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Author Topic: Steel Beasts ProPE - Kill Zones Should Not Give Options to the Enemy: By JC  (Read 2679 times)

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017
By: JC
Steel Beasts ProPE - Kill Zones Should Not Give Options to the Enemy

In this fictional scenario, I took just 6 soldiers from the Ejercito de Tierra (Spanish Army) head on to an insurgent attack of a military installation.

Our vehicle was a RG31E with a remote weapon station. Our mission was to block the insurgents reinforcements pouring into the military base. Some of them already made it to the approach routes in front of the base. An extensive cleanup awaited.

The situational awareness for the gunner is poor, but I'm counting on the eyes of the commander. He sits in the front of the vehicle and enjoys a view of the battlefield not too different than the one from a civilian truck. In this screenshot, a RCL technical approaches at full speed on our 11 o'clock.

The remote weapons station has a target acquisition system with a laser range finder (see top right "RANGO 445L" which translates into "range 445", meters I suppose). Even when it is not the pinnacle of firepower, the recoil less rifle is a very dangerous weapon system due to its high mobility. In this image, it has been struck enough to go up in flames.

A technical truck with plenty of insurgent cargo was dispatched without mercy. Our firing ranges have gone down considerably and now we are shooting targets at 200 meters. The risk of getting an RPG is high, but we needed to occupy a better position to engage insurgent reinforcements coming from longer distances.

The tall grass concealed many hidden insurgents.

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