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Issue with battle of Kuban recordings



I'm using Tacview 1.6.4 with IL2 Battale of Kuban and I have two issues :

- Recordings in tacview are consistent with what happened in the game, but it places the action at 55N 37E, which is not at all in the area of BOK and, as a consequence, the altitude of the terrain is wrong too and when I'm straffing vehicles, they are under the ground (and I'm flying under the ground too)

- The path of the aircraft is correct, but not the direction the aircraft is facing. Tacview displays the aircraft model in a unrealistic  nose up attitude and when I am strafing, the bullets come from under the aircraft.

Can someone help?



The problem comes from IL-2 which does not export the data using the proper geographic parameters.

It seems that IL-2 is using parameters from another small map, like Lapino. For that reason, the objects are not at the proper place, and trajectories and orientation are distorted too.

I have notified the IL-2 dev team about that. I think this is a very easy fix, so lets hope they will fix this in their next patch...

Thanks a lot,

I'm looking forward to it  :thumbsup


Good news: IL-2 Battle of Kuban is now working fine!

IL-2 now exports the proper telemetry coordinates for this battlefield.


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