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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #30 on: October 23, 2019, 01:01:25 AM »
Next Week: Halloween Event
Mon, 28 October 2019

Ghastly greetings, Miners!

Something ghoulish is slowly waking up from a year long slumber... It's Halloween and it's time to get spooky with DEEP ROCK GHOULACTIC!

The 2019 Halloween Event on Hoxxes IV will definitely give a readout on the good old P.K.G. meter. You'll be able to acquire a brand new horrific hat, and enjoy the spookily decorated Space Rig. On the surface of Hoxxes IV, we'll be serving Pumpkin a la Surprise.

The 2019 Halloween Event goes live on Monday October 28 at 10AM UTC+1 and will run for an entire week until November 4 at 10AM UTC+1 (we hope we got the time right - Daylight saving time is a scary concept).

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #31 on: October 25, 2019, 11:23:54 PM »
Surprise Halloween Event + ghost egg fix
Fri, 25 October 2019

Ghoulish greetings, Miners,
Time to dress up and get ready for Deep Rock GHOULACTIC! (also, we fixed the floating egg bug in the Deep Dive is fixed, so it is no longer floating. Well, to be honest, this is the main reason why we are releasing this build early.)


•   New Hat Available: The Witching Hour
•   Old Hat Available: Pumpkin King
•   Increased Chance of encountering Haunted Cave Mutator
•   The Spacerig Dressed up for Halloween
•   Planet Hoxxes got infected by Pumpkins!


•   Save gamestate after awarding a skin from cargo crates to avoid losing them if you crash
•   later in the mission.
•   Various memory and performance optimizations
•   Tweaked Shield Disruption Warning. You now have more base health and the level you play in will spawn double as much Redsugar.
•   Tweaked Hazard 5 to give you 10% health back when revived (previously 5%).
•   Fix for floating eggs
•   Tweaked Lethal Enemies Warning to only increase physical damage types from enemies

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #32 on: November 21, 2019, 01:34:45 PM »
Update 26: Endgame Part 2!
Thu, 21 November 2019

Attention Miners!
Update 26 is here! In this second part of the Endgame, we’ve added a brand new system of Machine Events to encounter during normal missions, a much needed overhaul and expansion of the Bar, all new Victory Moves, as well as skins for both Bosco and your weapons, plus an absolute ton of minor bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements. Let’s get to work!



- Deep Rock Galactic is developing strategic operations all around the planet. The company is worried about some strange mutations affecting the creatures of Hoxxes as well as peculiar crystals interfering with scanners and other devices in orbit. To eradicate the threat or simply to take samples, these operations require expert dwarven action to be finalized. If you stumble upon one, give it a go and hope that the reward is worth the risk!

Three different Machine Events can be found in random missions: Kursite Infection, Rock Mutation, and Tritilyte Crystal. Each of them offers a different timed challenge that must be completed in order to get access to the Core Infuser where Blank Matrix Cores can be used.

- To activate a Machine Event, the player must own the Tritilyte Key. You will own a Tritilyte key if you have a Promoted dwarf.


- Blank Matrix Cores are part of the rewards for Deep Dives and the Core Hunt assignment. The first section of both Deep Dives will now reward Blank Matrix Cores instead of Mineral Container Cores. They can be infused by doing Machine Events, turning them into Overclock or Cosmetic Matrix Cores that can be used in the Forge.


- New buff beers with effects in mission added to the “Today’s Special” pool
- A ton of new craftable gag beers to unlock. The effects of these beers will only work in the Space Rig. Management prefers to separate business and pleasure!
- New pricing for the beers based on new ingredients found in caves: Barley Bulb, Yeast Cone, Malt Star, and Starch Nut.
- New Milestone for unlocking Craftable Beers


- You can now choose a look for Bosco. For now, there are two new Bosco Skins that will unlock through Mastery: Cyber Ninja and War Veteran


- All classes start out with four default Victory Moves that will be played during the Mission Complete screen after a successful mission. Players can equip their favorite move in the Employee Wardrobe.
- 18 new unique Victory Moves have been added for players to unlock. Some can be found as rewards in Cargo Crates while others will be obtained as forgeable Cosmetic Matrix Cores (from Deep Dives and Machine Events).


- One new set of weapon skins, Neon Band, has been added to cargo crate rewards


M1000 Classic
The purpose of this overhaul is to support a gameplay style in which both fire modes (hipfire and focus shots) are viable and offer the player interesting choices and to make future balancing of the two fire-modes easier.

M1000 Classic Base Tweaks
- Increased base ammo
- Increased base clip size
- Decreased base damage
- Decreased base rate of fire
- Increased base focus-shot damage bonus to 100%
- Focus-shots now consume 2 bullets
- Base armor damage reduced
- Added a base weakspot damage bonus

M1000 Classic Mod Tweaks
- Removed the Tier 3 High Velocity Rounds Damage mod
- Combined the two clip-size mods into one big one on tier 2
- Extended base reload time
- Decreased the spread per shot and increased the speed of spread recovery to make hip-shooting more viable
- Floating barrel mod is now called Better Weight Balance which affects both spread-per-shot and recoil
- Increased the Expanded Ammo Bags mod
- Decreased Hollow-point Bullets mod bonus
- Increased Kinetic Energy Penetrator bonus and renamed it to Hardened Rounds for clarity
- Added Killing Machine mod to tier 5 that grants a very fast reload right after killing an enemy
- Anyone who purchased the two removed mods will be automatically refunded the credits and minerals spent.

CRSPR Flamethrower
Mods have been rearranged to offer more varied build options.

Base Weapon
- Increased the speed with which the flame extends so less ammo is spent when shooting targets at range
- Improved the damage of sticky flames
- Improved the speed with which enemies heat up when going through sticky flames

- Rearranged many of the mods to make sticky flame builds more viable
- Removed the Sticky Heat and Sticky Damage mods
- Improved the two Sticky Duration mods
- Changed the Flamethrower stat display in the equipment terminal to work like the Cryo Cannon

- Changed the Fuel Stream Diffuser OC penalty from lower damage to a slower rate of fire to offset the inherent ammo penalties from using the flamethrower at long range
- Tweaked Experimental Plasma Charger Overclock: Heavy Hitter - Increased the damage bonus significantly
- Tweaked M1000 Classic Overclock: Electrocuting Focus Shot - Updated the text to reflect that weak point hits are no longer required for electrocution
- Tweaked Deepcore 40mm PGL Overclock: Hyper Propellant - Removed the ammo penalty
- Tweaked Subata I20 Overclock: Automatic Fire - Increased the fire rate bonus
- Added a Sticky Flame damage bonus to the Sticky Fuel OC and replaced the range penalty with an ammo penalty
- Fixed the stat display of Magnetic Pellet Alignment OC for the Warthog Auto 210 to correctly display its negative impact


- Macteras no longer change targets while charging up attacks
- Stun now cancels attacks from Mactera enemies
- New animation for stunned Mactera enemies
- Heavy enemies like Glyphid Praetorians are more resistant to stun


- Enemies’ health bar can now display more than three status effects without cropping the icons
- Enemies’ health bar animation modified so the name disappears faster
- Added a new notification system for unlocking equipment and vanity to make new unlocks easier to spot in the Equipment Terminal and Employee Wardrobe


- [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added physics to the hammer by the Forge so it can now be kicked around on the Space Rig.
- [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Due to popular demand, sound has been lowered a notch on the intro logo movie/splash screen
- [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added physics to the Salvage Mission objectives so they now fall down when terrain beneath them is destroyed.
- Added an option for the Scout to automatically switch to the previously equipped item after using the Grappling Gun. Disabled by default, it can be activated from the options menu.
- Fixed the Satchel Charge so that the Detonator now shows in a closed-off state when the player is out of Satchel Charges.
- Added some blinking lights to the Satchel Charge when detonating
- Fixed a bug that caused Deepcore 40mm PGL modification “Proximity Trigger” to detonate on Bosco
- Fixed the reload animation of the Zhukov NUK17 reload animation so that the right-hand gun no longer randomly fails to eject the cartridge.
- Fixed a bug that caused excess mineral chunks to not always be picked up. The player now also automatically pick up excess mineral chunks while depositing in the M.U.L.E.
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to lock up upon returning to the Space Rig after completing an assignment
- Fixed a spelling mistake in the Field Medic perk
- Disabled smoke from the Drop Pod when dropping into a mission
- Fixed the Forging Mastery Milestone being off by one in what you have to reach
- Fixed a bug that caused enemies to be frozen for a long time if near a weak heat source. This was most prevalent to the Glyphid Bulk Detonator on Point Extraction
- Picking up items now has animation and involves holding the use button.
- Passing out drunk now correctly increases your stat, not the hosts!
- Passing out drunk no longer increases the downed statistic.
- Fixed some bugs related to resupplying with the Satchel Charge
- Fixed a bug that causes the player to in certain cases, get a Mineral Container Core instead of a Matrix Core. (Requires having received a lot of Matrix Cores)
- Fixed a bug that caused the player to switch weapons after throwing a grenade
- Fixed a bug with the community rewards
- Players will no longer defrost slower while in a blizzard
- Added a short immunity to cold after being freed from ice to prevent players from becoming chain frozen consecutively
- Fixed a bug that prevented some grenades from being purchasable
- Charged up focused shots are no longer canceled when changing weapon
- CRSPR Flamethrower particles now switch correctly with range modifications and also look correct in third person
- Lethal Enemies warning mutator doesn't increase damage from projectiles anymore
- Fixed some cases of the notorious cube terrain artifacts
- Missions rewards now show scaled to hazard bonus in all UI
- Quick Join terminal has been removed since we consider the Mission Terminal more adequate to join and host missions.
- Fixed a bug that enabled the Drop Pod countdown in the Space Rig to be resettable by client
- Fixed Bouncy Plasma modification on the Experimental Plasma Charger not showing impact particles for clients
- Fixed Better Weight Balance modification not being properly shown in the crosshair after a restart
- Fixed Explosive Goodbye and There Can Only be One modifications for the Breach Cutter
- A mic icon is now displayed when local player is voice chatting
- Fixed a bug that caused the reload animation of the Zipline Gun going haywire in both first and third-person
- Minerals left in the pouch are now added at the end of the mission
- Fixed an exploit that caused waves not to trigger when alien eggs are dug out and deposited immediately after
- Added a Respawn Button to the Escape Menu in the Space Rig
- Magazines and fuel canisters are now skinned for the Deepcore GK2, Subata I20 and CRSPR Flamethrower to match the skin applied on the weapon.
- [COMMUNITY REQUEST] All Gantries on the Space Rig finally play footprint sounds!
- Fixed snowstorm effects
- New music added for Machine Events
- Fixed the color of the Gunner’s flare in the Equipment Terminal
- Switching back to the Satchel Charge after retrieving a deployed charge causes the player to switch to the Detonator fixed
- Fixed a bug that caused the modification refund alert window to be shown on first session
- Fixed the Designated Decoy achievement
- Fixed a bunch of barrel hoop game issues including the barrel count as well as the Error Log
- Fixed a bug with resource chunks sometimes dropping with way too much material

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #33 on: December 09, 2019, 11:37:18 PM »
Roadmap Update and the Road to 1.0!
Mon, 9 December 2019

Hi Miners!

A few of you might have noticed that the Early Access info box on the Steam Store page got a stealth edit: We’ve changed the release for 1.0 from “during 2019” to “second quarter of 2020”.

Many of you might say that the game is already done and could be released any day. In some sense, you are right. With the big Endgame updates, we implemented the last piece of the plan towards a release, and now we just need to wrap things up. But years of experience tells us that “wrapping up” a game takes time, so we’ll allow ourselves a good, long runway for taking off instead of just rushing it out the door. So, we will ask for a bit of patience on your side while we finish it all up. And don’t worry - we’ll keep updating the game, just with a different focus.

Update 27 - December

Before we dive into the details of what wrapping up for 1.0 actually means, we have some juicy things for you in Update 27. This Update will be a mid-December release.

First of all, we are adding the missing Machine Event where you fight a Modular Defense Tower. It was teased in the Update 25 Status video but needed some more love before we could ship it.

In Update 27, we are finally adding a much-requested feature: Weapon Loadouts! With all the different Mods and Overclocks, it has become quite a hassle to shift your favorite setups around and we hope this will lead to even more experimentation on your part.

Additionally, Update 27 will introduce some smaller features like adding large roots to the Fungus Biome, a new weapon mesh-skin, a handful of new context-triggered animations, and unique beer mugs, so each beer type gets its own mug.

The Road towards 1.0

The general focus is making the game feel polished both from a new player and a veteran player’s perspective. When you are developing a live game that is frequently updated, you often leave some things behind - unfinished business. We feel that we’ve been diligent at cleaning up as we went along, but still, there are a lot of smaller and bigger things that we would like to get done before we call it 1.0.

One of the features we have left behind is the Perk system. We are going to give it an overhaul and are already now implementing the first steps, though, it will not be ready until Update 28. With the updated Perk system, we will introduce new Active Perks (meaning Perks that you have to activate) and change some of the existing Passive Perks into Active Perks (Iron Will is one of these and will undergo some much-needed changes).

To improve the experience for new players, we plan to do several things, including lots of tweaks to the existing tutorial and hint system. And both the Space Rig overhaul and the introduction of a Miner’s Manual feed into giving Greenbeards an easier time, and will, hopefully, also be appreciated by the veterans.

On top of this, we’ll do as many Quality of Life features that we can fit in. We’ve plowed through all your feedback on Steam, Discord, Reddit and other channels and compiled a huge list of things to do. We won’t do everything - and we don’t agree with every suggestion - but we should be able to get a lot of small things implemented that will make playing the game a better experience. If you have more suggestions for Quality of Life features or things that could use a bit of polish, this is the time to speak up.

After the release of 1.0, we will continue the support of the game. This will include free content updates and top priority is creating more Mission Types.

Rock and Stone!
Ghost Ship Games

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #34 on: December 17, 2019, 01:23:30 PM »
Update 27: Little Big Things
Tue, 17 December 2019

Just in time for the holidays!

Hello Miners!

Update 27 is here, and just in time for the holidays! This update is a big bag of both lesser and major goodies: We’ve wrapped up the last Machine Event and added a ton of small but significant improvements and features - and a new enemy also managed to make the cut!

And from all of us here at the office: All the best wishes and a happy New Year! Now get back to work!

- The Ghost Ship Team


R&D came up with a brilliant idea for helping out our Pest Control teams: Project Omen - a vast network of interlinked Modular Extermination Towers, strategically inserted into caves all over Hoxxes. However, much to their regret, the Exterminators turned out to be just as dangerous to our own people as the bugs they were supposed to protect us against! So, the strategy is clear: Project Omen needs to be shut down. However… for security reasons, that can only be done through a… hands-on approach, by our esteemed ground teams.

Get in there, find and activate the Exterminator, engage the Maintenance Pads to expose the machine Cooling Tanks, and blow them to bits. Easy. Well, and you have to do so within a limited time window or the device goes into Lockdown.

PS: Do note, the Exterminators can be constructed from a variety of different modules, so for your personal safety, do take care to learn the patterns of each. R&D aren’t in the business of making kids’ toys, after all...

The Glyphid Oppressor is basically Veteran Glyphid Praetorian. It is a slow and extremely heavily armored tank - impossible to deal with from the front, but has a weak spot in the back. Up close, it deals a lot of damage and has a powerful area knockback attack. It can dig through the ground to get to you - Maneuverability is key to take it down this unstoppable beast.

Tweaking and modding your equipment has been a big thing in the game for a long time, and only got more complex with the introduction of Weapon Overclocks. So by popular demand, as well as our own, you can now set up and save up to three full loadouts for each of your dwarves!

The FOURTH RELIC weapon skin can be found for all weapons in the Cargo Crates in the mines. It’s a callback to the past glory and greatness of the dwarf nation - adorn your boomsticks with golden ritual bands and clan insignia, and make your stand!

After introducing the recent pickup animations, we got inspired and have added a handful of other ones as well to better describe the actions happening. New animations added for:

•   Ledge Grab
•   Interacting with a Terminal
•   Hanging pose when on a Zipline
•   Throwing of carriable objects
•   ...and maybe some more?


•   The Warning Shield Disruption will now give a smaller Health bonus.
•   Enemies now back out of active Shields instead of turning around and running away exposing their weak butts.
•   Glyphid Guards and Praetorians have had their Resistances to Temperature and Stun increased, making them a bit tougher to kill.
•   Glyphid Guard has had its health increased.
•   Glyphid Bulk Detonators unfreeze faster and when if they die while frozen they now explode with a nonlethal shockwave.
•   Jadiz and Enor pearl can now be found in Cargo Crates and are being dropped by the Hooli Hoarder.
•   Stepping over loose chunks of Minerals makes them float to you instead of just popping away.


•   Fixed the fire rate ramp-up mechanic so that the Lighter Barrel Assembly mod now works correctly and the weapon's top rate of fire can be displayed in the weapon stats as rounds per second instead of a percentage.
•   Replaced the Quickfire Ejector mod with a Magazine Capacity mod.
•   The Damage Resistance at Full RoF mod now displays a shield icon when it is active and the resistance amount can be seen in the weapon stats.

R&D has been very busy cooking up a solutions to ensure heavy beards and heavy armor can coexist in peace and harmony. Facial hair and combat suits are not natural friends, but now selecting a large beard will custom fit your heavy armor to make sure there is room for all that bushy glory.

This solution is not fully implemented yet! But our team of armorers and barbers are working round the clock to get all combinations of beard and armor looking their best.

We have once again turned our attention to the caves and will be improving the variety of the special formations and flora that you can find down in the depths. For this update, we have added just a few new things to Fungus Bogs and The Salt Pits but there is more on the way.

In the coming updates more will be added all over the place.


•   All beers now have unique beer mugs! Beer just tastes better when it’s looking fancy!
•   (COMMUNITY REQUEST) Unlocking a new beer now triggers Lloyd to serve up a free round - Only fair since you spend all the time collecting the beer ingredients.

We are doing a lot of minor visual improvements all over the UI and HUD and will continue to do so in the coming time. For now, we’ve been focusing on making Unlocks and Rewards feel more satisfying and informative.

•   The mission map has received parallax scrolling to make it feel more dynamic
•   Ammo Status UI has been updated and better shows your ammo status


•   Mixer Integration now works again and can be enabled in the Options menu, and only Hosts can activate Mixer input
•   Item names in the Employee Wardrobe are now centered again
•   Fixed “Lead Storm” Powered Minigun ammo display off by 1
•   Added Notifications to new Schematics at the Forge
•   Fixed Cosmetic count in the Accessory Shop not matching actual purchasable items
•   Random Mission names can now be translated if it makes sense
•   Minehead can no longer spawn on top of Machine Events during Point Extraction missions
•   Various typos and spelling errors fixed
•   Fixed case of terrain generation crash when in Dense Biozone
•   A bunch of enemies formerly not giving you Health on death when using the Vampire Perk now correctly gives you Health.
•   Fixed a rare bug that prevented some assignments from being started before the main one has been completed
•   You can no longer Sprint while carrying an item if your run speed is boosted above normal.
•   Aquarq and Dystrum icons updated to look less alike
•   Rebalanced Community Goals after this month’s results
•   Fixed a bug that prevented the player from backing out of a Terminal with ESC after purchasing an upgrade
•   Fixed a bug with an infinite loop of audio that occured when crafting resources and closing the reward display before it is done
•   Fixed a bug where interrupting the Beer Unlock animation by pressing ESC/X could trigger an everlasting audio glitch that was only resolved by restarting the game
•   Beer Ingredients no longer spawn in the Tutorial biome
•   Fixed a bug with public sessions still being listed on the Server List for 30 seconds after the player changed it to a solo game
•   Increased the damage done to enemies by falling stalactites and exploding plants
•   Reduced the performance impact of crevasses opening up during earthquakes in Magma Core
•   Fixed a bug which would reduce zone color caused by reentering the Mission Terminal after unlocking a new biome
•   Fixed Third Person reload for “Stubby” Voltaic SMG
•   Increased the size and improved the readability of the Laser Pointer’s display
•   Fixed a bug that caused large terrain cubes to form when removing floating mineral chunks
•   Fixed incorrect stat display for the recoil reduction of the Floating Barrel mod on the “Bulldog” Heavy Revolver
•   Fixed EPC side charge indicators not working with some skins
•   Fixed a bug with Nayaka Trawlers not giving health when using Vampire perk
•   Mactera now flee out of the Gunner’s shield
•   Added a safeguard that prevents Machine Events from spawning too close to the Salvage Mission Escape Pod
•   The drills on the broken Escape Pod in Salvage no longer kill enemies

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #35 on: January 27, 2020, 11:39:37 PM »
Preview of Update 28: Feeling Perky
Mon, 27 January 2020

Update 28 is live now on the Experimental branch and will release to all on the 30th of January

Hi Miners,

It's time to take a look at Update 28: Feeling Perky. The main features of this update are the New Perk System, the first part of the Space Rig Overhaul, and an expansion on how we handle skins for customizing the look of your weapons. Let’s dive in!

One thing that’s been high on our to-do-list for a long while has been to give the Perk System an overhaul, and with update 28 we have finally found the time to do it. When we originally introduced Perks way back in Update 14, it was our first attempt at adding some deeper progression and customization to the gameplay experience. And as with all other features, we release them as soon as we think they are *functional*, rather than necessarily *done* - both to get new content out to you guys as fast as possible, but also because we believe that game features mature best in the hands of the players, and through the valuable feedback we get from you.

When we started designing the Perk System, we had a few clear objectives in mind: We wanted you to get access to a bunch of tasty Perks, but at the same time we had to be careful that they were not overpowered or broke the game balance in general. This, combined with a pretty quick first pass on Perks that were mainly adjustments of existing numbers, resulted in what could seem like underwhelming perks.

And boy, have we gotten a lot of feedback on the Perk System…! An underlying tone regarding feedback on Perks has been that many players felt they were underwhelming. For example, the Weekend Athlete Perk (10% increase in sprint speed) got a lot of flack. And while a 10% increase in run speed is enough to make a very big difference in an actual combat scenario, we hear you - it DID look, sound, and feel less impactful than it actually is.

Another issue arose with the fact that many players started regarding certain Perks as must-haves. Iron Will is such a case - oh yes, let’s talk about the elephant in the room! Iron Will in its original implementation could totally result in epic wins - but more often than not it results in a sort of “soft fail” instead, leaving you beyond salvation but still running around reviving each other endlessly. We’ve also seen some players straight up refusing to play with players unless they had Iron Will equipped. The writing on the wall is clear: The fact that so many players feel they MUST use Iron Will is counter to our design, and it has been unbalanced for a long time. So with Update 28 the functionality of Iron Will will change. We’re quite excited (and a bit anxious) to gauge the reaction from you all from it over the coming weeks.

But just apart from “fixing” Iron Will, we’ve introduced a fairly meaty overhaul to how we regard Perks in general. For Update 28, our overarching goal was to make Perks feel a lot more interesting and varied, and to force you guys to make some tough choices instead of going with the same loadout all the time. And secondly, we wanted to go through all the perks and reevaluate and rebalance them to make them more satisfying to use.

And to facilitate this, all Perks are now split into two categories: Passive and Active Perks.

Passive and Active Perks

With the launch of Update 28, you will be starting the game with 2 Perk slots: 1 Passive and 1 Active. The Perk Tree will allow you to unlock two more Passive Perks and any promoted dwarf will get a second Activated Perk slot. When fully unlocked, your dwarf will be able to equip 3 Passive and 2 Active Perks.

So, you’ll have 5 Perk slots in total, but the choices should now be a lot more impactful. And we believe: Tougher choices = More interesting gameplay!

Passive Perks

Passive Perks are pretty much what the Perks used to be. Equip one of these and you get a passive increase to a given stat - such as Deep Pockets, that allow you to carry more minerals. No interaction or activation needed - equip it and the benefit is just there. Nice and simple.

Active Perks

Active Perks however, requires activation from you, and generally have either a Cooldown on their use, or limited uses - sometimes even both! And since they are limited use, this allows us to make Perks with significantly more powerful effects than we’ve seen so far, or to make less powerful ones be usable more often.

For Activation of the Perks, we decided not to go with a dedicated activation button, but instead map it specifically to each in a contextual manner. Take Iron Will for instance - since it is now an Active Perk.

After being incapacitated, you will have a period where you can activate it by pressing and holding [JUMP]. You can only do this ONCE per mission. Now, before you call on Karl’s wrath because of this change, hear us out: When using Iron Will, you will now have a longer period alive, with less movement speed reduction than before, and you will remain invulnerable for the full duration. All in all, this results in you being more certain that you can actually manage to revive a downed fellow Dwarf, reach some Red Sugar or simply spend your final rage on finishing a Dreadnought. Yes, you can only use it once - but you decide when. And when you do, you will be getting some proper bang for the buck!

With Update 28 we are also introducing a bunch of new Perks, both Passive and Active, and have tweaked the costs and requirements for pretty much all of them. This means that all Perk purchases have been reset, any spent Perk Points have been refunded to you, and all Perks need to be unlocked once more.

We hope you’ll have a lot of fun playing around and experimenting with the new Perk System, and as always we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Space Rig Overhaul

The Space Rig has been another thing we really wanted to update for a long time. It is, however, a large task, and we will be doing it in steps. The first and most crucial step is what we’re doing in Update 28 - the overall rearranging and restructuring of the place, and getting everything in more contextually sound and meaningful positions instead of just having rows of identical terminals next to each other. Work on the Space Rig will continue from now on and up until we end Early Access and launch the game fully, and will include full terminal overhauls such as how we’ve treated the Forge by giving it a fully custom model from the get-go.

Weapon Skins and Meshes

Sometimes good things come out of a bug, and the next new feature I want to highlight is one of those. As some players have pointed out
from r/DeepRockGalactic
and shared images of, we had a glitch in the Equipment Terminal that allowed you to quickly switch some of the weapon skins together.

This was part of our design discussion ever since we first started talking about Mesh Skins, but after seeing the reaction this glitch got from you guys, we decided to turn it into a proper feature.

This means that Weapon Skins are now divided into two distinct categories: Frameworks and Paintjobs. Frameworks change the actual model - adding or altering stuff on the weapon to make it look different. And Paintjobs is the overall coloring and texturing of the weapon. Making this split allows for a lot more combinations than were available so far, and should serve to make new Paintjobs feel a lot more rewarding to get than before, since you can use it with any Framework. Every existing skin has gone through this revamp, and you get to keep anything you’ve already unlocked.

Wrapping up the game and our next focus

So that’s the meat of Update 28. We are currently in a state where we are working hard on getting the game ready for 1.0. One of the biggest outstanding topics is what we refer to as “Onboarding” and is all about Tutorials and getting a great and smooth start when you play Deep Rock Galactic for the first time. Another topic is the upcoming Miner’s Manual which will give you more insight into the world of Deep Rock Galactic as well as play-tips and instructions to play missions among many other things. And last but not least we’ll be doing a ton of quality of life improvements and bugfixes to the game all over the place.

Update 28: Feeling Perky will drop on the 30th of January. It’s time to sharpen your pickaxes and get back into the mines of Hoxxes.

Rock and Stone, Miners!

Mikkel Martin Pedersen,
Game Director of DRG

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #36 on: January 30, 2020, 02:14:32 PM »
Update 28: Feeling Perky
Thu, 30 January 2020

Hello Miners,

Feeling Perky? Good, because UPDATE 28 is here to satisfy you with a meaty overhaul of our entire Perk System, the first part of the Space Rig redesign, as well as a very cool new addition to the way you can customize the look of your firearms.

The current focus for us here at Ghost Ship is to get the game ready for 1.0. Some of the ongoing tasks are a better onboarding experience for new players, as well as the upcoming Miner’s Manual which will teach you more about the game. And last but not least we’ll be doing a ton of quality of life improvements - but all that is for future updates, for now, we’re talking Update 28. Let’s dive in!

The Ghost Ship Crew



Perks can now either be Passive or Active. Passive Perks are pretty much what the Perks used to be. Equip one of these and you get a passive increase to a given stat. No activation needed - equip it and the benefit is just there. Active Perks, however, requires activation from you, and generally have either a Cooldown on their use or limited uses - sometimes even both! Their limited usability is compensated for by letting us make them more powerful.

With Update 28 we are also introducing a bunch of new Perks, both Passive and Active, and have tweaked the costs and requirements for pretty much all of them. This means that all Perk purchases have been reset, any spent Perk Points have been refunded to you, and all Perks need to be unlocked once more.

New Perks - some Active, some Passive, some are both
•   Beastmaster
Ever wanted to have a loyal Glyphid companion following you around? Well, this Active Perk lets you tame a Glyphid Grunt. Your loyal many-legged sidekick will help you in combat and keep you company during the quiet periods.
•   Born Ready
If you hate reloading then this new Passive Perk is for you. All of your weapons will automatically reload when not equipped for a few seconds.
•   Dash
This Active combat mobility Perk will quickly get you out of trouble with an extreme burst of speed for a short duration.
•   Jump Boots
Dwarves may not be known for their jumping ability, but, with the aid of technology, this Active Perk lets you soar through the air. Useful both in combat and for quick vertical traversal. Just remember: what goes up must come down.
•   See You in Hell
Go out with a bang with an Active Perk that lets you detonate a plasma charge after going down taking the bastards with you. For gameplay purposes, the explosion was made to trigger quickly, so you’ll have to do the Predator laugh yourself.
•   Shield Link
This co-op focused Active Perk lets you overcharge a teammate’s shield to 300% for about 15 seconds. It also has a passive effect: when you are close to a teammate it increases the shield recharge rate for both of you.
•   Temperature Insulation
Do you hate the cold? Is your Driller teammate constantly burning your behind? Do you want to see what is at the bottom of a lava geyser? Then get this Passive Perk and enjoy a large resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations.
•   Thorns
A Passive perk that will deal damage to any critter foolish enough to bite you. Especially effective against swarmers and other small nuisances, but keep in mind that it will not prevent you from taking damage from the attack.

Old Perks converted into Active Perks
•   Active Impact Compensators
We have transformed the old Passive Impact Compensators perk into something a little more powerful with fall damage reduction reaching 75% at Rank 3! As an Active perk, it now requires that you hold the Jump button while landing to activate the effect and there is a cooldown after each use.
•   Berzerker
Another Passive to Active conversion. This perk now greatly reduces your Power Attack cooldown along with boosting normal melee damage. It is no longer dependent on your health but is instead activated by doing two Power Attacks in a row.
•   Field Medic
The old co-op favourite is now an Active perk and it gives you the ability to instantly revive a teammate once per mission. The perk’s old passive effect of speeding up the normal revive process is still there along with the Fear AoE that triggers when you finish reviving someone.
•   Heightened Senses
We have expanded Heightened Senses to include all enemies that can grab you and it has become an Active perk with a limited-use ability to escape after being grabbed - killing your captor in the process.
•   Iron Will
This is now an Active perk that can only be triggered once per mission. We gave Iron Will a longer duration and it now grants a movement speed bonus instead of a penalty. The effect also gives stronger melee attacks, a faster power attack cooldown, resistance to slow-down effects and all of your weapons will be automatically reloaded when you activate this perk, so you get up ready to take names and kick ass.

Modified Perks - all Passive
•   Friendly
Formerly known as Loveable, now reduces both your incoming and outgoing friendly-fire damage. It still doesn’t completely remove it though, so remember to watch where you are shooting.
•   Resupplier
On top of the original reduction to the time it takes to resupply and the automatic weapon reload, this passive perk now also increases the amount of healing you get when resupplying.
•   Second Wind
A reincarnation of the Weekend Athlete perk, Second Wind is a Passive perk that will boost your sprint speed after running for a few seconds. Great for getting to point B faster or for making distance between you and the murderous horde.
•   Strong Arm
Now this Passive perk also grants a bonus to throwing heavy objects like Gems on top of it’s old bonus to throwing flares.
•   Unstoppable
We took the Strong Back perk and slapped on a resistance to all environmental slow effects. The result is a Perk that keeps you moving in all situations.
•   Veteran Depositor
We’ve given this old-boy an increase in the damage reduction radius and buffed the deposit speed to a maximum bonus of +50%.

We hope you’ll have a lot of fun playing around and experimenting with the new Perk System, and as always we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.


The Space Rig is something we’ve wanted to update for a long time. It is, however, a large task, and we will be doing it in steps. The first and most crucial step is what we’re doing in Update 28 - the overall rearranging and restructuring of the place, and getting everything in more contextually sound and meaningful positions instead of just having rows of identical terminals next to each other. Work on the Space Rig will continue from now on and up until we end Early Access and launch the game fully, and will include full terminal overhauls such as how we’ve treated the Forge by giving it a fully custom model from the get-go.


Sometimes good things come out of a bug! As some players have pointed out, a bug in the Equipment Terminal allowed you to merge some of the weapon skins together. We’ve decided to implement it as a full feature after seeing the response it’s been getting.

Weapon Skins are now divided into two distinct categories: Frameworks and Paintjobs. Frameworks change the actual model - adding or altering stuff on the weapon to make it look different. And Paintjobs is the overall coloring and texturing of the weapon. Making this split allows for a lot more combinations than were available so far, and should serve to make new Paintjobs feel a lot more rewarding to get than before since you can use it with any Framework. Every existing skin has gone through this revamp, and you get to keep anything you’ve already unlocked.


If you have obtained all Overclocks you used to get a resource core in place of an Overclock. You now get a blank core instead. We agree with you that it makes so much more sense, though it will make you guys who play a lot, burn through the content that much faster.

•   Lootbugs can now seek out and eat loose mineral chunks!!!
•   Overhauled the damage direction indicator
•   Added loadout selection to the Character Selection Terminal
•   Added loadout selection to the Character Selection screen when joining a mission in progress
•   Added new shield regeneration sound
•   Added a new headbutt attack to the Glyphid Oppressor
•   Added a new sound that plays if you have no flares when you try to throw one
•   Resupply Pods are now on a shared (short) cooldown to prevent multiple people accidentally ordering at the same time
•   M.U.L.E. and Bosco are now visible on the Terrain Scanner
•   Dwarves are now less attractive to walking enemies and more attractive to flying enemies when using a zipline
•   Added a first and third-person pickup animation to the Impact Axe
•   Added a first and third-person pickup animation to the Satchel Charge
•   Black Box objectives are now affected by gravity
•   Golden Bugs now drop a chunk of gold when they die instead of just adding it to the Team Depository
•   Space Rig: Fixed escape-holes around the window (shame on you!)
•   Increased the volume of the battery sounds for Cargo Crates
•   Improved the collider of the Cargo Crates
•   Cargo Crate outline is now visible on hold Tab from when you insert the first battery until the loot is collected for the local player
•   Fixed some networking problems with the Cargo Crate that made it have the wrong color for clients
•   Mactera Grabbers and Nayaka Trawlers can no longer grab Spitball Infectors and Brood Nexuses if they have been hit by a Pheromone Grenade
•   Fixed a bug that zipline can impact characters and enemies when it’s not supposed to, creating really short and silly ziplines
•   Fixed “Lead Storm” Powered Minigun getting extra heat if you fire in small bursts
•   Fixed Mactera Spawns not dropping Kursite if frozen
•   Fixed a bug that made some Omen Modular Exterminator module combinations rarer than others
•   Fixed Homing Drone modules of the Omen Modular Exterminator all tilting in the same direction when opened
•   LMG Gun Platform: Changed the Manual Targeting mod to the Hawkeye System mod which increases the effective range of the turret(s) on top of offering manual target prioritization
•   Proximity Mine now has a 3-minute lifespan after being triggered once
•   Disabled dwarves being outlined when shouting
•   Changed text from pickup to disarm when retrieving a Satchel Charge
•   [Translation] Fixed Weakpoint Stun Chance / Duration could not be translated correctly
•   Fixed a camera shake issue with the Resupply Pod when the terrain beneath it got removed
•   Fixed a crash caused by the Pheromone Grenade
•   Fixed a bug that caused a grenade to stick to the player's hands if you are grabbed while throwing a grenade
•   Customizable HUD: Perk HUD icons now hide/show along with player health bar
•   Loadout selector added to The Accessory Shop
•   New Molly Waypoint markers with direction indication
•   Chance to find an old Resupply Pod in the Salvage mission

•   Impact Compensator Perk audio cue activates every time the player presses JUMP while airborne, regardless of the distance fallen
•   Second Wind Perk audio cue and visual HUD effect reactivate when the player lands after a jump
•   Beer mugs disappear when thrown and reappear in the Drop Pod
•   Some weapon paintjob/framework combinations are work in progress

•   Build 35867
•   Build 35977

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #37 on: February 21, 2020, 02:48:58 PM »
Update 28: Hotfix 8
Fri, 21 February 2020

Perk Tweaks + Zipline downslide boost and Sprint boost for all
Hello Miners,

We are back with yet another hotfix for Update 28. This hotfix will most likely (fingers crossed) be the last one before we fully start to focus on Update 29.

When we launched Update 28, we had removed two perks: Weekend Athlete and Souped Up Zipline Motor. We were super focused on explaining some of the other perk changes we had made (guess which!) and we forgot to tell you some of the reasoning behind why these two were pulled. So here it goes:

When we were rethinking the perk system, there were two things that we wanted to change: perks that were boring because they presented an obvious choice to the player and perks that were causing uninteresting and not enjoyable in the long run gameplay. In the case of Zipline Motor, we just thought that everyone should be able to use a speed increase and it should not be a choice against other perks. Unfortunately, we didn’t implement it in time, but here it is!

For Weekend Athlete, the conversation was similar. More speed was too strong to allow the rest of the perks to compete and that was the reason for its removal. However, we didn’t realize the big impact it would have for all the players who have enjoyed the game at that speed for so long (including many of us devs). We have spent these weeks trying to find out what we think is the ideal speed for the game and we have decided to increase the base sprint for everyone to a value similar to what the first stage of Weekend Athlete was.

Hotfix 8 also has a lot of other perk-improvements visually as well as functionally. Look in the notes below for details.

And finally, Thank you for all your feedback! It really helps us shape the game, and even though all of you are not always happy with the changes we do, we do listen and decisions we make are never set in stone. Please keep it coming :-)

The Ghost Ship Crew


•   General Sprint Speed increased
•   Enemy Movement Speed has been slightly increased for Haz 4 and 5 and on Elite Deep Dives now that player Sprint Speed has gone up
•   Added a new mechanic to Ziplines. All dwarves can now slide fast on Ziplines that are angled downwards. Simply look down the zipline and press and hold forward to let go of the break. Release forward to slow down again. Sliding speed is relative to the angle of the Zipline
•   Fixed a bug that prevented Machine Events from being interactable when the FIRE button is remapped
•   Fixed text overflow for certain languages on elements in Mission Selection
•   Improved the logic of how enemies select a target and distribute themselves between the player, Steeve, Pheromones and the Lure
•   Reverted a previous change which has since caused M.U.L.E. to be more likely to walk through terrain



•   Shield Boost now lasts for 30 seconds at final rank
•   Added first person effect to Shield Boost when giving and receiving it.


•   Updated the Perk description, old text could be misunderstood.
•   Added a new first person effect overlay to give you a better feeling of how long it lasts.


•   Added a small cooldown so that a large group of swarmers does not get killed in a single pass and can still pose a minor threat to the player.
•   Added a 4th tier to the perk bringing the damage assigned upto 24hp.


•   Hold to activate time decreased to be way more snappy
•   Cooldown decreased to a 75 secs when max upgraded
•   Hangtime Increased to 3.5 when fully upgraded
•   Improved the Hoverboots visual effects


•   Instant Revive now activates instant on button press instead of hold.


•   Explosion now leaves an electric field behind for 15 seconds electrocuting and scaring off enemies.
•   Explosion deals double damage of what it used to and can now take out Pretorians on some difficulty settings.
•   Fixed a sound bug, that would mute the explosion sound if music was turned down.
•   Passive Effect added to the Perk. Any time an enemy hits you with a melee attack you get a temporary melee damage bonus. This effect lasts for 1.5 seconds. Revenge never felt this good before :-)


•   Reduced cooldown of Dash on all tiers
•   Increased the speed of Dash slightly
•   Added new third person effects to Dash
•   Added a new sound for when Dash is activated
•   Fixed a bug that caused Dash to sometimes not activate, it should be way more reliable now.


•   Changed Sweet Tooth to give you more health from Red Sugar


•   Steeve can no longer be affected by Sticky Flames
•   Added new sound and particle effects when you tame a Grunt
•   Steeve is no longer ignored by other enemies


•   Temperature insulation is now called Elemental Insulation and gives resistance to all elemental damage: fire, cold, poison/acid, radiation, and electricity
•   Percentage bonuses on the tiers have been reduced to +20%, +25%, +30% to not make this perk too OP with the changes listed above


•   Speed percentage bonus of Second Wind has been reduced. The percentage increase on Second Wind is based on the general sprint speed, and since that has been tweaked up, we had to tweak the percentage bonus down in order to have the effect of Second Wind stay the same as it was.

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #38 on: February 27, 2020, 01:27:14 PM »
2nd Anniversary Update
Thu, 27 February 2020

Party Hat, Golden Bosco and Live-stream

Hello Miners!

Two years ago, we pushed the scary-looking button called "Release to Early Access", in the firm hope that Deep Rock Galactic would become the next big thing in co-op gaming. Today, we can look back at a fantastic journey where we've exceeded all our goals - not to mention the privilege of witnessing you all play and enjoy the game, while helping us spread the word on space-mining dwarves. And even more amazing to us is the fact that Deep Rock Galactic is now played and enjoyed by more players than ever, all over the world. This calls for some celebration!

So, we've just released a small update to remind us all that Deep Rock Galactic has been in orbit for two years. Like last year, Management has dressed up the Space Rig, and every dwarf will receive a unique Year Two Party Hat. And you can claim this for all your classes with one easy click! The 2-Year Party Hat will be available for at least a week.

In addition to this, Bosco now has Paintjobs to unlock in addition to Frameworks, to celebrate the little drone's importance to the operation. Owners of the Supporter Upgrade will receive a special Gilded Paintjob for him, and all players will gain access to four additional new Paintjobs as they upgrade Bosco: Abyssal Frost, Scorched, Corporate Mint, and Primal Blood.

Tomorrow, the 28nd of February, on the actual 2-year day, we'll be livestreaming from the office of Ghost Ship Games, as well as host another AMA on Reddit at r/deeprockgalactic. The AMA will start at 10am CES and continue for many hours into the afternoon. We'll also be revealing the new Roadmap, further outlining our current plans up until launch and into the future.

The livestream will kick off with the usual Deep Dive stream at 1pm CET (UTC+1), but we plan to continue all day long and into the evening, so fans around the globe can get a chance to watch it live and participate in the chat. We'll stream simultanously to the Steam page, Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer.

Rock and Stone, Miners! Let's make this weekend a Deep Rock Galactic weekend!

Ghost Ship Crew

Patch Notes

New Content
•   2-Year Party Hat claimable for all in the Space Rig
•   Space Rig party celebration
•   Gilded Bosco Paintjob added to Supporter Upgrade
•   4 Paintjobs added to Bosco's Mastery bar

Misc. fixes
•   Added final countdown to Iron Will Activation, when the entire team is down
•   Fixed potential crash
•   Made mission select monitors work on client + late join
•   Fixed Dash sound activation being too loud

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #39 on: February 29, 2020, 12:00:09 AM »
Roadmap Update
Fri, 28 February 2020

Update 29 in March, 1.0 launch info and beyond
Hello Miners!

As promised yesterday, we have an updated Roadmap for you, and it should hopefully help answer most of the burning questions you might have!

Right now, we're laser-focused on getting Deep Rock Galactic ready for the actual 1.0 launch sometime during Q2 2020. During this time, we'll be revisiting old systems in need of some well-deserved love, as well getting the game polished to a mirror shine. Update 28 started a lot of this, with the much-discussed Perk Rework, as well as the first batch of improvements to the Space Rig and its overall layout. And with the separation of Weapon Skins into Paintjobs and Frameworks, we also gave all Dwarves many more options in terms of expressing their personality through the looks of their weapons. These are key themes that you will continue seeing as we get the game prepared for 1.0.

Before we're ready to hit the big switch and launch 1.0, we will squeeze in one more update - Update 29. It will feature a lot of under-the-hood optimization and improvements, but more visibly it will see more work done to the Space Rig, a much needed graphical overhaul of the trusty old Drop Pod, and a full visual customization system for your pickaxes. AND, hallelujah, we're finally getting in proper item icons for all your phat lewt!

Update 29 will also bring a new and improved Greenbeard experience, with a brand new tutorial flow, and handy contextual hints. And of interest for any dwarf regardless of experience, we will also see the introduction of the Miner's Manual - an ingame repository of information about all kinds of Deep Rock Galactic related things.

And finally, Update 29 will also include another Weapon Balance pass, touching on many of the issues both we and yourselves have brought up regarding certain weapons.

After 29, we will be officially heading into launch. The Launch Update will not introduce any major new features, but it will still include some pretty tasty things. Apart from a whole lot more bugfixes and optimizations, it will expand the game's soundtrack with almost an hour more of synthy goodness, and it will enable a whole bunch of new Promotion Ranks and associated rewards.

And beyond that - well - depending on the reception of the game upon launch, the sky is more or less the limit. We have a stack of new things we'd like in the game stretching almost to our ceiling, based both on our own wishes and those voiced by our frankly awesome fanbase. The work you're putting in to assist us in making DRG the best game it can
be remains absolutely priceless.

One thing we KNOW we will focus on right after launch, however, is a return to the real meat and bones of the gameplay. We've devoted a ton of necessary work on fleshing out the game's surrounding systems for a long time now, but it's high time we turn our eyes back on the caves themselves. You can at the very least expect more Mission Types after launch, since that's something we rate very very highly on our list of wishes. And once we know a bit more, we will of course update you guys in our usual ways - blog posts, roadmaps, and so forth.

So until then, keep the bullets flying, the blood and ideas flowing, and we shall get back to you again very soon!

Rock and Stone!
The Ghost Ship Crew

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #40 on: March 26, 2020, 04:15:56 PM »
UPDATE 29: The End of the Beginning
Thu, 26 March 2020

Hello Miners!

It’s time for another update as we’re ramping up for full release! The main focus for this update has been on improving the first experience new Greenbeards will encounter, but we also have a lot of goodies for veteran players, such as Armors finally being able to get new Paintjobs, and an all-new Miner’s Manual to name a few!

The Ghost Ship Crew


Every miner needs a pickaxe, but no two pickaxes need to look the same! Find and unlock new parts to customize each of the six different sections of your pickaxe, not to mention a handful of brand new Paintjobs for it as well. Crack those rocks in style!

If you see some lost gear scattered around the place, try to find a blinking helmet. Use that to download the location of the lost dwarf’s backpack and track it down using your Terrain Scanner. They are always full of pickaxe parts and precious minerals.

Let’s be blunt… the Drop Pod has been in need of a facelift for a while. That has now happened - including Fuzzy Dice!

BISMOR, BISMOR, BISMOR! A good bunch of new shouts have been added, including some notorious missing Laser Pointer shouts!

Did you know that the Launch Bay is only a small part of the Spacerig infrastructure?

Missions, Crafting Resources, Damage Types, Weapon Mods... There are so many systems in DRG! It can be overwhelming at first. We collected as much information as we could and created a ton of new infographics to make a guide. Hopefully this will help during the first few hours of the game. There might even be some details veteran miners didn’t know.

It’s the intention that the Miner’s Manual will continue to expand with new entries and chapters in future updates.

Mining is way more fun once you know the basics. There is now a brand-new and more streamlined Tutorial with clear instructions and tasks. Let’s get the Greenbeards up to speed as soon as possible, Management wants to see that ore flowing!

With the inclusion of the Miner’s Manual, we decided to redo the whole Escape menu. The main tab is the Status, where you can read all the information about your current Mission, Loadout, and Team. Many of the items link directly to the Miner’s Manual, so you can learn more about, for instance, the current Mission Warning Mutator with just one click.

All cosmetic items, both from The Shop and The Forge, now have proper icon previews! They are perfect for quick sorting and to avoid “guess forging”, but, most importantly, they look cool.

All the ingame Armor Sets have received the same split between Frameworks and Paintjobs that weapons got recently. Several brand new Armor Paintjobs can be found in the Lost Pack Encounters, with more to come further down the line. Also, for those with Supporter Upgrade, the Gilded Armor is now a Gilded Paintjob and can be applied to all Armors.


•   Moved some of the AoE range bonus of Carpet Bomber OC to the Base Weapon and Shrapnel Rounds Mod
•   Moved some of the AoE damage bonus of Carpet Bomber OC to the Base Weapon
•   Added an accuracy bonus to Big Bertha OC
•   Removed starting fire rate penalty on Big Bertha OC, now only the max fire rate is affected
•   Reduced the direct damage penalty on Neurotoxin Payload OC
•   Slightly increased the DR bonus from the Damage Resistance at Full RoF Mod

•   Moved some of the damage bonus of the Bigger Pellets Mod to the Base Weapon
•   Increased the base rate of fire
•   Lowered the rate of fire bonus of the Miner Adjustments Mod
•   Increased the bonus of the Supercharged Feed Mechanism Mod
•   Removed the Improved Stun Mod and increased the base duration of a weakpoint stun
•   Fixed the stun chance stat display to be more clear that the stun chance is calculated for every pellet that hits
•   Made it so the Minishells OC can't stun targets
•   Fixed crosshair misalignment
•   Fixed the Cycle Overload OC not affecting weapon spread properly
•   Lowered the spread penalty of the Cycle Overload OC

•   Reduced recoil especially the horizontal recoil so it is now easier to manually compensate
•   Greatly reduced max shot spread
•   Improved base accuracy
•   Increased base damage
•   Consolidated all base damage into one damage type
•   Increased base chance of electrocution

Modification Tweaks
•   Replaced the Floating Barrel Mod with a Recoil Reduction Mod
•   Improved the bonus of the Improved Capacitors Mod
•   Removed the Larger Capacitors Mod
•   Relocated the Conductive Bullets Mod to Tier 4
•   Removed the Overcharged Rounds Mod and added some of it’s bonus to the Base Weapon

•   Increased base damage
•   Decreased base ammo
•   Lowered the base armor breaking
•   Decreased base recoil
•   Decreased max spread
•   Increased base clip size

Modification Tweaks
•   Increased damage bonus of the High Velocity Rounds Mod
•   Removed the Burst Damage Mod
•   Increased the stun duration of Burst Stun Mod
•   Swapped positions of the Floating Barrel Mod and the Disabled Safety Mod
•   Increased the bonus of the Quickfire Ejector Mod

Overclock Tweaks
•   Increased the damage bonus of the Experimental Rounds OC to work with the new weapon damage and ammo numbers

•   Reduced base charge-up time
•   Increased discharge time
•   Increased the base effective range
•   Increased the speed with which the spray extends to its effective range
•   Increased base freezing power
•   Increased base damage
•   Increased the base size of the pressure chamber
•   Lowered the base re-pressurisation delay
•   Fixed the weapon damage and freezing power stats displaying each other's values.

Cold Mechanics Tweaks
•   Mactera Spawns freeze a bit faster
•   Enemies slow down faster as they get colder

Modification Tweaks
•   Combined the Larger Pressure Chamber Mod and Increased Chamber Pressure Mod
•   Improved the value of the 2nd Stage Pump Mod and renamed it to Faster Turbine Spinup
•   Increased the value of the Bypassed Integrity Check Mod so it now completely removes the re-pressurisation delay
•   Increased value of the Overclocked Ejection Turbine
•   Renamed the Faster 1st Stage Pump Mod to Fast-filling Pressure Chamber
•   Reduced the value of the Improved Mixture Mod and renamed it to Supercooling Mixture
•   Renamed the High Water Content Mod to Hard Mixture
•   Increased the power of the Cold Radiance Mod

Overclock Tweaks
•   Added a flow rate bonus to the Flow OC
•   Increased the Ice Spear OC damage and it no longer depends on pressure, it's now always hits the same
•   Increased the Ice Spear OC ammo cost and it now always consumes the same amount and you can always shoot it as long as you have the ammo and the weapon is not repressurising
•   Tweaked Ice Spear OC damage and ammo cost
•   Increased the damage bonus and lowered the pressure drop penalty on the Ice Storm OC
•   Removed rate of fire bonus from Ice Storm OC
•   Added an ammo penalty to Ice Storm OC
•   Increased the radius and freezing power of the Snowball OC, like the Ice Spear the damage is now constant
•   Lowered the ammo cost of the Snowball OC, like Ice Spear the ammo cost stays constant
•   Increased Snowball OC ammo penalty

•   Increased the base width of the plasma beam
•   Increased the base damage
•   Changed how damage is shown in the stats to a DPS value
•   Decreased line speed
•   Increased the plasma line life-span
•   Decreased the rate of fire
•   Increased the base magazine size
•   Increased the "hitbox" of the plasma beam so it is more forgiving

Modification Tweaks
•   Increased the values of the Loosened Node Cohesion Mods
•   Increased the value of the Prolonged Power Generation Mod
•   Removed one of the damage Mods and increased the value of the remaining one
•   Added a Mod to extend stun duration
•   Removed one of the magazine-size Mods
•   Removed one of the Expanded Ammo Bags Mods and increased the value of the remaining one
•   Improved the effect of the Quick Deploy Mod and it now affects both deploy speed and deploy delay
•   Changed the Double-split line to a Triple-split line that covers a larger area both above and now below the standard line
•   Combined the There Can Only Be One and Explosive Goodbye Mods and made it that firing while you have a line out will detonate that line wout shooting a new one. Lowered the explosion's damage but it now leaves a residual plasma field that continues to damage enemies over time.
•   Added the Plasma Trail Mod which causes the beam to leave a trail of residual plasma which damages enemies over time
•   Rearranged many of the Mods
•   NOTE: Anyone who owned the removed Mods will be refunded the Minerals and Credits they spent

Overclock Tweaks
•   Yaw Man has become an Unstable OC and is now called Spinning Death. It causes the beam to spin while moving slowly forward dealing a lot of damage over time in the area.
•   Roll Control will not spin the beam if you click to fire but only if you hold. Releasing the fire button after the projectile starts spinning works as before.
•   Return to Sender no longer has a damage penalty
•   Inferno now ignites most enemies in one pass and no longer reduces your rate of fire
•   High Voltage Crossover is now a Balanced OC and no longer has a damage penalty

•   Improved the responsiveness of the Proximity Trigger Mod and fixed the description which referenced a damage bonus based on a time mechanic that was not actually being used

•   - Improved how quickly the Burning Hell OC sets things on fire
•   - The Leadstorm OC now removes the Minigun's stun ability and has a slightly lower
•   - Lowered the damage bonus on the Leadstorm OC a bit

•   Made the Persistent Plasma effects always kill swarmers that go through them. This impacts both the EPC and the Breech Cutter.
•   Lowered the splash radius of the Pheromone Canister and lowered the number of enemies a pheromone-affected target can attract


•   Added a new first person death animation
•   Added a new attack to the Glyphid Oppressor
•   Added new equip animations to the Equipment Terminal
•   Added a new terminal design for the Accessory Terminal and renamed it The Shop
•   Added a new terminal design for the Mineral Trade Terminal
•   Added pathfinder blockers below the platforms of the Minehead in Point Extraction to prevent enemies from walking there
•   Overhauled the Tutorial Hints
•   Weapons that do fire damage can now ignite gas clouds
•   Hoverboots perk now have particles coming from the boots and will also burn any creatures unfortunate enough to be right beneath you when you activate them
•   Renamed the Grappling Gun to Grappling Hook
•   Renamed the Zipline Gun to Zipline Launcher
•   Resupply Pods now needs to fall a set distance before it starts doing damage on landing
•   Improved several sprint animations
•   Improved the sound of the Dash perk
•   Improved the logic of the Born Ready perk when activated on clients
•   Improved the spawning logic of Machine Events to prevent Core Infusers from disappearing
•   Fixed several field of view related bugs, including the field of view of the Zhukov NUK17
•   Fixed a bug in the achievement for Milestones
•   Fixed a bug with the Impact Axe sound effect only playing for host
•   Fixed a bug that caused clients to not see themselves as frozen when they are frozen
•   Fixed a bug that sometimes caused double footstep sounds in first person
•   Fixed a bug that prevented certain status effects from properly displaying on Lootbugs
•   Fixed a bug that caused the Terrain Scanner to become stuck in view
•   Fixed a bug that prevented the salute animation from playing in third person while sprinting
•   Fixed a bug that enabled Silicate Harvesters to walk on walls
•   Fixed a bug that caused the Iron Will countdown to display prematurely
•   Fixed a bug that caused the light of the Proximity Trigger mod for the Deepcore 40MM PGL to stick around after the projectile is destroyed
•   Fixed a bug that prevented Heightened Senses from working after the first time you get grabbed by an enemy
•   Fixed a bug where projectiles could nudge the player around for a brief moment while close. This was especially noticeable when looking down and firing.
•   Fixed a bug that prevented enemy health bars from properly indicating weakpoint hits for clients
•   Fixed a bug that caused LMG Gun Platforms with Hawkeye System mod to shoot marked enemy corpses indefinitely
•   Fixed a bug that caused some weapons to become offset when saluting with certain weapons
•   Fixed a bug that caused the Loadout Icon Selector menu to remain open after closing a Terminal
•   Fixed a bug that prevented Bosco skins from working in missions
•   Fixed a bug that enabled two players to tame the same Glyphid, sometimes removing its textures
•   Fixed a bug in the State of the Art achievement so it no longer triggers prematurely when having all items upgraded fully except the armor
•   Fixed a bug when using both the Hardened Drill Tips and Supercharged Motor mods on the Reinforced Power Drills
•   Fixed a bug that caused the canister of the CRSPR Flamethrower to change color when
•   reloading with some Weapon Frameworks
•   Fixed a bug with Air Geysers causing jittery movement for clients while pushed
•   Fixed a bug that caused Bosco to senselessly attack the Drop Pod if you marked it with the Laser Pointer. Silly Bosco
•   Fixed a bug that caused Mactera Spawns to look like they are in their attack stance while fleeing

Patch Notes from Experimental Branch

During the last week, Update 29 has been live on the Experimental Branch. And thanks to all the feedback and testing, we applied quite a few tweaks, additions and bug fixes. Here follows a list of the relevant changes that happened and didn't make it into the in-game patch notes:

•   Updated the look of the Spacerig personal cabines
•   Improved network code for client movement
•   New Wardrobe menu
•   Improved Mission Map terminal
•   Added Gamma option to the graphics section of the options menu
•   Added icons for keys: P,O,K,L,Z,T
•   Added icons Apostrophe - Colon - Comma - Period - SemiColon
•   Typo fixes in Miner's Manual
•   Added Promotion-Available pop-up icons
•   Added Promotion Directions text (Promotion now happens in the Memorial Hall)
•   Fixed mission control speak on promotion
•   Pheromone Canister: Lowered the splash radius
•   Pheromone Canister: Lowered the number of enemies a single target can attract
•   Fix autocannon impacting cloud left by preatorians
•   Leadstorm OC: now removes the Minigun's stun ability
•   Lowered the damage bonus on the Leadstorm OC
•   Fix Radiactive Preatorians special attack not dealing damage
•   Poison damage type description expanded to include Neurotoxin
•   Fix for AI not respecting pathfinder. Attacking in drop pod etc.
•   Fixed sawed off shotgun jump overclock for clients
•   Fixed High Voltage Crossover OC description text referencing a penalty that was not there
•   Warthog Combat Shotgun: Fixed crosshair misalignment
•   Warthog Combat Shotgun: Changed the stun stat display back to a per pellet value
•   Warthog Combat Shotgun: Fixed the Cycle Overload OC not affecting weapon spread
•   Warthog Combat Shotgun: Lowered the spread penalty of the Cycle Overload OC
•   Cryo Cannon: Added a flow rate bonus to the Flow OC
•   Cryo OC Tweak: Removed rate of fire bonus from Ice Storm OC
•   Cryo OC Tweak: Added a small ammo penalty to Ice Storm OC
•   Cryo OC Tweak: Increased Snowball OC ammo penalty
•   Cryo OC Tweak: Increased Snowball ammo cost
•   Fix Sawed off shells having wrong material when using skin
•   Fix Glyphids footstep particles not matching biome
•   Fix world scrolling ice particles
•   Oppressor: Added a longer delay before the attack starts doing damage and knocks back
•   Oppressor: Targets hit by the tremor attack now need to be close to the surface that the rocks emerge from
•   Oppressor: Tremor attack will now require the oppressor to have line of sight to their main target before starting the attack
•   Oppressor: Reduced the damage that the tremor attack does from 5 per tick to 2.5
•   Oppressor: Tweaked down size and cooldown of oppressor attack
•   Oppressor: Tremor attack now ends more in line with what the particles look like
•   Tried to fix a bug that caused infinite sounds and camera shake on ammo pods landing on the ground
•   Lost Pack should no longer spawn in supply tunnels and droppod tunnel, only near original parts of the cave
•   Fixed Assault 3rd player equip animation
•   Tweaked interact trigger on the Shop in spacerig
•   Added slide in and out sound for weapon loadout in escape menu
•   Fix projectiles could hit the base collider of enemies, not dealing correct impact damage (ignore armor and not get frozen bonus)
•   Lighting slightly lowered and more tinted in CharacterSelection level
•   Color tweaks for new Armor Paintjobs
•   Fixed a case where enemies would not ragdoll
•   Mastery Rewards: Tweaked text
•   Rotate podium with character
•   Fixed droppod location in tutorial
•   Extra Morkite and Nitra in first missions
•   Fixed the missing texture on blob in Radioactive Zone
•   Unlock Mastery Awarded skins even if you purchased the upgrades before the patch
•   Keyboard icons added: Ampersand, quote, é
•   Added a small light by drone modification terminal
•   Updated images for miners manual spacerig page
•   Fix to Laser Pointer description
•   Fix vanity icons applying armor paint jobs
•   Partly fixed bosco loadout skin problemt at drone terminal
•   Changed the duration mod icon so it is not the same as the delay icon
•   Bosco Mesh and Color skin fix at terminal
•   Fixed droppod random rotation in tutorial
•   Fix loadout alignment in the menu screen when bound to a key with a long name
•   SpaceRig tweaks, fix glass shader world space
•   [Community Request] ESSENTIAL graphical issues fixed on the Space Rig: You can no longer pass through speakers, UV's have been fixed on tatty posters, a Hoop Game monitor is no longer floating, and the Platform Gun lying on the workshop table no longer slightly intersects with the grenade box next to it. Well done, Team.
•   Minor Space Rig tweaks, some old ugly models revamped, some material improvements
•   Smoke no longer disappears from Forge when up close

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #41 on: April 08, 2020, 01:55:58 PM »
Community Trailer Competition!
Tue, 7 April 2020

Hello Miners!

One of the best things about working with Deep Rock Galactic is all the amazingly creative fan-content that you miners put out there, and as we are getting close to leaving Early Access, we feel a little celebration is in place.

If you’re a little handy with both pickaxe and editing software, you now have the chance to win some of the upcoming, not yet revealed, Deep Rock Galactic merchandise.

Your mission is all about using a piece of the Deep Rock Galactic soundtrack to create a dark, dangerous, and dwarven video, that sums up everything Deep Rock Galactic is to you.

The competition runs from Tuesday, April 7th 16:00 CET to Tuesday, April 21st at 23:59 CET.

More info on requirements for the trailer and how to participate can be found here

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
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Update 29 - Hotfix 7
Wed, 8 April 2020

Bulldog Revolver Tweaks
- Elephant Rounds OC now has a bit more of a kick
- Elephant Rounds OC now lowers the revolver's capacity to 3 rounds and extend the reload time a bit
- Added a base accuracy bonus to Elephant Rounds OC.
- Five Shooter OC is now Six Shooter and has a rate of fire bonus, a bigger ammo bonus and a slower reload
- Feather Trigger OC has been replaced with the Volatile Bullets OC which deals massive damage against burning targets
- Increased the reload speed bonus of the Quickfire Ejector mod

- Fixed bug with GK2 Bullets of Mercy OC sometimes stacking it's damage bonus

Thunderhead Autocannon
- Increased the chance to poison enemies with the Neurotoxin Payload OC
- Added a small range bonus to the Neurotoxin Payload OC

BRT Burst Fire Gun
- Fixed the crosshairs not showing the weapon spread accurately
- Added a Blowthrough Rounds mod at T1
- Added a base spread reduction bonus to the Floating Barrel mod
- The Homebrew Powder OC has been replaced with the Lead Spray OC which gives a big damage boost at the cost of base spread
- Increased the ammo bonus of the Compact Mags OC
- Increased the spread-reduction and mag-size bonuses of the Micro Flechettes OC

- Extended the effective range of the Burning Hell OC
"Warthog" Auto 210 Overclok tweaks
-Light-weight Magazines
Reload speed bonus increased
- Compact shells , Renamed to Stunner
Complete rework, renamed as Stunner. With this overclock, the weapon can stun after hitting any body part, not just weakpoints. There is also a damage bonus when shooting already stunned enemies.
- Magnetic Pellet Alignment
Bonus damage for weakpoints, magazine penalty removed.Rate of fire reduction now applied as a percentage.
- Stunner: Bonus damage to stunned enemies reduced. Fixed a case in which a part of the shot stunning the enemy was also benefiting from the Stun damage bonus. This was producing an unintended random damage output. Now only the damage dealt by subsequent shots after the stunning shot will receive the bonus.
- Magnetic Alignment: Rate of fire penalty slightly increased, bonus damage on weakpoints reduced

Electrical SMG
- Added small cooldown to EMPDischarge OC for the electrical SMG
"Stubby" Voltaic SMG
- Turret EM Discharge: Cooldown reduced
- Overclocks' descriptions updated
- Stun is now applied after all damage, so if you hit an enemy with a shotgun, stun will only apply after all pellets have been calculated. This makes for more consistent experience when weapons also have damage bonuses based on stun.

General Fixes

MK3 heavy/light armors renamed ingame to MK3 and MK4 - also fixed a few typos in their descriptions
Fix one of the Point Extraction maps that had terrain that did not connect to the rest of the cave system
Fix Pheromone grenades not working (Visually) correct on clients
Fix paintjob not updating third person correctly if it was changed because of an incompatible default paintjob
Added overlocks and item upgrades to the escape menu
Fixed not being able to zipline while carrying an explosive barrel
Fixed errors in terrain generation causing tunnels to not lead completely to the caves.
Bombers no longer requires to hit cave walls to explode and wont be stuck dead forever on for example the minehead
Fix glyphids sometimes (more with heavy lag) not playing ragdoll.
You can no longer open the map while saluting. (Caused alot of issues)
- Fancy new Temperature Shock mechanic
Fire and Ice are now best friends, sort of. They still cancel each other out but now whenever you force a creature out of either the Frozen or Burning state they will take a good chunk of damage.
Step 1 - Either set a creature on fire or freeze them.
Step 2 - Procede to apply fire/heat damage if frozen or ice/cold damage if burning
This works with any elemental fire or ice damage and also with strong heat / cold sources
Step 3 - Keep at it untill the target stops being frozen / burning
Added weakpoint damage modifier stat display for combat shotgun
Droppod carves around it just before it leaves, to remove any platforms that could be in the way
misc audio optimization (Glyphids)
Improved Tritolite deposit collider to better match with the model
Re-Enable some idle sounds on glyphid grunts
Escape Menu: No tool tip when hovering over an unlocked or blank gear mod
Fix Bosco loadouts not working correctly. (It was using your characters loadout index)
Fixed Perfectly Tuned Cooler OC not affecting Flow Rate
Fixed the Burning Hell OC affecting teammates
Fix getting multiple rewards from crates

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
« Reply #43 on: April 29, 2020, 01:34:28 PM »
Update 29 - Hotfix 8
Mon, 27 April


Hello Miners,

This hotfix includes a moderate boost to the health of the Glyphid Praetorian as well as several weapon fixes and tweaks, especially to the Experimental Plasma Charger. Read the patch notes below for all the juicy details!

•   Fixed a bug that caused your character model to turn into a grenade in Terminals
•   Further improvements to prevent the Droppod from landing on Machine Events.
•   Fixed a bug that could make other players animations look laggy if their net connection was poor
•   Enabled network smoothing on the server when looking at clients
•   Beast Master now actives by holding the Use button
•   Fixed a bug that caused Glyphid Praetorian / Glyphid Oppressor / Dreadnought attacks to only damage players and not tamed Glyphids
•   Fixed a bug that caused enemies to attack tamed Glyphids even after they are dead
•   Fixed a bug that enabled the Glyphid Oppressors attacks to trigger after death
•   Increased the damage from Temperature Shock
•   Made Temperature Shock activation more reliable and responsive
•   New temperature shock icons and added a sound to improve feedback
•   Fixed a case where enemies would not spawn from waves if you buried yourself in a tiny room so small that it has no nav points
•   Added new crystal formations to Crystal Caverns

•   Added a 25% health boost to the Glyphid Praetorian

Having diverse enemies (in terms of speed, size, health, attack rate, etc.) is what we think creates interesting action and makes target prioritization relevant and worth mastering. We have units with radically different properties so the mix of enemies, together with the level layout, will often generate small combat “puzzles” that are fun to engage with.
One element we always considered vital is having enemies with a significantly larger health pool. That’s the reason why Praetorians can be found in every mission. An enemy that stays alive for longer is likely to produce situations in which the player has to reevaluate the combat circumstances. For instance, you might need to engage another target before finishing this one off. It makes smaller and more aggressive enemies shine because they synergize. They also incentivize teamwork, since they encourage joining forces to be defeated.
We felt that, with the current firepower, Praetorians are not playing their part. They die too fast for these things to happen. A moderate health boost should allow the Praetorian to perform the role we envisioned for this enemy.

•   Fixed Warthog crosshair showing a dot in the middle
•   Fixed BRT mod that stuns on all bullets hitting the target not working for clients.
•   Fixed a bug that caused the crosshair to disappear
•   Fixed Sticky Grenade for client
•   Fixed return to sender being able to reverse the projectile speed multiple times
•   Fixed Explosive Goodbye not being activatable for clients
•   Fixed line projectiles with Explosive Goodbye not exploding if you pressed again too quickly
•   Increased the size of the plasma field left behind by the Explosive Goodbye mod on the Breech Cutter

•   Changed the two charged shot damage mods to affect both AoE and direct damage
•   Replaced the Bouncy Plasma mod with the Plasma Burn mod that heats targets up potentially setting them on fire or extending the burn time of enemies that are already on fire
•   Made it so that the Thin Containment Field mod now also affects the heat generated by normal shots
•   Decreased the charge speed bonus from crystal capacitors
•   Lowered the radius bonus of the Expanded Plasma Splash mod
•   Flying Nightmare projectile now continues through all targets but no longer causes an explosion on impact
•   Reduced the base radius of the Flying Nightmare projectile
•   Flying Nightmare radius is now increased by the Plasma Splash mod and Overcharger OC
•   Updated the stats display to more clearly communicate the damage of a Flying Nightmare projectile
•   Increased the direct damage bonus and added an AoE damage and range bonus to the Overcharger OC and the penalties are now charge shot ammo cost and cooling rate
•   Increased the damage bonus and ammo penalty of Heavy Hitter OC
•   Increased the size of the field left behind by the Persistent Plasma OC and extended it's life
•   Replaced the cooling penalty on the Heat Pipe OC with a penalty to the heat generated by normal shots and added a small bonus to charge speed
•   Fixed the Persistent Plasma OC not triggering when a Thin Containment Field shot was detonated
•   Fixed Flying Nightmare damage not being affected by the Overcharger OC

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Re: Deep Rock Galactic
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Wed, 29 April 2020

On May 13th, Deep Rock Galactic will launch 1.0

Hi Miners

This is it!

On the 13th of May, two weeks from now, we can all celebrate the launch of 1.0 of Deep Rock Galactic!

Before we head into the details on ALL the things that are happening today, the next two weeks and on launch (and beyond), we first need to thank all of you for supporting us. Some of you have been with us from the very beginning of Closed Alpha back in late 2016. Some of you have joined in since Early Access Launch in February 2018. And some of you just recently joined the ranks. But all of you should be proud of what we have accomplished together in the true dwarven spirit of a co-op first game. Deep Rock Galactic is today owned by more than 1 MILLION players and daily played by more than thirty thousand people. This keeps blowing our minds so much that we hardly have any cells left to think with!

So, from the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU!

Now, what will happen today?


First of all, we just released a press release with the launch date news. So we expect to see some news pop up later today and tomorrow on our launch day announcement. Included in the press release are some important news on the release itself. We have decided to stick to the price we set a year ago (29.99 USD), so the game will NOT increase in price for launch. We believe that the current price is a good entry point and makes it easy to get new players to try out the game.


The new soundtrack will be added to the existing Soundtrack as a Volume II. As this adds more than 50 minutes of music, we will at launch increase the price on the Soundtrack a bit from 7.99 USD to 9.99 USD. So, if you are considering buying the soundtrack, now would be a good time.

At launch, we will also release two new cosmetic-only, no-gameplay DLCs. Together with the game itself, those two DLCs, named MegaCorp and Dark Future, will constitute the Deluxe Edition of the game. This will be set up using Steam’s user-friendly Bundle format, so if you already own the game, you still get a small discount on buying the DLCs together. During the next two weeks, we will release more information about the content of the Deluxe Edition, but for now, we can tell that it includes a brand new Weapon Framework for all 16 weapons as well as a unique Armor Framework for all four dwarves.


Along with the press release, we have premiered a brand new trailer, produced in-house at Ghost Ship Games. We have for a long time felt that we lacked a good video to showcase the game to new players and simply tell what it is all about. And who better to do that than Mission Control himself?

You can watch the video here and we encourage you to share this video to spread the word on the upcoming 1.0 Launch of Deep Rock Galactic


Speaking of trailers, we have now finally watched and evaluated all the entrants to the competition. More than 200 trailers were submitted and we’ve been absolutely humbled with amazing quality and creativity in the videos. Initially, we only had prizes for Top 4, but we clearly needed to expand that. Therefore we decided to give away the two soon-to-launch cosmetic-only Deluxe Edition DLCs to all who contributed with a trailer! We also decided to award the Top 40 even more. Instead of just one set of DLCs, every participant in Top 40, receives four sets of the 2 DLCs in the upcoming Deluxe Edition.

But who won, you might ask? That is not disclosed just yet. We have selected a ranked Top 15, and each day up to launch, we will showcase a video and slowly count down ending with the runner-ups and the winner on the day before launch day. You can look forward to some amazing trailers - ranking them has not been easy.

To start this off, we have created a playlist with videos in the Top 40 that did not make the cut into Top 15. These videos are not ranked but can be viewed in this playlist.


In the live build on Steam (that is Update 29), we have activated a special gift for all of you. During these 2+ years of Early Access, we have created some limited runs of special vanity hats for Oktoberfest, Halloween, X-Mas, Yearly Anniversary, Steam Free Weekend, and Steam Awards. Some of you missed those and some of you missed the weird thing that you had to claim them for each character. From today, and until the 12th of May, you can claim them ALL with one simple click. Go CLAIM!


Today, we also uploaded the upcoming 1.0 build of the game to the Experimental Branch. The 1.0 launch build includes the 14 new music tracks, Prestige Assignments, and 3 new Promotion Ranks as well as a long list of bug fixes, some QoL improvements, and quite a bit of optimizations. We hope quite a few of you will help us test the 1.0 build and report bugs, so we can have the best build possible for all the new players at launch. Read about how to get into the Experimental Branch here


After we launch 1.0 of Deep Rock Galactic, we, at Ghost Ship Games, will continue to support and expand the game. Expect major updates with focus on new content for the game. We aim to release an updated roadmap a few weeks after the launch with more details on what to come. The important message here is that the journey has just begun!


For the coming two weeks up to launch, we will do our best to create hype and attention
around the game. But we will need your help as well. There is nothing more powerful than a community of like-minded people that all work together. Help us spread the word and together we will give Deep Rock Galactic the best launch ever. One way of really helping out is by sharing and posting in communities outside of Deep Rock Galactic. Another way is to stream the game and watch others stream the game. And, as always, just play the game and take good care of the Greenbeards.

It is finally time to say ROCK AND STONE to the world!

Ghost Ship crew

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