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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #90 on: April 22, 2019, 10:59:07 AM »
Update 1.11 - The Game Changer
14 Mar @ 12:22am - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

The massive update 11 is finally here! This update adds a number of large new features and also redefines the gameplay - addressing main player complaints of the past month. So let's see for this Game Changing update has to offer:

The # 1 player voted feature has been completed - battalion flags and information overlays. Combat is now a much better experience, and RTS portion of the game feels quite different from what our players are used to.

Next up we worked on addressing the main player complaint - too much grinding and time building up towns. To this end - we have greatly sped up everything in RTS game mode, from economy to combat. In fact, higher speed controls are no longer necessary -which in turn greatly helps with performance.

Please keep in mind - that we listen to our community closely - and if the changes won`t be popular we are completely open to reworking this again. With the update of this magnitude, there`s a potential for new bugs. We`ll be correcting and improving things based on your feedback over the next couple of days

The update comes complete with over half a hundred other changes big and small affecting every area of the game. We hope you`ll enjoy the experience as we continue to work. Thanks for your continuing support, a lot more amazing updates on the horizon!

New Poll & Upcoming Sale
And we`ll be starting a new poll later this week - with an important choice between CoOp, trade, and controlling AI lords.

Also - we`ll be starting our first post-release sale next weekend - so if you're waiting for a discount, it`ll be a good time to join us!

And so presenting Update 1.11

   Added detailed overlays for all unit battalions with a unique flag for each unit type
   Added useful information to unit flags including hitpoints, stamina, level
   Retreating battalion is clearly marked with ripped up white flag
   Fixed the last combat crash, the only rare crash left is on the loading screen
   Completely reworked how melee units attack buildings and gates
   Added hitpoints bars to siege equipment, buildings, walls, gates - only shown when damaged
   Added ability to select and task units by their flags instead of units - simplifies battle controls
   Added silver reward for completing grand campaign objectives - from 8000 to 90k silver
   Improved random terrain - more variation and less closed off areas
   Removed grinding from building up towns in campaign mode - much faster, streamlined experience
   Reworked RTS gameplay flow - much faster resources income and build times
   Skirmish rebalanced for much faster gameplay experience, with faster AI progression
   Build and Destroy gameplay plays a higher role in battles now - allowing both the player and AI to build up faster
   Removed high game speed option in RTS gameplay - no longer needed with faster gameplay
   Player will now get kicked out of town management, once happiness drops below -50
   Reworked how world map objectives are shown in the tutorial
   Fixed major issue with cavalry being useless in melee combat

   Retreating units are now removed from unit type numbered groups
   Reworked unit routing - only some will route, and some will die - freeing up pop for build and destroy gameplay
   Can no longer target mill or village houses
   Larger battalion tasking arrow
   Fixed selecting units from multiple unit selection only working half the time
   Fixed game breaking bug when resuming a saved Hamlet battle in Skirmish menu
   Allied player AI is now dark blue color instead of grey
   Reworked the look of the town and battle minimaps
   Greatly reduced number of spike walls on all siege camps - easier to form up armies and navigate
   Ballista bolt now has a visible attack trail
   Tutorial 2 polished and improved the English now properly retreat, less total defense time
   Tutorial 2 and 4 minimaps fixed
   Chapter 2 tutorial removed a confusing front walls control point
   Tutorial chapter 7 fixed the bugs with stone and iron mine confusion
   Fixed a lot of level design issues in the town of Caen level
   Corrected some hamlets using old round towers
   Chat is now always closed when starting the game
   Ranged siege weapons have a larger line of sight
   Ranged siege weapons will only fire at targets within their line of sight
   Fixed exploit with Army Tent destroy button
   Fixed issue with campaign cinematics playing with other background voices
   Faster screen scrolling speed in battle on minimum zoom out
   Slightly higher min zoom in the camera

   Rebalanced unit strength values - militia and hunter less, elite units more
   Hamlet upgrade cost increases by 40% of the base cost per city level
   Greatly increased starting resources for build up
   Increased happiness drain and silver drain - was necessary as gameplay is much faster now
   Greatly increased all buildings hitpoints - harder to destroy with siege and fire arrows
   The cost of leveling up building is greatly increased both in towns and on the World Map
   Leveled up buildings are about 30% more effective now in battles and production
   Units have a higher chance of fighting until death without retreating
   Looting and Raising low-level towns bring 200-400 more silver
   A bit of a boost to ranged units - were nerfed too much before
   Major boost to cavalry in all stats for the best field unit
   Destroying building on the world map gives fewer resources
   Siege units consume 1 resource of stone or iron for each shot
   Storehouse add 100 additional storage Base storage increased by 100
   Increased peasant carry capacity by 50%
   significantly increased price of walls in Iron

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #91 on: April 22, 2019, 11:02:08 AM »
Update 1.12 - Massive update and 30% off sale!
23 Mar @ 5:42pm - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

Another massive update today - as the team is working in overdrive ready for our next milestone.

It`s time for a sale!
To celebrate this milestone, we think the time is right to start a big two week-long sale, and show the game off to new players! We - the developers will also be extra active in-game chat during this sale - any questions or feedback - just open the game chat, and talk to us:)

Update 1.12
Now lets talk about this awesome update 1.12 - it comes with nearly half a hundred changes and new features. And every area of the game got some loving and polishing.

Especially the world map AI and pathfinding. It`s a joy to see your units nicely lined up on walls and ships now. Mid to late game has also been greatly re-balanced, together with a new approach to Kings diplomacy.

And we are aware that some of our players might not dig the new changes with making the game harder, especially happiness and silver drain. For these we have added a new campaign mode - Chill Mode, that basically removes these limiters.

Looking ahead we are planning to solve last performance issue during large battles, as well as the last rare crash happening at the loading screen. The new poll will also go live shortly - as it`s time to start work on some big new projects - like commanding AI lords, new terrain, perhaps CoOp.

As always - forever grateful for your support!

And so presenting Update 1.12

   Greatly improved visual performance when many units are on screen
   Added Chill Mode to the campaign - greatly reduces silver and happiness drain for a calm and easy gameplay
   Major pathfinding update - units appear on walls correctly now, without units dropping to the ground
   Fixed a lot of additional problems with pathfinding on walls
   Livestock now has an overlay icon to make them easy to select or task peasants on
   Fixed major issue - archer units can attack buildings now
   Fixed units falling through ships in naval combat and all other naval combat pathfinding issues
   Reworked diplomacy peace making - it`s now much harder and expensive to conclude and maintain peace
   Fighting enemy armies increases diplomatic relations and greatly helps with peace negotiations
   Fixed major lagspikes when sieging large towns and AI opens gates to ride out
   Battle rewards now scale depending on the battle size.

   Major rework and improvement to world map AI - armies will no longer attack same targets but spread out to look for weaknesses
   World Map AI will often now attack in the first couple of months of the campaign, instead of letting player build up for a year
   Fixed major issue with world map AI sending armies to attack player - will seem like a brand new experience. Effected all mid to late game campaigns
   World Map AI will now send armies to attack player from far away towns and nations
   World Map AI will complete it`s attacks on other AI towns faster without waiting around for months
   World Map AI will never take long year long break from attacking player

   Fixed Options menu appearing behind quest windows and being unusable
   Changes to Tutorial and Campaign where sound volume for voices will no longer jump up an down
   Fixed voices narration volume in campaign and tutorial being too quite
   Added new Voice Volume setting to the Options - controls voiced over narrations volume
   Fixed unit groups at the top overlapping with building banners
   Fixed weird sound popping when skipping to the next dialogue conversation in tutorial
   No longer applying large happiness penalty for entering town, only usual drain over time
   Looted town is no longer auto-invited to join battle
   Fixed game hanging when auto-resolving battle with a looted town
   It`s now possible to select buildings by clicking the building banner
   Building banners now show in multiplayer games
   Fixed issue with world map army selecting when clicking on the ground near it
   Greatly reduced lag that sometimes would happen when capturing the enemy flag
   Fixed various issues with units on walls or on ships at the start of the game
   AI will rush out from walled city to counter only if it has a strong chance of winning
   Very rarely will AI now rush out from town just to surprise player
   Large ship in naval combat can now be fully walked on
   Fixed issue where AI army half across the screen would still protect it`s city
   Arrows and ballista will no longer always hit village houses and set them ablaze
   Ships no longer disappear during naval combat intro and outro cinematic

   Diplomacy Gift and insult cost greatly increased, especially when the player is King
   Trade Agreement cost increased when the player is King
   Declaring War on a nation sets relations to -50, instead of 0
   Increase the silver cost of Suing for Terms by 10x
   Reduce diplomatic cost of Suing for Terms from -10 to -5
   White Peace available at -10 relations instead of -30 relations
   Only armies directly on top of cities will be auto invited to defend them
   Range where armies can be invited is reduced by 30%
   Can capture more units during battles, from up to 5 increased to 8
   Mounted hobelar nerfed around 20%
   Livestock max food is half of what it used to be. Same on start and grow quicker
   Raising towns now has less diplomatic relations penalty, -3 for hamlets and -6 for towns
   Reduced battering ram attack by 30% - to make Belfry and Escalade more attractive options
   Reduced archer fire arrows damage by 25%
   AI gets 5 minutes less (25 total) to conquer large player town
   Silver drain increased- half an hour long battle now costs around 600 silver on medium
   Units a 20% more likely to stay and fight until death instead of retreating
   Price of trade goods increased 2x, makes it more important to produce trade goods in cities or through combat
   Selling trade goods is 2x more profitable now

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #92 on: April 22, 2019, 11:03:31 AM »
New Poll & Upcoming Updates
31 Mar @ 10:08pm - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to your votes in the last poll we got really needed feedback and heard you load and clear. New features like unit overlay GUI are now in-game. It`s time for a new poll...

For these of you just joining us - we have a voting poll right in the main menu, where our players decide what the team works on...

With over a dozen massive updates since release - MKW is starting to mature, and the number of players spending 50 and even 100 hours with the game have greatly increased. Perhaps it`s time to start adding major new features? However - there are still some performance issues affecting a number of players - especially in the large battles. So what should it be?

We can work on new awesome diplomacy features, giving orders to AI lords, starting work on Coop or working on the game world - adding forests, deserts and more. To see all the projects, we have planned for 2019 please click the button above.

Voting options this week are:

   Major performance improvements, especially big town sieges
   Terrain variations for maps and towns - deserts, forests etc
   Giving direct orders to AI Lords and AI Armies on the map
   Relations with AI lords - friends, betrayals, revolts
   Major world map GUI improvements - transfer window, walls etc.
   Forget everything - only work on Coop!

You can find the full list of planned projects on our roadmap here:

Thanks for your support!

P.S. Please keep in mind that we are just became aware of a couple of rare but annoying bugs in the current build - like rare missing units and some issues selecting armies, we should have this resolved asap.

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #93 on: May 09, 2019, 11:16:38 PM »
Update 1.13 - Maximum Performance
9 May @ 10:26pm - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

We are very excited to bring you the long awaited update 1.13. In the recent poll - our players indicated that better performance is the top priority, and so we got to work... Over the past month we went through the entire game code line by line. Results have surpassed our expectations - but we`ll let you experience it for yourself.

On average the frame-rate should nearly double for majority of players, and large battles should play out smoothly.

This update also includes couple of cool features - like sharing line of sight with your Kingdom and Allies, as well as greatly improved World Map AI, with higher intensity, and introduction of long range expeditions by AI.

And please keep in mind that with update of this magnitude there might be some issues - but we`ll be sure to hot fix anything reported asap.

We are also looking forward to releasing massive update 1.14 later this month - being able to control AI lords both on the world map and in battles is a true game changer.

And so presenting Update 1.13

   Major revision of the game code line by line to improve performance
   Major visual performance boost for low end systems - average from 20 FPS to 40 FPS
   Major visual performance boost for mid and high-end systems - average from 45 FPS to 70 FPS
   Major combat performance boost in all situations
   World Map visual performance increased - with FPS nearly doubled
   Resolved major lag issue in large town battles
   Fixed game stopping lag issue during very large battles in all scenarios
   Fixed visual lag when selecting large number of units
   Significant performance boost in all situations across the board
   20% latency decrease in multiplayer games
   Fixed common lag spikes when playing on the world map
   Animations are smoother, and a little bit slower for better presentation
   Fixed game stopping lag spike when attacking through the gates and other choke-points

   World map fog of war is revealed by your Kingdom and Allied nations
   Complete rewrite of the World Map AI
   World Map AI is a lot smarter, plans it`s attacks better, and does more long range expeditions

   World map on lowest settings now looks correct without missing trees, rocks and other objects
   Units now look good during cinematics even on lowest model quality settings
   Units now properly line up on walls in large town and other scenarios
   Removed outdated Cant Move Mouse message on the first run of the game
   Tasking multiple rams on a gate now only tasks one of them
   Army strength indicator updates right away after adding or healing units.
   Fixed world map army overlay jumping up and down when moving on the world map

   Unit movement speed, building construction, and economy is nearly 20% faster on lower game speeds

   Reduced number of units in battalions by 15%
   Quality of units on highest settings slightly decreased
   Reduced fog effect and clouds on the world map
   Slight downgrade to the look of the fog effect
   Some effects like fire and smoke are a little bit slower
   Small downgrade to the quality of trees on the world map
   Text on unit GUI portraits doesn`t have a shadow and slightly harder to read

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #94 on: June 13, 2019, 12:10:09 AM »
Updates schedule for June and July

Hey Everyone,

Just some quick info regarding the upcoming updates - and a preview of next week`s update 1.14...

But first - we have to apologize for the delays... As you might have heard we are working on launching Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition - a total rework of our previous game, that we are releasing for free for our players who purchased original KW2B. You can find out more about it here:

Unfortunately this launch is delaying work on the upcoming update 1.14 for MKW. We hope you can forgive us, we always want to do right by our players, and with a team of our size there are sometimes delays due to numerous projects and updates.

However, we really don`t want you waiting for a month for the next big update - so what we`ll do is release a mini-update 1.14 sometime next week. It will not include all the cool gameplay features like controlling lords and giving AI orders in battle... as we will have to push forward these additions for the big update 1.15. You can expect 1.15 later on in July.

With that said, you can expect some pretty cool things in this mini update 1.14 next week:

-Major visual update for our game engine - anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, post-processing e.t.c
-Major pathfinding engine update - makes tasking and controlling units in combat much easier, and solves problems like units sometimes ignoring orders
-Couple of minor fixes here and there

Thanks for your patience, and your continuing support!

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #95 on: June 16, 2019, 04:16:37 PM »
Update 1.14 - Better Visuals and Pathfinding
16 Jun @ 3:10pm - Dev Konstantin   

Hey Everyone,

We hope everyone`s enjoying their summer, and in case you decide to spend some time with MKW this weekend, there`s a nice new update ready - full of pleasant surprises.

As you might have heard, our team is busy working on another project - KW2DE - rework of our earlier game, that we are releasing for free for the players of the original. This is adding a bit of a delay to our MKW updates, but we are still on track. And you can expect a major update 1.15 in July that will finally include controlling AI lords, and giving AI orders in battle.

Meanwhile we wanted to update the visual fidelity of MKW, as well as iron out some issues in pathfinding and combat, and after few weeks of work on our game engine, we are finally ready to release this small, but sweet update.

And so presenting Update 1.4

-Visual Update - added Anisotropic filtering - on by default
-Visual Update - added Anti Aliasing filters - MSAA 2x,4x, 8x
-Visual Update - various minor improvements and post-processing tweaks
-Updated options menu layout to implement new visual options
-Major pathfinding update when tasking a large number of units
-Fixed pathfinding issue with units ignoring orders to move
-Fixed pathfinding issue with only some battalions moving while others don`t
-Pathfinding improvements to tasking units across the map and in combat
-Pathfinding improvements to tasking a large number of battalions into a tight space
-Units form up on the wall on most levels (other than hamlets) much better
-Fixed units positioned on walls, sometimes standing on the ground
-Fixed Garrison Commander Achievement

A word of a warning, for most players we recommend using Anti Aliasing filter set to 2x or at most 4x. 8x only make sense on more advanced video card like 1070+

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #96 on: July 17, 2019, 11:36:43 PM »
Epic 60% off sale & Upcoming Update 15
16 Jul @ 7:08pm - Dev Konstantin   

Hey Everyone,

Some good news - following the launch of KW2 Definitive Edition (the big free update to our old game), we are back to working on MKW full speed, with update 15 coming your way later this month. We can`t wait to share new awesome features with you, that will really advance the gameplay.

Meanwhile we are holding our biggest sale for MKW, with 60% off discount. It`s time to introduce the game to new players, and well - it`s just been a good summer, so we figured why not go big with this discount.

Myself and other guys from the team will be spending quite a bit of time in the in-game chat and our forums this week, so if you have any questions or suggestions, we`ll be glad to chat!

See you on the battlefield.

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #97 on: August 28, 2019, 12:26:39 PM »
Update 15 days away!
27 Aug @ 6:33pm - Dev Konstantin   

Hey Everyone,

It has been a while since our last update, but I`m glad to say we are finally very close and plan to release Update 15 next week.

Update includes wide range of new features, really changing both the visuals and campaign gameplay.

First we are adding ground view camera both for the worldmap and battles. So you`ll be able to zoom in close and see the sky, mountains, and everything else from the ground.

The big campaign upgrades allow you assigning tasks to your Lords, once your King. Such as telling lords to just build up armies and wait, do their own thing, or concentrate on building up their towns.

In addition there`s now a rally point system where you can tell your Lords (or Kings Lords) to perform various actions on the world map - like defend this town, or attack this area. This helps coordinate attacks with other Lords, and especially useful to staging large military campaigns when you are King.

Update 15 also features a lot of pathfinding and combat changes. From things like archers being able to hit moving targets by anticipating their location, to better unit movement, new rally flag system and so much more!

Also we are planning a sale event later in September, that should help bring some new players into the game, and get chat lively again.

Looking forward to releasing this major update next week!

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #98 on: September 05, 2019, 01:22:49 AM »
Update 1.15 - Ground Camera & AI Lords Controls
Major update 15 is here! Including Ground View Camera, Controlling AI Lords, Pathfinding!

Hey Everyone,

We are happy to present 15th post-release update! With this update we have addressed one of the top player requests - a ground view camera. Now you can view the action in all it`s low-poly glory up-close and personal, with the sky, mountains and so on. Keep in mind it is performance intensive and only works with Epic camera settings (and not in Tutorial)

Next big feature is being able to control AI lords on the world map. Both as a minor Lord, and as a King you are able to place Rally Points on the World Map with Right Mouse Button. With time AI Lords will send armies to these locations to either defend or attack. With larger Kingdoms, especially if you are King, it`s possible to stage large coordinated invasions of enemy Kingdoms.

The Chancellor window now has Stances feature for AI Lords - this option is only available if your King. Here you decide what you want your Lords to do - build up, do their own thing, or create armies to await your orders.

In addition we have put a lot of work into combat - from pathfinding, to archers hitting moving targets to better tasking flags, fixing a lot of unit movement bugs and so much more.

Also by popular demand we relaxed the game rules a bit, and you can stay in town view mode a lot longer now.

Outdated Game Version Message
In case you get a message in the main menu about Outdated Game Version, you need to restart Steam to download the update. If that doesn`t work please follow these steps:
-Right click on Medieval Kingdom Wars in your Steam library, and select Properties
-Switch to Updates tab, and select - Always keep this game up to date
-Wait a minute, or if game didn`t update, restart steam (completely shut it down and start it again)

And so presenting Update 1.5

But please a keep in mind - with update of this magnitude we are expecting some new bugs to pop-up, especially when it comes to Ground Camera performance, and the new Lord Rally Point controls. We also plan to add ability to get AI Lords to give you their towns. We expect everything to be nicely polished by Tuesday

Major New Features

   Added Ground View camera available on Max Camera Settings
   Added distance fog visible in cinematics and with the ground view camera
   Added Stances for AI Lords when player is King -
   Added Rally Flag placed with RMB on the world map
   AI Lords will attack or defend on the world map based on players Rally Flags placed

Major Additions & Improvements

   Ranged units can now hit moving enemies by predicting their location before shooting
   Fixed issue with tasking a number of battalions and some not moving
   Major improvements to tasking battalions on the busy terrain - towns and mountains
   When tasked battalions now show correct tasking flags in proper positions
   Fixed a number of rare startup issues with the game
   Improvements with ranged and siege units targeting enemy units

Fixes and Balancing

   Greatly reduced happiness drain while managing towns campaign - by 40%

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #99 on: September 10, 2019, 11:09:15 PM »
Update 1.16 - Modding Support, Demands and Extortion
Tue, 10 September 2019

We have another great update for you today. that really changes up how the game is played.
Hey Everyone,

We have another great update for you today. While this update comes with a short list of new features and changes, it really changes up how the game is played.

To start things off - the games engine and assets are now fully open for modding. All the game files are now open access, and can be found inside Modding folder in the Steam installation folder. More details for Modders will follow.

Following last week`s update - we continued to expand the new ways to interact with AI Lords - this week adding ability to take towns from them, or to extort a bit of a silver. These features are available when you become King, and really help in mid to late game, especially once you start using your Lords to wage wars for you.

We have also rebalanced the game quite a bit based on recent player feedback - it`s now much easier to manage income, upkeep and happiness, giving you more time to deal with the AI. AI difficulty has been increased, but now player has new tools to deal with it by getting friendly AI lords to help.

We will have a small follow up update in a day or two, that will greatly improve the ground view camera - both visually, and how the camera moves.

P.S. MKW is now 60% off on a two week sale - great time to join in!

Major New Features

   All game files opened up for Modding and Total Conversions. Located in the Modding folder
   Demand Town feature added - Kings can demand land from their Lords
   Extort Silver feature added - Kings can extort silver from their Lords
   Total Rebalance of the game - from micro managing expenses to fighting more

Fixes and Balancing

   AI Lords now hold a treasury which is displayed in the Chancellor window
   Campaign AI difficulty increased in the first couple of years of the campaign on Medium and Hard difficulty
   Main Menu redesigned with distance fog and other effects
   Reduced upkeep of all units and buildings by about 30-35%
   Reduced Happiness drain of industrial buildings by 20-30%
   Increased Income from buildings by up to 20%
   Peasants now bring small income when in towns
   Slower zoom in/out speed with epic camera

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #100 on: October 02, 2019, 12:21:53 AM »
Future Updates and Improvements
Tue, 1 October 2019

It`s time share our plans for the future and what`s coming next to MKW this Fall and Winter

Hey Everyone,

It`s time to reveal more about upcoming Update 17, and to share our plans for continuing updating MKW in 2019 and 2020.

As September sale showed there`s still plenty of interest in MKW, and we are happy to continue updating the game for the rest of this year and into the next year. Over the next few months our focus will be on improving graphics, performance and combat with a lot of work planned on our in-house game engine. Same time we will be expanding the world map gameplay with additional features. World Map and combat AI will also see a lot of improvements.

However we do have to adjust our plans when it comes to adding major planned features - like CoOp campaign and World Map expansion. Our biggest regret is not working on these two massive updates earlier in the development, as now player population to support CoOp campaign is simply not there. CoOp campaign was always planned not really as a CoOp, but more of an MMO experience similar to the original Kingdom Wars, and this formula just doesn`t work with less than 50 players online at once. And with regard to the world map expansions - it`s clear that majority of MKW players would rather see improvements in other areas of the game - from AI and more campaign features to performance and graphics.

With that said - hope is not lost - as it would make sense to have these large futures in a sequel to MKW. We don`t have the details yet, but hope to have an announcement on this later on this year.

Update 17 Preview
With our 15th and 16th updates we started to improve appearance of the game world, as seen through the ground view camera. Our major goal with the next update is to complete this major upgrade - with more flexibility in the camera angle, better graphics in the ground view and fixes to the performance and camera scrolling.

Another major area of focus is improving the look of combat up-close - that involves characters actually fighting each other and not just swinging the swords.

And of-course - performance. There will be some minor sacrifices to the scale and graphics to improve performance, and a lot of optimization - but the end result will be worth it.

Finally - we also continue to expand campaign gameplay - up next - letting players issues commands to AI during battle - like attack here, defend this location e.t.c

Stars End
As some of you might know, we have another project going into Early Access now - Stars End, and while the team working on it is separate from MKW team - there will be a bit of a delay before we can release out 17th update - looking for early November.

To preempt possible complaints about working on another game - Stars End is designed by separate two developers, using completely different engine and completely independent from the two developers working on MKW. But since Stars End is launching soon, it would take all of our team couple of extra weeks to help out there with launch - thus the delay.

We hope that you can see Stars End Early Access launch from our point of view - the sales from Stars End will help us put more work into the Kingdom Wars games, perhaps even help to expand the MKW development team.

Thanks again for your support, and looking forward to bringing your Update 17 in a few weeks.

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #101 on: October 31, 2019, 01:00:55 AM »
Haloween Event & Upcoming Sales
Wed, 30 October 2019

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for supporting MKW and we wanted to share some ongoing news.

In time for Halloween we have a small cosmetic in-game event with some art changes for the next few days. We hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween week!

Work continues on Update 17, and we do have to apologize for the delay, we are now couple of weeks behind schedule, but are on track for November release of the 17th update. There will also probably be a smaller update in the coming week taking care of some bugs and balancing.

Also we are running several sale events on MKW for the next couple of months - mostly taking part in Steam season sales, but also running Fanatical Star Deal on Monday, and starting a two week Steam sale on Tuesday. So if you were waiting for a good deal to get MKW - it`s coming up soon.

Thanks again for your support, and can`t wait to finally share Update 17 with you later this month.

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
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The Biggest Sale Event
Tue, 5 November 2019

Hey Everyone,

With holiday season approaching we are starting one of our biggest sale on Medieval Kingdom Wars.

For the next two weeks the game is available at 55% off, that translates to about 8.50$ USD.

We are exciting to see many new players join MKW, and will do our part to make new players feel welcome. Developers and mods will be available in the game chat around the clock, and we also stepping up our forum presence.

Meanwhile work is still ongoing on the 17th update. We do have to apologize for the delay, we are now couple of weeks behind schedule, but are on track for November. There will also probably be a smaller update in the coming week taking care of some bugs and balancing.

Thanks again for your support, welcome to Medieval Kingdom Wars - and can`t wait to chat with some of your in-game or on the forums.

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
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Upcoming Updates and the Big Sale
Thu, 2 January 2020

Hey Everyone,

From our small team we would like to wish everyone all the best in 2020!

Upcoming Major Update
And we have some good news to start the new year right - we are back to full scale work on MKW and have major update on the horizon. In a few days we`ll be releasing the 17th update that greatly expands the world terrains.

Right now the game world just uses one random terrain set - Oak forest, that you have seen again again in all hamlets and random maps. In the 17th update we have reworked this system completely to include a lot of variations that cover all of the terrain and climate zone featured on the world map. This will effect back the hamlets and the random map for battles.

New terrain sets include - fir forest, dry-land, grass-land, farmland, desert, northern higihlands, and hills.

Following release of this update we`ll continue on the 18th update that adds quite a bit more to the world map gameplay.

The Big Sale
Also from today we are running one of the biggest sales on MKW - with 55% off for the next two weeks. This should help increase the in-game population. During this sale you can expect to see our developer and moderators inside the game chat to help answer any questions you might have.

If you were on the fence about buying the game, this is the best sale we`ll have for a while. See you on the battlefield!

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