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Community Update v1.0.16555 Out Now

Earlier this week we mentioned a planned quality of life update that was meant to address the following issues:
•   Addressing brightness issues on runways
•   Improved lighting on autogen buildings and AI aircraft
•   Improving lighting on the horizon
•   Translation fixes in the UI for German & French
•   Music tickbox is now ticked when music slider at 0
•   Quitting a lesson now returns to lesson screen
•   Disabled state option implemented in repeat dropdown in Key Assign Panel
•   Livery of the aircraft in Scud Runner mission changed to reflect UI
•   Heavily revised audio for both PA34 and PA46
•   Momentum effect applied to all aircraft default cockpit views

It's a 48MB update that should download automatically. From this point onward if you submit a bug report and you've updated, please use the latest version number: v1.0.16555.

Community Update V2 Now Live

Our second community update has now been cleared for take-off! The update is approximately 205 MB, and should download automatically once you have opened Steam. Here is a quick reminder of what to expect this week:

PA-18 Super Cub
•   Airspeed indicator calibration has been corrected
•   Reconfigured instrument panel to improve eye-line
•   Contact point adjustments to improve tire/ground contact

PA-28 Cherokee
•   Starter torque has been increased to aid cold starts
•   Airspeed indicator calibration has been corrected
•   Contact point adjustments to improve tire/ground contact
•   Optimizations across cockpit instrument selection models

PA-34 Seneca
•   Contact point adjustments to improve tire/ground contact
•   Attitude functionality improvements
•   Optimizations across cockpit instrument selection models

PA-46 Malibu Mirage
•   Annunciator PROP HEAT functionality corrected along with two overhead switches
•   External glass visibility improved
•   Fixed compass/dial/VOR gauge functionalities

•   G100- functionality improvements
•   Corrected tooltips
•   Optimizations across cockpit instrument selection models

•   Optimizations across cockpit instrument selection models

All aircraft
•   Gauge highlights now functional across all aircraft.
•   Additionally, we have implemented logic improvements across aircraft auto-pilot systems.

Additional Fixes
•   Addressed erroneous paths in Pro Mission editor startup
•   Fix crash related to use of Sidewinder 2 joysticks. Please note force feedback has been disabled for these joysticks.
•   ATC can now be closed with the hotkey.
•   Comms widget is now auto-closed if it doesn’t contain tabs.
•   Server name and password dialogues now sort correctly with flight planner in Multiplayer mode
•   Various localization fixes
•   Various crash fixes

We have had to delay a performance improvement for players using full screen and multi-monitor set ups due to the need for further testing. You can, however, expect to see it in a future update.

If you experience any issues, please contact the support team at

We look forward to hearing about what you think about this update. Thanks again to all of you who have been working with us to make Flight Sim World better!

Community Update v3 Live
Flight Sim World - DTG Cryss

We've just launched our next update to Flight Sim World, which is all about bringing the community together. Since launch you’ve had access to the Pro Mission Editor and we’re eager to see the content you’ve been creating for FSW.

Community Update v3 will bring Steam Workshop functionality into the simulator, allowing you to share your creations with your friends and the wider community.

Steam Workshop

•   Players can publish missions to Steam Workshop from the mission editor for others to play.
•   Players can browse for, subscribe to and play Steam Workshop missions created by others.

Even if you’re not interested in creating content, you’ll hopefully find some challenging missions to attempt. Whether you’re creating missions and want some feedback or want to give credit to a creator who pulled off something special then check our new Workshop sub-forum.


Next up is an update that even die-hard free flyers can enjoy, there’s an significant update to how the engine handles lighting:

•   Revision to light-scattering model.
•   Rebalancing terrain lighting across the scene and further reducing areas of high brightness

Admittedly it’s a little difficult to explain in bullet points, so we’ve got a few visual aids that show off what we’ve been getting up to.

Let us know what you think of the changes on your next flight.


•   Localisation fixes across the title.

We’re eager to see what you’ve been cooking up in the Pro Mission Editor. If you’re a trying to get to grips with it, then check out this tutorial where Jason walks you through creating content for Flight Sim World.

Community Update v4 Coming This Week!

The flood gates are open and you can get your hands on our 4th Flight Sim World Community Update. We've focused on the aircraft, fixing some significant bugs (including instant mission failures) and upgrading the Workshop by allowing you to share flight plans with other simmers.

Added to Community Update 4

•   Improved performance in full screen mode for those of you running multiple monitor setups.

There's also one change that went into update 3 that we forgot to mention, which is the ability to change aircraft mid flight. So if you press escape, then head to the flight planner you should be able to switch aircraft and pick up where you left off.

Read on for the full change log:

Steam Workshop

•   You can now publish your flight plans to Steam Workshop for others to use.
•   You can also browse for, subscribe to, and use Steam Workshop flight plans created by others.


•   Tuned audio to make the engine sound more powerful at high throttle and more fluid when changing engine speed.
•   Interior visually enhanced
•   The panel light switch functionality improved
•   "TERR" GPS button is now labelled correctly
•   Exterior lights are now toggleable with CTRL+L

PA-34 Seneca

•   LOD improvements
•   Target altitude is now able to be set on the Primary Flight Display and autopilot.
•   Brake functionality improved
•   Altimeter hold and altitude can now be set
•   UI – ALT now works as well as the dial +- and scroll mouse
•   Yaw switch functionality improved

PA-28 Cherokee

•   Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) gauge functionality improved
•   Landing light can now function independently
•   COMM NAV knob selectibility improved

PA-18 Super Cub

•   Fuel tank selector now defaults to “on”
•   Added light to Transponder

PA-46 Malibu Mirage

•   Mag and Battery switches now enabled
•   Overhead panel switches are now selectable
•   GSI added to Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)
•   GNS530 range button functionality improved - Buttons can be left clicked for function or mouse wheel can be used on the centre part of the button.


•   Ambient cockpit animations added
•   G1000 RPM reading functionality improved
•   Ground contact points improved
•   NAV2 standby functionality improved
•   Flood light knob functionality improved
•   G1000 speed references now mirror the backup ASI

DA42 Twin Star

•   Ambient cockpit animations added
•   Flood light knob functionality improved

Additional improvements

•   AI PA-18 no longer bounces
•   Ice effects added to PA-18 for “Icing Condition” mission
•   Fixed a bug which caused instant failure on lessons LAPL 2, 3 & 5 and PPL 1
•   Background engine sound now stops after you crash

We'd like to thank everyone for their contributions throughout Early Access in shaping the future of Flight Sim World. If you've come across any bugs then please submit a bug reporting form or for any other issues contact us through Kayako.

Community Update 5 (1.0.18269.0) Is Live

The fifth community update is now available for Flight Sim World. This update focuses on improvements relating to the RV-7 interior lighting, as well as the Pro Mission Tool and Steam Workshop functionality.

The full change log is below:

•   Cockpit lighting rebalancing resulting in improved point light positioning for both ambient and flood effects
•   Autopilot HDR value has been refined
•   Cabin floodlight functionality improved- panel and gauge lights can now be separately toggled

Pro Mission Editor
•   Fixed crash when using the wizard to create missions from a flight plan
•   Mission Editor manual now included

•   Workshop missions now display the same name and description details in the sim as they do on the Steam client
•   Workshop missions will now display a default thumbnail if the author has not specified one


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