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T.A.N.K.S. Multiplayer 15/11/14
« on: December 10, 2014, 10:29:22 PM »
T.A.N.K.S. mission 15/11/14

Defense of Fulda

Mission summary:
The red horde has finally crossed the border. They have swept past all the boarder defense stations, and it is your job to hold at all costs. TF Yankee is all alone, outnumbered, and the last hope before the Red Army pushes through the lines. Hold the line, stay alive if possible, and if not die honorably.

Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for... TF Yankee 1-67AR 1AD

   a) Enemy:
   132nd Motorized Rifle Regiment Heavy consisting of T-72M up to modern T-90 tanks, and BMP-2, with Hind close air support has launched a surprise attack, and is attacking through sector.

   b) Own:
   TF Yankee of 1-67AR 1AD consisting of 3 Platoons of M1A2SEP, 1 Platoon of M3A2ODS, 1 Platoon of 1025 Hummwv recon, and support units in the defense.

   c) Attachments and detachments: Support units 2 batteries of M109 artillery, 2 MRV's, a FO ITV, and 1 air defense unit. Air support will be available for emergency (-200pts).

TF Yankee 1-67AR 1AD is to defend Fulda Gap at all costs till re-enforcements can arrive or enemy has been stopped or neutralized.

TF Yankee 1-67AR 1AD

Intent: TF Yankee will defend from the high ground, maximizing firepower, and defensive positions, with the help of blocking and disruption obstacles.
   a) Concept of Operation:
   Designed by player.
      i) Maneuver:
      Designed by player.
      ii) Fires:
      2 Batteries of M109 12 total tubes on map only. 2 close air supports if needed from off map.

      iii) Additional assets:
      1 Tunguska air defense unit. 1 AH-64 Apache on Trigger #1 cost 200 victory points.

** Notes **
SB Version: 3.011
Mission Name: Defense of Fulda By Cougar11
Multi-Crew: Yes
Single Crew: Yes
Mission Duration: 90 mins approx
Date:  Saturday 15/11/14 
Time: 20:00 GMT
Teamspeak Download (windows):
Teamspeak  IP: , Port 9987
Room: Dogs of War
Player Vehicles:
M1A2Sep within Steel Beasts

M3A2(ODS) within Steel Beasts

M1025 HUMMWV within Steel Beasts

If you need Port forwarding or ANY help then please come early

You can just listen if you wish by using Teamspeak. You do NOT need Steel Beasts.
Teamspeak Download (windows):
Teamspeak  IP: , Port 9987

You can watch it live.  You do NOT need Steel Beasts. Stay tuned....

All Welcome
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