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Author Topic: LIF:MMO (Dev News #99) ABA - ‘Ask Bobik Anything’ Sess & Comp Server Ideas  (Read 407 times)

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(Dev News #99) ABA - ‘Ask Bobik Anything’ Session & Competitive Server Ideas

Hey, Feudalists!

As we mentioned before, the whole week our team has been busy working on the upcoming May patch. Nonetheless, we have some interesting news to share with you!

Last weekend we had an AMA session, kindly organized by active Avalon community members, and hosted by Dale.

Bobik and the community members have discussed various topics concerning Avalon and the MMO in global, including LiF world economy development, plans on sieges, JH safe zones, IB, new regions and more. Thanks to all of you who were watching us, and if any of you missed the stream — you can take a peek at the recording here . This was a really productive session, and we are planning to organize a more globally focused AMA in the near future. Stay tuned in order to not miss the questionnaire announcement.

During the AMA, Bobik came with an interesting idea for creating new round-based PvP servers with very fast progression for competitive players. Have a look at the full description and take the poll here, and let us know what you think!

Starting this week we have a new Epleland GM — meet Paul (Brother). Hit him up if you come across any issues on Epleland, or feel like discussing any role play activities.

Lastly, for the merchandise lovers among you, we have some great news! There’s an awesome deal going on Brightlocker right now — receive God's Favor for selected purchases.

"Life is always a little better with something on the side. Burgers come with fries. Quests come with experience points. And now all our exclusive Life is Feudal items, like chainmail T-shirts, leather belts and replica shields, come with FREE God's Favor.

God's Favor is the currency of the Life is Feudal realm, and is used to buy skill boosters, consumable items and unique skins. Also goes great with ketchup." - Brightlocker

— The team

P.S. Just literally one hour ago we've finished the game design meeting where an unpolished idea has come up to interconnect that competitive PvP world with the current worlds with a free character world migrate system and a separate trading system (seaport with an import/export). Our idea is to make vanilla servers a more secure "green zone" - still with PvP, full loot and ganks but with a significantly fewer assets destruction and griefing. A place for sheep to strive and have their fun with more forgiving PvP. While new PvP competitive worlds will be a total "red zone" with a PvP to the max.
At the same time both "zones" will depend on certain new resources to trade with each other (spices produced on those controllable farms? :) ). Thus a really good guild in order to be successful will be interested to have both strong wolves and sheep as backup on both continents.

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