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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War
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Celebrating 6 Years Of Holdfast!
Thu, 21 September 2023

September 21st 2023 marks 6 years since Holdfast's initial release into Early Access.

Celebrating 6 years of Holdfast! September 21st 2023 marks 6 years since Holdfast initially released into Early Access way back in 2017. Since then Holdfast has seen multiple evolutions of the game including, new classes, factions, customisation, a free WW1 total-conversion DLC, the regiment registry and most recently the Howitzer artillery piece just to name a few.

The best thing about it all is that we’re not done yet… Anvil Game Studios are committed to further bettering the experience of this game we all love so dearly. Our development efforts for the remainder of the year and the year to come will continue to be focused on bringing the game into the new era and revolutionise this genre of Roleplay Shooters with new features and mechanics for players new and old. Development on more optimisations making the game increasingly more accessible is also currently ongoing.

Celebrating this remarkable feat, Holdfast and all its DLC’s can now be purchased at a discounted price for a limited time. Gather Holdfast on sale at 60% off
and all of its cosmetic DLCs up to 55% off.

These past 6 years have truly been a blast! The community has grown and evolved in ways that we could never truly have imagined. Your ongoing support and dedication are very much appreciated and we look forward to expanding the great Holdfast community even more.

We wholeheartedly thank you and until next time, may good health be yours.

- Anvil Game Studios

Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Walki, Jackson, Rejenorst, Harper, Storey, UberJuice, Stan, Gest, Matt, Grandayy & Winston (The Cat).

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