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Author Topic: Actor practiced on "Tornado computer game at home" as part his TV role  (Read 740 times)

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In the early 1990s, Yorkshire Television worked with the RAF to produce a TV movie based on a Tornado squadron based in the UK. The result was ITV’s pilot (and only) episode of “Strike Force”. The pilot (pun, haha) aired in 1995. It tells the action-packed story of friendship, loyalty and rivalry in the dramatic and the courageous lives of the young men and women who are competing for a place in the elite F3 Tornado team.

Yorkshire Televesion had hoped that the show would be to the RAF, what "Soldier Soldier" had been to the army. A Public Relations and a recruitment success. However, this was not to be. “Strike Force” never developed beyond the pilot episode. The lead actor, Tim Bentinck, played Wing Commander Raikes, O.C. of 555 Squadron. Tim shared some interesting anecdotes about the making of the TV movie with Tim Wilkins on this post at the Defence Of The Realm website.

A short clip of the TV movie

What I find most interesting is that Tim had "practiced for hours at home on a Tornado computer game" as part of his preparations for the lead role. Could it be, gasp, Digital Integration's 1993 flight simulator, Tornado? After all, it was then 1995.
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It is very likely that it was DI's Tornado. I practiced for sevel hours but didn't get any part. ;)