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Author Topic: Tank Platton in Attack A.A.R. 3 players  (Read 5594 times)

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Tank Platton in Attack A.A.R. 3 players
« on: December 10, 2014, 09:26:35 PM »
 Judge Dredd, Nefaro (CO) & Asid. we had to reach and hold the objective in our Leo2A5's....

So Nefaro decides he didn't like the look of this vehicle....

Setting off. Judge & Nefaro in background.

It was quiet... too quiet... then...

The objective is in sight...Nice and peaceful...Not if Nefaro has his way!

Quite village? Not for long...Nefaro drops arty!

All 3 of us in the objective..They hit us time after time... :knuppel2:

We held... VICTORY  O0
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