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SΖLIG is a strategy, role-playing, simulation, and trading game about the things that matter; life, death, money, and family. Live through the turmoil of the Dark Ages and do whatever you can to bring wealth to your family.

Official Site: Here (under construction)
Official forum: Here
Steam: Here
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(Old English: blessed, fortunate, prosperous, happy)

880 A.D.

SΖLIG is a strategy, role-playing, simulation, and trading game about the things that matter; life, death, money, and family. You will be in charge of managing the life and affairs of a young Anglo-Saxon in the kingdom of Wessex, a kingdom at constant war with Vikings. It is in this world that you must find a way thrive and make a name for yourself, and your family.

At its very core SΖLIG is a trading and management game centred around the accumulation of wealth, and the survival of your family. It also incorporates many role-playing and simulation features, including: relationships, buffs, skills, health, missions, needs, character based interactions, and direct character control.

There are numerous ways you can live your life, each one brings both risk and reward

•   Find love, and start a family.
•   Start a business, hire workers, and produce the goods that people need, as well as luxury items.
•   Make your fortune by trading between towns.
•   Head a gang of thieves and take what you want.
•   Sabotage your competition and monopolize goods.
•   Accept and carry out missions to deliver goods around the map.

Some other key features

•   A living, breathing world, where each character is trying to survive and prosper.
•   Each character has their own life from start to finish and has the potential to shape the world around them, just like you.
•   Live through several generations – when you die, you can continue as your one of your children.
•   Dynamic seasons and weather that affects the world around you.
•   Lots of different types of buildings to purchase and upgrade.
•   Fires and diseases have the potential to not only decimate your home, but also towns and villages all over the map.
•   Living economy - nothing simply exists, everything is made and consumed by the population.

SΖLIG is not feature complete and at this point there is currently no construction or land ownership, instead you can only buy buildings. These features will be added once I have fleshed out other base mechanics.

(Linux version coming after initial release)

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Patch Notes since release

Patch 1: 1July
1) Have moved popup panels up just enough so that someone running 1280x768 resolution can click the buttons on them during the tutorial.
2) Another tutorial one. Due to random town populations and whatnot some people were not able to hire a person for their bakehouse. This is simply no good. To fix this I have added in a predefined family to the tutorial, and no members of that family is allowed to go out and find their own job. They exist solely to be hired by you if there is no one else.
3) Changes to the resolution selection menu. Should work better now.
4) Changed the compression of some textures and audio, this should help with load speed.
5) Found an odd bug that could result in endless loading. Fixed it.

Patch 2: 02 July
•  Fixed not being able to buy more than 3 buildings after ranking up.
•  Fixed a bug where buffs and debuffs and aflictions and whatnot wheren't showing up when you selected someone.
•  As per the request of a community member, if you choose to keep a sick worker employed while they cannot work, they will now only take half wage.
•  People will now have better immune systems
•  Horses should now be less inclined to trot around on roofs, going clippity clop with their hoofs.
•  The horse cart you can buy for your house should now show up when you hover over the button for your house
•  Any building you own will now have a blue icon when the overview map is displayed.
•  Wind and rain sounds are now less obnoxious
•  Fixed a really stupid bug where people wouldn't pay for stuff from your bakehouse
•  In the tutorial, placed a bush near one of the apple trees for just in case you are trying to do that objective during winter, when apple trees have no fruit
•  Set a 100 gold limit for breaking into a building
•  Some people got stuck in an endless winter - I found a cause for this and fixed it. Hopefully that's the only cause.
•  Made some slight adjustments, which should hopefully help with some crashes
•  Lowered the price of mines and woodcutting huts by 1000. I think they were a priced a bit high.
•  Fixed a bug that was causing money notifications to get stuck on the screen
•  The supervising buff will now last 2 minutes, instead of 1.
•  Double-clicking a portrait while in overview map mode will now exit overview map mode
•  Some changes to prices and the equation that calculates the prices based on demand
•  A new marathon day length, as well as additional options for the other start settings
•  Fixed an issue with days per year calculation that caused bugs
•  The time at which people leave for work is now based on how long the day is, this should mean that they arrive on time to work.
•  You can now use - and + keys to speed up and stop time. Pause > Normal > x2 > x3. Can no longer speed up time while sleeping.
•  Metalworker. Makes jewellery (more productions to come). Wealthy people buy jewellery from the market to feel fancy.
•  Proper GUI scaling
•  AI will now wait for a bit before buying property at the start of the game
•  Breaking into a business now doesn't result in money, and breaking into a house now results in less money.
•  A thief who is wearing a hood will now be better at pickpocketing compared to a thief with no hood.
•  Lots of bug fixes with game lengths, and years passing, etc
•  Changes to how the camera works, I am unsure if it will be better or worse

Patch 3: 06 July
•   Immune system tweaks
•   More accurate building clicking
•   Double clicking potraits will work better at 3x speed
•   You can now double click the worker and cart portraits in the Production panel
•   Additional farm worker possibility - meaning there will be 6 total
•   Fixed an issue with 4k monitors (I need me one of them) where they were unable to transfer inventory items
•   I changed the spelling of 'jod' to 'job' in a production event
•   I improved some access points for some buildings
•   Characters should be slightly easier to click
•   Have made a few changes to hopefully stop crashes when paused or alt+tabed
•   Some additional data is now baked into the game when I build it, instead of being loaded when you load a scene - which means loading should be faster for you
•   Disabled some extra effects and features that I doubt anyone even knew existed in an attempt to narrow down crashes some people are getting
•   Fixed issue with it not raining in Ashbury
•   The game will no longer resume when paused and you click on a building

Patch 4: 07 July
•   Made some text bigger
•   One particular bush near Norbury has been moved into a better spot
•   Added a description to each money notification
•   Changed the overview map market icon to be red
•   You can now assign productions after hours
•   Production timer is now a %, much easier to understand
•   Another game time related fix, this is hopefully the last one
•   The horse upgrade for the Flour Mill will now give a little more of a boost
•   Fixed some buildings not showing the selection icon after patch #3
•   Fixed issue where you could not hire a worker with for the Bakehouse
•   Fixed an issue where you could marry as many woman as you want. I will add affairs, but not like that. :P
•   Fixed some more floating benches
•   I renabled the chicken avoidance system so they don't get in the way of things
•   Marathon game length doubled

Patch 5: 08 July
•  10 new production events added
•  When hiring workers if the panel is empty it will now say that there are no workers available and offer some advice
•  Cart upgrade window wording changed to relfect the fact that you're upgrading the entire cart
•  When paying wages, the notifications are now group into their individual buildings. So if you have 3 buildings you will get three groups of wages transactions
•  Selling goods directly from your alehouse or bakehouse is now better for your pocket (this is actuall from patch 4, but forgot to mention it)
•  Added an option for 30 days per season, as requested.
•  Added two types of madicines which people will buy to cure their afflictions. They will also use it if it is stored in their house.
•  Fixed farm workspace upgrade problem
•  You can now select things and interact with things when the game is paused
•  Fixed broken production counter for long and marathon game lengths
•  Invalidated some old save data, which will make old saves bring in new data they previously were not.
•  Fixed a potential load crash
•  Fixed issue where you would pay for more goods than you received when transferring large stacks to your character
•  Fixed problem with bakehouse in tutorial
•  Career criminals will now go back to the last job they were doing at the start of each day
•  Some new UI skins

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It looks good. I'll follow SAELIG on Steam and probably buy it once it's out of Early Access. Thanks for the heads-up. :thumbsup
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Hi Greybriar.

I am enjoying this so far. The dev is very active and seems passionate about his game. £10.99 is a great price.

i will keep this thread updated.


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Official SAELIG Twitch channel


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Patch #6 - Child labour, bug fixes, and hopefully less crashes
SAELIG - Stardog


A new patch for you all. Nothing huge, but hopefully it is a step in the right direction.
•   Upgraded to new version of Unity which contains fixes for various crashes
•   A new and more effective navigation script with better fail safes - however navigation can still get a little odd on occasion. I'll iron this out with time.
•   Child labour. Children as young as 12 can now work for you. Less efficient, but also cost half the wage.
•   Changed the pregnancy system. Pregnancy is now applied as an affliction which means the pregnant person cannot work. The pregnancy will last for x number of seconds based on your game length. No more exact times. Due to this change, if you load a saved game from a previous version any pregnant woman will no longer be pregnant.
•   You can now tell your thieves to case buildings, which will allow you to see inside the building's inventory for a short amount of time. When a building is in this state it will show a new icon in the overview map.
•   Production should now continue from where it left off the previous day
•   Increased the length of time that someone will wait for you to arrive if you are walking over to interact with them
•   Fixed bug with pig production and foraging related to inventory space.
•   Some new 2D art has been added, with more to come
•   People should no longer use houses that have burnt down
•   Fixed bug with not being able to see your reputation with some people in some cases
•   AI buildings should now be smarter at offloading goods
•   Birds should now be less noisy
•   You can now only change wages in the morning
•   Firing someone after 12pm will charge you 50% of their wage
•   Dogs will no longer have their own inventory
•   Fixed a lot of spelling errors
•   Honey can no longer be produced in winter
•   Changes to the market prices equation and some base prices
•   You can now start a new game with 14000 gold
•   Family members and friends should now show up above strangers on the hire employee list
•   The leather pack that you buy will now have 6 slots (might have to re-equip your current pack to see this)
•   Your character will now have 6 slots (requires new game)
•   Various other small changes and fixes

I hope this goes some way to improving the game for you. If this does indeed fix most of the crashes then I will be able to push forward with much more content.

Over the last couple weeks I've had quite a few people offer donations to further support the game, and as such I have created a Patreon for those who wish to do so.

Thanks for all the great feedback, keep it up. And if you can, join me for my Twitch stream this weekend, I'll be showing off some stuff.


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Beta patches

There is now a beta version to enable testing of fixes/updates etc.

If you want to give these patches a go then simply do the following -

Go into properties of the game in your steam library and click the beta tab. Once there enter the code dodatest1234 and then click 'check code'. Your steam should now download the new version.

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SAELIG Dev Twitch stream


Date: Saturday 22/07/17
Time: 18:00 GMT
Time (local): Click here

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