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Re: WarPlan
« Reply #15 on: October 24, 2019, 04:58:37 PM »
WarPlan is out

WarPlan, one of the most anticipated wargames of the year, is released. Lead of one of the two alliances into the war, from its initial engagements to its largest-scale operations. Grab the game now.

In a wargame with such a big scope, War is fought and won not only by military alone. Production, Supply, Diplomacy, play a crucial role in keeping your war machine oiled and running, while your divisions on the frontline would demand care and meticulously military thinking to operate and reach the objectives.

Fight on Land, Sea and Air in a massive scale, not so often seen before, in a map large 30 miles / 50km per hex using a Peters map scaling. 15 different types of terrains subdivided into sizes with each different features including motorized and non-motorized movement, airfield capacity, and defensive bonuses; 12 different resource types, 5 different strategic resources.

Are you eager to see the game in action? Join us today at 6 pm BST as we play WarPlan on our official

If you wish to know more about the game and its details, have a look at the WarPlan Tutorials Playlist, with videos designed to guide you through all the different mechanics.

WarPlan Tutorials

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Re: WarPlan
« Reply #16 on: October 24, 2019, 10:33:25 PM »
War Plan Hotfix

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your feedback, please download the attached and follow the instructions to fix the Invalid serial issue.

There is a set of instructions within the zip for you to follow, please do so :)

Summarised below too!

Unzip folder to somewhere on your computer (this can be on your desktop for example)
Inside unzipped folder - Select all contents of the folder and copy to the root install folder of WarPlan (where you installed the game to)
It should ask you to replace 4 files, please do so.

Before running the game, make sure to delete the "playerData.dat" file if it is present in your "Documents\My Games\WarPlan" folder.

Thank you

Sam (slith/Matrix) (671.85 KB)

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Re: WarPlan
« Reply #17 on: November 02, 2019, 01:24:11 AM »
WarPlan updated to version v1.00.02

Hi everybody,

WarPlan has been updated to version v1.00.02

Have a look at the changelog below

You can download the update from here

•   Added A.I. declaration of war on Italy when they have 100% status.
•   Added $DeclareWar command to event scripts
•   Added $if_NegotiatedSurrender command to event scripts
•   Fixed typos on the map
•   Fixed border of Netherlands and Belgium
•   Fixed mouse scroll on border of screen
•   Fixed map shift buttons in editor
•   Removed auto naming when saving game
•   Timer on popup messages set to 5 seconds with a close button
•   Added messaging to political attemps at intimidation
•   Improved A.I. defense in North Africa and in UK
•   A.I. now auto-declares war on Italy when they are at 100% status
•   Fixed overrunning neutral air units
•   Land units now move to closest hex when in neutral territory or get destroyed
•   Fixed wrong manpower maintanance showing
•   Fixed DOW bug
•   Divisions now have ZoC vs partisans
•   Lowered chance of partisan unit in game
•   Fixed capital relocation
•   Fixed Iraq and Persia joining Axis powers
•   Fixed wrong mechanized unit technology
•   Added historical minefields to the east coast of England and Germany
•   Removed major powers from being influenced by diplomacy
•   Fixed surrending of France
•   Fixed infinite unescorted support bomber
•   Fixed end scenario problems
•   Fixed garrison logistic and production check
•   Slightly improved on toggle image
•   Fixed locked details window so it doesn't close on button click
•   Added message when enemy fleet is overrun
•   Corrected strategic bombardment damage
•   Fixed end game victory when no there are no enemies left
•   Influence points are gained based on the current morale and the diplomatic power of the nation
•   Shifted Greece colors closer to tan
•   Fixed HQ reinforcement toggle showing proper unit reinforcement icons
•   Changed the way convoys are show on the map to path lines
•   Reduced German and Italian landing craft from 40 to 10
•   Minor Power's escorts added to the major controller's pool
•   Moved menu panel items up 30 pixels to fit better on 1366x768 windowed mode
•   Fixed air offensive operation point cost use. It was using double.
•   Fixed German bomber tech in Prussia 1939 scenario
•   Fixed Russian mech and armor tech in 1939 scenario
•   Fixed countries having influence points at start of 1939 scenario
•   Fixed surrendered nation build queue not clearing
•   Fixed influence point gains
•   Improved A.I. scripts and internal actions For France and Russia
•   Modified Partisans to increase in frequency by year and country

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Re: WarPlan
« Reply #18 on: November 02, 2019, 01:39:11 AM »
Third Reich counter mod for WarPlan

Created by: pzgndr (1.38 MB)

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Re: WarPlan
« Reply #19 on: November 18, 2019, 11:48:37 PM »
WarPlan has been updated to version 1.00.03
18 Nov 2019

WarPlan has been updated to version 1.00.03!

You can download the update from here

1.00.03 Changelog

- Increased map scrolling to fall +30 pixels off the edge of the screen.

- Land units on the coast are now properly destroyed by air power.

- Units limited to 25 characters for name changing, was 40.

- Fixed resource #31 to include label of "port"

- Fixed 2 locations in England

- Fixed custom image loading when choosing another game

- Fixed late war retreat script in USSR

- Fixed minor country supply source retreat error

- Removed undu from merging and splitting units

- Adjusted unit ID image so air units are more clear

- Added unit type sorting to reports and statistics unit column

- Fixed air overrun adding to game stats

- Adjusted Allied A.I. for invading North Africa and Normandy

- Fixed only fleet mode navies intercept enemy forces

- Fixed hotseat games changing fleet modes on load

- Fixed misaligned victory location

- Added Allied Norway convoy route

- Fixed mine fields in all scenarios

- Fixed ZoC issue with neutral countries that was impacting rail movement

- Fixed plane range formula

- Changed Italy's morale break from 52 to 32 until the USA is in the war

- Fixed naval port attack indicator not showing on empty enemy ports or transport fleets

- Fixed showing proper invadable hexes

- Turned off main menu when doing PBEM upload

- Fixed paratrooper jump bug

- Added South Africa to map as an Allied supply source

- Pacific Resources is now a main supply source

- Added port supply denial if port can't reach main supply source

- Corrected Aqaba tile

- Fixed showing invisible convoy routes on information panel

- Fixed 2/2 patrol groups in 1939 scenario

- Fixed contested hex move cost

- Fixed naval operation points when undoing move

- Fixed WarPlan crash bug

- Added beach to Gibraltar

- Fixed oiler resupply in blizzard frozen ocean and port

- Fixed out of supply fleet able to perform beachhead supply

- Fixed graphical alignment on unknown land unit images on bottom of image

- Adjusted Netherlands coast

- Added tile for Netherlands coast to tiles.png for custom images

- Fixed major alignments for minors

- Improved Netherlands, Belgium, and Greece defenses

- Corrected rail in Turkey and made them scortched earth

- Fixed reinforcements and priority for naval and air

- Added ability to disable convoy route

- Corrected Spain does not enter Axis side if Gibraltar is Axis in scenario notes

- Added Baltic convoy route

- USSR set to surrender at 0 morale

- Cleared data corruption in stats for scenarios

- Adjusted air combat damage slightly for more losses

- Added Italian option scenario where Italy may declare war from the start of the war

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Re: WarPlan
« Reply #20 on: January 08, 2020, 03:59:45 PM »
WarPlan updated to version v1.00.05
08 Jan 2020

WarPlan has been updated to version 1.00.05!

You can download the update from here

1.00.05 Changelog

- Made Tabriz rail hexes to road that turn back to rail once Persia joins an alliance
- Fixed weather map errors
- Added $ChangeLogistics to game events detailed in the modding document
- Changed USSR $Annex to $ChangeTerritory in Baltic States to prevent partisans
- Fixed destroyers for bases +5 escorts event
- Fixed deployment bug
- Added requirement to disband unit holding ALT key down and pressing button
- Fixed invisible logistics error
- Moved Copenhagen to make taking Denmark easier
- Vichy France morale break changed from 0 to 20 so one city only needs to be taken and a negotiated surrender
- Added F1-F6 keys for modding which changes A.I. planning as assigned by script
- Fixed lifespan=once bug
- Fixed enemy fleet not being overrun on invasion
- Fixed flashing on land move
- Fixed techs, ports, and empty map labels in all scenarios
- Fixed removing entrenchment on undo
- Fixed minefield in Denmark
- Fixed advance after combat
- Fixed enemy fleet moving out of invaded port
- Fixed multiplayer game name wrap
- Fixed tanker resupply
- Set all non-neutral countries at start of game to repairing 33% of their production and neutral countries to start at 0%
- Added defender naval support
- Fixed supply truck cheat bug
- Changed Zuider Zee to IJsselmeer in Netherlands
- Fixed Copenhagen victory point location
- Set Undo to clear if you specialize a unit
- Paratroopers lose 50% of their operation points when dropping
- Fixed Undo transport restore new operation points bug
- Fixed Undo HQ after AA transport by clearing out undo ability
- USA now gains entry if Axis control Alexandria instead of Cairo
- Added event if Portugal is invaded by Allies and USA is neutral Spain +30 Axis status
- Fixed Italian BB group stats
- Fixed advancements for units on map
- Fixed advance after combat again
- Added heavy artillery tag line to combat log results
- Corrected map typos
- Adjusted advancement cost to scale better with game
- Reduces submarine cost from 200 to 120
- Changed requirements for Persia joining Axis. The Axis need to control Alexandria, Cairo, Jerusalem, Damascus, and Baghdad
- Fixed garrison status disbanding extra production
- With addition of Gibraltar beach Vichy colonies go Vichy regardless of who occupies the capital
- Fixed friendly naval not displaying correctly on A.I. turn
- Added units may only disband if they have not moved
- Fixed some script bugs
- Fixed France surrendering after total conquest
- Fixed ability to click enemy units on A.I. turn
- Expanded objectives on map for A.I.
- Fixed rail in Spain
- Fixed supply interdiction message to show which side is attacking instead of the word "enemy"
- Improved A.I. escort protection
- Fixed air ghosting on overrun
- Fixed declare war issues between Major and minor powers
- Manpower now displayed as ratio of what is available due to cities being taken
- Added error code display to login failure for multiplayer
- Fixed "Remove all objectives" button in editor
- Fixed main menu UI scaler
- Added title to combat logs so players can easily see which side is attacking
- Fixed ghost fleet after all ships sunk
- Fixed land ghosting bug (we hope)
- Changes USSR strategic bombers to tactical bombers
- Fixed cooperation between nations
- Fixed swapping units when tiles not attached
- Fixed endless truck supply bug
- Fixed duplicate overrun air bug
- Fixed night missions. Now will work within 6 hexes
- Fixed alt key added to disbanding air units
- Fixed intimidate in diplomacy
- Fixed Sevastopol isolated supply problem by changing rail to road on the East side of the strait
- Fixed message on overland created trade when trade is more than total merchant marine thinking it was a convoy
- Fixed and added morale city in Syria so Vichy Syria can happen properly
- Fixed trade partner selector
- Fixed loop undo by clearing the undo
- Fixed mini-map scaling with UI scaling
- Added A.I. defending its scripted ports with built AA
- Fixed trade agreements now properly use each other's merchant marine
- Fixed deployed submarines with proper unit supply levels
- Fixed supply truck message
- Added shift for trade creation which sets trade amount to maximum or zero
- Fixed new fleet bug on movement
- Fixed synth plant script
- Fixed France duo-surrender options and Vichy
- Fixed messaging when invading
- Fixed alliance title in convoy attacks
- Fixed intercepting CV vs night missions
- Air superiority units are at 1/3rd strength when flying as bombers
- Fixed Germany deploying in Poland in 1939 scenarios
- Fixed non-cooperating territories bug with invasions/movement
- Added no invasion message for garrison status or partisan
- Fixed invasion message
- Fixed double cost manpower

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Re: WarPlan
« Reply #21 on: July 23, 2020, 01:57:48 AM »
WarPlan North Africa Scenario Open Beta

From Matrix/Slitherine:

WarPlan is surely one of the most interesting and challenging turn-based wargame released recently.

Developer Alvaro Sousa has worked tremendously to create both a realistic and accessible product that sums up the best from decades of wargaming.

Today we are happy to announce that an Open Beta for a brand new scenario has been created, focused on the tremendous fights that occurred in North Africa.

Everyone can get access to the beta, located at this sub-forum thread:

The links to the beta will be posted shortly in that forum. So stay tuned!

Kudos to Alvaro for his relentless efforts to make WarPlan bigger and better, for free!

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Re: WarPlan
« Reply #22 on: September 08, 2020, 01:49:42 PM »
Warplan Update 1.00.08
Mon, 7 September 2020

North Africa Scenario

Hello everyone,

We have just made the latest version of Warplan available. Version 1.00.08 of Warplan is one of the biggest updates yet, bringing new content, fixes and changes for you to enjoy. Game rules were updated to make minor neutral powers align better with the relevant blocks when attacked, AI routines have been improved and various balance changes have been made to allow for more interesting play.

Most important however is the addition of the new North Africa Scenario. In this scenario you can take control of either the British or Axis forces during the Axis push for Egypt. This is a smaller scenario, offering a great way to get some practice and providing its own operational challenges to solve. We would love for you to try it and let us know what you think.

A Screenshot of WarPlan
By: Surtur

Users of the Matrix version can download the game using the ‘Check for Updates’ button on the launcher, or by downloading the latest patch from the Matrix Games Members area. For Steam users the game will be updated automatically.


Version 1.00.8
Change reduced Italian partisans to zero
Change Iraq aligned to the UK instead of the USSR when the Axis declares war on them
Change Cherbourg now has a non-rugged terrain to allow A.I. to take the hex
Fixed trade removal of new merchants used in convoy menu
Added yes no to saving a game
Fixed reset undo after a general is added to the HQ
Fixed neutral countries may now place airfields
Improved minor A.I. routines
Fixed minor fleet bugs previously unnoticed
Scenarios updated
Manual updated
Fixed event scripts $ChangeEntry for Spain, Portugal, Norway, Italy events
Fixed oilers and air transports are the only items that are used by the minor country for the minor country due to their logistics use. Minor country oilers are only used when the fleet is all of that minor country. Otherwise the first major power in the list of a fleet is the country who's oilers will be used on a fleet resupply.
Changed how minors show support items so it only shows the items its units use
Change to Unity Engine 2019
Updated edit unit stats in editor to only show stats that the unit type uses
Added to options window in game toggle full screen to windowed mode
Removed old intro window to WarPlan
Change fighter bombers advancements gets a boost
Change tank destroyer bonus changed from +2 to +3
Changed broke down all the French corps in North Africa to divisions
Changed the number of units France needs to keep in the colonies to prevent Italy from becoming a full Axis ally. 2 units are required in each colony except Tunisia where 3 units are required
Reduced French colony unit experience to 40% mathing main land units
Fixed invasion/disembark popup messages
Added water road logistics for Leningrad
Reduced main supply sources on map
Each country now has specific main supply sources on the map
Change the Turkish rail above Ankara to road and lowered the port size from 6 to 3 at 192,34
Change Paratroopers now lose 24% of their effectiveness when successfully dropping +8% more per enemy land unit they are next to.
Fixed undo rail move air unit wasn't returning the rail cost
Added shows game version in multiplayer challenge list (will only affect new challengers next update)
Fixed neutral major powers air units resetting their mode to support every turn the game is loaded
Fixed formatting for strategic bombing damage to make sure it matches occupier's value
Fixed air transport flying air supply in bad weather
Fixed specialty undo error
Change having scorched earth or being a major power yields partisan units on the map
Change after an invasion units will have 50% of their operation points or 2 operation points, whichever is smaller remaining
Added land and air units can change their advancement at a cost of 10% experience taking the lower of the two advancement levels
Added new resource and flag for limited supply source. This extends map supply levels like a main or port supply while not adding stockpile
Fixed air resupply infinite effectiveness bug
Fixed air unit railing on one operation point bug
Fixed naval units moving into blizzard sea areas
Fixed new researchers, hopefully
Added text line under unit stats in production to show how many are in queue.
Fixed victory points adjusted for major powers still active for time remaining in game
Fixed beach control when out of supply
Fixed raider mode working while in port for naval detection
Added Candian HQ + Guy Simonds general
Removed Canadian wargamers revolt because Canada didn't have an HQ and Guy Simmonds
Moved Greek HQ to near Athens for a better defense
Removed Yugoslavia event for joining Axis - too easy for Germans to get it 100% of the time
Added North African Campaign scenario 1941-1943
Added color/white text toggle in options for color blind players
Added ability to specific which alliance can use a naval loop
Fixed transport loss bug in naval vs transport combat
Change transports units will not be auto destroyed on a hit. They will take normal damage and triple effectiveless loss
Improved selector and unit interaction to avoid map errors
Fixed A.I. interceptors
Added blockade locations to Gibraltar and Malta - 1 enemy naval group next to the port stops all supply. 1 friendly naval group next to port allows all supplies
Change invading units now take damage for every 10 strength of defenders not every defender.
Fixed search popup
Fixed created countries will now popup units at the same turn they become a country. This mostly applies to Vichy France
Fixed Blue Division text
Fixed Kerch pass so USSR doesn't get port supply in Rostov if pass is controlled by Axis
Fixed Finland moving into USSR captured territory when neutral
Fixed stack overflow error when A.I. gets stuck trying to build units at low logistics

###North Africa scenario
Fixed typosGave supply trucks to Axis
Fixed manpower and logistics issues with Italians
Moved Russian capital to Urals to prevent Lend Lease problems
Corrected repair cost for all units in all scenarios
Fixed large warship technology in 39-42 scenarios
Fixed Leningrad production due to limited supply sources
Added Ice Road label
Fixed DOW on surrendered nation
Fixed convoys via blizzard sea hexes
Fixed [ and ] now saves the scaler in the options file when you use it on the map
Changed expensive generals now are darker red with an asterisk next to their name for color blind players
Fixed air units not loading when a sub fleet is present
Fixed air ranges display
Fixed supply truck use by minors to use controllers supply trucks
Fixed general improvement text
Change advancement alteration to cost 1 production per strength on land units and air units and 2% experience on air units

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Re: WarPlan
« Reply #23 on: December 11, 2020, 12:26:32 AM »
Warplan - 1.00.09 Update
Thu, 10 December 2020

We have released a new update for Warplan, including many fixes, changes and improvements.

Check out the full changelog.

• Change moved help panel button next to close button
• Added port-fleet move so any naval group in port that can move may move despite fleets coming in with no movement left
• Fixed Azores port size 1 -> 3... got left out of patch
• Fixed "k" hotkey for supply trucks
• Change Spain will now join the Axis if the Allies invade Portugal and updated the notes as well
• Added invasion zones for Gibraltar as there was a flaw in which the Allies couldn't invade it by sea from the west
• Fixed merging two divisions fat finger bug
• Fixed Norway manpower
• Improved graphic resolution options
• Change when CVs chase after subs
• Change fleets may only change modes in port or with max operation points due to gamey exploit
• Change air units only interdict port supplies when in support mode and naval mission
• Fixed land based air flying vs CV attacks
• Change retreat order 1 hex not ZoC, 2 hex not ZoC, 1 hex ZoC, 2 hex ZoC, shatter
• Fixed Alpine movement bug
• Change Sweden and Norway are winterized
• Fixed alliance/side toggle in options
• Fixed landing zone tile sides
• Fixed tanker appearing in port for fleets
• Fixed split operation point fleet movement from ports
• Fixed mode change in port
• Change Norway minefields for Germany will be an event now that takes place after Norway surrenders
• Fixed 2nd surrender bug
• Fixed mode hotkey for naval groups so it changes only with correct conditions
• Fixed partisan control of supply source re-surrender bug
• Fixed moving capital bug
• Change naval units moving into port use all their operation points
• Fixed bugs with new in port moving addon
• Fixed UI error in support items being cut off when over 999 stockpile
• Fixed convoy light up when having available free escorts
• Fixed capitol relocation again
• Change map edge scroll border from 20 pixels to 200 pixels
• Change increased range of UI scaling in options. 1024x768 was being cut off
• Added tooltip when hovering over image of unit in the deployment queue that shows the type
• Fixed erroneous data in calculating HQ distance
• Change land and air units being transported by sea take triple damage from surface and air (they were too easy to sink in 1.06 and too hard to sink in 1.08)
• Fixed movement vs neutral countries who are at 100% entry status
• Added Irish army
• Change France and UK starts with zero landing craft in 1939 scenarios
• Added scroll view to graphics settings for graphics cards with many resolutions
• Fixed invading units lose their entrenchment correctly
• Fixed paradropping units lose their entrenchment correctly
• Change Polish defense in 1939 scenarios slightly
• Added UK event if Poland isn't conquered by October 13th that gives them an extra air unit
• Change advancement now shows year instead of level
• Added US event for activating 4 National Guard corps if the Axis invade the USA.
• Added 2 minefields in Denmark
• Change Italy morale break 35 -> 0
• Change Italy morale break 56 when USA in the war and Tripoli is captured by Allies
• Change removed 2 hex minefield near Cardiff and replaced it with a 5 hex minefield script that activates July 1940
• Fixed CV attacks on submarines
• Change fleets from neutral countries may only change ports within their full move range
• Change units from neutral countries may not embark for transport
• Change transport shipyard cost 5 -> 10, cost 60 -> 100
• Change merchant marine shipyard cost 5 -> 10
• Change landing ship cost 15 -> 25
• Change coastal defense cost 30 -> 20
• Change UK removed 10 oil
• Change USA removed 40 oil
• Change UK large infantry corps 0 -> 1 oil cost
• Change UK/USA mech and armor corps 2 -> 3 oil cost
• Fixed small errors in displaying winter combat specialty
• Change improved France A.I. defense
• Added A.I. now auto upgrades generals
• Fixed A.I. movement issue
• Fixed oil was showing wrong amounts but was delivering correct amounts (should show oil after damage and convoy hits)
• Change neutral countries may embark units (reverse from rule change in Alpha 19)
• Change fleets with transported land or air are considered 2 levels higher for spotting (easier to find)
• Fixed end of game message so both sides see it (hopefully)
• Fixed interception going into port and made sure fleets can retreat in this combat
• Added error catch to allow PBEM upload retry (needs to be tested)
• Added if Axis invade Greenland after Denmark surrenders USA -> 100%
• Fixed minefield event for UK near Cardiff
• Fixed minor editor bug in tech year for building unit display
• Fixed CV repair bug
• Fixed merging fleet operation points with new port movement system
• Change neutral countries can't move map AA but can build and place them.
• Fixed placing AA when neutral now works properly
• Change USA will get +30 entry if Greenland is occupied by Axis
• Change Canada large corps is the same as UK large corps +1 oil use, +1 operation points
• Fixed convoy oil from allied bug
• Added ability to add naval orders for the A.I. in the editor
• Fixed partisans appearing on liberators
• Fixed naval interception range bug
• Added new level of recon to units showing large or small formations
• Fixed West side Gibraltar invasion landing hex
• Added extra script checkers
• Added German bomber arriving in Trondheim once Norway is conquered for 1939 and 1940 scenarios
• Added Iron Ore route from Narvik is considered a protected convoy route and may not be interdicted by naval units
• Removed Norway to Arctic convoy route
• Fixed naval movements with invalid attacks don't remove possibility to undo move
• Added air units now can raid convoy lanes
• Improved A.I. invasion planning
• Change convoys rearranged some to avoid cheesy play
• Change Ireland slightly redrawn in the Northeast to avoid cheesy play
• Added icon for moving fleets to indicate it is in raider mode
• Fixed messaging on air attacks vs convoys
• Fixed no oil naval moves
• Added pursuit combat
• Removed CV group ability to strike sub groups now they follow surface fleet rules
• Added Sub Hunter CVs and patrol groups add bonus chances for escorts to hit subs
• Change subs and raiders no longer need operation points to attack convoys at the end of a turn
• Fixed date in deployment queue
• Fixed A.I. with new sub hunter system
• Improved A.I. scripting for some garrison locations
•Fixed naval bombardment bug
• Fixed production empty category bug
• Improved A.I. sub intercept fleet routines
• Added if Netherlands is attacked by the Axis Belgium will join the Allies
• Added if Iraq or Persia is attacked by the Allies, Italy becomes a full Axis partner in 1939 Europe and 1940 Europe scenarios

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Re: WarPlan
« Reply #24 on: May 19, 2023, 01:19:01 AM »
WarPlan Update - version 1.00.25
Wed Apr 26, 2023

We have just released an update for WarPlan, adding also three new maps designed for US Marine Corps University:

FIXED Paradrop on fleet bug where they don't retreat or scuttle
FIXED Convoy attack message is clearer
FIXED Support unit name being placed in corps list when undo is performed
FIXED Red Sea convoy lane
FIXED Italian DD tech
CHANGE unit values in Breakout 1944
FIXED Invading on resource bug
FIXED turn number bug
FIXED Unit loss bug (rare but important)
FIXED beta version PBEM bug
FIXED Removed low resolutions from the graphic options
FIXED Combat high loss issue (I hope)

ADDED Moscow production move to Urals for both production and manpower for Russia
ADDED Alexandros Papagos to Greek generals
ADDED $Weather to scripting allowing players to set the weather for a zone
ADDED Saint Low to Western Front scenarios
ADDED new scenarios, designed for the US Marine Corps University:

Ardennes Offensive 1944
Operation Bagration 1944 (Russian front only from Europe 1944)
Europe 1939 Small Fleet 41 Winter (historical winter for Russia 1941\

Download the Update from here

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Re: WarPlan
« Reply #25 on: July 28, 2023, 12:29:53 AM »
v1.00.26 – 27th July 2023
Thu, July 27, 2023

• FIXED Depot supply when in main supply range
• FIXED Yugoslavia hex in Ardenne Offensive 1944 scenario
• FIXED Logistics error with tankers, oilers, and air transports in base calculation (EditorMenu 2403)
• FIXED Battle reports showing on new game, hopefully
• FIXED Scorched earth not working in captured minor countries
• FIXED Netherlands may not divide land units
• CHANGE Capitals now move when an enemy unit is within 5 hexes of the capital - fixes exploitation in UK invasion
• ADDED May toggle size for land or air units
• FIXED 1939 Winter 41 campaign fighter bomber advancements
• ADDED Notes on hex control change when Italy surrenders in all 1939-1943 scenarios notes
• CHANGE North Marine weather zone Jan,Feb,March no invasions 1% snow

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