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Re: Next Day: Survival
« Reply #15 on: May 20, 2018, 07:40:36 PM »
UPDATE [20/05/2018]
Next Day: Survival - SOFF Games

Hello! An update has been downloaded to the server, restart the Steam client to download the update.

UPDATE [20/05/2018]

1) Fixed a bug when after killing the character from the distance, he froze in a static pose.
2) Fixed a bug when the connection error "Lost connection with the game's server" periodically occurred.
3) Added adaptive health system for BOSS, now it is possible to cope with the boss alone: the more players fight with the boss, the more loot it will drop out and the more difficult the boss will be.
4) Fixed a bug when some of the shot effects were not displayed.
5) Fixed a bug when it was possible to climb into the store of the storekeeper in the location "Dead swamp".
6) Fixed a bug in which the safe zone disappeared in the main building of the scientific base in the the "Dead swamp" location.
7) Fixed a bug when parked cars knocked off players.
8) Fixed a bug when cars were respawned on the roof.
9) Fixed a bug when the NPC Defender in the bunker was on the roof or in the air.
10) Fixed a bug when some boots of NPCs were white and without any texture.
11) We've returned some pistols to the game's store: APS and Rook, M1911 was removed from the store, now you can only find it in the game yourself.
12) Fixed displaying the icon of the weapon slot in the Machete.
13) Now the NPCs in the settlement of the scientific base will attack the players for the killings on the territory of the settlement.
14) In the "Dead swamp" location camps of peace and looters were added; points of spawn and storage were also added.
15) Fixed a bug when the sound of a shot at the NPC could be played twice.
16) Improved optimization for some types of dynamic objects, fixed a bug with FPS drop when throwing objects.

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Re: Next Day: Survival
« Reply #16 on: June 13, 2018, 10:42:16 PM »
Next Day: Survival - SOFF Games

Hello everybody! We’ve uploaded another update on the servers that brought lots of interesting things into the game!
The update is pretty big, so if you find any bugs or errors, please let us now, we will fix it ASAP.

Friends! If you like the game, please write a review on Steam, it will help us a lot in game’s development. Thanks for staying with us!

[Updates / Changes]
1) Added a new underground location "Laboratory".
2) Added 24 quests to the location of Dead Swamp (the beginning of the line of quests at Point N12, location Severoufimsk).
3) Added new types of weapons: TKB-0111, Vepr 308.
4) Added new hats and a backpack: MAG-2 Mask, Tankman Helmet, Large travel backpack.
5) Added a new animal BOSS: Two-headed wolf.
6) A game server for Russia has been launched.
7) The library of the network part of the game server has been updated.
8) The number of slots in the exoskeleton has been increased from 18 to 22.
9) In the mode "Last survivor" you can buy weapons now.
10) The volume of footsteps and shots has been adjusted.
11) To complete the quest, where you need to clean up the settlement, YOU DON'T HAVE TO kill Defenders of the settlement.
12) Fixed the sounds of rats.
13) The system of sound environment has been optimized.
14) Fixed the flash charts from shots (smoke in particular).
15) NPC behavior has been improved. Fixed a bug when NPCs tried to go through parked cars.

1) Fixed a bug when after the death of the character parts of the body could disappear under different
angles of the camera.
2) Fixed a bug when the character's left hand could hang in a certain position when using the IK hand.
3) Fixed a bug when some polygons in the military uniform could be stretched in certain poses.
4) Fixed a bug when you could use objects at the time of dropping backpack that could lead to the dupe of some objects.
5) Fixed a bug where skills related to weapons can be upgrade on the dead characters.
6) Fixed a bug with incorrect positioning of sounds (shots, steps, sounds of environment).
7) Fixed a bug when you can't talk to the Lighthouse-Keeper in the quest "Lighthouse-Keeper" in the Primorye location.
8) Fixed incorrect filling of "TOP-20 Players" and "TOP-20 Survivors".
9) Fixed a bug when the rotation of the camera while swimming wasn't working correctly.
10) Fixed bug with incorrect display of traces from hit bullets (decals).
11) Fixed cases when NPC defenders in Bunker teleported to the roof.
12) Fixed a bug when switching to other locations, players could accidentally get into rooms of other players.
13) Fixed animal behavior when they didn't react to players.
14) Fixed a bug when the bear walked at a running speed.
15) Fixed a bug when the sounds of animals were repeated even after death.
16) Fixed a bug in the quest line of marauders " Cockeyed's Entertainment".
17) Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the character when getting into the car.

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