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World of Castles
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:35:15 PM »

World of Castles is a medieval themed online action-strategy game, featuring unique combinations of modular castle construction, taking siege to other player castles, and commanding marshals who themselves lead armies that number in the hundreds.

Official Site: Here
Official forum: Here
Steam: Here
Youtube Channel: Here




Have you ever dreamed you are a lord of medieval castle? In World of Castles you can be right the one! Build your castle from a scratch or select from build ones and just modify it. Would you also like to lead armies and fight with a sword in a hand?

Building your own castle
At the beginning you’ll have a small pool of starting blocks to build your very first castle. Develop your skills in combat to earn money and experience. Money will purchase more blocks to expand your castle. Experience levels you up, opening up new block types and other building opportunities. A higher level also earns you more fame, which indicates how many blocks and items you can use to build your castle. The more fame you have, the bigger and more elegant a castle you can build. Every piece has a specific use: ballistas for defence, beds for soldiers, and plants and art to improve the morality of the castle’s occupants. As the castle’s king, it’s your duty to provide the perfect balance of defence, occupancy, and morality. From this, what will begin as a small keep will evolve into a sprawling fortification with towers, steeples, and secrets.

•   Build your very own castle with no limit but your imagination and prestige
•   Build a castle from scratch or choose from prebuilt castles that you can modify or defend
•   Build according to realistic defence and physics
•   Use extensive terraforming to improve environmental defence or aesthetics of the castle
•   Tiny details to improve the look or functionality of the castle
•   Realistic physics: if you knock out the base of a tower, the entire structure will fall
•   Choose from over 200 block types
•   Customize your own flag
•   Customize your marshal and army loadout for defence and for offence

When fighting other players, the game’s balancing system ensures you and your opponent have similar levels, prestige, and fame. As the siege commences, the attacker deploys their marshals to the field while the defender sets up their marshals inside the castles at appropriate defence sites. As an attacker, take advantage of trebuchets and other siege equipment. As a defender, utilize your battlements and other historically accurate defence techniques. Command your marshals in battle or take first person control and engage in the fight yourself. As an attacker, eliminate the defending army or take the throne within a given time limit to win. As a defender, ensure you survive the time limit or kill off all the attackers. Battles are not just one-on-one: invite friends to help defend your castle too.

•   First person and top down combat depending on how you want to fight
•   Destruction of the castle is not permanent. Damage automatically repairs after combat
•   Dying in battle happens. You can still fight as you’ll switch to another marshal
•   Commanders deliver real-time reports of ongoing battles
•   Battles contain hundreds of units
•   Combat is realistic
•   Take control of various historically accurate siege weapons
•   Capture the throne or kill off all enemies to win an assault
•   Singleplayer combat options

From time to time we’ll publish short campaigns based on storytelling and role-playing. Some will teach players about intricate game mechanics and others will be inspired by true historical events. Campaign victories reward players with useful blocks, units, items, and other relics to improve their own castle. From the beginning, new players will have access to the tutorial campaign and one or two additional campaigns.

•   Adds engaging story elements to the game
•   Campaigns will be regularly updated, hopefully two new ones per year
•   Campaigns offer unique rewards for your castle to show off your achievements
•   Campaigns will consist of 4-7 missions

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2017, 07:36:29 PM »

We want to clarify why this game is being released in early access instead of using crowdfunding. One reason is that it introduces players to the basic mechanics of the game early on, allowing the community share ideas for improvement while the game is still being developed. Although we are a small team, we have worked diligently on this project for almost three years and still have a long road ahead of us until we can expand our development team to speed things up. So please be patient as we continue to improve the game and add new features. We want to deliver the final project as fast as possible, but we also want to ensure it is polished and optimized. We believe feedback from early access is the best way to ensure a quality final product.

Current state
- unlimited sandbox build mode
- flag customization tool
- your marshal skill tree and equipment tool.

Coming soon
- Marshal walk mode and destruction mode

important notes
- combat and siege mechanics are not implemented yet.

This game is still in development. Initial Early Access release may not have all these entire feature initially implemented but we will continue adding them over time. Follow Early Access release notes to keep informed about updates and additions.

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2017, 07:40:28 PM »
World of Castles - Cantiga rehecha OST

World of Castles : Dev Diary #2 - Building Mechanics

Short presentation of how to build castles in WoC.

World of Castles : Dev Diary #3 - Statics

World of Castles : Dev Diary #4 - Destruction mechanics

Take a short look how basic blocks are destroyed in the game World of Castles.

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2017, 01:59:58 PM »
Update 0.0.02C - revealed
World of Castles - 19Molnija85

Hello dear friends.

Many of you are expecting a new scheduled update, the one which should bring you improved save game system, new game objects, bug fixes and what is most important, completely new map. For a long time, we were deciding what we will do with this day.

Truth is that we have completely implemented logic of new save game system, we also created and implemented new objects, we fixed tons of known bugs and what is most important, we implemented new map. We know that it sounds like utopia, but without torture we must confess that there is a lot of severe bugs in every said point we have done and we need to fix these.

When we came with World of Castles product to the market, we have promised you regular updates, patches and serious conduct of company Hammer Games. So we decided to release update 0.0.02C with promise of that we will try to patch newly appeared bugs in the shortest time possible. Please know that we are working day-and-night and every day we fix a lot of problems but you know how it is in IT. With every fixed bug we find a lot of new and often more severe bugs.

We are currently working on these problems:
- optimization of improved engine and new map
- solving of system bugs resulting from implementation of new objects and game logic changes

At the same time, we would like to slightly attract you to new update 0.0.02C with a few images from the game:

- new save/load game system

- new map (highlands)

- new game objects

Patch notes:
Full list of patch notes will be published after update release.

Release of update 0.0.02C for main Steam branch is scheduled on 02.11.2017 EOD.

Thank you very much, we are very proud of community which World of Castles have.
Hammer Games

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2017, 04:23:50 AM »
Listen, Listen - Patch 0.0.02D
World of Castles - Hammer Games

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am glad you have gathered there again to hear some news. Since today finally managed how to clean ceilings so finally take a look upside! No longer they are covered by strange black dirt, probably from castle's high usage of Torches... Which will not be so much needed to keep good-looking interiors in such count.

We also fixed doors in Don Jon, which would remain in your hands after you touched them. Not really safe and trusty doors for siege times. Now they hold strong as a stone! When we are talking about repairs we also told peasants to clean windows from dirt more carefully, so now you can clearly see how sun is shinning alongside our beautiful lands.

We decided to include some armory stuff from older versions, as reworking of these models are sheduled quite far in the future. Also feel free to check some new blocks in Don Jon or Cellars.

Patch 0.0.02D is ready to be Uploaded for Win & Mac. Linux is expected to be out tomorrow.

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #5 on: November 11, 2017, 09:45:38 AM »
must admit it looks good, just not got the time atm to support or do any more EA games for now, maybe next year :book

but thanks for the heads up and post all the same :howdy

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #6 on: December 02, 2017, 10:23:25 PM »
Take your Lord at walk!
World of Castles - Hammer Games

We are glad to see you again.

Today we are talking about great changes. We finally convinced our lord, to let you control his moves around your castle. Now he is able to walk upstairs. Although we’ve found some unexplained issues in the 3rd person camera, which prevents you from interacting objects (works well in 1st person).

WoC 0.0.03a:

- walk mode (available in build mode, as an option in the menu instead of restarting world)
- map 2 shows minimap correctly
- new visual of Preview blocks (please give us feedback, if you like it more than older (grey) one
- fixed some issues which might be led to not being able to save the game, or crash the game.
- added new blocks in DonJon category (roofings - they are here as houses using 30cm offset from other blocks, so Castle roofs do not match houses and house roofings does not match castle blocks)
- DonJon window got Floor

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #7 on: December 22, 2017, 12:58:32 AM »
New worlds - Patch 0.0.03b

Greetings highborn nobles. We would like to announce another set of improvements coming to World of Castles. At first, we wanted to make the game run faster. We did some tests to find out two things despite our hatred grass causes lags, while moving fast over terrain it had almost zero influence on average fps. We found that huge frame eaters were trees, so we reduced their numbers and placed them in better places to not look so plain. When we did this cruel thing to mother nature, we wanted to do also something positive with trees which survived, so we added new evergreen trees and improved some tree textures. We also improved water without reflections to reflect at least sky.

Another great thing we promised for some time, was to make guards less depressed and stop them jumping from walls. So now soldiers can walk safely on your ramparts. Or move through stairs to different floors. Although still, we have some issues, that some blocks do not draw path correctly (thinks there is a less space, than it is, saying nobody can walk there) We believe this is a significant improvement in their behavior and we will continue. It is necessary to make movement flawless to battles.

The third part was more about adding something absolutely useless, but nice. As we have new forests, we decided to add some wild animals like rabbits, boars, deer... So now you can watch these neutral fluffy characters from your ramparts.

This patch also should improve character camera, animations and remove some bugs.

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #8 on: January 12, 2018, 12:01:26 AM »
Patch 0.0.03C - Make big castles at better performance!
World of Castles - Hammer Games

Greetings all of you in the new year 2018. We wish you all the best. In this year WoC should move forward, gets more playability and we should fulfill most of our promises.

In this first patch of 2018, we are coming with a new way of controls. Now you can rotate your camera, just while holding space key. On the other hand, you build blocks, where you point cursor with your mouse. Also, you can select block, just by clicking on Bottom block line or switch ghost mode, invert block etc. also just by mouse. You can still use shortcuts, but since now there is no need to remember them. Just that space key for camera rotation...

Note: Old controls can still be used if it suited you better. You can change that in your settings.

Besides that, we improved movement of soldiers. We also improved LODs of most used/complex blocks so bigger castles should slow your pc way less than before.
- Added new blocks of the Early medieval church, donjon staircase, which is not rounded and one special donjon gate.

Lastly, we fixed many reported issues from you and from our testers.

Main fixes:
- Terrain loads properly with a game load.
- Mac users should not have pink preview blocks and terrain.
- Various block models fixes ( missing colliders, missing floors, missing faces, broken normals...).

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #9 on: January 16, 2018, 06:05:33 PM »
WoC Roadmap

Ladies and gentlemen,

we would like to proudly reveal our work plan. How we would like to spend a year 2018 in our studio. Feel free to ask any questions about future of WoC ;)

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #10 on: February 19, 2018, 11:29:37 PM »
Prepare for a new patch! (0.0.03D)
World of Castles - Hammer Games

New patch of WoC about is right behind the doors. Right now we are finishing internal testing. After fixing newly created critical issues we are about to release it out. Take a look on some quick sneak through, what you can expect.

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #11 on: February 19, 2018, 11:30:59 PM »
Patch 0.0.03D - The grass is always greener when the church bells ring!
World of Castles - Hammer Games

Kings Queens and nobleman! Today is the day for a journey. A journey that
will take you back to a medieval Europe a time when great cathedrals
triumphed all across the land.

With this latest update, you can build your very own cathedral walk across cleaner more detailed grass and let those bells ring out across the lands!

Changes Made:
- GPU grass.
- reworked options connected to grass settings.
- further block optimization.
- Increased castle size limits.
- new map selection GUI
- Basilica blocks.
- added a new interior tiled floor.
- Unit avoidance.
- saves of unit patrol paths
- Fixed many issues

What does this mean?

GPU Grass: (system impact reduction + Graphical improvement)
The grass has received a makeover! Flying grass should now be a thing of
the past. The grass has become lighter and denser for a better feeling on the

Increased Capacity and optimization: (system impact reduction)
We have increased the building block capacity to an unlimited amount along
with optimizing the blocks to better perform in the game allowing you to
create more magnificent fortresses.

New Map Selection GUI: (Graphical Improvements)
The Graphical user interface for map selection has greatly improved.

New Basilica Blocks and tiled floor - (Romanesque architecture)
relating to a style of architecture you can now build your very own
Romanesque cathedral! Just be careful that the bells don't wake your

You can now style your floor with our new interior tiled floor.
New unit avoidance - (Graphical Improvements)

Player units will now avoid each other instead of having a visual human
biology lesson.
Now you can die safely in walking mode! Do not afraid of not respawning, or get scared of shaking your dead bodies.

got annoyed as you set your soldier to walk over your castle and when reloading the game. He stayed and stared on you? These times are over.

You will no longer kill entire garrison walking on ramparts when trying to check structural integrity

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #12 on: March 08, 2018, 05:05:50 PM »
Patch 0.0.03E - Introducing shovel manual for your peasants!

Dearest friends and royalty.

With this update, we would like to finally get rid of our old arrears. In shortcut sometimes happened that block could not be removed after load, default house had broken statics, building multiple objects in line could cause huge lag or removing soil from your castle was somehow impossible. So most of the things you have reported us in bug section or in reviews. We are glad, that you give us your feedback and we are happy to see even more ideas, reports and suggestions from you in the future! Thanks.

Key Patch updates:
The save mechanics have been updated and your old saves will no longer work properly. Please read below!

Changes Made:

- Save game mechanics.
- Game optimization and build/deconstruct lag reduction.
- further block optimization.
- Donjon floors reworked.
- Big-Block multi-build option.
- Terraforming issues fixed.
- New blocks have been added.
- Throne models have been replaced.
- Donjon columns added.
- Fixed smaller issues.

What does this mean?

Save game mechanics:
The save game mechanics have been restructured and coded to allow for improved performance and the alteration of those pesky blocks that didn't want to be removed! Unfortunately, all old saves will no longer work correctly.

Game optimization and lag reduction:

we all know how frustrating those pesky blocks can be. well, no longer will they hold us back in our triumphs!
With adjustments and tweaks to the interface, you will now find that placing and removing blocks speed has doubled! Building blocks in the line will benefit even more.

Big-Block multi-build option:
The ability to add multiple large blocks in a line has now been added to the system. now you can build your towers or palisades at a greater speed.

New blocks
Donjon columns and thrones have been added and the existing Donjon floors have been reworked to now allow wooden beams to carry tiled floors on top of them. Bridges now have ramps. Some models were updated like Transept and its wrong foundations. Arches and other blocks with columns have updated foundations also with columns.

As mentioned above the building and removing block speed and efficiency has been doubled! Scene LoD improvement should bring 1-3 extra fps increase in the overall game performance. Grass density settings got more flexibility allowing you to set low or none grass correctly (No change for high densities).

Where that stubborn soil didn't want to be removed from on top of your blocks has now been fixed.
Terraforming speed has been also increased and optimized by 20%

We would like to thank you for your continued support and comments regarding bugs and issues we like to try and address all of them with speed and efficiency and hope that you are enjoying the fixes and improvements.

Release time 8.3.2018 11:00-13:00 UTC related to your OS

Don't forget we have a discussions board:

Discord group:

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #13 on: March 27, 2018, 01:46:30 PM »
Patch 0.0.03F- Ducktape for your castles
World of Castles - Hammer Games

Greetings fellow lords!

In recent patches, we have reworked some core codes, which lead to worse game stability, some visible or hidden crashes. Simple there was a lot of dark magic. So Spanish Inquisition ordered a game purification.

Key Patch updates:
We bring fixed many crashes and other errors. Or scene dynamic batching for lesser draw calls on your GPU. Merged with combat branch (accessible for those who have dev key)

Changes Made:

- Statics classes reworked, fixing known crashes and miscalculations
- Scene draw calls reduced (combined trees shadows, and distant trees)
- terrain tessellation values corrected.
- Added new inventory category - rounded towers with bastions
- added some missing blocks in multiple categories
- load crash of huge castles fixed (it did not load huge castles)
- terraforming speed 4x
- terraforming update terrain collider and LODs after 5s of stop editing terrain
- sheat/hide sword and 3 attacks & 3 defends available in walk mode
- combat main menu & duels for dev-key users
- delete key - hard block removal (removes blocks with broken statics)

What does this mean?

Statics classes reworked:
The main feature of this patch. Once an error occurs in the game it stops working properly (showing other objects, freezing, saving weird blocks, disappear, making blocks unable to remove etc.) And after last few patches, this was a place for many errors. So expect game should crash far less often.

Scene draw calls reduced:
this should send 60% less separated new scene objects to be painted on GPU. Although we see a huge jump in engine editor performance, we did not notice much improvement in the built game. Probably it is very dependant on your GPU.

terrain tessellation values corrected:
There was an inverted value by mistake. So if you set the best quality, you got potato results and vice versa.

load crash of huge castles fixed:
If you built a huge castle, you could see next time you run the game that some parts of your castle are missing... This was caused by wrong data type index, which could hold up to like 6 000 blocks. With this patch, you should be able to load your broken castles correctly, if you did not overwrite save.

hard delete:
As there were plenty ways how to break statics leading to unremovable blocks, we have added a new kay available during EA. If you point the cursor on the broken block and press delete button it will delete block regardless of statics.This is not recommended to use as a default way to remove blocks with correct statics as it might break statics of surrounding blocks or make them fly.

combat main menu & duels:
In this patch, it remains locked for most of the players. The reason is simple, we are still not satisfied with the result and we need more to work around fight system. Focus more on animations and make it more enjoyable. Also, we want to make it more accessible for our close advisers, testers etc. This could affect the loading time of the main menu. As a side effect, you can use a sword in walk mode. You can sheat sword by click mouse button and hide it with "H". Left mouse button is related to attacks, right to defends. If you move the mouse when holding a mouse button you point a sword into 3 directions.

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Re: World of Castles
« Reply #14 on: April 26, 2018, 12:01:16 AM »
Patch 0.0.03G
20 April - Hammer Games   

Greetings fellow lords!
At first, we would like to apologize for recent stabilization issues. We changed a lot of core code which caused some new issues or even returned old ones. We would like to special thanks to Miro, who helped us find a lot of issues. Also, we would like to thank anyone who gave us any kind of feedback.

Key Patch updates:
Patch 0.0.03G is another stabilization patch. We have focused on rest parts of the game which caused severe issues. In this way, we have reworked tree removal/return and planting algorithms. Did some little tweaks to grass or distant trees sprites. You can see hints during scene loading. Besides that, you can see changed all wall extended battlements which are now way slimmer. Also, you can find few more new blocks as usual.

Changes Made:

- Trees removal/return and plant algorithms reworked
- Grass grows less organized.
- Distant trees sprites now face correctly to a camera.
- Hints appear when loading.
- Blocks with exposed battlements reworked (way thinner wall)
- New platform blocks and passage block in strong ramparts
- Fixed crash when planting a tree.
- Fixed crash on load, when it tried to load removed trees
- Fixed crash, when building the nearby edge of a map
- Fixed crash, when building nearby flag
- Church bells now respects your sound settings.
- edge of map moved slightly to not project edge on closest blocks.

- temporarily disabled category: Defensive devices.
- temporarily disabled destruction precalculation.

What does this mean?

Stability is current priority:
Crashes made impossible to play WoC, and as even after the last patch some crashes remained. We focus on to solve them. Unfortunately, errors are visible only in dev versions or inside logs. Casual gamer see only it starts behaving weird sometimes crash absolutely.

Trees removal/return and plant algorithms reworked:
working with trees did not work correctly and threw some errors under some circumstances. So we reworked system and now returning removed trees does not cause any lag and are returned correctly. Now it also removes bushes, which in previous versions withstood any attempts of removal. Planting new trees still cause some lag as it needs to render shadows and area on a minimap. But it also should be way faster than before.

Battlements rework:
We got some reports that some ramparts are unrealistically extended out of the wall. That was true fact and we made these blocks just 1 stone size thick. (4x thinner).

Temporarily disabled stuff:
We found some severe memory leaks with catapults. This caused an error when moving far away from the catapult or leaving catapult after operating with the catapult (e.g. shooting). Combined with placeholder quality of this cathegory we decided to disable it for some time. There is a second reason that we can skip destruction precalculation phase because there is nothing that can destroy your castle. This precalculation was designed up to 1000 blocks. Means on way more complex castles it would take a long loading time making walk mode impossible. So skipping destruction, we can skip loading time to walk mode. We plan to return destruction with siege mode. We will just have few times speed up precalculation process (this should be done when we would replace physics methods with math ones).

Release status
released for all platforms

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