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Dcs 1.5.8 tacview problems


Afternoon guys

I have just purchased tacview and upgraded to DCS 1.5.8.
Tacview isnít recording any tracks

Checking the tacview in the special tab there isnít anything displayed in the right panel

Checking 2.1 the panel has options and flight recordings are working perfectly

I can confirm all things are installed in the right place and the export.lua has the right entry

Can anyone help with this?

Cheers specter

 :Welcome to the forum

Hi Specter. Tacview has a great developer. I am sure he will answer this very soon.

Welcome to DoW  :thumbsup

Indeed! I have tested just DCS 1.5.8 beta and it does not work.

According to DCS World log, this is because of an error in their internal LUA scripts (somewhere in the menus) which prevents Tacview and any other external add-on to be executed.

Letís hope this will be fixed in the final buildÖ

I have the same problem as Specter. When I select TACVIEW in the Special menu, the right side is empty. I made the fix for DCS World 1.5.8. I also did the TACVIEW changes in the options.lua.
I hope someone can help me, I would like to buy this tool, provided it works.


My apologies, I forgot to post the update on this thread:

The options menu and export capabilities have been fixed in the latest beta version of Tacview 1.7.0. The problem was because of a breaking change in DCS World 1.5.8+.

You can install Tacview 1.7.0 beta 4 in parallel of Tacview 1.6.4, even if you do not own a licence, this will fix the support for DCS World:


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