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Re: Flight Sim World
« Reply #15 on: October 12, 2017, 09:18:24 PM »
Update 14 (v1.3.21412.0) Now Live

It's a pretty mixed bag this week, with tweaks to a lot of mission content based on user feedback thus far. We've also got a hefty update to the Pro Mission Editor, with a variety of recipes being added to the sim to make creating missions just that little bit easier.

That's not all, but read on for the full patch notes.

•   Low and Slow
  o   Correct airports now listed on the flight planner
Scud Runner
  o   Prevents the aircraft going backward once the mission’s completed.
Burning the Candle at Both Ends
  o   Removed compass on end cinematics.
MEP Lesson 3 - Engine Failure Takeoff
  o   Aircraft can no longer be operated in failure cinematics.
  o   Leaving the runway no longer leaves the plane spinning.
MEP Lesson 4 - Skills Test
  o   ATC text now correctly references runway 24 as the landing target.
LAPL Lesson 5 - Approach and landing
  o   Re-balanced difficulty.
PPL Lesson 8
  o   The lesson now ends if the player misses the runway.
PPL Lesson 9 - CheckRide
  o   Tweaked steep turn checks to rebalance lesson difficulty.

•   Reduces windscreen darkening when Advanced Weather is enabled.

•   Tweaked cabin light position to improve instrument legibility during night flights.

•   Quitting a C&D flight no longer causes the UI to show C&D as enabled

•   Fixed instances of free-flight time not recording when landing whilst accelerating and above stall speeds.
•   Reset recycled voices where the 3D audio may affect volume and pitch.
•   Fixed throttle null zones to allow throttles to hit their 100% maximum reach.
•   Fixes transparent white square artifacts attached to cars and various land vehicles.
•   Application shuts down addon exes if the game exits unexpectedly

Pro Mission editor

Additional mission creation recipes.
Added basic categories and favourites handling for recipes.

A full list of recipes can be viewed here.
•   Fix drag/drop of Scenery and Waypoints onto the map.
•   Added ability to resize area boxes using a mouse.
•   Fix incorrect model elevation for MobileSceneryObjects, if an attached model is AGL.
•   Menu items can be unfavourited if in multiple categories.
•   Realism node now enables collisions.
•   Block mission publish without a default image.
•   ‘Friendly Names’ switch now operational when using action palette’s ‘Object Type’ list.
•   Using hardcoded text in Menu Items no longer causes text corruption.
•   Prevents editor from minimising when clicking the first dialogue box seen when editing.
•   Fixed instances of model viewer window not being visible on certain configs of O/S and screen resolution.
•   Fixed instances of the scrollbar not appearing on the attributes dialogue under certain conditions.

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