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Use this thread for listing all Books & Films/Documentaries etc that you think the group will find interesting.

Please try and give a description and any links.

Please do not break any copyright laws. Please give credit to the original creator if possible.

Thank you


I'll mention Fury at the risk of getting flamed. To be honest, haven't seen it yet. But I've read that it's a great movie with a flawed ending.

and the battle with the Tiger Tank:

Credit must be given to the makers of Fury for using the only working Tiger tank in the world in the movie. Prior to the movie, this had never been done before! The authentic Tiger tank exists in the Bovington Tank Museum in Southern England. It is Tiger Tank 131 which was the very first Tiger tank captured by the Allies during WW2. The video below explains.

This video puts the Sherman tank (not Firefly) into perspective. It was an engineering disaster when faced against the German Tiger tank that had superior firepower and armour.

Tiger vs Sherman. Shocking statistic: on the average, it took a squad (4) of Shermans to take out one Tiger - 3 Shermans sacrificed in order for the fourth one to take out the Tiger in the rear. The battle between these two tanks was won by the Sherman through overwhelming numbers and the ability for a knocked-out Sherman to be repaired, re-cleaned (argh!!!) and refitted within 36 hours, versus irreplaceble, unreliable, over-engineered Tiger tanks. At great cost to Allied tankmen. Watching this video made me realise the great sacrifice that the Allied tank crews paid over the plains and hedgerows of Normandy.

Cheers, Frankie Kam.

There's also Lebanon (2009).

A good Book / Movie combo is "Killer Angels" by Michael Shaara which was made into a film in 1993 titled "Gettysburg". Shaara and his son Jeff are among my favorite authors.

I have always liked the books from W.E.B. Griffin, Tom Clancy, and the Team Yankee book/series by Harold Coyle. you can pick any of his books about the military or war.

I spend hours, days, weeks, and months reading all of these books. Was great during and after high school, on active duty, and while deployed overseas.


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