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About Tacview trial period


One of Tacview users mentioned that 21-days may not be enough for his/her squadron to properly evaluate advanced features like the online debriefing.

Which makes me want to highlight the following:

Every time you install a new version of Tacview, the trial period is "reset" to 21-days (for that version), so you have the chance to (re)try all the old and new advanced features, even if you are running the Standard or the Starter editions.

For example: If everyone in your squadron install the new Tacview 1.6.4 “today”, your whole squadron will be able to use and evaluate all the advanced features of Tacview, including the online debriefing features for “three more weeks”. And you will be able to do it again when Tacview 1.7.0 will be released! And so on…

I think this is fair compromise compared to other products which may offer a longer evaluation period which expires forever after the first try.


The way Tacview does it is very good. You get to try new features whenever they come out.

This software is well supported. I have it and recommend it to anyone who wants to delve into the details for an aar. You can learn a lot :thumbsup


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