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Author Topic: Ssnake On Tree Collisions  (Read 388 times)

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Ssnake On Tree Collisions
« on: June 27, 2017, 10:22:42 PM »
Quote from: Ssnake
That part at least is not intentional.

As far as tree strikes causing crew damages at medium and high velocity I am utterly unapologetic however.
  • No crew damages will occur at slow speed collisions, so there's an easy way out if you can't be bothered to avoid collisions (because you have to look at the map)
  • No crew damages will occur if you aren't in the vehicle (so you won't get your crew killed in absentia)
  • Not all trees in forests are indestructible (but admittedly a lot of them are); someone brought up birch forests - sure, you can plow through them. It's just that there are no birch forests in SB; if we had forests with much higher tree densities we'd make them way less sturdy. Given that our engine only supports forests with relatively wide distances between the trees - IOW, mature forests with large trees - we make those forests behave accordingly. The army trials that I've seen and the experiences that I made personally while still riding tanks are pretty unanimous: a) Crews are vulnerable out of hatch while driving through forests (particularly at night); b) trees that you can't knock down are usually spaced widely enough to drive through them; c) trees that are very close together are usually not putting up enough resistance to stop heavy tanks. But we don't have high density forests in SB, so only a) and b) apply.
  • There is no forest in Steel Beasts where you couldn't weave through the trees - particularly at safe speeds, but even at medium velocity. It's high-speed races where you collide with trees, and f'in' YES: THAT SHOULD HURT
  • As Mark Gibson hinted already, a lot of other nasty stuff could be added that is entirely realistic in forests (particularly barrel strikes, loss of remote weapon stations and mounted MGs, smashed primary sights, losing track). It would complicate your life in Steel Beasts a lot more while forcing you to the same behavior - to slow the hell down as you drive between trees.

In conclusion, if you constantly die a lot in forests, you're doing it wrong.

That's the whole point of this feature, that if you take unnecessary risks you get punished accordingly, so you learn that it was an unnecessary risk and amend your ways, in other words, that you LEARN from the experience not to do it again. I'm not keeping track if it is new players that bring this topic up time and again, or if it is "old hands". The former would be somewhat understandable.
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Re: Ssnake On Tree Collisions
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2017, 10:37:17 PM »
The bottom line is that the tree collision "anomaly" is due to the game engine. This can not be changed. I have learned to just accept the tree collision issue as a limitation of the game.

As for the main gun. I personally feel that having a main gun which can slice through anything without damage is very odd. The ability to manoeuvre the tank with regard to the safety of the main gun is surely what all crews would be trained to do. This is another limitation of the game engine. Again I just accept it.

Thanks Rinix

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