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I have followed all the steps to install tacview and currently I am faced with an issue where it creates a recording but the file is only 1k and nothing in it.
I have this in the log
TACVIEW.DLL: During the last 60.0s an average of 0 units objects and 0 ballistic objects have been active per frame
00218.991 INFO    TACVIEW.DLL: The average frame rate of 107.0fps would have been 111.2fps if the flight data recorder was disabled
00218.991 INFO    TACVIEW.DLL: DCS World simulation is taking 96.2% of CPU
00218.991 INFO    TACVIEW.DLL:  DCS GetWorldObjects is taking  0.0% of CPU
00218.991 INFO    TACVIEW.DLL:     Tacview recorder is taking  3.8% of CPU

can anyone provide guidance?

DCS version is 1.5.8 and Tacview is 1.6.4
I did install the beta version other spoke of.

Can you share the your full dcs log please?

If Tacview 1.7.0 beta has been installed after Tacview 1.6.4, and the export is still not working, then it is very likely that your export.lua is corrupted. In that case, it should be a matter of deleting it and then reinstalling Tacview 1.7.0 beta.

I will try that as what you said about the order of install is correct.

I have the same problems. Running DCS 1.5.8. I reinstalled Tacview, the module works as it should except all my videos have no content. They show up in the Tacview folder with 1k. Currently running latest version of Tacview also. This goes for singleplayer and Multiplayer.

I would share my DCS log, but I'm not sure how to get that info.

Your export.lua file is probably corrupted. Try to delete it and to reinstall the latest version of Tacview, this should fix your issue.

Export.lua can usually be found in C:\Users\****\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Export.lua

DCS.log can usually be found in C:\Users\****\Saved Games\DCS\Logs\dcs.log


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