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3D objets for civil aviation in X-plane


Hi all

Yesterday I was trying to include several free download 3D objects in Tacview without success, to represent civil and GA aircraft in the recordings.
I have seen in the Tacview website that it is represented a DA20 Katana, that I can not find inside the program.

I miss some generic 3Ds for civil simulations, as well as some popular, such as C150, C172, Piper Cherokee, Piper CUb, etc... Also A320, B737, MD80, etc...

Including a even more generic "dart" or "pointer" when a non registered aircraft is tracked is always better than a F-16 3D.
I was trying to publish a document for the factory of my aircraft (Blackshape Prime) with several flight profiles, but I am unable to present it with an F-16 3D figure. I would love to have the 3D for my aircraft, or at least a generic that would be useful for those purposes.

Thank you all

Hi Gadget,

Tacview needs two things to properly display the 3d model of your choice: A valid Wavefront obj file. And a proper object name (in the telemetry file) or in the database.

The obj filename must be all in lowercase. It is possible to rename an object from the tools menu of Tacview -> Edit Selected Object. And set it to the appropriate name which should either match a valid entry in the database or the obj file name without extension.

I know it sounds complicated. All of this will be much simpler soon, because I am currently implanting a new public database where you will be able to teach Tacview how to display the 3D objects, the way you want.

Meanwhile, if you can share some of your telemetry data as well as you 3d model(s), I will be glad to assist you, to setup everything properly. I can also integrate it in Tacview 1.7 to make your work easier in the future.

 :Welcome to the forum   Gadget

I asked for this option as well a short while ago. I have seen some of the work the dev has done for this and it is just what we need  :thumbsup


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