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Hey Vyrtuoz

have you planned to add this theater map in Tacview ?
That would be great  :winner

I've tried to follow the instructions of that topic :,5032.0.html
But I can't find the theater in the Data-Falcon4Theaters.xml file

(here is the link of that theater just in case you need it : )

Hi Foxy,

Added to my todo list! Because I have a lot of work, I cannot guaranty the terrain will be available in Tacview 1.6.4 final. More likely in Tacview 1.7.

I may also add an entry in the CustomTextureList if there is a map (like jpg or png texture) provided for it.

cool !!!  :thumbsup

Here are some maps I've found inside the theater folder !
I don't know if it will be useful for you ... if not could we simply use google earth for now ?

Because of differences in the way maps are projected between real-world and this theater, it will be difficult to make the ONC C-2 match the BMS terrain displayed in Tacview.

However, the first map (with the air spaces) looks good. Can you give me its exact path? I will do some tests with it and let you know if it works fine.

path is as follow :
\Falcon BMS 4.33\Data\Add-On Nordic\art\NTO-art\art\resource\Map-Nordic Kopie.tga

Thx for your help  :thumbsup


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