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Author Topic: Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)  (Read 26041 times)

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Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)
« Reply #60 on: August 28, 2020, 02:48:47 AM »
Latest hotfix 0.7220
28 Aug 2020

As there were a lot of reports stating crashes during the game and hints that disabling steam overlay helped we have decided to launch a quick hotfix where all steam related dll's were removed to check if this leads to improved stability.

- fixed non working cancel button for deleting units and ships, now updating ship pool list after deleting
- adding condition of forts to name + tooltip
- fixed: after reload the basic garrison units are shown
- fixed: policies become immediately available once clicked at

- single brigades reform now better for range combat

- removed all steam related .dll’s to improve stability

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Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)
« Reply #61 on: September 04, 2020, 12:54:47 AM »
Latest patch 0.7307 & Hotfix 0.7312

Hotfix 0.7312, uploaded Sept 2, 2020:

- fixed 1861 trigger of war event policy
- fixed WV seceding already at start
- when removing brigades from corps and no brigade is existent below the army hierarchy both groups are removed (before: only corps, at second attempt: army)
- fixed: range radius still shown when units are removed

Patch 0.7307, uploaded Sept 1, 2020:

- fixed: multiple waypoints can make units teleport
- list of ships in fleet info panel now shows up correctly and is scrollable
- ships return now to harbor if condition is too bad and get repaired, condition is improved
- fixed: ship resupply not working
- when constructing ships the condition now shows the construction progress
- fixed: return to port button stuck
- fixed wrong 1862 fleet setups, could have also impacted garrisons
- fixed: resources cost for ship construction not shown
- fixed: if only one opponent sees the other through fow (higher intelligence) the other unit is stuck in retreat
- fixed: when reloading campaign (or coming back from campaign) the demand for trade nodes was exponentially increased which may have led to disappearing finances after a while
- rebalanced recruiting: now less separate groups are raised but newly raised units are added to existing groups
- fixed: not taking over battle orders & results from manually played battles (retreat etc.) due to subordinate groups not taking part in battle
- fixed: some garrisons jumping to top left position of the map when reloading campaign
- fixed: setting or canceling army waypoints also cancels independently operating corps
- fixed: running autoresolve combats are doubled when reloading game
- fixed: returning no battle result if battle resulted out of a fort siege
- fixed: units do not retreat if manual battle was initiated through fort assault
- empty fleets are now automatically removed when closing management panel (like group units)
- campaign is now paused when started/reloaded
- fixed: wrong policy research progress after reload
- removed: morale zero for all units that retreated out of battle
- changed: automatic withdrawal before battles is now checked taking the strength relation of the initial units, excluding reinforcements

- fixed non moveable units related to switch of month and start at night

- added hints to loading screen (battles + campaigns), including hotkeys, UI hints
- Linking units now needs hotkey ALT to be pressed, this to prevent accidentally linking
- Workaround for disappearing UI

Note: prefs files are replaced, therefore update of resolution is needed.

Further topics are in work, we will post a preview asap!

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Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)
« Reply #62 on: September 10, 2020, 04:14:08 PM »
Latest Patch 0.7407
Sep 10, 2020

- fixed “offshore militia” bug, a unit that was created when closing military panel while recruiting
- startup armies with only brigades attached can now recruit one subordinate group level
- reworked war trigger: Militia Act I or Fort Sumter event
- reworked 1861 startup armies: appearance of Missouri units now depending on support, not secession
- enemy newspaper messages now contain correct prosa
- fixed: missouri secedes event does not change state ownership
- retreating units can now not capture towns or infrastructure
- fixed: wrong starting ownership for forts in 62+63 scenarios
- Player has now the option to decide about engagement for every strength relation
- rebalanced influence of battles on national morale, taking enemy towns now reduces enemy morale
- fixed: casualties of the nation not accumulating after battles
- Strategy overview: tonnage now includes ships in pools, European relations are added
- rebalanced AI recruitment
- added new campaign scenario: July 1861
- fixed: commanders stats are not taken over from battles/saves
- fixed: commander filters & assignments not working properly
- promotions for commanders (esp. navy) are shown already in management panel before closing the panel
- fixed: blockades not working
- transport capacity now increases exponentially with port levels
- policy “civilian ships” now also shows reduced construction materials
- fixed: wrong transport capacity usage calculation
- fixed: if <Old Dominion> policy is not active capital is nevertheless moved to Richmond
- contract length is now linked to the nation instead of the state (prevents problematic with border states from which both sides are recruiting)
- retreating units now show a red blinking flag
- fixed: “Kansas a Slave State”: effects only shown partially
- fixed: moving corps below armies in OOB may result in multiple OOB entries
- rout of units is removed on campaign layer
- unavailable commanders now excluded from officer selection
- now more than one newspaper message can be shown per day
- fixed: stuck date after year has changed

- removed button for ceasefire for now
- optimized (esp. artillery) targeting which took a long time when wiped units were near
- fixed: reinforcements sometimes withdraw immediately (eg. Army of the Mississippi and Reserve Corps)
- fixed: invincible small artillery detachments

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Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)
« Reply #63 on: September 23, 2020, 12:58:05 PM »
Latest Patch 0.7505
Sept 23, 2020

- fixed: dummy commanders always start with attribute values zero
- fixed: commanders do not take over status and attributes from battle back to campaign
- fixed: suitable commanders not shown for replacements
- fixed: Go-West policy increases support in Arkansas instead of Arizona
- reworked campaign finish
- pause button now suspended when renaming units
- fixed: ships without tech constructable when deactivating checkmark “tech available”
- fixed: forts that are set to be removed at a certain date are removed when reloading a saved game after this date
- stopping armies in campaign now does not stop subordinates
- fixed: perk selection sometimes selected wrongly (if a different perk was selected before)
- fixed: ship to construct is added to fleet instead of pool if a ship was created for a fleet before
- added further commander pictures
- added further soldier images
- fixed: “2nd battle crash”
- fixed newspaper messages popping up for policies that are not active
- fixed: repeating policy newspaper messages after battles
- double assigning of commanders is not possible any more
- non-arrived units cannot be merged any more
- navy commanders can now not be commander in chief any more
- filter prefs are now saved
- retreating units cannot be stopped any more
- shorter retreat distances
- game stays paused if leaving menus/newspaper (if it was paused by player before)
- fixed: trade agreements are not recognized
- surrendered units now disappear from campaign map

- added new 3D models for maps
- sunrise now in the east
- retreating units cannot be stopped any more
- fixed: no music is being played if battle is won

- improved scene loading speed
- added new commander pictures

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Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)
« Reply #64 on: October 02, 2020, 03:16:15 AM »
Latest Patch 0.7609
October 1, 2020


- no camps for deactivated armies
- no movement during nighttime
- fixed: corps with brigades directly attached are transformed to divisions not appearing on map any more after reload
- fixed: no CSA president picture is shown when resuming campaigns and Union is selected
- improved building ground textures
- music is now permanently played in the background
- fixed loading freeze related to bounty policies


- measures to reduce blobbing: AI forms now larger groups
- marching to the sound of guns now excludes routed units so that AI groups are relieved faster for new operations
- less broken lines and melees: AI groups now move on to next objective only if fighting has ceased
- improved: errors related to moving long paths
- commanders can now be directly moved by pressing <ALT>
- separate visualization (symbols) of commanding units in battles
- improved linking of groups: groups are now not stuttering any more when linked
- changed: no sudden end of battles: AI now falls back and retreats, timer added
- resized buildings
- fixed: parapets and breastworks are not finished during deployment mode although engineering points are available
- commanders are now marching at the end of the column
- sole AI artillery units now retreating when enemy approaches
- improved: wrong facing when holding SHIFT while giving movement orders


- added 40 new commander pictures
- fixed flickering explosion animations

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Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)
« Reply #65 on: October 08, 2020, 02:24:25 AM »
Changes to new patches
05 Oct 2020

From the devs:

Hey Guys!

After the first stabilization period where we tried to fix severe bugs, crashes and memory leaks as fast as we could, we have now decided to improve the quality of upcoming patches.

Beside of informing you about the topics we work on, we will not add an ETA any more but rather publish the current state of the next patch so that we have enough time to test and to be prepared for extraordinary issues arising.

Furthermore we would like to give you the opportunity to participate live in the development of the upcoming patch by having added a <development> branch for this game. If you right-click on the game in the steam library and open prefs, you should see a <BETA> tab where you can select the <development> branch. This way you can help us testing the new patch before we go live. There will be frequent development updates every few days and we are glad for every help!

Development patches are now live!

For participation or further information about upcoming patches, please us the forum <Development Patches> :

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Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)
« Reply #66 on: October 15, 2020, 02:56:35 AM »
Latest Patch 0.7707
(Uploaded October 13, 2020)

Topics (selection) that are WIP and should be included in next patch (0.78+):
•   Order delay timer info is blurry
•   morale balancing in campaign
•   performance
•   multiple campaign saves

•   demand and production values are now shown both per annum
•   fixed: pre-goods are sometimes not taken into account if more than one pre-good can be used
•   higher consumption (eg. when building ships) is now affecting larger IIP areas and reduce overall stock of the alliance
•   faster price-finding (slight performance win)
•   added dynamic rating system: debt load now needs to be lower in the early years of the war
•   so that player (or AI) needs to take care of the finances permanently
•   reduced starting stock of goods by 40%
•   fixed: import/exports in trade panel not shown correctly
•   fixed wrongly shown corporate/sales tax values in IIP/industry panels
•   improved calculation of standardization of weapons, depending on construction date, production capacity and available imports
•   weapon upgrades now depend on weapon standardization (and therefore production capacity) and already equipped troops
•   added monthly economic summary as message
•   fixed non-working bond issuance message
•   IIP’s that were occupied through change of frontlines now have reduced transport capacity (recovering after a while) and therefore leads to lower supply levels during offensive operations
•   low availability of supply goods now leads to lower supply ratios
•   changed functionality of supply depots: armies may now access supply depots directly if in commander’s range and therefore improves supply ratio. supply depots now add supply goods at no matter what price
•   fixed: disabling sound disables background music (0.7703)
•   fixed: policies not visible in policy overview (0.7703)
•   overhauled supply efficiency and visibility (0.7703)
•   fixed: canceling commander assignments not possible as commander button is stuck (after assigning commander) (0.7704)
•   fixed: AI always recruits volunteers (0.7704)
•   reduced speed of AI ship construction (0.7704)
•   AI now keeps a small reserve of recruits to prevent permanent recruiting of cavalry and artillery if recruits pool is low (0.7704)
•   smoke animation for buildings in campaign is stopping after a few hours not in combat/raid (0.7704)
•   non active commanders are now automatically replaced for all factions (0.7704)
•   fixed: no ammo consumption in campaign battles & no taking over of ammo states from manually played battles (0.7704)
•   reworked weapon standardization so that a few more weapons become available (0.7705)
•   fixed jumping to front unit when units are moved within OOB (0.7705)
•   reinforcements that have not arrived yet are now not retreating after a lost battle but stopped (0.7705)
•   added “consumption” of locomotives and transport ships when moving troops by rail/ship (0.7705)
•   added extraordinary demand of units, ship repairs and construction to goods info (0.7705)
•   campaign background music not overlapping with loading music (0.7705)
•   fixed: some commanders used for units pre-war although home state did not secede (0.7706)
•   fixed: ships that are constructed directly for a fleet do not increase condition during construction process (0.7706)
•   rebalanced: recruiting now happens more for existing groups, no spamming of groups in same areas (0.7706)
•   fixed: double unit counting in campaign statistics (0.7706)
•   added order delay info on large unit panel (0.7707)
•   when engagement panel opens there is no auto-scroll any more, but player can press button to move to location (0.7707)
•   fixed issues with filters (“ALL”), leading to wrong selections in OOB after recruiting/moving units (0.7707)
•   fixed non visible ship information in CSA 1861 campaign when constructing new ships and no fleets are available (0.7707)
•   fixed: freeze when engagement panel opens and certain battlefields are loaded (0.7707)
added production complexity to standardization of weapons (0.7707)

•   fixed: stuttering units when single units establish contact to enemy while in marching column
•   fixed auto fallback for groups under stance while order delay is running and enemy is close (0.7704)
•   stuck in melee bug: “resetting” of melee status if opponent is out of range (0.7704)
•   updated historical AI for Chancellorsville (0.7704)
•   added order delay icon on large unit panel (0.7707)
•   rebalanced fatigue system (0.7707)

•   added 40 new commander pictures (0.7706)

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Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)
« Reply #67 on: October 26, 2020, 02:18:01 AM »
Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) - Major Patch 0.7807
Sun, 25 October 2020

Adding unlimited save games per campaign scenario, new objective system and additional maps.

Since the Early Access release of Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) the game has been patched regularly, improving the game play experience. In addition to bug fixes, AI and performance improvements, new campaign scenarios and battle maps have been added.

The players have also had their say. The latest patch released includes a highly requested feature, allowing unlimited save games per campaign scenario. Also included is a new historic battle of Olustee. Work on further maps, tutorial videos and mid-battle saves is already underway.

As put it, the game is shaping up to be the definitive American Civil War strategy game!

Latest Patch 0.7807
(Uploaded October 25, 2020)

•   rebalanced morale improvement
•   fixed: stuttering and blurry text in order delay info
•   fixed exponential construction of buildings within longer sessions
•   fixed: unread messages counter permanently changing figures
•   performance improvements
•   fixed problems with finding manual construction locations
•   2nd fix retreating units still influence frontlines and occupation
•   if zero strength units are engaged in battles as first units (eg HQ’s) the first reinforcing unit is arriving immediately to prevent ghost battles
•   increased speed steps up to 50x
•   increased AI value for capitals, probably needs further balancing
•   fixed: morale and ammo level not taken over from manual battles
•   reduced construction resources for ships
•   higher increase of military experience through battles
•   fixed resetting construction time for ships when reloading
•   fixed: replaced commander (because of WIA/KIA) not showing unit stats and wrong rank
•   fixed broken brigade panel (weapons, recruiting) in army management, related to 1863 policies
•   fixed one time subsidy costs sometimes happening, needs further testing
•   first rebalancing of AI campaign objectives and repositioning
•   fixed: raiding immediately sets support to 100%

•   removed objectives and entry points from deployment zone calculation at the end of day
•   complete overhaul of battle objective system: occupying objectives now takes time, depending on unit strength in area, every objective continuously adds victory points to the occupying side per time (the more points, the faster [can be deactivated in options menu])
•   fixed: end of day freeze when battle starts in December
•   removed cohesion deplacement for march columns
•   enemy routed units now not taken into account any more for flanking detection
•   casualties (wounded) from prior campaign battles are now not taken into account in stats and not influencing strategy decisions any more
•   fixed: sometimes national morale drop is zero after battles
•   added historical Battle of Olustee
•   lowering carbines lethality
•   fixed units sometimes not firing when playing multiple battles in one session
•   fixed: AI units are moving towards center after reforming for attack, less blobbing

•   replaced OOB font

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Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)
« Reply #68 on: November 21, 2020, 03:48:00 AM »
Latest Patch 0.8006
November 20, 2020

•   state support is now capped with 100%
•   states may now secede also after war broke out
•   high battle casualties now reduce support in affected states
•   fixed issue that resulted in too many AI zones that probably slowed down AI from moving to important locations
•   update to AI offensive movements: AI acts more aggressively
•   recruiting now happens more in front-states
•   added different recruitment times for each branch of arms
•   added Mine-Creek battlefield for campaigns
•   fixed: unit to fort transfer button missing for newly constructed forts
•   fixed: non working move-on-time command
•   fixed: units that are moving on rails show railroad model although even when turning off “move by railroad”
•   added tooltip infos to top bar, enhanced by rating info
•   rebalanced debt/deficit to rating ratios
•   no recruiting and constructing ships possible any more if rating is too weak
•   reversed y chart scale for rating graph

•   roads are now not taken into account for unit alignment any more
•   fixed stuck overview report in Battle of Chickamauga
•   fixed: loading stuck at 99% when returning to campaign, caused by buildings under construction or wrong states of AI recruited units
•   added save option for historical battles
•   added save option for campaign battles
•   fixed non working barricades in Pea Ridge
•   fixed “too colorful” uniforms in some battles
•   added autosave function for battles
•   fixed: units are suffering fatigue during change of day

•   added colored images of 33 further commanders
•   fixed 2 non loaded songs
•   added to commander tooltip info: home state and current command

Please use the forum "Bug Reports" if any issues arise:

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