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Author Topic: Dynamic Weather (1.3.24095) – Now Available In Flight Sim World  (Read 3658 times)

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Dynamic Weather (1.3.24095) – Now Available In Flight Sim World
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Today marks the release of a feature we’re excited to see in Flight Sim World. Dynamic Weather v1 is a new weather setting that reads data from weather stations across the world and determining the conditions from METAR strings. If you want a more detailed break down in how it works then check out Stephen Hood’s post about Dynamic Weather here.

How do I enable Dynamic Weather?
Go into the Free Flight menu, you will find Dynamic Weather under the weather settings tab.

Is Dynamic Weather finished?
No, with version 1.0 of Dynamic Weather, the conditions develop around you and are not visible from a distance. You can see the weather developing, but there are no weather fronts. V1 has been about preparing the FSW engine and our Advanced Weather engine powers by trueSKY for the implementation of Live Weather. Our goal is to visualize multiple weather types in the same session, so we can have foreboding weather fronts for you to try to avoid.

Let us know what you think about the implementation of Dynamic Weather in Flight Sim World.
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