemies around you
The Thunderstorm Text – Send a wave of reflective lightning bolts at the cursor

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #7 on: May 26, 2018, 01:12:53 PM »
Patch notes for EAv0.5.25a
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games

- I forgot to mention that Magic Find has been capped at 100% and is now displayed in the inventory stats window.
- Added the Critical Damage Heal amount to the stats display list
- Execute resets it's stacks every time it executes something

- Rarely, the math could screw up and instead of dealing 500k+ damage, it would heal you. It has been fixed. Now you will die. Horribly.
- Bosses were dropping the wrong crystals in Nightmare, but it has been fixed
- Magic Find was not working properly with the new uniques and should be working now.
- Necro Ice Pets were not taking max health, but just health. I changed the description, but not the code. This is fixed.
- The Corroding Prism had the wrong buff icon when activated.

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #8 on: May 29, 2018, 11:13:51 PM »
Patch notes for EAv0.5.29a
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games

- I've changed the hunger rates for levels (1-3) and (4-7). Instead of 1/4 hunger then 1/2 hunger rates, I've changed it to 1/2 and then normal.
- I've added a message to the game saying you will become more hungry now
- There was some confusion on socket shape and uniques. It is based on ilevel, not area; Bar (1-7), Tri(8-12), Square(13-16), 17+ Diamond.
- Lowered socket shape on square to 15 and made Diamond 16+
- Lowered the drop rates of uniques a bit
- Added clarifying information to the rune upgrade scroll
- I added a better boss attack range check on all the bosses. They shouldn't dig out the world while you are away, or eye-kill you from screens away.
- I changed spray wand damage. Hopefully they will be more useful and not too overpowered.

- Necro skulls (and other status immune monsters) could catch on fire. Though it looked cool, it shouldn't happen. Now it won't.
- At certain ilevels (23-25, 48-50) crystals would roll strange even amounts on their attributes often. This should be fixed.
- Spray Wands could not be upgraded to staves correctly, or rather they wouldn't act correctly. If you made one it should work. New ones will work too.
- Ancient item skills like Firestorm and Grim Scythe were not using elemental damage increases, but should be now.

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #9 on: May 30, 2018, 12:27:51 PM »
Patch notes for EAv0.5.29b
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games

- The Divine Circlet was imbalanced. I originally set the percentages when armor was much lower. I redid armor values and didn't change it. It is now 10/15/20/25%.
- Growth wands have had their stack max reduced to 50
- When you select away from a growth wand, the buff disappears
- Increased the heal per target when using the Grim Scythe to 25/50/100/200.
- Add a visual effect to the Grim Scythe
- Reduced the cooldown on Grim Scythe to 10s
- Decreased damage done by the Grim Scythe slightly to 50/100/250/500 because of the shorter cooldown

- Cloak of Shadows was breaking the eye-spiders from the heart-boss and they would just sit there. Now they move.
- Heart/Eye boss wasn't attacking. Now it feels better and will kill once again.
- Magic shield gave you 50/100/250/500 but it said 50/100/200/400. Now the text says 50/100/250/500 like it should.

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #10 on: May 31, 2018, 12:17:36 PM »
Patch notes for EAv0.5.30a
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games

This will be the last of the mini-bug-fix-patches for a few days. I will be working on a new content update.

- All buffs have been removed and ancient items reset. There was an exploit bug with trashing ancient items and keeping the abilities.

- Fixed a bug that allowed you to keep the buff/stats from an ancient item if you trashed it
- Removed the level-up warning messages for creative (food/item-drops)
- You could read a Time/Space scroll while recalling and end up in a bad place
- When you were placing blocks or buildings, all blocks that were touched while placing had their hit points set to 0 and could be mined in one hit. No idea why I set it to 0. This no longer happens.
- You could duplicate an placeable object (like forge) at the banker, but it has been fixed. It didn't really dupe and would destroy your hotbar slot 0 item.
- When digging, wall torches didn't behave correctly. They would pop off the walls when blocks nearby were dug. They should work well now.
- If you placed your homestone below the dirt layer and reset the world, you could never make a new homestone. This has been fixed.

Patch notes for EAv0.5.30b

- Added Execute to the stats window in the inventory
- Changed the Death Strike text a bit to say 5% chance

- Death Strike wands were broken. They should execute properly now.

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #11 on: July 11, 2018, 08:49:04 PM »
Patch notes for EAv0.7.11a

HUGE update today! My biggest patch yet. There are far too many changes to list here, so please visit Steam or our Discord server for detailed notes.


TLDR Overview:

- Unfortunately, characters have been deleted. There are too many fundamental changes to avoid this.

- Melee combat is now in the game. Some character classes have changed from ranged combat to melee.
- There are two types of melee currently; sword and shield, or dual wield.
- Your character class will stick to using either ranged, sword and shield or dual wield throughout the game.

- There is now an Ancient Bar on your main “hot-bar” panel.
- Only ancient items can go into these slots.
- There are 6 total slots.
- Ancient Items can no longer be activated anywhere but from these locations.
- Players will no longer drop Ancient Items on death.
- Because of the change to the main “hot-bar” key-maps have been reset.

- Ancient Items from other classes will no longer drop.
- There are some ancient items that drop that all classes have access to, but class-specific Ancient Items (from leveling up) will only be available to that class.
- Ancient Items that drop cannot be upgraded still.

- There was a huge performance increase. Many people will see a 2-3x framerate increase. This allowed me to support ultra-wide monitors.

- A fourth boss is lurking below.

- Magic farming is in the game. Grow ore plants, crystal shrubs and gold trees.

Detail of new Features:
- There are a few additional character slots for save files.
- There is a new monster in the lower part of the dungeon. More new monsters soon.
- Recipes now display newest->oldest instead of oldest->newest.
- Invasion monsters create dirt blocks when the blow up
- Scrolls of Blink, experience and acquirement have been removed. Too many abuses and Blink was terrible. Instead there is a new Cleanse scroll that removes status effects.
- Runes upgrades have been moved to the crafting bar instead of having the recipe and using an altar
- There is a new gem shape
- The first armor in Nightmare now exists
- Nightmare difficulty has new level scaling and goes from 20-40 now, preparing for Hell.
- I added a Quick Vault which allows you access to your bank anywhere in the game for 1 minute at any time, including during invasions
- I added a composter which changes an entire stack of crops to compost. I’m not wild about the UI with it, but I will await feedback.
- The refrigerator is in the game. You can store 8 stacks of food/crops/seeds in there and they will never rot.
- The speed of monsters has a small variety now, so stacking should be a bit better, but isn’t fixed. I will be working on a new way to place monsters so they aren’t quite as stacked.
- All unique items start out unidentified now
- I doubled the performance of lighting calculations, then realized I was calling it 100x to much. Calling it the right amount of times now gives most people 2-3x FPS
- The concept of Alchemy is gone. You can make coffee and there is a single Survival node to make health potions.
- The general vendor now sells health potions
- There is a new “jumbo” heal potion
- Green beans have been changed to Black Beans, meaning no more green bean chili.
- When you pick crops, the dirt mounds now stick around. If you had a fertilized dirt mound, it will still be fertilized after you pick the crop.
- Perennial plants (berry bushes, tomatoes, coffee plants, beans, etc) now have a limited number of picks before they are used and don’t respawn. This does not apply to the berry bushes spawned at the beginning of the game. They last forever.
- I was calculating Unique item stats incorrectly. They are now much more in line with crafted items.

Class changes:
- Bard is now sword and shield. They have a few new/changed ancient items including a new AoE.
- Cleric has the Goblet removed and a new Endless Elixir
- Rogue plays very differently. They now create stacks of Deep Wounds and the other ancients use these Deep Wound Stacks to power the abilities. They are now dual wield.
- The Violet eye now places an eye at your mouse-cursor

- Double tree bug is fixed!
- You can no longer reset the world with a time/space scroll while an invasion is going on
- Illuminating blocks in the bottom layer weren’t lighting the monsters correctly. Now they won’t pop as much
- Crystals should be the right rarity out of crystal nodes

There is probably more, but I can't think of everything right now -- need to fix an invasion bug asap

Patch notes for EAv0.7.11b Bugs:

- Fixed a bug where I left invasions at 100%. Bad Dave. Bad.

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #12 on: July 12, 2018, 10:37:37 AM »
Patch notes for EAv0.7.11c
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games

- It wasn't clear that the new recall button ('t') was back to homestone only, so I changed the text

- Fixed a bug where low-level affixes could generate negative numbers and appear to not have stats (I only display positive). The minimum is now 1.
- If you brought up the ESC menu and didn't have anything selected, pressing Enter would remove the menu and keep the game paused. No longer!
- Quick Vault could be picked up and then it broke in a variety of ways. It can no longer be picked up once placed.
- The bard (and other) ancient item vfx weren't initializing properly after load, but they are now. Long live the notes!
- I forgot to save food in the refrigerator to your save file. The food will now be there when you log back in... *facepalm*
- The fourth boss wasn't checking if the player was in range to attack and was attacking all the time, even when you were on the surface.
- One description said "dual swords and shield" but it now just says "dual swords". The shield was a lie.
- Ultra rare melee weapons had the wrong names. I changed it so they have appropriate names and different names for dual wield vs. sword and shield.
- The crafting panel displayed the wrong stats for starting swords. It didn't scale the numbers, but it crafted okay. Now it shows the correct numbers.

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #13 on: July 13, 2018, 11:55:49 AM »
Patch notes for EAv0.7.12a
13 July

- I forgot to finish adding the Ancient Item: Cauterize and set it to drop. It should now be working.
- Increased the survival rank cap from 25 to 35. You should be able to get everything now.
- The Ancient Tome of Fire has its buff icon updated

- Verdant armor recipes had two helms and no boots. This has been corrected. There are now boots and a helm.
- Meat was left off the list of okay items for the fridge. Despite vegetarian protests, meat can now go in there.
- Crystal plants (and crystals in general) were the wrong shape in nightmare difficulty. They are now all the shapes, which will make nightmare harder since there isn't all the armor yet.
- You could not pick up refrigerators or composters off the ground, but through the miracle of science, you now can.
- Refrigerators and composters refused to be trashed and become part of the void landfill problem. But they realized it was a void and are okay with being trashed now.
- When you learned a new recipe it said, "View it by pressing 'e'" instead of 'p' (crafting panel). This was confusing since 'e' did nothing at that time. People were stymied and never crafted again.
- Grit to Armor was being calculated in the wrong place and armor percent wasn't applying. This has been fixed.
- Elite/named monsters were spawning with their normal hit points instead of elite hit points, but scaling their max. This is fixed, but the world has to be new for it to work. Old elites will be weak.
- Fixed a long standing bug where you could sell a duplicate ancient item and eventually gain a double buff. Woosh -- tough one, but fixed!

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Re: It Lurks Below
« Reply #14 on: July 14, 2018, 02:09:30 PM »
Patch notes for EAv0.7.13a
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games

- Players now have a passive class buff. Just the bard and rogue are starting with them for now.
- Bard Passive: Double Jump, 20% Magic Elemental Damage increase
- Rogue: Double Jump, 50% of hits generate Deep Wounds, and 20% Poison Elemental Damage increase
- From above, obviously rogue has changed. Deep wounds no longer come from the cloak and critical hits, but now just happen from attacking.
- Deep Wounds provides 1% critical hit per stack
- The bard BPAoEs have been changed to damage type of magic
- Magic damage percentage increases can now appear on items as a random affix
- Magic damage percentage is now displayed in your inventory stats panel
- Bard Ukulele damage has been increased to 100/150/200/250% of Attack Power
- I greatly decreased the amount of damage that the doggos do when they have riders. The were balanced before melee.

- Crystal crops were using the wrong stats when choosing what type of plant to generate. They should be working and Ultra-rare and Unique crystals are possible.
- In the strangest bug of all time category: If you quit to main menu and went back into the game 8 times, it would crash. It has been fixed.
- If you opened up the shop and the fridge at the same time, bad things happened. Bad things. Now they close each other if one is open.
- Crystal crops were not leaving dirt mounds after harvesting, but they do now.

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