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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2018, 03:00:14 PM »
Update 15: Mutation Warning!
Deep Rock Galactic - GSG Community

Hello Miners!
Before we head out for a couple of weeks of sorely needed summer vacation, we have cooked up a lovely little mutation to the game for you all!

Also, Steam Summer Sale is still active for a few more days, so remind your friends that now is the chance to get onboard!


From now on, all missions have a chance to appear with Mutators attached to them. They come in two variants: Warnings and Anomalies. Anomalies are neutral or even positive, while Warnings will severely increase the danger you’ll face. Missions with Warnings on them also add a substantial Hazard Bonus to the final score. Look on the mission map for the new Warning and Anomaly icons!

The following Warnings and Anomalies are already implemented, and we expect to add lots more in future patches.

•   EXPLODER INFESTATION: Whatever mutation affects the Glyphid Exploders, this is likely one of the epicenters! Hordes of ‘roided-up, rabid Glyphid Exploders will do their best to turn you into a fine red mist.
•   SHIELD DISRUPTION: The cave is heavily electrostatically charged. And wouldn’t you know it, it makes your shield generators short out. shields!
•   MACTERA PLAGUE: Macteras of all kinds have completely taken over this cave! Flying horror descends from the sky! You could say it’s going to be... Macterrible!
•   CAVE LEECH CLUSTERS: If you have a phobia of Cave Leeches, this cave will either cure you or confirm your worst fears...
•   GOLD RUSH: This cave has extraordinarily rich deposits of gold; huge veins of it just waiting for the sweet caress of your pickaxe!
•   MINERAL MANIA: Crafting Minerals galore! It is the reason to go to Hoxxes after all.
•   TRIPLE XP: 10 credits says you can’t guess what it does...
•   LOW GRAVITY: Jump vast chasms! Scale nearly vertical walls! Just keep in mind... fall damage is still a thing, so don’t get TOO cocky...
•   CRITICAL WEAKNESS: Multikill! Aim for the weak spots for severely increased damage!
•   GOLDEN BUGS: Each kill earns gold for the team!


The ol’ flat Terrain Scanner has had an overhaul! The camera is now fully rotatable and zoomable, and you’ll have a much easier time finding where you need to go. Terrain Scanner has been mapped to both [TAB] and [M] by default. Go try it out!


For Update 14, we experimented briefly with locking hair colors to classes, to make them stand out more. It turns out the players didn’t enjoy that too much... in fact, we practically feared being strung up like elves! Rejoice, however! Custom hair colors are back, and are even a bit more advanced now!

A couple of new hairdos have been added (The Franklin and The Gamekeeper), as well as a bunch of much-requested variations to some of the hats and helmets!

Ever wondered what your dwarf looks like from behind? Well, you can now rotate your dwarf in all the relevant menus!

Note: For those who wondered where all your armor went after Update 14, it was down to a massive reworking of the system we use for all the Vanity items. All those affected should have gotten all the credits and minerals you spent on them back.


Bosco has had a brain upgrade and should now be much better at doing what he’s told and dishing out damage. He is so good that we had to tweak down his damage from 8 to 6 per bullet. His burst fire has also been adjusted to be a bit slower.

When starting a multiplayer game solo, Bosco joins you until another player joins. If that player drops out again, Bosco will reappear!


Invite your friends directly into your game! And you don’t even have to have set up a mission yet!

You can always join your friend’s game - unless they already have a full team that is!

The Server List didn’t show full servers before - it does now!


Health will regenerate to a specific minimum after taking massive damage. No more running around with 1 hit point!

The Minigun has had a massive overhaul, with a snazzy new model, improved animations, and new particles. After firing the Minigun, the accuracy is reduced at a slower rate.

An icon is shown next to a player’s icon when using voice chat.

Some aspects of the HUD can now be hidden through the Options. For now, Enemy Health Bars, the Compass, your depth, Player Name, Class, and Class Icon.

•   Uplink and Fuels Cells have gotten new models and animations.
•   Escape Pod powering up time reduced from 120 seconds to 90 seconds.
•   Increased the sprint speed bonus of the Weekend Athlete perk.
•   Rank 3 Field Medic Perk will send nearby Glyphids fleeing when you finish reviving a teammate.
•   Rank 5 Resupplier Perk will auto-reload all your weapons when you resupply.
•   Fixed grammar and typos on several Perks and Milestones.
•   Red Sugar Rocks: Max rank will give you a 20% speed boost for ten secs.

Our Steam Game Developer Page

As you may have seen, Steam has launched a beta of Game Dev and Publisher pages here on Steam. We have also created a page, where you can see which products we have available. Also, there is a link to our social media pages. We would love to expand our followers there as well, so if you want to, please follow the link below and follow our Steam Game Developer page :)

Community Streaming

It is possible to let streamers stream to our store page, and we have seen that Shibby - - had quite a success on our store page. So if you are a Streamer, and want to restream to our store page, please contact the community manager in our Discord Server - :)

Summer Vacation Time

Summer is upon us, and that means we are also going on summer vacation. So we will be a bit less active in our different forums, social media etc.
Also, we are moving to new offices in August, due to we have grown in team size. We need more SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
We will slowly be more active in August, and at full speed in September!

Until then there is only one thing to say:

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #16 on: August 31, 2018, 12:05:10 PM »
Deep Rock Galactic - Deep Rock Galactic

Hello miners! We’re back in the saddle after some lovely summer vacation and have cranked out a new patch for you. In response to all the hot weather we’ve been having, we figured the obvious thing to do was add an ice biome. Right?


GLACIAL STRATA - a brave all-new icy hellscape biome, complete with unstable and deadly ice spikes in the ceiling, terrifying crevices opening up under your feet, exclusive enemy types, and the first iteration of our all-new Temperature system! Play it cool - just be careful you don’t end up as a meat popsicle...

•   Ice! The main material of the Glacial Strata planetary region is ice instead of rock, so fire melts it! Use this information wisely.
•   Deep snow! Look out for piles of it. It won’t harm you, but it’ll slow you down and is impossible to sprint through.
•   Frozen lakes! Watch your step - they’re quite slippery.
•   Hot Springs! The only relief from the biting cold, if you disregard the “tools” you carry with you.
•   Explosive Ice Plants! Use them to freeze aliens in their tracks, but watch yourself...they’re just as likely to hit you as the enemy.
•   Platform Plants! Shoot them to release the liquid inside - it will freeze instantly and form useful (but brittle) platforms for you to use.
•   It comes in two versions. Ice Bomber for the new biome. Goo Bomber for the other biomes.
•   The Ice Bomber, releases sickening streams of freezing substance as it flies past you.
•   The Goo Bomber, releases sticky streams of goo substance as it flies past you.
•   Frost Glyphids! Several species of Glyphid have adapted to the cold and will continue to hunt you for your lovely warm flesh even here. And watch out for the Frost Praetorian - it’s a stone cold killer. On the upside, they all seem quite susceptible to heat of any kind…
•   Cold Vents! Watch out for cracks in the walls and telltale horizontal streams of air - occasionally, they’ll let out blasts of bone-chilling wind.
•   Thin Ice! Walk carefully and keep your ears peeled. Deep chasms might just open up beneath you at a moment’s notice.
•   Unstable Icicles! Keep an eye out for algae-filled icicles in the ceiling. The slightest disturbance tends to make them fall thunderously to the floor and shatter. Woe be to any that stand underneath them at that point.
•   While body odor remains low on the list of dwarven priorities, keeping an eye on your body temperature is now more important than ever. Get too low and you’ll get frozen in place. Get too high and you’ll burst into flame. Keeping towards the center of the scale is safest.
•   Certain actions or items will reduce or increase your temperature. Some, such as the flamethrower, are pretty self-explanatory.
•   Enemies follow the same rules. They can be both frozen and set on fire, though they’ll have unique resistances or weaknesses depending on their species. FYI: Frozen enemies can be shattered if enough damage is applied to them...
•   See what your friends are playing and join their game directly from Discord.
•   New HUD icon so you always know what Bosco is up to.
•   Bosco no longer mines dirt that is closer to the Player than the wall instructed to mine at.
•   Bosco now always goes for the Grabber / Cave leech that grabbed the Player.
•   Bosco will not revive the Player without being near him/her after getting killed by a Cave leech or Grabber.
•   Tweaked Bosco’s priorities - he’ll now focus on the enemies instead of mining when instructed to.
•   Optimization while pointing at enemies.
•   Tons of new voice lines added.
•   Improved the way savegames are handled - your savegames are now named after your SteamID to prevent problems when sharing a single machine.
•   Backups are now written to separate files each session to prevent save game corruption from accidentally trashing the backups.
•   Fixed Molly choosing to walk away while someone is depositing. Manners, Molly!
•   Fixed Scout IFG Grenade not applying the proper damage resistance penalty.
•   Fixed an issue with Ziplines where clients could move slightly and increase speed while on the zip line.
•   The Spitball Infector now starts dormant and only wakes up if you get too close or it is injured in any way.
•   Mactera Spawns have become much weaker to melee attacks.
•   Mactera Grabber should no longer scream unless it’s actively chasing you.
•   Enemies should no longer continue making sounds after they’re dead. Stands to reason, really…
•   Mactera Spawn should no longer get stuck outside the Navmesh after dashing.
•   Fixed framerate drop when pointing the laser pointer at Glyphid tunnels and embedded minerals.

Changelists from Experimental Builds
•   Build 17177:
•   Build 17286:
•   Build 17352:
•   Build 17399:

Update 16 Trailer

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #17 on: September 20, 2018, 12:47:48 PM »
Deep Rock Galactic - Soren - Captain of Ghost Ship

Hello Miners!

It’s time to raise the “bar” again … welcome to Oktoberfest in space! Besides celebrating the opening of the Abyss Bar, we have a bunch of cool new features for you to explore and enjoy! Happy Mining everyone!



Say hello to your drone bartender Lloyd, who will be serving cold refreshments for all of you hard workers! Be aware that the refreshments come in different potencies, so take it easy and drink responsibly - you are at work after all!

The Jukebox has 13 new songs for you to enjoy, Dance Monkeys!!

Who is paying for the next round? Go kick some barrels through the incinerator hoop and see who wins!

To really celebrate Oktoberfest, you can buy the OKTOBERFEST FEDORA for 1200 credits from the Vanity Shop. The Fedora is on sale for a limited time only, so get it quickly!

We have added a bunch of new perks:
•   HEIGHTENED SENSES: Get a warning when a Cave Leech is targeting you!
•   LOVEABLE: Take less damage from friendly fire!
•   IRON WILL: Stay functional for a short time after reaching 0HP!
•   VAMPIRE: Regain a little health when you kill medium and larger sized creatures with a melee attack!
•   STRONG ARM: Throw flares further
•   Tweak to VETERAN DEPOSITOR: At perk level 5, you receive a 30% damage reduction when you are close to the M.U.L.E.!
Now you can drop, throw and catch gems or other carryable items! Press [E]/ (X) to pick up. Press [E]/ (X) to drop. Press [LEFT MOUSE BUTTON]/ (RIGHT TRIGGER) to throw.
•   Small lava geysers in groups added
•   Earthquakes now might cause the ground to crack open

Burn enemies for a while to set them on fire. Fire can propagate to nearby enemies. Same goes for Dwarves, so watch it!

•   Brand new and improved flamethrower model
•   Updated weapon icons
•   Improved first person particles plus new and revamped particles for most weapons

Make cool screenshots with NVidia Ansel. ALT + F2 will bring up the Ansel menu. (This feature only works for Steam users with NVidia cards.)

Privacy tab added to Options to give players better control over their data. Everything is anonymous, but you can still opt out if you want to.

•   Damage of Praetorian acid spray reduced by approximately 50%
•   Improved Bomber death animation
•   Enemies take more damage when they are frozen

•   Milestones related to Vanity or Upgrade acquisitions will retroactively be awarded to those who achieved them before they were introduced.

•   A bunch of new voice lines for the dwarves!
•   New weapon audio: Minigun, Flamethrower

•   Improved cave generation, items less likely to spawn inside level geometry
•   Map display resolution increased
•   Voice lines for destroyed terrain no longer trigger if volume mined is 0
•   Proper naming on a Red Crystal in Salt Caves + particles
•   Weapon can no longer be reloaded when you’ve run out of ammo
•   Molly’s Destination Marker should no longer rotate weirdly if joining in progress
•   Client’s screen should no longer shake if the Host is trying to break free of ice
•   Fixed issue with Discord UI not receiving key events while on top of focused UI
•   Correct animation now plays if the Bomber dies while spitting acid
•   Language settings changes are now correctly saved

Changelists from Experimental Builds
•   Build 18184
•   Build 18268
•   Build 18346

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #18 on: September 21, 2018, 03:55:14 PM »
Update 17: Hotfix 1
Deep Rock Galactic - Soren - Captain of Ghost Ship

Hey Miners

A few bugs crept into the update, and they are now squished!

•   You can no longer pass-out while on a mission
•   Fixed a bug where the view in the character selector, vanity and upgrade terminals would still have drunk effects activated even when the player is not intoxicated

Ansel Photo Mode
•   Fixed problems with Ansel while transiting from space rig to mission and back
•   Fixed problems with Ansel when Jukebox music stops with Ansel still on
•   Fixed certain items like deposit bucket and scanner getting suck in player hand if they are on during Ansel session
•   Fixed Ansel camera breaking with Cave Leach
•   Fixed Ansel crash on Space Rig

Other fixes
•   Scout Shotgun reload time was accidentally nerfed - it's now back to normal
•   The vanity shop lists will now include the next available items

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #19 on: October 11, 2018, 01:02:34 PM »
Deep Rock Galactic - Deep Rock Galactic

Howdy Miners!
Time to put on your brand new armor sets, drink beers with buffs and take on new exciting assignments. Oktoberfest is over and we have been busy packing a big bag of cool features for you. Enjoy!

Our goal with the assignment system is to create a smoother start for new players and at the same time create excitement for getting access to new content. Assignments in the future will be used to unlock new content like alternative weapons (planned for Update 19) and planet regions.

When you start the game for the first time you now have to complete the Probationary Period in order to prove your worth as a miner. The Probationary Period is a 9-missions long assignment and will take you through the different regions of Hoxxes and challenge you with various missions to complete.

You can join any missions on the server list, regardless of completion of the Probationary Period. Completing missions that is part of an assignment grants you bonus rewards in the form of crafting materials and credits. After completing the Probationary Period you will have unlocked all regions and missions.

Players who have played the game before will get an option to skip the Probationary Period from The Assignment Board terminal.


When you max out a character at level 20, you get the option to complete the Retirement Application Assignment for that character. Select it from the Assignment Board Terminal. When you have completed the assignment you get the option to retire that character from the Character Selection Terminal.

When you retire a character that character will reset to level 1 and you will lose all progress on weapons and upgrades for that character. You will, however, keep all progression on perks, credits, crafting materials, and vanity items. The first time you retire, you will also unlock an extra perk slot for that specific character. Retiring a character is the only way you can increase your player rank above 26, since you need to gain character levels in order to gain player ranks. We are also considering to introduce unlocks of vanity and other features for players above player rank 26.

In order to make a smooth Probationary Period assignment, and in general to improve the long-term mining experience, we have tweaked some of the missions and made both simpler and more complex versions of them.

We have for a long time been wanting to improve the missions types Egg Hunt and Search & Extract. In the end, we decided to just merge them together. Here are the changes:
•   Egg hunt now takes place in a cave system, similar to what you used to encounter in Search & Extract.
•   Instead of having to run around and search for the eggs you can use the Terrain Scanner (hold down [M]) to spot their location.
•   You have to collect fewer eggs than previously.
•   Egg hunt now has multiple complexities and lengths.
•   Search & Extract have been removed for now.
•   We resisted the temptation of calling Egg Hunt for Search & Eggstract!
•   The cave systems can now generate both medium and high complexity levels
•   Length short (Assemble 2 MINI MULES) and long (Assemble 3 MINI MULES)
•   Added a Medium Length (Collect 7 Aquarq). This will also be part of the Probationary Period Assignment
•   The cave systems can now generate both medium and high complexity levels
•   Length short (Kill 2 Dreadnoughts) and long (Kill 3 Dreadnoughts)

Buffs have been added to some of the beers and prices have been adjusted, so beers with buffs costs quite a bit more than those without buffs.
•   RED ROCK BLASTER: +30% to max health
•   SKULLCRUSHER ALE: +50% Pickaxe damage
•   DARK MORKITE: +20% Morkite mined
•   GLYPHID SLAMMER: A new none-buff beer, but it will still make you happy :-)
•   Beers with buffs have been given a lower potency effect, so you can drink one without getting drunk. This is done to prevent you from always having to drink the Leaf Lover’s Special if you don’t want to play with the drunk effect on.

Note that Buffs will remain after drinking Leaf Lover’s Special. And also note that Buffs won’t stack. Also-also note that beers have some randomness in how hard they affect you.

As always, we will monitor both in-game metrics and your reactions to further iterate on the effect of Beers.

Scouts assault rifle has gotten an overhaul of model, animations, and sound.

8 new Armors (called MK3 Basic and Heavy) have been implemented, ready for you to buy and equip. They will be unlocked at player rank 10 and 12 respectively. if you are lower than player rank 8 you will only see the MK2 armor in the shop.

Hazard levels for 2-player games have been tweaked to make the jump from playing solo to two players less steep. Scaling factors of enemies for 2-player games have been adjusted like this: Low risk 0.4 to 0.3, Challenging 0.5 to 0.4, Dangerous 0.75 to 0.66, Extreme 1.0 to 0.9

The Mactera Plague warning has been tweaked down in difficulty. Some craziness is still ensured, but now it should be less punishing.

•   New dance move when listening to the jukebox.
•   Zip-line fix. Now clients also get forward momentum when jumping off the zip-line.
•   Save files are not overwritten if there is no connection to steam
•   Third person flamethrower gunsling added
•   Fix recoil. It was added before the shot was fired, so you could never be fully accurate.
•   Fix a case where clients are unable to load the map. Resulting in stuck on loading screen.
•   Detect chunks and gems falling out of the world and beam them back
•   SpaceRig - No more blue light in drop pod when launching a mission
•   Oktoberfest banner changed
•   Savegame: Players can no longer gain extra XP above the cap
•   Added mission stats: Total beverages consumed & Total beverage round ordered
•   Fullscreen mode is now handled correctly and does not reset in between sessions.
•   Sun added behind Planet Hoxxes in Spacerig. Planet model slightly updated as well.
•   Clients can now open the mission map while in a hosted game

Changelists from Experimental builds
•   Build 19077:
•   Build 19148:
•   Build 19236:
•   Build 19278:

Restructure of News, Blog and Reveals Subforum

We have tried not to make too many announcements here on Steam, in order to make sure that you don't feel like we are spamming you.

But we have heard that you really want to follow what we are doing! So we have made a subforum named News, Blog and Reveals, which you can subscribe to. In that subforum, we are posting news and smaller updates on the development, so if you subscribe you get notified :)

Link for the subforum:

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #20 on: October 25, 2018, 01:10:58 PM »
Deep Rock Galactic - Deep Rock Galactic

Good EEEEEEvening, Miners!

Halloween is upon us and we have made a small update for you to get spooky! We don’t really consider this a true update since we are working on the next big update which will include new weapons and upgrade system and a total makeover of the prices for vanity and upgrades. Exciting times ahead!


•   Pumpkins added to the Space Rig for you to kick!
•   Trick-or-Treat Pumpkins in the caves. Try your luck smashing them!
•   Limited sale of Pumpkin Helmets! Boo muhahaha!!!!
•   Banner in Abyss Bar and moody lighting.

We have been really positively surprised to see how well the retirement system has been received. However, we never intended people to go through a full retirement cycle as fast as we can see some of you are doing right now (as low as 4 hours). Our intent is that leveling a character to retirement level should take much, much longer. We have right now made a bunch of fixes to the existing system, but with update 19 you should be expecting a much bigger change to the system of Retirement and XP's. Consider yourself warned :-)

•   Prevent Giving Retirement Rank if you have 0 XP
•   Prevent multiple clicks on retire character in the UI
•   Retirement assignments mission rewards removed
•   Triple XP is now Double XP

•   Fixed issue with Discord Party id's and preventing invite button to work in some cases
•   Fixed crash when failing Salvage mission during fuel pod stage
•   Fix for damage indicator could get stuck on the screen
•   Fixed some minor issues in Magma Quake
•   Graphics Settings: Disabling fullscreen restore to prevent mouse issue and not being able to click continue into the game
•   Fix case of clients cant load on join
•   Fix scout IFG slowdown, was incorrectly set to only 30% slowdown, reset to 75%
•   Lootbug drop nerfed. Used to drop 15-25 value gold and Nitra - now drops 5-15.
•   Fixed Eliminations mission not always spawning enough cocoons. Dreadnought cocoon now carves a space for itself and has less strict spawn requirements
•   Fix for cursor disappearing on campaign reward window.

Changelists from Experimental Builds:
•   Build 19577 -
•   Build 19663 -

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #21 on: April 07, 2019, 01:50:10 PM »
Roadmap Update - April 2019
5 Apr @ 2:45pm - GSG_Jacob   

Attention, Miners!

Due to glyphid swarmers in the machinery, the roadmap update has landed a little later than usual, but boy oh boy is it a good one. First of all, Update 24 will arrive early May instead of April, due to the Easter holiday in Denmark. Contentwise, for update 24 we’ll be getting a bit handsy. We are introducing no less than [REDACTED] new grenade types - not the big one we teased on Twitter, but we’re confident that everyone will be happy with their new throwable ordnance. Also, you want more swing in your pickaxe? There’s a mod for that!

With new things to throw at the enemy, we’re also giving you more to throw at. In Update 24 new creatures that go bump in the night will show up on Hoxxes IV and if you have been following us on social media, you might recognize a few.

We weren’t completely satisfied with the anticlimactic way missions were ending, so we are revamping the end screen to make it feel more… victorious if you make it out alive. Those left behind might not feel the same.

Some of you may have noticed that we are adding Steam Achievements (Yes, we did see the spreadsheet tracking it on Reddit). However, since we have a lot of Achievements coming up, they will not make it into Update 24. We’d rather do some more work on them and listen to suggestions and feedback, before letting them out into the wild. Please leave a comment on this post, on the subreddit or on the Discord if you have suggestions for cool achievements.

In regards to future updates, we’ve begun to look at the endgame of Deep Rock Galactic. Our vision is to keep you engaged and rewarded past the first promotion of your dwarves, whether it’s adventures, useful upgrades, equipment, or overall challenge. The endgame will tie into the Daily Adventures mentioned on the roadmap, but with the significant change that it won’t be daily and we will change the name of Daily Adventures to reflect this (once we come up with something fitting).

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #22 on: May 02, 2019, 12:58:38 AM »
Community Update - May
1 May @ 6:18pm - GSG_Jacob   

Attention Miners!
Welcome to the second Deep Rock Galactic community update! First and foremost, we hope you have been enjoying going face to face with the Horrors of Hoxxes in Update 23. It’s been great to see all the positive feedback, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think of the next big update. In regards to the release of Update 24, we are pushing the release back a little bit, to be able to finetune and polish the new content some more. We are confident that the update will land May 15 - remember to check back in due time for the experimental release.

Fan Art
We’re still blown away by all the amazing fan art that the community keeps pumping out, and below you’ll find a small selection from our different channels.

Drilling in the dark
This first moody Driller piece comes from DIwii on Discord.

Discord user Grimjak went above and beyond merging DRG with Alien, one of the big inspirations.

Leave no dwarf behind
This black and white piece from Discord user Lesolan turned out great.

Cotton Eye Karl

Why would you even...
Reddit user JoeDuncan made an enemy suggestion that’s too good not to share. It’s aptly named “Brood Nexus Warden Bulk Bearded than you Grabber Detonator” because it’s all of those things.

Last, but not least, our mention of the endgame in our roadmap resulted in this great Avengers mashup from Reddit user GryphonKingBros.

Content Teasers
So what is coming in Update 24? We’ve already shown a little bit on our different channels. If you missed it, catch up below.

New grenade types

Gunner End Mission celebration

The drone delivers

End Mission Flex

Slimy Swarmers

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #23 on: May 15, 2019, 03:02:41 PM »
15 May @ 2:52pm - GSG_Jacob   

Take your seats, Miners!
We got new grenades, eye candy, personal drop pods, a bunch of new enemies, and a TON of gear tweaks to brief you about, so grab a brew and listen up!

Also - look out for the [COMMUNITY REQUESTS] - these are things you guys have been very adamant in talking about and bringing to our notice, so keep up the good work! It is, as always, very appreciated. :D


The boys and gals in R&D have been hard at work once more! All the old grenades have been reworked, and a ton of new ones have been added. Each class can now unlock up to three distinct types of class-specific throwables, with the potential for more to come in future Updates.
- Engineer: L.U.R.E, Plasma Burster, Proximity Mine
- Gunner: Sticky Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, Cluster Grenade
- Scout: IFG, Cryo Grenade, Pheromone Canister
- Driller: Impact Axe, HE Grenade, Neurotoxin Grenade

We’ve finally gotten our new orbital drone cameras installed, enabling much better and varied scenic views of mining crews descending to the surface of Hoxxes at the beginning of each mission.

The End Screen shown at the end of each mission has gotten a much-needed overhaul as well. Now you get to pose and display all your lovely cosmetics in full 3D while the mission data ticks up!

They’ve been a long time coming, but they’re finally here! 50+ Steam Achievements have been added to the game, ready to be unlocked! We’ve strived to make them retroactive anywhere it made sense.

Imagine a floating bag of slime, constantly spewing out pulsing egg-sacks full of ravenous young. They may look like gentle giants (depending on how much you like tentacles), but trust us when we say you want to take these oozing blimps out quick.

The result of leaving the Naedocyte Breeders to do their thing. We’ve run into more developed varieties of these before, but this is the first time we’ve ever encountered them in their larval state. They are hatched ravenously hungry, so mind yourselves that you don’t get overrun.

Younger and softer variation of the Shellbacks. Unlike their more solitary-minded mature state, the Q’ronar Younglings hunt in packs. Do not underestimate them.

Now, this is an interesting one. Unlike the common Lootbug, this particular breed gorge themselves on gold alone. Management has no qualms with employees taking them out for sport and personal gain.

This rare beastie seems like a bit of an oddity among the otherwise mostly hostile Hoxxes fauna. Often referred to as “The Clown Car”, the Huuli Hoarder is an abject coward and will run away from any potential threat once startled. However, like the common Lootbug, they subside solely on a diet of precious minerals - as in, taking them out will net you a tidy profit, just take care that you don’t let it separate you from your team.

[COMMUNITY REQUEST] Let it not be said that Management does not care about employee complaints. Joining a mission already in progress now dumps you into a personal drop pod, letting you safely land in the mission area instead of utilizing the horribly unreliable teleportation technology used so far. As with the Supply Pod, it is recommended to keep a safe distance to the landing zone.

Sign up for the Miner’s Union and join our wonderful Discord community directly from the Space Rig! We have bigger plans for this down the line, but for now, you can use it to see the number of active members and such.

- [COMMUNITY REQUEST] The Mission Map now displays Assignment Icons for every team member, making it easier to choose which missions to go on.
- [COMMUNITY REQUEST] The Hazard 5 Unlock Assignment now requires you to play the associated missions on Hazard 4 difficulty
- [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Dwarves leaving a game will now drop a resource pouch with any materials they had in their inventory
- [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added an option to opt Bosco out of solo missions at the Drone Modification Terminal

- Personal Temperature HUD overhaul
- [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added option to disable Mouse Smoothing
- Improved gear stats display in the Equipment Terminal

Surrounded by awful bitey things? Let them know how you feel about that! While having your pick out, hit Fire to unleash a devastating Power Attack. There’s a cooldown on it, so spend it wisely.

- New Heavy Sentry model for Engineers
- New Sentry models for the Minehead
- New Floodlight models for the Minehead
- Several new enemy and weapon sounds
- New Hoxxes model shown on Space Rig

- Fixed the Q-mining exploit

- Fixed a bug with Autocannon fire rate not resetting
- Fixed Autocannon lighter barrel assembly mod
- Tweaked Autocannon fire rate to increase in a more linear manner
- Removed Stun mod

- Decreased Stun mod chance
- Decreased Stun duration
- Fixed Aggressive Venting modification to properly function as client

- Renamed Stagger to Stun
- Gear stats now display the weapon's stun on weak point hit functionality correctly

- Renamed Normal Shots Bounce mod to Bouncy Plasma
- Renamed Charged Projectile Explodes mod to Unstable Containment Field
- Increased Radius and Damage of Unstable Containment Field implosion
- Fixed some EPC shots doing "generic" damage

- Removed Stun Mod (anyone who purchased it will get a refund)
- Added stun chance as an inherent property of the gun

- Stun Mod proc chance increased
- Tungsten Pellets Mod armor damage multiplier increased
- Blast Wave description made more clear (hopefully)
- Blowthrough Mod changed to Super Blowthrough (can penetrate multiple targets)
- Fixed Blast Wave mod to work consistently

- Removed the Stun mod (anyone who purchased it will get a refund)
- Rearranged some of the other mods to better balance the potential builds
- Increased the accuracy penalty while moving
- Increased the speed with which accuracy is regained
- Decreased accuracy spread when shooting
- Increased Tier 4 Expanded Ammo Bags mod from +100 to +150 ammo

- Added a tutorial hint for Focused Shot
- Fixed Stun modification to work properly

- Fixed the Breach Cutter so it no longer damages the player if fired directly downwards

- Deeptora Honeycomb is no longer immune to fire
- Glyphid Praetorian acid gas can now be lit on fire again
- Fixed cases of mission weapon assignment completed not being counted correctly
- Fixed some invisible colliders in levels displaying as ‘Unknown Material’
- Credits pages now change properly
- Fixed a bug that caused a floating Shield Generator or Satchel Charge to appear at the - location of the spawn point
- Fixed some bugs related to saluting while reloading
- Fixed certain armors that caused the player’s arms to be invisible at the beginning of a mission
- Fixed the revive progress bar so it no longer stays on the screen if another player starts and cancels the revive process
- [MIXER Interactivity] Resupplying Ammo now works
- Super Blowthrough modifications changed from 10 penetrations to 3 for all weapons that have them
- Added a failsafe for Shield Generators that fail to deploy

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