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Tank Crew Clash at Prokhorovka

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Tank Crew Clash at Prokhorovka

From the makers of  IL-2 Sturmovik

Tank Crew will be expanding upon our initial adventure into tank combat by including ten new tanks and armored vehicles and improving our two existing tanks. Tank Crew will create a ground combat component that can be integrated into single-player content and multiplayer servers. Our tanks will be multi-crew in multiplayer which most other leading tank games are not capable of. Our playable tanks will also be modeled both inside and out with realism in mind and improved damage modelling. The map will feature the southern portion of the Battle of Kursk with the village of Prokhorovka and town of Belgorod included. The map will also be built somewhat differently giving tank players a better ground environment then our current large maps. Further details about Tank Crew will be released as development ramps up. 

Planned to be Included in Tank Crew Clash at Prokhorovka


Playable Tanks and Content (Tentative List):

- T-34-76 STZ

- KV-1s

- M4A2

- SU-122

- SU-152

- ZIS-5 + 72K

- PzKpfw III Ausf.L

- PzKpfw IV Ausf.G

- PzKpfw V Ausf.D

- PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1

- Sd. Kfz. 184

- Sd. Kfz. 10 + Flak38

- Prokhorovka - Belgorod Map {100x100 km Approx.)

Pre-Orders for Tank Crew will be available sometime first half of 2018.

Original post

This looks very interesting.

A multicrew WW2 tank simulation from the makers of IL2 Sturmovik. What can be better than "Tank Crew Clash at Prokhorovka"? Can't wait. For more on the clash, read here:

By the way, the artwork for the simulation is done by Antonis Karidis, a self-taught artist from Greece.

See a set of artworks that Antonis did for 777 and 1C GAME studios for their featured products !

and this:

and still more:

and yet even more:

Still more here:

One more:

And finally:

All images are copyrighted by Antonis Karidis. His artwork is nothing short of amazing.

IMHO, Antonis' artwork is simply breathtaking. If you were to use one word to describe his artwork, what would that word be?

thanks, yes something i also have my eyes on :howdy

Target on the radar.


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