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Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare
« on: February 07, 2018, 04:07:52 PM »

A new type of first-person shooter combined with strategy game and RPG elements. Raise money, build an army, manage towns, wage wars and conquer the world with fine marksmanship and elaborate strategies.

Official Website: Here
Steam: Here
Official forum: Here
YouTube Channel: Here


Steam trailer


Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is set in a chaos filled world occupied by battling factions, bandits and warlords who seek to rule the world.

The game is about your career as a faction leader: Start with minimal assets, you need to make money, build an army, wage wars against other factions and eliminate your rival forces with thoughtful strategies and fine marksmanship and eventually conquer the world. The game provides a completely different shooter experience which strikes a balance between intense first-person action and general strategy.

The game's innovative combat system blends tactical FPS with real-time strategy, allowing you to command an army, plan for tactics in the God view, while immersing in the intense firefight as a foot soldier, in the first person perspective.


•   FPS meets Sandbox Strategy Game
Start your career with almost nothing, you must make money, recruit soldiers, loot villages, fight bandits, attack territories and dominate the world. The game is a combination of challenging action and a wider strategic theater.

•   Shooter and Real-Time Strategy
Experience the unique combat system which blends real-time strategy with tactical first-person shooter. You are expected to strategically plan the movements and tactics of multiple squads in addition to having to be an eagle-eyed sharpshooter and possessing catlike reactions.

•   Realistic Combat Simulation
The game is about realism. Killing 100 enemies with only a pistol is not possible. You will be challenged by highly intelligent AI that is capable of advanced tactical maneuvers such as flanking, surrounding and even fake retreating, almost like what you would experience in real combat. Only carefully planned tactics, equipment and cooperation between squads can bring you victory. Are you up to the challenge?

•   High Re-playability
The random nature of starting points, enemy AI and objectives will make every battle feel different and challenging. There is no linear gameplay: You have the freedom to decide how to progress in the game, who to fight, what equipment and squads to use and how to dominate the world.

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Re: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2018, 04:10:22 PM »
Freeman Guerrilla Warfare game intro

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Gameplay#1 Siege

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare trailer

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Re: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2018, 12:38:29 PM »
This Early Access FPS mixes Mount Blade with modern combat, plus a bit of RTS
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

I know Mount & Blade fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival (and even the announcement of the date of the arrival) of Bannerlord, and probably entertaining thoughts of Kingdom Come: Deliverance in the meantime. But for another quick fix, you may want to keep your eye on Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare, now in Early Access on Steam. While it's a modern combat game with guns and grenades instead of horses and swords, it's still extremely Mount & Bladey. It's, like, waaaaay Mount & Bladey.

Having played a lot of M&B myself, Freeman feels immediately familiar. When I begin playing, the simple world map shows towns and roads, and I wander around represented by a single soldier with a little number next to me displaying the size of my hired forces (currently 10, made up of two squads). Other factions, plus groups of bandits and looters, stroll around the map too, though not entirely in real time: when I stop moving, they stop as well. As in M&B, you can visit towns to trade, recruit, rest (in this case, by visiting a hospital to heal), or to attempt a hostile takeover.

I start by allocating my starting skill points into abilities like leadership, accuracy, weapon expertise, and first aid (this is the RPG part of the game). A quick scan of the map shows no bandit gangs that look small enough for me to tackle with my small band of fighters, so I avoid conflict while shuffling back and forth between towns, having found a merchant that will overpay for tea and another that will pay a lot for 'garbage.'

I don't know why this merchant wants garbage so badly that he'll pay extra for it (or even pay anything for it, since it's garbage), but I buy some garbage for cheap and sell it for a profit. Yes, my adventure is off to a stirring and heroic start.

Eventually I've made enough money selling trash to hire a third squad, so with 15 mercs now following me I go out looking for trouble. Getting into combat is similar to M&B, too: just walk up to another force and tell them you're going to kill them. It even has that same semi-weird element from Mount & Blade, where you apparently have a face-to-face conversation with an enemy, and once you've both agreed to kill each other on the overworld map you are suddenly miles apart on the combat map.

When it comes to the first-person combat, for me at least, Freeman immediately turns into a game of PUBG.

In Freeman's combat, you've got a bit of real-time strategy, too. You begin by deploying your squads on a 2D version of the map, and at any point during the first-person combat you can visit this map to direct your squads in real time. It's done very simply, by selecting a squad and setting up a waypoint by double clicking a spot on the map. You can easily drag waypoints around, add additional ones, and quickly remove them if your plans have changed. When you close the map you're running around in first-person mode again. You can issue orders to follow, proceed with caution, charge, and retreat as well.

When it comes to the first-person combat, for me at least, Freeman immediately turns into a game of PUBG. People with better weapons than I have are shooting at me from way across the map and I can barely see them. Luckily, my own squads have the same sharp AI vision and I can just sort of look where they're aiming until I spot the enemy. The game is also very good at helping you know where your shots are going with little dirt-puffs visible even from quite a long distance. My main issue currently is I don't have a scoped weapon, and they're very expensive in the shops. I will have to haul so much garbage before I can afford one.

I manage to win a couple of early battles against bandit gangs that are about my size. When the battle is over, I collect a random smattering of loot—food, linen, grenades, ammo, and other odds and ends that can be collected and sold—though unfortunately no guns. I hire yet another small group of mercs, bringing my squad count up to four, though I only have enough skill points to command three squads at a time. They can come with me, but can't actually do any fighting until I level myself up or one of my other squads gets wiped out.

We keep winning our battles, though I'm not really doing much to help besides directing traffic, and each fight costs me a few men (they can be replaced with money) and I need to heal (more money) and buy more ammo and food (money). As a result, I'm just kind of treading water when it comes to proving myself a capable warlord. There don't seem to be proper missions in the game yet: the goal is to capture and hold ten towns, but each time I run into a friendly faction and ask them for some task to do, they just sort of shrug. I will keep selling garbage and spending my trashbucks on more men, then.

Eventually, the thing that always happens to me in M&B happens to me in Freeman: I get overtaken by a massively tough patrol on the overland map, I don't have enough cash to bribe them to leave me alone, and in combat all my men get brutally slaughtered. I escape—even if you're shot down in combat, you never really die—but I have no money, no recruits, and little recourse but to start at the bottom rung of the warlord ladder again, meekly buying and selling garbage and tea.

Freeman, according to its Steam page, will spend most of the year in Early Access. I'm having a good time with it, though without missions it feels barebones and without smaller groups of bandits to feed on in the early game the odds are stacked against the player. The fact that it mimics Mount & Blade in so many respects is a big plus for me personally, though honestly after playing Freeman, the thing I want to do more than anything at the moment is go play Mount & Blade again instead.

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Re: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2018, 12:39:49 PM »
Version 0.110 Uploaded
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - KK Game Studio

Patch Notes
1. Basic weapon customization(Attach scopes. More options will come in future updates)
2. Loot more guns
3. Rebind key of squad selection
4. Default key of quick save and quick load are changed to F9 and F12 to avoid conflict with default squad selection keys.
5. Reduced the auto combat casualties.
6. Bound map scrolling keys to the character movement keys.
7. Uman bandits grenades instant kill bug fixed.

Got slaughtered by Uman terrorists' grenade bombardment? It is time to put on the optics and revenge! For the next few updates, we will work on bug fixing, balancing, ability to hire/capture other faction's unit and maybe simple missions.

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Re: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare
« Reply #4 on: February 10, 2018, 12:34:41 PM »
Patch v0.111 Uploaded
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - KK Game Studio

Change Notes:
1. Bug Fix: Gun jam
2. Bug Fix: City menu pop up during the combat and can’t be closed
3. Bug Fix: Inventory text overlapping
4. Bug Fix: Keybinding menu can’t scroll down
5. Bug Fix: RPG won’t explode
6. Bug Fix: Empty hand when reloading RPG
7. Bug Fix: Cannot enter Gorinka
8. Bug Fix: Fall through terrain when leaving the battlefield
9. Bug Fix: Offset Scopes(AR41)
10. Difficulty slider will also influence damage taken by friendly units
11. Fire Mode indicator

Some of the suggestions/bug reports may be missed because we are still improving our bug reporting workflow. If you got any serious problem with the game(Crash, unable to start, etc) and need immediate assistance please join our discord and contact our moderators or staff.

Have a good day!

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Re: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2018, 02:27:51 PM »
Version 0.112 Uploaded
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - KK Game Studio

Change Notes
1. You can now take prisoners from a battle and try to convince them to join your side.
2. You can hire faction troops in towns.
3. Added Vsync options in the settings window.
4. Added silencers.
5. Better ACOG scope.
6. Reduced footstep sound
7. Bug Fix: Retreating enemies sit on the ground bug

The next update is probably going to be a bug fixing patch. Thanks for your support!

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Re: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare
« Reply #6 on: February 18, 2018, 08:36:21 PM »
Update V0.120 Day/Night Cycle and Weather System

Hi everyone,

Freeman is now updated with a day/night cycle and weather system. Immersion is significantly increased when you can see the sunrise, sunset and the night sky full of stars in the game. And combat feels much different when they are fought in the different time of day. There are many weather types you can expect for example foggy, cloudy, sunny, thunderstorm and etc. Don't forget to put on a night vision goggle when you enter a combat. And also make sure to deploy squads equipped with night vision equipment in order to perform better in night operations. Usually, only the higher tier squads have night vision goggles. We will also add time-related Events in the future updates, such as more bandits activities at night...Have fun!

This version is compatible with your previous save so you should be able to load with no problem. But if you run into any troubles when loading the game please let us know.

Change Notes:
1. Day/Night Cycle
2. Weather System
3. Increased the size of the deployment zone during town defense
4. Night Vision
5. Squad night vision device
6. Moved default key of Quick Load to F11
7. Increased food consumption
8. Enemy army leftovers will disappear from the world map
9. Better prisoner system. You need to increase the compliance points of the prisoners. The more compliance points the easier to persuade them to join.
10. Basic environment ambient SFX
11. Bug Fix: Can fast forward in menu
12. Bug Fix: Sniper scope and RPG scope black
13. Bug Fix: Can’t upgrade to Pozna sniper team
14. Bug Fix: Enemy units freezes when running away.
15. Bug Fix: Captured squads move by themselves
16. Bug Fix: Flag of the city flying in the sky

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Re: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare
« Reply #7 on: February 20, 2018, 01:23:36 PM »
Patch V0.121

Hi everyone! We have fixed a couple of bugs in this patch and added more detail to the skirmish map(Some buildings, terrain details, roads...). We also added localization to the system. So far only English and Chinese are available but we will add more languages in the future. The next update we will probably add simple side mission system as well as regular bug fixes. For people who require resolution options which the game currently doesn't support, we will do more research on it and get the appropriate monitor for testing.

A few features we may include in the upcoming updates:
-Side Missions
-Strategic commands(Off-map artillery support, etc)

We have tested the ability to load games from previous versions and encountered no issues, so it should be safe to continue your previous game. But just in case, please back up your saved files located in C:/Users/User Name/AppData/LocalLow/KK Game Studio/Freeman_Guerrilla Warfare. Back up all the .txt files located in that folder.

Patch Notes:
-Bug Fix:Shaky Scopes
-Bug Fix:Fixed most of the inaccurate weapons(scopes and iron sights)
-Bug Fix:Night Vision Goggles resets armor
-Bug Fix:NVG automatically turns on/off
-Bug Fix:Garrison menu can't be scrolled down when you have a lot of garrisons.
-Bug Fix:Pop up window after exiting the combat and cannot be closed.
-Bug Fix:You can command your squads even after you died bug.
-Bug Fix:Cannot deploy squads(not responding)
-Bug Fix:Soldiers flying, not moving or daydreaming.
-Directional/Spatial sound added.
-Adjustable environmental SFX(rain, thunder...)
-More details on the skirmish maps
-Cancelled the red zone and instead used red arrow markers to suggest the approximate direction of the enemies.
-Skirmish AI improved(Better sound detection, call reinforcement)
-Time flows slower on the world map
-Localization option(the Chinese language added)

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