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The Flight Sim Store Warning!!!!

The Flight Sim Store Warning!!!!

This store is not processing transactions properly.
They have been ignoring customer emails/tickets.
Quite a few Flight Sim devs have removed their products from this store.

I am NOT buying from them at this point. BEWARE!
The following companies do not recommend this seller: Majestic, A2A, Milviz and others.

Author Topic: Aircraft Size Comparison 3D  (Read 473 times)

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Aircraft Size Comparison 3D
« on: November 14, 2017, 08:17:05 PM »
Aircraft Size Comparison 3D

Published on 2 Apr 2016

Bumble Bee II (Smallest Piloted Plane) : Length:2.7m/8.9ft, Wingspan:1.7m/5.6ft
Wright Flyer : L:6.4m/21ft, W:12.3m/40ft
Bell X-1 : L:9.4m/31ft, W:8.5m/28ft
B-25 Bomber : L:16m/52ft, W:21m/69ft
S-64 Skycrane : L:21m/69ft, Rotor Diameter:22m/72ft
CH-47 Chinook : L:30m/98ft, R:18m/59ft (NOTE: Chinook is around 30% smaller in reality)
Boeing 737 : L:31m/102ft, W:28m/92ft
SR-71 Blackbird : L:33m/108ft, W:17m/56ft
Airbus A320 : L:38m/125ft, W:34m/112ft
Mi-26 (Largest Helicopter) : L:40m/131ft, R:32m/115ft
Boeing 727 : L:44m/144ft, W:33m/108ft
Boeing 707 : L:44m/144ft, W:40m/131ft
Airbus A310 : L:47m/154ft, W:44m/144ft
Airbus A300 : L:54m/177ft, W:45m/148ft
Boeing 767 : L:55m/180ft, W:48m/157ft
Space Shuttle Columbia : L:56m/184ft, W:24m/79ft
Airbus A330 : L:59m/194ft, W:60ft/197ft
Airbus A340 : L:64m/210ft, W:60m/197ft
Boeing 777 : L:64m/210ft, W:61m/200ft
Hughes H-4 Hercules (Largest Wingspan) : L:67m/220ft, W:98m/322ft
Airbus A380 (Largest Commercial Plane) : L:73m/240ft, W:80m/262ft
Boeing 747-8 (Longest Commercial Plane) : L:76m/249ft, W:68m/223ft
Antonov An-225 Mriya (Largest Airplane) : L:84m/276ft, W:88m/289ft
LZ 129 Hindenburg (Largest Aircraft Ever Flown): L:245m/803ft

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