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Legends of Ellaria
« on: September 16, 2017, 05:42:54 PM »

Legends of Ellaria is a first person adventure and Role Playing Game where you can build your own kingdom and fight epic battles in an immersive world. Alter this world every step of the way with the decisions you make.

Official Site: Here
Official forum: Here
YouTube Channel:Here
Steam: Here


Early Access Trailer

About This Game
Legends of Ellaria is a First-Person/Real-Time Strategy Adventure and Role Playing Sandbox game where you can build your own kingdom, fight epic battles and explore an immersive fantasy world. Command your armies and lead them from the front lines, all set in a universe where an ancient civilization established portals between worlds.

Your first task is to escape your dying world to Ellaria, and rebuild your kingdom. Your task will not be easy, as your old enemies have followed you, and strange beasts populate this new world. Your greatest threat, however, will come from an entirely different world...

Main Game Features:
   Swap between real-time strategy and first person modes at any time.
   Recruit, lead and command your armies.
   Construct cities building by building, in multiple regions.
   Rule your kingdom's economy, research upgrades for your cities, armies and your own skills.
   Interact with other civilizations and kingdoms through personal dialogues and diplomacy.
   Control your character in the first person, including his / her skills and abilities
   Control other characters in your kingdom through First-Person, including your heroes and your soldiers.

This Early Access version will include the following features:
   Third-Person character control
   Third-Person combat mode with various melee weapons, bow, and magics
   Inventory system
   Army management in RTS and Third-Person modes
   Construction In RTS
   Dialogue menu
   Many dungeons to explore
   Main Story - Chapter 1

Coming soon features:
   World and regional map
   Kingdom management, laws and sphere of influence
   Espionage, diplomacy and other kingdoms
   Tech tree, more city buildings, civic events
   More Main Story chapters
   More maps
   Shields, two-handed weapons, and utility magic
   Siege weapons, cavalry, dwarves, necromancers, elves
   RPG leveling system and classes
   Character design
   Army design
   Control any character in your kingdom
   Control and interact with any object
   First Person

Planned Features:
   Mac, Linux, Xbox

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Re: Legends of Ellaria
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2017, 04:42:00 PM »
30% 2-Month Celebration Discount!!

Celebration Discount Will Be Up Today!

Hey guys,

Today we're excited to announce that as a celebration of turning 2-months since our Early Access release and reaching an official mostly positive score, and a 'recent reviews' very positive score on Steam we're releasing a 30% Discount on Legends of Ellaria for the whole week!

We want as many people to enjoy Ellaria as possible, we have been committed to grow from your feedback and update consistently to improve the experience, as we've said before, we truly want to build an epic game for all of you.

This means that if you have any feedback, reviews, comments, opinions, bugs, we will definitely listen and get to work ASAP on them.
We will also be releasing a minor update this Wednesday, with some new content & bug fixes to make your adventure more enjoyable :)

As always, thank you for supporting us!

See you in Ellaria,

- The Larkon Studio Team

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Re: Legends of Ellaria
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2017, 12:40:00 AM »
Version is out!

A new version of Legends of Ellaria is now LIVE, with some interface improvements and a new player home. Here are the features and bug-fixes:

New Features:
   You can select multiple saves in the load window by holding Ctrl / Shift.
   You can delete unwanted saves in the load window.
   The loading window displays the thumbnail for the selected save.
   The aiming cursor is only visible when holding a ranged weapon.
   You now have a home. You can enter your home through the second door of the City Hall (the opposite door from your advisor's entrance).
   You can press E to use some items and tools and help construct buildings and use objects. We'll add more in later versions

Fixed Issues:
   The resolutions dropdown in the options menu would overflow past the screen.
   Dragging an item from the quick use panel was not equipping the item.
   The Tavern had missing materials on the upper level.
   The Blacksmith worker had a dialogue option "Press E to Talk" without a conversation.
   The barracks section of the barracks had an area where you can go through the wall.
   The advisor informed you to talk to the tavern owner when there was no tavern owner.
   Explosion audio had distorted pitch effects.
   The guarding soldier from the tutorial would wander in the room or disappear.
   The dialogue text and response was not showing quotes, dots, and other signs.

We want to say thank you for your support during our 2-month celebration. And as always, we will keep improving Legends of Ellaria with your feedback and support!

See you in Ellaria,

- The Larkon Studio Team

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Re: Legends of Ellaria
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2017, 12:35:47 AM »
Version is out!
Legends of Ellaria - Larkon Studio

Version is now Live! We had to do some extra bug-fixes from reports from some of our users after our previous rollback. If you have left a review, feel free to update it with your new experience, if you haven't, it helps us keep updating and polishing the game for you guys, we want to bring you tons of new content over the next few months! Fixed Issues:
   Removed the possibility to equip the bow with a magic shield
   When equipping the bow with the magic shield, neither of them worked
   When your character finished construction, he would go and help on other tasks without your input
   When helping with construction, the building construction would never be completed
   Had the possibility to interact with doors and objects that don't exist
   Fixed an issue where your character would fall through the world when entering a location
   When having minimal permission to the "MyDocuments" folder, the game would not load
   Spells could be dragged into the inventory and could not be dragged away from the inventory
   Dragging a spell from one slot to another would permanently delete the other spell
   Fixed some minor issues with the dialogue window
   Removed the weight indicator from the inventory
   When switching a weapon during a continuous spell (Burning Hands, Frost Ray, Etc.), the spell would continue to shoot forever
   Removed the ability to switch to the RTS mode in locations that shouldn't allow it
   Fixed some issues where you could go through the edge of the world
   The minimap circle was blocking the help (F1 key) display
   Quest stages were updated in the wrong locations
   Added "You don't have room in your inventory" when trying to unequip an item with no room in your inventory

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Re: Legends of Ellaria
« Reply #4 on: October 19, 2017, 09:43:25 PM »
Version - Bug fixes, Key binding and character movement
Legends of Ellaria - Larkon Studio

Version is now Live with some of the bug fixes and features you have been asking us!

We want to say thank you to all of you that have been leaving reviews and giving us feedback through our different channels; we're working hard on improving the bug reports you have sent as well the suggestions you've mentioned.

This new version includes a basic Key Binding and a smoother movement control for your character. We've also fixed some important issues with Legends of Ellaria by your request.

New Features:
   Your character has a smoother control. There is no delay between pressing the movement control and the character moves towards the direction you have set without a slow rotation.
   Character has a "Default Walk or Run" (Set by Caps Lock), both for combat and casual mode
   Key binding (still missing several commands, including the WASD. We will add them soon)
   Game configuration and saves now exist in : C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\LocalLow\Larkon Studio\Legends of Ellaria

Fixed Issues:
   Fixed an issue where LoE is stuck in "Game is Loading."
   Fixed more issues with permission to "My Documents."
   May have fixed the spinning camera issue with for people who own a Joystick. See "Known Issues"

Known issues:
   Can't change the movement (WASD) keys binding
   When helping to construct a building, the building is not constructed and the game has issues with saving and loading
   Not all Joysticks and Gamepads were tested for the spinning camera bug. Some Joystick owners may experience an issue where the camera is constantly rotating around them. If you have this issue, please send us a report or email with your Joystick / Gamepad model information.

See you In Ellaria,

Larkon Studio

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