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DoW Air fun flight 24.Sep. around 17:00 GMT

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Hi fellow DoW Air Pilots.

I plane some small low level flight near 1S2, 65S and Israels Farm around 17:00 GMT, when you are interested to participate. You can join from 17:00 GMT
* Air Frame: small to medium prop and turbo prop
* Weather: Realistic local weather from the areal around 2:00pm
* Low level flight under 8500 feet
* You need : JoinFS: 1.27 - Download
Here some info material:

I am in. :pilotfly

Trying to decide om My Piper Arrow Turbo or Warrior  :confused

Both are good, I think I use my Twin Otter.

Good flight. I had an engine issue with my Piper Arrow Turbo. I limped home to 1S2. I have a new turbo on order :whistle

Good time with Beef and Attila.  :thumbsup

If you look carefully, you will see smoke coming from the engine...

You can see the smoke here to

I had to nurse the Arrow home

Good landing

Mechanic was waiting for me....

Well done Asid.

It was good flight, only Beef had no "technical" problems.

I lost my Aircraft over KETA, but survived, so I stole a new one.

Thank's to Beef and Asid for the participation.


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