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Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943


Author Topic: Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943, Longstop Hill DLC - The Churchills Stop Here: By JC  (Read 3715 times)

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Saturday, August 19, 2017
By: JC
Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943, Longstop Hill DLC - The Churchills Stop Here

In this battle generated with the game's editor, I lead a British infantry company to secure a ford across the Medjerda River (2 km west of the Djebel el Ahmera heights).

No artillery support for my infantry, just 5 Churchill tanks. The enemy is a PzGr company reinforced with a platoon of tanks.

Very soon after crossing the line of departure, a German company of PzGr. opened up. The Churchills were in support and we made good progress moving forward relatively unmolested.

The Churchills are kind of slow, almost to the point that I had to hold the infantry back a little.

The first section of a British platoon made it first to the ford. The river bed was a relatively deep cut in the landscape, so it offered terrific cover for men and tanks.

On tank crew member moving towards the back after his tank was immobilized. His tank was hit by some high velocity round coming from the back of the battlefield. Apparently, the Germans deployed their tanks in the back.

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