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4. Changing the default Tracking mode initial position of the Tornado (i.e., camera view-point)

Mod: Camera shift for F1 Tracking mode
By Frankie
Link: coming soon
Instructions: Hit F1 and instead of the Tornado being dead-centre in the external view of the Tracking mode, it is slightly skewed to the right ... for IMHO, a slight more dramatic effect.

VIEWS.ASM code to modify.

Significance and future enhancements:
The above hack is simple and trivial. What is interesting is that it is possible to implement a cinematic view in Tornado. Similar to the various cinematic views found in Razorback's "Apache Vs Havoc" and "Comanche Vs Hokum". The effort to do this is not trivial, but this minor hack alludes to the real possibility of implementing such complex views in Tornado. Never mind the outdated 3D model graphics - if new and innovative views could be implemented in Tornado (using 16-bit assembly language, mind you!), that would take the Tornado experience to a whole new level.

5. Weapons View is now sound-enabled

Mod: Enabled sound in Weapons View
By Frankie
Link: coming soon
I managed to enable the sounds in the Weapons View. So when the target hits home, you will NOW hear an explosion! This sound effect is missing in the default code because the moment of impact is considered to be out of earshot range of the Tornado that is traveling at, like what, 600knots, which is a pity really. Imagine working so hard to survive all the way to the target, actually hitting it, only to be greeted by complete .... silence. With my minor hack however, you will now be rewarded with a satisfying explosion sound effect. This will make your blood, tears and sweat all worth it. Here is the simple hack. Just change VIEW_WEAPON from 0 to 1 inside VIEW.ASM!

The drawback of the hack is that you will also hear the Tornado's twin-engine sounds every time you toggle to the Weapons View. I am currently unable to turn off the engine sounds when in Weapons View mode. If I could do this, then the drawback would be eliminated.

With the hack activated, an ALARM hitting a target (AAA) will result in a digitized bang. Something that the stock game would always show in silence.


6. Tracking View made more realistic and immersive with responsive horizon

Mod: Responsive horizon
By Frankie
Link: None. Just follow the code hack shown.
This hack will make the horizon responsive when you turn or bank the jet in F1 (tracking) or F5 (drone) views. Just comment off lines that contain the code "VP_ROLL,0".

Just comment these lines in assembly language with a semicolon ;

The simulation views will be more dramatic, especially when the jet turns left or right. You have to try this. It gives a cinematic feel to the external view when the plane turns to the next waypoints. You feel as though you are a wingman the the Tonka that is being tracked in the Tracking (external) view. You feel right there in the thick of the action.

Here I am in F1 view mode. When I bank the plane, the horizon turns at an angle.
Works the same when in Drone mode (F5). Give it a try and see the dramatic difference.
Hack #6 gives the tracking and drone views  a 3D-effect make-over.

Remember the aerial scenes in Top Gun? Remember Flanker 1.0-1.5 external views where you had that beautiful angled view with the jet at the corner and the horizon tilts but the jet remains relatively still? Same effect here. If you hit Esc to cancel the autopilot, and then use the right or left arrow keys to turn the plane, PLUS the zoom/unzoom "<", "Shift+<", "Shift+>" and ">" keys. You will see a dramatic effect when in F1 or F5 view mode. Trust me on this!

7. Changed the default initial viewing position of wingmen (drone) aircraft

Mod: Wingmen aircraft initial view improvement
By Frankie
Link: just follow the code

Change the angle values to 260. That's all!
Instructions: Open VIEWS.ASM and use the value 260 for DrnCamBrg and DrnCamBrgFine. This hack of changing the zero values to 260 will make all drone aircraft to face AWAY from you. In the default game, the drones always initially face towards you (boring!). Now they will initially be seen from the rear. when the F5 key is hit. During a multi-aircraft coordinated strike mission, it makes more sense to view the wingmen or drone aircraft seen from the back, flying towards the target. This way you don't have to reposition the view with the "z" (pan left) or "x" (pan right) keys. Get it?

What's so special about this Gov? Well you're in F5 (Drone) view and the drone is in that initial position

8. Set your own terrain following heights

Mod: Terrain Following Altitudes
By Frankie
Link: None. Open the AVIONICS.ASM file. Then follow the code hack shown.
Description: With this hack, you can now change any or ALL of the seven default altititudes. It's very simple. Just change the default altitude vaules to anything you desire. Not necessarily in ascending order. For example, my set of altitudes are 100, 200, 300, 400, 550, 7000 and 1000!


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