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Here are the equivalent Winter and Desert FLIGHT.EXEs of the modifcations made to the August 13, 2023 FLIGHT.EXE.

Breathing life to a 30-year old DOS flight sim - Digital Integration's Tornado. I've added a 200-degrees pannable pilot view (non-HUD) to simulate the player moving his head inside the cockpit. See video below:

Let's see if I can't add this feature to the sterile and limited existing "Glance Left View" (End key) and the "Glance Right View" (PgDn key).

Frankie Kam

Mod 208. Remembrance Day Special Mod Combo

In most countries, Remembrance Day is observed on 11 November to recall the end of First World War hostilities. Hostilities ended "at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month" of 1918, in accordance with the armistice signed by representatives of Germany and the Entente between 5:12 and 5:20 that morning.

I. Improved Flyby view
Description: I've improved the flyby view. This time, after hitting F3 to view your Tornado flyby, you can raise or lower the viewpoint. The adjusted viewpoint height is persistent. Meaning that the next time you hit F3, the view remembers the last perspective. So this leads to some nice cinematic views of your Tornado zooming by. There is also Ctrl+F3 which assumes you are on the ground, looking up towards the Tornado. Hope you enjoy these new features of the flyby view!

F3           = flyby with current viewpoint height retained
F3 | 7       = lower bystander viewpoint
F3 | Ctrl+7  = raise bystander viewpoint
Ctrl+F3      = Flyby from ground zero viewpoint
Shift+F3     = Flyby from plane's level viewpoint

II. Fullscreen panning 360 Pilot view
Description: I've created a full-screen PilotView minus the HUD. This view points in same direction as the full-screen Pilot HUD View, but the difference now is you can pan left, right, up and down. You can also reset the current view so that it points dead-centre, in sync with the Full-screen Pilot HUD View. Purpose? To simulate scanning of the pilots head when looking for ground or air objectives.

Press Shift+D once = Home PilotPanel view
Press Shift+D again = brings you to the 360 view
1 = Pan up
0 = Pan up
< = Pan left
> = Pan right
Ctrl+1 = Reset 360 view to looking forwards centralised
d = back to PilotPanel view
1 & 0 pressed together = vertical perspective does not change (both 1 and 0 keys cancel each other)
< & > pressed together = horizontal perspective does not change (both < and > keys cancel each other)

III. Dual Lookdown View

Description: I created a dual-kneepad view as a programming challenge. I wanted to see if I could create a second settings screen where the user can change the settings mid-mission. In this, I was successful. However some of the features were incomplete, as I shall explain below. With this dual-kneepad view, the Tornado gamer is able to do the following:

* Change the Night level of a mission. This creates more mission variety if you don't mind a departure from standard Tornado out of the box.
* Increase the level of difficulty by adding fog to the environment; or at least change the sky from clear to overcast - lending at interesting take and mission variety on what would otherwise be a standard mission.
* Simulate component failure. This could come in handy when training for real eventualities like trying to land the Tonka with one engine out and with the flaps shot off by AAA. Unfortunately, although I can toggle on a component failure (e.g., TV-TABs disabled), I am NOT able to restore such said component. So please choose your component failures carefully as you will need to restart the mission if you wish to experiment with a different parameter of failures. Overall, this feature lends a What-If aspect to the sim. Something which was never possible with the stock game.
* Toggle between unlimited and limited Chaff/Flares. It can be argued, and rightly so, that this 'cheat' feature dumbs down the hard-core difficulty aspect of Tornado. As a modder, I sometimes like to question things that are and ask, can Tornado not be like Falcon where you can have various levels of game difficulty? Perhaps the Tornado gamer has executed and failed Mission XYZ multiple times and is ready to throw in the towel at the PC. Is there room to sometimes cut the Tornadoholic some slack and bend some rules, once in a while?

Kneepad View1
Numlock = Kneepad View1
< or >  = Toggle bwteeen Kneepad1 or Kneepad2 view
4 = Change ambience from Day->Dusk->Night->Midnight (buggy/incomplete)
5 = Change horizon behaviour from level to tilted
6 = Change night panel lighting from red to green and vice-versa
7 = choose damage effects row1 (Engine1 out, Flaps, Pilot MFDs, TV-TABs)
8 = choose damage effects row2 (Engine2 out, Gear, Radar, HUD)
9 = choose damage effects row4 (Afterburner, Sweep wings, RWR, Electronics)
0 = unlimited chaff and flares; weapons not decremented when used

Screenshot 1 - first kneepad view
Kneepad View2
1 = Visibility (as per original 1993)
2 = Ground Textures (as per original 1993)
3 = Hill Textures (as per original 1993)
4 = Sky/Clouds (toggle on/off)
5 = Horizon Textures (as per original 1993)
6 = Fog/Overcast toggle
7 = Devices (as per original 1993)
8 = Sound effects (as per original 1993)
0 = Min/Max visuals (as per original 1993)

Screenshot 2 - second kneepad view

IV. SAM Active tri-view
Description:  I've created this view so that you can experience the view of a SAM being fired from its SAM mobile. There are 3 views. View of SAM being launched and as it travels in the air towards your plane; reverse view of the SAM - seen from the front of the missible, looking towards its rear, and SAM crosshairs - seen from the front perspective of the SAM. To activate any of the three part-views, hit the Function key F12 when engaging SAMs in a SAM-rich target environment. Then choose among the keys F1 (Missile view), F2 (reverse rear crosshairs missile POV) and F3 (front crosshairs missile POV). Hit F12 again to disable the tri-views. Enjoy.

F12 = activate Tri-missile view
F1   = Missile launch and flying view
F2   = Rear Missile POV
F3   = Front Missle POV
] and [ keys  = show Tracking View split level (TR01 to TR06)

Additional keys when engaging AAA (ZSU) and SAM mobile launchers (Zomb). Refer to the video below. And to this link.

F12 = activate Tri-missile view
F11 = Toggle between active AAA and SAM mobile unit
Ctrl+Alt   =  raise the perspective of the AAA or SAM mobile unit
Ctrl+Shift = lower the perspective of the AAA or SAM mobile unit

Note: when you see tracer from the AAA, try hitting F12, Ctrl+Alt, Ctrl+Shift and F11....eventually, a unit will appear on the screen.

Screenshot 3 - SAM view with F12 and F1

Screenshot 4 - SAM front-facing POV crosshairs bearing down on your Tornado. Punch flares!
A majority of my mods are focused on external views. It is of course possible to play the entire game relying 90% of the time on just the Pilot Panel, Navigator Panel and the famous multi-mode Autopilot of Tornado. With these external mods, I hope to provide a glimpse and angle of Tornado seldom or never seen before in the stock game. Hope you enjoy this Remembrance Day Combo Mod!

Enjoy this two (Sept-Oct 2023) months of accumulated mods!

Frankie Kam

I have attached the FLIGHT.EXE executable with this post. Hope this helps.

If you are unable to view the FLIGHT.EXE attachment, it's probably because you don't have a forum account with the Dogs Of War Virtual Unit forum. Fear not. You can also join the Tornado2 Discord channel where you can download the latest FLIGHT.EXE (as of 12/11/2023). Just click on this Discord Invite link:



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