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Author Topic: Gettysburg: Stock Uniform Replacement  (Read 5581 times)

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Gettysburg: Stock Uniform Replacement
« on: November 01, 2017, 03:54:55 PM »
Gettysburg: Stock Uniform Replacement

This is a mod that replaces the stock ACW sprites for new ones.

Most of the sprites were made for mods by Martin James, Mark.T and Crikey. These mods are nearing a release date, so watch out for them.

They have a lot more content than this one which is purely visuals, there are no gameplay improvements. This obviously won't change the sprites on any oob that has non stock sprites.

There are some horse holders added, but for those who don't want them, there is a replacement unitglobal csv in a folder within the Logistics folder which will remove them.

You will see in the sandbox menu, an oob named OOB_SB_00_Uniform Test, this will give you an overview of the sprites in the mod.

The mod is very memory hungry, so you may get some ctd's when loading battles. Reloading the game should clear this, sorry. Also if you use Bugles & Flags, this will need to sit below the mod in the modifications menu.

If anyone wishes to use any of the sprites, or change the mod around and release their own version, then that's fine.

This mod was put together by Mark.T for me (Pom) so my thanks to him for this and his help with all things SOWGB. My thanks also to Martin James and Crikey who kept me busy over the summer.

Creator: Pom
Size: 525.26MB
Version/Release date: V1 01/11/17
Download: Here
Original post: Here
Install:Unzip and copy to the Mods folder

Screens: Here
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